The Best Gifts For The Trucker In Your Life

The trucker in your life is out there on the road right now delivering gifts across the nation, just to make Christmas possible for the rest of us. While they’re busy on the road the holidays are getting closer and closer and you’re running out of time to get them the perfect gift.

However, if you’re like us at TruckLogics, shopping might not be your thing and it can be hard to find the perfect gift. That’s why we’re here to help out by providing you with a list of gifts that truckers will love! Check it out!

Best Trucker Gifts

Seat Covers

Truckers spend a lot of time on the road, so one nice thing you can do is to make their time in their rig a little nicer. You can get them a seat cushion or a seat cover to make their ride a little more comfortable. Some seat covers are even heated and include massagers.

Electric Blankets

If they’re an OTR driver, winter is here and they might get cold at night. Warm things up by getting them an electric blanket or space heater. You don’t even have to get a full-size electric blanket because they’re available in throw sizes now.


The driver in your life needs to be energized, but they shouldn’t have to stop every time they need more coffee. Consider them getting them a portable maker so they can make their own coffee in their rig. You could also get them a large YETI thermos to suit their needs or a mug with a funny saying on it.


Truckers may embody a certain bad to the bone style with their boots and leather jackets, but they also enjoy driving in comfort. That means they enjoy wearing lots of t-shirts while on the road. Get them a cool trucking-related shirt like for Jack’s Chrome Shop or with a funny saying on it like, “I just dropped a load.”


Trucking can be a lonely industry. Don’t let your driver become homesick, distract them with some good entertainment. Get them a Netflix or Hulu subscription so they can watch their favorite shows when they parked.

You could also get them a satellite radio subscription so they could listen to any station from any location or an audiobook subscription so they could listen to compelling stories.


You know what truckers like? Well, they like what they like, and sometimes that just plain old cash or gift cards towards what they really want. Wal-Mart gift cards, Lowes gift cards, gift cards for restaurants, and more could go a long way.

A Good Flashlight

Sometimes your driver is getting up in the middle of the night or early morning to drive and a good flashlight could make their pre-trip inspection go a lot easier. You could also get them a headlamp to wear so they can have the light they need, hands-free.

Up Their Bag Game

Truckers take a lot of items on the road with them for personal and professional use. A good bookbag or go bag for them to organize their stuff will help them out a lot. Also, a nice leather toiletry bag to keep all of their personal hygiene items together will make things a lot easier.

Christmas Is On Its Way!

You have less than a week to find the perfect gift for the trucker in your life. That gives you plenty of time to hit the stores to find the perfect gift. Just spend a little time thinking about what they like, want, and need. Also, when in doubt, you can always just ask them what they hope Santa brings!

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