How To Best Prepare For CVSA Brake Safety Week

The trucking world is all about dates so here are a few more to keep in mind:

CVSA 2019 Brake Safety Week is September 15-21.

That’s right, we’re only one month out from the CVSA truck inspection frenzy.

Are you prepared??

During brake safety week, law enforcement officials will be stopping commercial vehicles and conducting roadside safety inspections across the country.

Here’s everything you need to know to pass a CVSA truck inspection during brake safety week.

The CVSA Brake Safety Week Rundown:

What is CVSA Brake Safety Week?

CVSA 2019 Brake Safety Week runs from September 15-21, 2019. Throughout this designated week, commercial vehicles are likely to undergo a CVSA truck inspection.

The CVSA, or Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, is dedicated to ensuring road safety by inspecting commercial vehicles for flaws.

CVSA Brake Safety Week occurs annually as an attempt to reduce crashes caused by faulty brake systems by removing those vehicles from the roadways.

Vehicles with critical brake violations or other critical inspection violations will be unable to travel until the issue is corrected. 

CVSA Truck Inspection Details

This year, the CVSA has reported that brake safety week will especially focus on brake hoses and tubing because of their essential role in the mechanical fitness and safety of a vehicle.

Brake hoses/tubing must be properly attached, undamaged, and without leaks. Issues to these parts can cause issues for the rest of the braking system.

Here’s a simple checklist to help you prepare for a CVSA truck inspection:

Brake Chamber Type & Size
Max Travel Limit Allowed
Short stroke 20 or 24 (round air port)
Steer axles
1.75 inches
Short stroke 30
Truck drives & Trailer axles
2 inches
Long-stroke 20 or 24
Steer axles
2 inches
Long-stroke 30 (square air port)
Truck drives & Trailer axles
2.5 inches

For more information on diagnosing brakes and self-adjusting brake adjusters, download CVSA 2019 resources here or read up on inspection procedures.

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