How to Make More Money Using Load Boards

Do you need to find loads fast to keep your trucks moving? Then might we suggest using a load truck load board? There are dozens of load boards to choose from all over the internet. However, you need to do more than check the load boards to find hauls that will pay for you to turn a profit. Here is how to make more money using load boards.

How to Make More Money Using Load Boards

The first step in selecting a haul is knowing what represents a profitable load for you. This requires you to know and understand your operating costs and available funds. Many owner-operators accidentally take on money-losing loads, because they fail to pay attention to their finances.

To avoid taking on money-losing loads, you need to calculate the range of rates that will keep your business in the green. Consider what a good rate is at a particular time of year and the funds you need on hand.

Develop a Trucking Load Criteria

Write down the most important qualities you want in a shipper or a broker. Your list should look something like this:

  • Has a good reputation
  • Financially secure
  • Good communication
  • Pay is on time

Not every broker or shipper you work with will meet all of these qualities. However, having a list helps you set a standard and will help you find long-term partners who provide a steady income. 

Choosing Your Lanes Wisely

When choosing your loads, make sure they are in lanes that work for you. While $2.00 per-mile for a haul from Chicago to Houston may sound generous, is it worth it if you are empty the whole way back? Keep in mind the expense of the haul in rougher parts of the country. Plan ahead by choosing hauls that allow you to make money both ways. 

Choosing a Trucking Load Board

You cannot marry the first load board you find. You could, but who knows what other loads you might be missing out on? Research different load boards to find a few different ones to use on a regular basis. Keep in mind that some have a monthly subscription fee.

Word to the wise, if the fee is over $30 then move along, you can do better.

When looking, pay attention to the trucking load boards with the most loads and the best rates in the lanes you currently serve. It can be easy to settle for low rates in the lanes you don’t serve if you get tired of looking, but stay focused and take your time.

Negotiating With Brokers and Shippers

Be aware that with load boards you will be working with strangers so you will have to feel comfortable contacting a lot of different people. When you call them just remain firm and ready to negotiate. But don’t get overly frustrated when they want to offer low rates. Loads have plenty of competition, and companies are wanting to make the most profit possible.

You can always walk away from the load if it doesn’t suit your needs. Hold out for the right one for your trucking business.

Better Hauls Better Money

Load boards are becoming increasingly popular as a way for owner-operators and fleets to find work. They can really help you get your business off the ground and find hauls fast as long as you take the time to find the right loan for your needs. Research your options and know your financial requirements before picking one and running with it.

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