TruckLogics Routing: Dispatching Multiple Stops & Route Optimization Features

It’s time to step into the 21st century of dispatch technology!

Introducing TruckLogics latest feature. It will help you efficiently create a dispatch with multiple stops and optimize your route to trim mileage!

Let’s head over to the Dispatch Board and have a look.

Add Multiple Stops

When creating a new dispatch, you can now add multiple consignees (destinations) to your trip. You can even go back and edit an existing dispatch to add or delete stops along the route.

Here’s how. After entering your first consignee, click the +Save & Add Another button to add another stop on the route. You can then enter another consignee, drop off location, and delivery date & time. For bonus time-saving points, select the contact from your address book. 

Or if it’s a new client, simply click +Add to enter their information and save it in your Address Book for future use.

Now simply lather, rinse, repeat for each additional stop. Keep clicking +Save & Add Another until all consignees are added to the dispatch.

Optimize Your Trip

Are your stops out of order? It doesn’t take a program to tell you that traveling from Ohio to New Jersey to Kansas is a waste of time and fuel.

If you added the consignees out of order, no problem! Our trip optimization feature allows you to reorganize the order of your stops without any fuss. Simply click the View Routing Order icon and then drag and drop your destinations into a new, more economical order.

Watch Support Crew member Demetri do it in seconds in the video below.

Of course, when you reorder your stops, the total mileage for your trip is bound to change. No worries on that front either! You won’t need to whip out your calculator, just press a single button!

Recalculate Mileage

Within the Dispatch Board, the total trip mileage can be calculated in the Miles section. If you’ve rearranged the stops in your trip, you will be prompted to recalculate the miles here.

Just click the Recalculate Miles button, and the new total trip mileage will be automatically determined using either Google Maps or ProMiles (whichever you choose).

  • Pro Tip: Use ProMiles professional routing for the most accurate mileage estimate. Unlike Google Maps, ProMiles takes road restrictions for trucks into account, so you can estimate trip costs more precisely and quote your clients with confidence. 
Once you’ve recalculated your total trip mileage, you’re ready to update the dispatch to save your changes, and then move on with your life.

Creating a dispatch, editing your stops, and optimizing your mileage shouldn’t be a hassle. That’s why TruckLogics incorporated these new features to make the process simple.

As a cloud-based program, we’re constantly adding new features by popular demand. If you have an idea for a new feature, call the Support Crew at 704.234.6946 or shoot us an email at [email protected]. After all, TruckLogics was created based on user feedback, and we’ll continue to recreate it and incorporate YOUR brilliant ideas!

Want to try it out? Start your free 15-day trial.

Happy Dispatching!

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