Trucking Without TV: 5 Road-Worthy Alternatives to Cable

Sure, cable is great! But when you’re on the road, there’s not really a way to connect your TV to an available cable port. But you can’t miss another season of The Walking Dead or Homeland. So what are you going to do?

Lucky for you, most of us here at TruckLogics know a couple road-worthy cable alternatives you can subscribe to to make the time in between stops a little more enjoyable. All you need is internet access (and you can get that with your phone plan)! 
Ready to be entertained? Check out the list!

Cable Alternative #1: Netflix

Now I’m sure you’ve heard of Netflix. It’s one of the leading cable alternatives that streams entire seasons of shows, movies, documentaries, comedy specials, as well as their own original content. With plans as low as $7.99/mo., there’s no excuse to not sign up for Netflix. Trust me, you’ll enjoy binge-watching shows like Orange is the New Black or House of Cards.

Cable Alternative #2: Hulu

So the next best thing in entertainment is Hulu. Hulu differs just a little bit from Netflix in that it plays episodes from a show’s current season—the day after it’s aired. So if you’re a fan of Jimmy Fallon and his talk show, you’ll be able to catch the latest episode a day after it comes on the air. Pretty cool, right?

Hulu offers two different price packages: a free and an $8/mo. version. The free version of Hulu is still packed full of exciting newly-released TV shows, you’ll just have to access them from your computer. Bump the package up to $8/mo., you’ll enjoy even more channels along with the freedom to access them from any smart device.

Cable Alternative #3: Amazon Prime

Not only is Amazon great for ordering products, they’re also awesome at providing unlimited streaming of music, TV shows, and movies. Yep, with an Amazon Prime membership, not only will you get free 2-day shipping, but you’ll also have access to a whole section dedicated to TV, movies, and music. You can stream your favorite shows, or even watch some of Amazon’s own original creations right from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Now Amazon Prime does have a steeper price point, with memberships ranging at the maximum of $100/year. But keep a lookout for deals! Amazon will offer half-priced memberships sporadically throughout the year.

Cable Alternative #4: HBO

Want to catch all the year’s dramas and movies from the road? Grab yourself a subscription to HBO! For only $15/mo., you’ll be able to instantly stream any HBO show from any season right to your computer.

So all of you Game of Thrones fans can still catch up on the latest episode—whenever the next one comes out!

Cable Alternative #5: YouTube

Although YouTube is known for airing viral content, short films, and music videos—it’s also a great place to study up on how-to videos or documentaries. And the best part about it—it’s free! All you need is the internet and endless amounts of time.

Just try not to get pulled into the black hole that is funny cat videos. Like this one for example:

We hope you find this list helpful the next time you’re out on the road and looking for some form of cable alternative. Do you have any favorite shows you watch while on the road? Let us know in the comment section below or share with us on our Facebook page.  

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