Home Away From Home: 5 Ways to Make Your Truck More Comfortable

When you signed up to be a trucker, you knew the cost. It would mean you would have to be away from home a good majority of your week.

You’re going to miss your recliner, your big screen TV, your family and friends, and the convenience of getting up and walking into a different room of your house.

So, we put our heads together and thought of some ideas to make your truck (your home away from home) more comfortable.

Ready to hear (er, read) what we came up with?

The Captain’s Chair

The first place you should start when it comes to making your truck more comfortable and homey is the driver’s seat.

Why? Well it’s the place you spend the majority of time, so why not make it the first project you do?

You can make your captain’s chair more like your recliner at home by buying a nice comfortable and soft cushion. Yep, it’s that easy.

And hey, if you want to make it snazzy looking, get yourself a good-looking seat cover.

Seat covers these days come in a variety of styles and colors, and they even have gel inserts for lumbar support – or just to give you extra comfort.

Sleeping Quarters

We know that you don’t have a lot of room in that sleeper’s cab of yours, but the one thing you should invest in is a quality night’s sleep.

And to do that means buying top-of-the-line bedding.

You can pick up a memory foam mattress pad instead of the ole egg crate you have lying around your house. And nothing says good bedding like some nice sheets (with a high thread) and a comfortable pillow.

Sure you’ll be spending a little bit of money on these items, but trust us – it’s worth it.

And hey, while you’re at it – get blackout curtains. They’re great for those daytime naps or early mornings when you’re just not ready to wake up.  

Are You Not Entertained?

Those nights out on the road sure can get lonely, so make sure you have quality entertainment at hand.

Look into getting a satellite radio to keep your mind busy and awake during those long drives, but also at night when you need a little bit of company at dinner.

But don’t just stop there.

Bring along a TV or a laptop to stay up on all of your shows. It will help you unwind and disconnect from the busy (stressful) day you had out on the road.

For more possibilities, check out this blog about entertainment for the road.

Storage Area

Although you wish you could bring everything (including the kitchen sink) from home, unfortunately, the space in your truck won’t allow you.

But for that stuff you absolutely need to bring with you, keep it organized in storage bins and containers.  

From hanging laundry bags to stackable bins, these containers can help you organize a variety of items, while working in the tight quarters of your truck.

Trust us, they’re a good investment to make.

So truckers, we know that your truck isn’t the ideal home away from home, but we hope these tips have helped make your truck a little more comfortable.

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