Expense Tracking On-the-Go with TruckLogics

Tracking your expenses just got easier.

With TruckLogics, your business expenses can be recorded and maintained in just a few minutes a day, no effort required. That’s because TruckLogics isn’t just an accounting program, it’s a complete business management solution, so your income and expense tracking is integrated with other, equally-awesome features like your Address Book, Truck Zone, and Maintenance Tracker.

What does this mean for you? Well, for one, it means that you only have to pay for one program to do the job of 3 other programs or more. And two, it means there’s little to no typing involved.

When adding an expense in TruckLogics, the payee, vendor, and more can be selected from your Address Book and the truck information from your Truck Zone. Essentially, all it takes is a few clicks to input all of the transaction details you need to keep your financials organized.

3 Ways to Record an Expense

1. The Add New Button
This is the beautiful blue button on the top right of your screen. There aren’t many things you can count on in this life, but you can count on the Add New button sticking by you. No matter where you navigate in the program, the Add New button will still be there. Simply click it, and a menu will appear. Select either the Expense or Fuel Expense icons, and you’ll be redirected to your Chart of Accounts where you can enter your expense transaction details.

2. Through a Dispatch

An expense can be added to any dispatch, saving you the trouble of having to tie the expense to a specific trip. Head over to the Dispatch section, then select the dispatch you’d like to add an expense to, and once the dispatch information is up, select the Trip Expenses tab. From within this tab, you’ll notice two icons on the top right: +Add Fuel Expense and +Add Other Expense. Choose one, and a pop-up will magically appear in which you can record your transaction details.

3. The Chart of Accounts

To add an expense directly in your Chart of Accounts, select the Accounts feature along the top menu, and then choose Expense Transactions from the dropdown menu. Then select +Add Fuel Expense or +Add Other Expense.

No matter which of these three methods you use, the end result is the same. The same expense details get recorded and saved in your Chart of Accounts. This is simply of a matter of navigating the program in the way most convenient for you.

Entering Expense Details & Splitting Expenses

Once you’ve navigated to the “Add Expense” screen, here are the details you’ll need to enter for a Fuel Expense:

  • Dispatch: First enter or Look Up the dispatch number to tie the expense with a specific trip.
  • Fuel Details: Then enter the fuel details, including the date, fuel type, fuel quantity, total cost, and odometer reading at the time of fueling.
  • Payment & Fuel Stop: Next enter the payment details, like the method of payment. Then the fuel stop information, like the address and name of the gas station, and finally, attach a scan of the receipt by clicking Choose File next to Attachments. Hit Save, and you’re good to go!

For all Other Expenses, enter the:

  • Payment Details: the date, paid by, payment method, total amount, and the Payee (select a vendor from your Address Book, or click “Add New” to enter a new vendor to save for future use)
  • Expense Details: Select the Expense Category, like Maintenance, Lumper, etc. Don’t see the category you need? Click +Add New to create a new, custom expense category. Not only can you add custom expense categories, but you can also split the expense over multiple categories if need be.

    For example, if you went to a repair shop and had some maintenance tasks completed, but also a repair, you can split the expense and allot some of the money spent to Maintenance, and some to the Repair category. This way, you know specifically how much you spent on each, even though the expense is all part of a single transaction.

  • Additional Details: Finally, enter the unit number of the vehicle, look up the dispatch number, and then attach a scan of the receipt by clicking Choose File. Then save, and get on with your day!

Record Expenses On-the-Go

Okay, so when I said there’s 3 ways to record an expense, I meant there are 3 ways in the main TruckLogics program. There is, however, a 4th secret way to record expenses, and some might say it’s the most app-tastic way.

Using our free iOS or Android app, business owners–and their drivers–can record fuel and other expenses anywhere with just a few clicks. This means all of you fleet managers out there can see the expenses being accrued on the road in real time, allowing you to keep a closer eye on your bottom line for each trip.

  • To record a fuel expense, use the press Fuel Up icon: Then record the date, fuel type, quantity purchased, total of the sale, method of payment & the address of the gas station. Finally, attach a copy of your fuel receipt.
  • For all other expenses, just select the Expenses icon, and then click +Add Expense. Input the date, the Payee (select a vendor from your address book or add a new vendor), the payment method, amount, select an expense category and finally attach an image of the receipt/invoice.

Whether you’re using the app to add fuel or other expenses, the transaction details will sync with your main TruckLogics account immediately, helping you efficiently track your income and outgo.

Are you ready to start streamlining your accounting processes? How about streamlining your accounting, maintenance tasks, trip sheets, IFTA reports, and more–all in one program! Forget using several, expensive programs to do only part of what TruckLogics can. And with price packages starting under $5 a month, you can guarantee this is a more efficient and economical solution.

See for yourself! Use promo code FEB15 to sign up for a no-hassle, free 15-day trial of TruckLogics with ProMiles. There’s no credit card required, just 30 days of free business management bliss!

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