History Has Been Made! Our Parent Company Has Made the INC 5000

Truly humble moments in a company’s history demand more than a simple congratulations. They deserve a pause in time to be celebrated and enjoyed. 

Our parent company, SPAN Enterprises, has received a great honor by ranking 1150 on the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing privately-held companies of 2015, #11 in the Charlotte Metro Area, and #1 in South Carolina for fastest-growing software company in the entire state. The word small has been used in the past to describe SPAN Enterprises, but now small is only used to describe the beautiful town of Rock Hill, SC, that has been the setting in which we’ve achieved big dreams.

A simple idea was sparked inside the walls of SPAN Enterprises that grew into the development and launch of TruckLogics in 2014. Since its introduction, TruckLogics has become the premier business-management program for the trucking industry.

Our nation’s owner-operators have a tough job to do every day and managing their business shouldn’t add stress to an already stressful job. TruckLogics was specifically designed to manage every aspect of a trucking business all within a single program. The main goal of TruckLogics is to simply make life easier for truckers and fleet managers. It is the perfect goal because it can never truly be reached. It causes us to continually speak with users and attain their feedback to learn how we can improve their business management practices. We are never satisfied with the current state of things and always want to know what else we can do to make managing a trucking business easier.

TruckLogics has set itself apart from other programs by not only excelling in providing cost-efficient business management but also by providing unmatched, USA-based customer support. There really is nothing better than being able to speak to a real person that isn’t reading from a script. We take the time to get to know who uses our program, and that is a lost art in customer support. When you call the TruckLogics crew, it’s like walking into a place where everyone knows your name, and you just know that everything is going to be alright.

Who knew so much could come from a small town in South Carolina? Rock Hill is more than just a town to us, it is home. Our community has supported the growth and expansion of SPAN Enterprises since the beginning, and we couldn’t imagine being anywhere else to achieve endless possibilities.

There could never be enough words to show our appreciation to the Trucking Nation and the town of Rock Hill, SC. The words, thank you, might not look like a lot, but they are full of the gratefulness and admiration of every employee at SPAN Enterprises. We share this amazing achievement with you because without you it would never have happened.

Big ideas do grow in small towns, and SPAN Enterprises will continue to grow with our hometown and with all of you!

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