Simplify Trucking Dispatch with One Easy Solution

Trucks lined up for trucking dispatch using truck driver dispatcher

Trucking dispatch can be a big headache. All those drivers, trucks, trailers, brokers, shippers, and consignees need to be constantly monitored.

Thankfully, TruckLogics has your trucking business covered.

We can help you keep track of all those complicated details from just one trucking management software.

From truck driver dispatch and mobile check calls to shipping details and invoicing, TruckLogics does it all.

A Simple Truck Driver Dispatcher

Start by easily entering and saving shipping and consignee information in TruckLogics.

If your trucking business runs the same route over and over, you’ll be able to recall that information quickly in our trucking dispatch system. With our premium LTL feature, you can also add multiple stops.

Assign pre-saved trucks and trailers and drivers to each load. Then, with our Google Maps and ProMiles integrations, mileage will be recorded for load charges, driver settlements, and the vehicle maintenance schedule.

Mobile Dispatch System

If you want, TruckLogics will even automatically notify drivers that they’ve been assigned a trucking dispatch. Just have them sign in to our mobile app. From there, they can update their progress and notify clients with check calls.

Additionally, drivers have the ability to enter all of their expenses for your trucking business right from the app. They can track fuel-ups, food, lodging, or anything else you would like. Receipts can be uploaded right from the mobile app into our trucking management software. 

Trucks lined up for trucking dispatch using truck dispatch softwareTruck Dispatch Software

When the truck dispatch is finished, TruckLogics will generate a prefilled, professional-looking invoice that you can send directly to your clients.

Input your driver settlements and received payments and then take advantage of our profit reports to help you see where your money is going.

TruckLogics will also make your quarterly IFTA statements easier. We track all your mileage information and gas purchases and then generate calculated IFTA statements to help you complete your IFTA return faster than ever.

With TruckLogics, running your trucking business has never been easier. Our trucking management software has everything you’ll ever need.

Want to try our trucking dispatch system?

Give TruckLogics a try with a 15-day free trial. There’s no obligation and you don’t even have to enter credit card information.

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