Roadcheck 2017 is Next Week!

Uh oh, it’s that time of year again. Now we bet you thought we were gonna say something about taxes, but that’s not the case today! Instead, it’s time for you to prepare for the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) annual Roadcheck! If you’ll be on the road during this check know how to prepare for it.

What To Expect For Roadcheck 2017

Each year the CVSA focuses on a special category for their road check inspection, and this year’s theme is cargo securement. Exciting right? The Roadcheck will take place over 48 hours from June 6th through the 8th, so if you’re on the road during the day or night expect to be inspected.

If you haven’t already it’s a good time to take this weekend to prepare yourself and your fleet for inspection. Make sure your tie-downs are in good shape to properly secure your cargo, and make sure that they’re secured in the proper way, meaning they won’t come loose. They also need proper edge protection to avoid becoming rubbed to the point of breaking. Catch up on the full list of cargo securement standards here.

The inspection doesn’t stop at cargo security, it actually includes 37 steps that look at both the driver and vehicle, and that’s only for the “Level 1” inspection. So, if your tires need to be aligned or replaced, or your brakes need some work take care of it now.

The “Level 1” 37 step inspection includes the examination of:

  • The driver’s license
  • Hours of service
  • Motor carrier registration
  • Shipping Documentation
  • Seatbelt usage
  • The influence of drugs or alcohol
  • The brake systems
  • Cargo securement
  • Coupling devices
  • Driveline/Driveshaft
  • Exhaust systems
  • Frames
  • Fuel systems
  • Lighting devices
  • Steering mechanisms
  • Suspensions
  • Tires
  • Open top trailer bodies
  • Wheels – rims and hubs
  • Windshield wipers
  • And emergency exits (on buses)

What a list. If you think you can skip on by, do it at your own risk. The inspectors have gone through a 3-day training course, so they really know what to look for. Instead of trying to sneak by you can take a few steps to make the process go by faster and easier.

You’re busy and so are the inspectors, we understand that you don’t want your trip to be delayed because of your Roadcheck. However, 17 trucks or buses are inspected every minute during road check and that’s a lot! It’s possible to get through your examination quickly if you have a positive attitude. Trust us, being polite really helps to speed the process along.

Also, looking professional helps. Clean your truck, both on the inside and out, and have all of your papers organized in a folder for your inspector to quickly look over. No one wants to be held up by you digging through papers in your truck for the ones you actually need.

Your attitude and level of professionalism could be the difference between a “Level 1” inspection or a deeper one. It could also mean the difference between a warning, citation, or further actions!

Pass This Year’s Roadcheck

Inspections may be a hassle, but as long as your rig is up to code then you’ll have nothing to worry about. Also, by providing a positive and professional attitude your inspection will pass before you know it and you’ll be back on your way.

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