7 Things Every Trucker Wife Should Know

Being a truck driver is tough. But being the wife of a truck driver can sometimes be even harder. Your significant other spends more time on the road than at home, and the time you get to see each other is often limited, which makes the days you are together very important. So we’ve put together a list of seven things every trucker wife should know to keep their relationship in the right gear.

1. Plan Date Nights

Although you only see your honey at random days throughout the week (or) month, you should plan to do something with/for them – like a date night! Plan a night in, cook food, and rent a movie. Or go out on the town to a sporting event or a grand opening of a restaurant. Whatever you do though, be sure to save time to talk and enjoy each other’s company. Because as any trucker wife (or trucker for that matter) will tell you, there are never enough hours in the day.

2. Handle the Stress

As a trucker wife, your life might seem a little more stressful compared to others. Mostly due to the fact, your significant other is away from home a good portion of the year, leaving you to handle most of the money, house responsibilities, children, etc. The stress of home life and of truck driving can be pretty taxing on the both of you, which can quickly lead to arguments.

The best way to prevent arguments from starting is to learn how to handle the stress and communicate with each other. When you are sensing irritation in either your voice or your trucker’s voice, communicate that feeling. It’s one of the best ways to talk through a tense moment, and to reassure each other that you’re wanting to still make this work.

3. Keep Your Mind Busy

Being by yourself for days on end can cause anyone to feel a range of emotions, which is why keeping your mind busy is so important. Whether that’s by joining a new workout group, picking up a new hobby, or trying out a new activity – it helps keep your mind from wandering too far off. These new activities are also great ways for you to unwind from the whirlwind that’s swirling around you.

4. Communicate Frequently

Just because you might not be able to see each other very often doesn’t mean that it should limit your conversations. Staying in constant communication, whether that’s with a phone call, email, text message, or video chat is a great way to keep the relationship in the right gear, and you feeling happy together.

5. Take Time to Come into the Role

Maybe you just started dating a trucker, or you’ve been married for 20 years. Whatever the case, everyone will tell you that it takes time to get used to having your partner on the road. And sometimes, it doesn’t matter how long it’s been, it’s still hard to see them off on their next truck route. But just be aware that you don’t need to get used to this lifestyle overnight, and that some months might be harder than others. It’s OK to take your time and adjust at your own speed.

6. Record Everything

When things happen around the house, there’s exciting news to tell, or just random stuff happens that you’ll want your significant other to know about when they get home – write it down. It’s easy to forget things after a couple weeks have gone by, which is why writing down everything that happens, helps. It’s also a great way for your trucker to feel like they haven’t missed too much around the house since they’ve been gone.

7. Trust Each Other

One of the biggest enders of relationship is a lack of trust. To make it as a trucker couple, you need to trust each other more than anything. You have to know that when your trucker is on the road, that he/she is faithful, honorable, and working his/her hardest to make money for the family. And your trucker needs to know that you’re taking care of everything back home, whether that’s the house, the children (or) the family pet. And the only way to do all that is with trust. 

Being a trucker wife is tough, but we know that you can do it! We appreciate all the work truckers do for us, and we appreciate the sacrifice you make by having them spend majority of their days on the road. We hope these tips helped, but let us know how you handle being a trucker wife. Share with your experience with us in the comment section below (or) on our Facebook page.

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