The Newest TruckLogics Feature: ProMiles

Today, we’re premiering a brand new TruckLogics feature! Like all of our exclusive features, it will simplify your life and save your business truckloads of time & money.

Introducing: ProMiles.

Now integrated with TruckLogics, ProMiles will help you generate orders and trip sheets faster than ever before. And ProMiles is the most accurate mileage tool a transportation

business can use. Here’s why…

While Google Maps works fine for navigating in a car, it just doesn’t cut it for transportation companies. As you know, trucks can’t drive ordinary routes thanks to road restrictions, low clearance, and so forth. ProMiles knows it too.

That’s why all of the address-to-address routing is configured with truckers in mind, selecting only roads that trucks can travel and that save both time & fuel. The shortest viable route from Point A to B is generated in a split second.

With ProMiles, you or your drivers will never have to backtrack and find a new route because of an unexpected low overpass.

This excess, out-of-route mileage wastes time, delays deliveries, burn excess fuel, racks up higher fuel tax–and ProMiles eliminates it all.

Let’s look a little deeper & see how ProMiles can enhance your TruckLogics experience.

ProMiles for Order Creation

Creating orders in TruckLogics is easy. With all of your drivers, equipment, & clients pre-loaded in your Address Book and TruckZone, most fields will be auto-filled for you. In less than five minutes, you can create, dispatch, and send an invoice for an order.

And with ProMiles, the estimates for your clients will be even more precise. When you reach the final step of order creation–entering Charges–there are three options for calculating the trip mileage: Google Maps, Manual Entry & ProMiles.

If you select ProMiles, the fastest, most accurate route will be determined in seconds. You’ll never over or undershoot an estimate for a client again. ProMiles gives you the precision you require to conduct business like a pro.

ProMiles for Trip Sheets

And the benefits don’t stop there. Together, TruckLogics & ProMiles will save you hours, even days, of data entry every IFTA quarter. Four times a year! That’s a huge chunk of your life, and now you can put that time to better use by taking a mini-vacation, or by making more money!

When creating the Trip Sheet for your order, you can choose to update the info manually or with ProMiles. Not a hard choice to make. Simply select “ProMiles,” and the Trip sheet will be filled in for you. Magic.

Just add your Fuel Use to the last field, hit save, and rejoice four times a year. While your friends are pulling their hair out, trying to enter trip sheets before the deadline, you’ll have something to brag about.

Never Get Lost

The path ahead is always clear with ProMiles. When creating your order, click the arrow icon next to ProMiles to access turn-by-turn directions. The time wasted planning your trip disappears with the click of a button. 

Sign up for your free 15 days trial of TruckLogics today, and try all of these features out for yourself! No credit card is required to sign up. And if you already have an ExpressTruckTax account, sign in with the same login/password, and your information will be transferred over automatically.

When you join the TruckLogics family, you also get access to 24/7 support from our USA-based Support Crew. Call them at 704.234.6946, shoot them a query via live chat, or get 24/7 email assistance at [email protected]. They’ll even give you a one-on-one tour through the program. Just call and schedule a live demo!

Eliminate lost time. Trim your costs. Do business like a pro, and hit the road with confidence.

With the ProMiles feature, TruckLogics will get you there. On-time, every time.

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