Your Business and Personal Tax Deadline is Today! It’s not too late to Request an Extension!

You can 6 extra months to file Form 1040, 1041, & 7004!

Tax day has arrived! Today is the deadline for filing many income tax returns. This includes,

  • Personal income tax return 1040
  • Business Tax Form 1120 (C-Corporation Tax Return), Form 1041 (Trusts and Estates Tax Form), and certain other business tax returns.

If you haven’t prepared your tax returns yet, you have an alternative, a tax extension! Here is everything you need to know about filing personal and business tax extensions.

Personal Tax Extension

The IRS has created extension Form 4868 for individuals who need to request an extension of time for filing their personal tax returns! 

Form 4868 has just 2 parts and requires the following information,

  • Your personal details, such as Name, SSN and Address
  • Your spouse’s basic details (if you are filing a joint return)
  • Details about the tax balance due (if any)

If you have this information available, you can complete and file your 4868 return before midnight tonight. Upon acceptance of your Form 4868, the IRS grants an automatic extension of up to 6 months, extending your deadline to October 16, 2023.

Business Tax Extension

Businesses that need more time to file their business tax returns can file Form 7004 before midnight tonight to get an extension of up to 6 months

Just like 4868, Form 7004 also has only 2 parts and requires the following information,

  • Your business’s basic details, such as Name, EIN and Address
  • The tax year your business operates on
  • The tax form for which you are requesting an extension
  • Details about the tax balance due (if any)

If you file Form 7004 before midnight tonight and it is accepted by the IRS, your extended business tax deadline will be October 16, 2023. 

However, it’s important to remember that these extensions do not apply to your IRS tax payment.

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