What You Need To Know Before the IFTA Filing Deadline

As a member of the trucking industry, we hope you are well aware of the IFTA filing deadline coming up on July 31st. Trust us– the last thing you want is IRS penalties, so don’t let this deadline sneak up on you. To help you prepare, here is what you need to know before the IFTA filing deadline.

Second Quarter IFTA Fuel Tax Due Date:

Wednesday, July 31, 2019

What You Need to Complete Your IFTA Filing

  • Total miles traveled per jurisdiction
  • Total amount of fuel purchased per jurisdiction
  • Total amount of fuel consumed per jurisdiction
  • Current tax rate for the jurisdiction
  • Amount of tax paid per gallon of fuel per jurisdiction

What Does IFTA Stand For?

The International Fuel Tax Agreement is an arrangement between 48 of the United States and 10 Canadian provinces to report fuel used by motor carriers that operate in more than one jurisdiction (state). The IFTA fuel tax redistributes fuel taxes equally among the jurisdictions.

To show you filed your IFTA return and paid the taxes owed by the deadline, you will be issued an IFTA license and IFTA stickers. The license should be kept in your truck at all times and the IFTA stickers are displayed under your driver’s side window.

What is the Jurisdiction?

Just to clarify, jurisdiction is a state that you drive through. Your IFTA report is actually due in your base jurisdiction or home state. Your base jurisdiction is also where your truck is registered.

IFTA Fuel Tax Rates 2nd Quarter 2019

No need to look up the current IFTA fuel tax rates for the 2nd quarter 2019 filing. When you file your IFTA report with our sister product, ExpressIFTA, your IFTA fuel tax rates will be automatically calculated. Their IFTA software automatically updates at the end of the quarter to ensure your IFTA tax rates are 100% accurate.

Looking For a Full-Service IFTA Software?

You have come to the right place! Well, almost. Our sister product ExpressIFTA is full of innovative features to help you complete your IFTA fuel tax report. All you have to do to get started is create your free account, enter your business information, specify your base jurisdiction, enter your vehicle’s details, list your miles and fuel records, and generate your IFTA fuel tax report.

Say goodbye to the days of complicated IFTA fuel tax rates and calculations. ExpressIFTA’s software will accurately calculate your IFTA fuel tax rates and IFTA tax based on the information provided. Never worry about over- or underpaying again.

File Your IFTA Taxes Online

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