Big Rig Cooking: A Trucker’s Thankgiving

How are you Trucking Nation? The weather here in South Carolina is just dreadful. Even though the weather is not too great, I won’t let it get me down today. I have just the thing to make you feel all warm and in the holiday spirit. What could it be you ask? The perfect Thanksgiving dinner you can make on the road; including dessert! Let’s get started, so you can get cooking.

What you will need:

  • An electric skillet or crockpot
  • foil
  • a knife to core the apple
  • a spoon
  • Fully cooked, pre-sliced turkey breast, or ham
  • 2 fresh vegetables ( I used carrots and green beans) *you really want to choose fresh vegetables because canned veggies have a lot of additives that are not good for you.
  • a can of Coke or Dr.Pepper

Only if you want to list:

  • pre-diced onions to add on top of the green beans
  • honey
  • cinnamon

* I used an electric skillet, so that is what I will be referencing, but a crockpot would work the same way.


To make clean up a breeze, line your skillet with foil. I did two layers in an X pattern for durability.
Set the temperature to low-medium heat. And while that is heating up, you want to core the apple and wrap it in foil, leaving the top open.
Drizzle honey and sprinkle cinnamon in the center of the apple.

Let’s Get Cooking:
The turkey breast I got is about a pound. It will be enough for 2 people plus leftovers to make sandwiches the next day (bonus!).
In your preheated skillet, place the turkey breast in the center, then place the apple in. Next throw in your veggies.

Now that’s it for the cooking, but wait we haven’t added the secret ingredient. To give everything a nice flavor and to keep the turkey moist, I pour in half a can of Coke. If you have never cooked with soda before, trust me it is delicious. Your food won’t taste like Coke, I promise, but it will have a sweet and savory effect on the food.

After you pour in the Coke, just put on the lid and let it cook on low-medium heat for about an hour, then you can just turn it on down to simmer and eat when you’re ready.

Super easy right? Everyone here in the office, couldn’t believe how simple it was. Every ingredient can be found at any grocery store and you can mix things up the way you want. All in all this meal is actually pretty healthy, besides the Coke. I hope you enjoy this heartwarming meal and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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