Preparing for the CDL Exam? You’ve Already Made These 5 Mistakes

Congrats! You’ve decided you want to become a trucker.

Now what?

Well, now comes the enjoyment of passing a test.

And the last thing you want to have happen is a simple mistake that causes you to have to retake your test at a later date.

So to prevent that, we’re here to provide you with the most common mistakes people make when preparing for their CDL.

Mistake #1: Not Ready for the Lifestyle

You know when you’re passionate about something you tend to try harder for it, right?

The same applies to when you’re going to become a trucker – ain’t passionate about it, you ain’t going to make it.

And although you might think you’re a great driver of your Ford F-150, that doesn’t mean you’re ready for the life of a semi.

This career isn’t it easy…

But if you really want it, adjust your attitude. Make being a trucker your lifestyle and prepare yourself (day and night) for the test.

Mistake #2: Not Caring

When you start truck driving school, you’ll find there are people in there that have the same interest and goals you have. But there are also people who don’t.

Avoid those people!

You want to get along with people who have the same aspirations and drive (no pun intended) as you.
Some of the most common mistakes you can make are to get caught up in the wrong crowd, not study, and fail your test.

Mistake #3: No Self Discipline

Forcing yourself to sit down, read the books, study the guide, and schedule a date to take the test takes a lot of self discipline and willpower.

But the only way to pass the test and get your CDL is to study. Don’t study, don’t pass—that simple.

And don’t try the cram-everything-in-a-week study approach. It doesn’t work.

Mistake #4: Not Staying Cool, Calm, and Collected

OK, let’s say you’ve studied, you hung out with the right people, you took it serious, and you made it an important part of your life – but you freaked out during the test.

Panicking and failing to stay calm during a stressful situation, like taking your CDL exam, can cause you to not do so well.

In the trucking career, you’re going to be put in high stress situations. You’ll get lost in the city, take a wrong turn, and have to navigate stressful traffic patterns – so keeping calm is pretty important.

Mistake #5: Giving up Completely

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to give up on yourself and your dream career.
Sure the test is challenging, and it will require you to study, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

You can pass it and you can become a truck driver.

So, who’s ready to take that test? Good luck out there, future truckers. And just know that if you need any help with your trucking success, be sure to check out TruckLogics.

We’ll even throw in a free 15-day trial of the program so you can get a good look around.

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