4 Truck Driving Tips That Will Lead You To Success

Here are some ways that you can make money trucking
The trucking industry can be tough, but there’s no question that truckers provide an invaluable service to the American economy.

It seems like such an irreplaceable workforce should receive more pay.

The truth is that while some truck drivers struggle to make ends meet, others have figured out how to bag a hefty income.

So, how can you ensure financial success in trucking? Here are some truck driving tips to help you make money trucking.

How to Make Money Trucking

CDL Endorsements

CDL Endorsements allow truck drivers to gain specialized skills that may pay more.

This can include driving specialized trucks or moving cargo that requires additional care.

An endorsement may also make you eligible for a higher rate of pay, as your skills would serve the needs of a smaller niche.

Each endorsement has its own additional written and road driving tests outside of the state CDL exam.

You might benefit from one of the following:

–  H Endorsement: for vehicles containing hazardous materials
–  N Endorsement: for tank vehicles
–  P Endorsement: for vehicles carrying over a specified number of passengers
–  T Endorsement: for towing a double or triple trailer

Remember that while trucking is a huge industry, there are certain segments that require additional technical skill or attention.

These branches are less populated by drivers, so becoming a trucker for a specific niche can lead to additional ways to make money trucking.

Be Irreplaceable

Just like with CDL Endorsements, you’ll want to serve a specific niche that needs you and your skills.

This also simply means doing your job well. There will always be someone willing to work for less money than you, but they may not do your job as well as you do it.

If you are good at what you do, you will be irreplaceable, regardless of price.

You don’t have to tap into Ice Road Trucking or War Zone Trucking to make the big bucks.

Just decide where you’re needed and what you want to do, and do it well.


Maintain Your Assets

Your truck is essential to your success in trucking. Take care of it.

You know what else is essential if you want to make money trucking? You are!

Above all else, take care of yourself. Check out our trucking safety tips for staying safe on the road, and keep up with the latest trucking news and weathered to be prepared for anything.

Becoming a trucker is a lifetime investment.

Stay safe on the road by practicing alertness and defensive driving. Make sure that your truck’s routine maintenance is up to date. Safety is your first priority.

Start a Trucking Business

In any industry, you’ll make more money as a business owner than as a regular employee.

Becoming a trucker is a great start to the industry, but as an owner-operator, you can start to really make money trucking.

Essentially, you will be your own boss! Choose which loads to take and when to run.

Check out this printable guide to getting started as an owner-operator:

Of course, with freedom comes responsibility. Stay up to date on finances, taxes, and maintenance with TruckLogics, your complete truck maintenance software solution!
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