It’s A New Month, And That Means Great New Updates!

We've added negative items to invoices and much more this month!

Here at TruckLogics, we’re always looking for ways to put your feedback to good use.

This month, we’ve added a whole bunch of great new features and updates that you suggested!

Check out all the new TruckLogics features and how to harness them!


Add negative items to invoices and line haul fees!

1. If you have already generated your invoice, find the Invoice you would like to add negative items to. Click “Edit”.

2. Scroll down to the Accessorial Deduction section. From the drop-down menu, select the type of deduction (or add a custom type by clicking “Add New”). Enter the fee amount.

3. If you would like to add another negative item, click on “Add Another Deduction” and repeat step two.

4. When you are finished, scroll down and click “Update”.

5. You can also add negative items for your invoice during load entry, as in the example below.

Export income transactions to Excel

1. Click on the Accounts tab and select “Expense Transactions” from the drop-down menu.

2. Click “Export to Excel” in the top right corner.

Export TruckZone to Excel

1. Click on the TruckZone tab and select “Equipment” from the drop-down menu.

2. Click “Export to Excel” in the top right corner.

Use GPS coordinates to find your address for pickup locations (mobile app only)

1. From your dashboard, tap on Dispatches.

2. Tap on the orange plus sign.

3. Enter a customer name and tap on the grey plus sign.

4. Tap on “Use GPS Location”.

5. Use two fingers to zoom in and one finger to navigate the map to move the orange pin to the desired location. Tap “Convert”.

6. Tap “Save.” Continue with your dispatch as normal.

Other new features:

Filter dispatches by date and driver name

1. Click on the Dispatches tab.

2. From the “Search For:” drop-down menu, select “Driver Name”. Enter the name of the driver you would like to find in the “Value:” bar. Click “Search”.

3. All Dispatches assigned to that driver will now appear.

Per Diem summary is now on the top of the page (Leased Operators)
Checkboxes for deleting multiple expense transactions
Automated check calls that generate emails always copy the user’s email
Type to search in the TruckStops list (mobile app only)
New column for expense transactions! Now you can see if expenses were added as a deduction or a reimbursement at a glance.
Got Truck specific documents? Upload them to the documents section for that truck in Truck Zone.

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