3 Things You Should Do To Make Money As An Owner Operator

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Becoming an owner-operator can be intimidating. It requires a lot of learning and a lot of capital. But learning how to make money as an owner-operator won’t be nearly as difficult if you learn some simple business management skills.

With a solid business management plan, making money as an owner-operator will be much easier. TruckLogics is a complete owner-operator software. Our trucking management software handles organization, tracking, and planning so all you’ll have to focus on is where to go next.

Owner-Operators Should Organize Everything

Like your truck, your business has a lot of moving parts that keep it going. Keeping everything organized and accessible will help you to make money as an owner-operator. TruckLogics helps by keeping all your dispatches, invoices, expenses, payments, customers, equipment, documents, maintenance schedules, and renewal deadlines organized and accessible from any location.

Documents like these can quickly become disorganized without a way to sort and store them. With our owner-operator software, you’ll have a document library where all your documents stay organized and can be quickly sent to customers, brokers, or factoring companies.

Owner-Operators Should Follow the money

To stay afloat, you’ll need to know where your money is coming from and going. How much did you spend on food between August and October of last year? Did that lumper charge you the correct fee? All the moving parts of your business must be meticulously tracked if you want to stay on the road.

Thankfully, TruckLogics will track all your financial information so you can always know your owner-operator income and expenses. TruckLogics has a wide-range of report features that allow you to quickly view reports including: Profit & Loss, Customer Revenue, Fuel Tax Summary, Unit License Expiry, Trip, Fuel, and much more. Your miles are also automatically tracked from dispatch to dispatch, making IFTA filing with TruckLogics a breeze. 

Plus, the TruckLogics mobile app makes recording and tracking your expenses easy while on the road. You can photograph your receipts and the image will automatically save with the associated dispatch. Our mobile app for owner-operators also displays your dispatch information, special instructions, routing, and check call updates. 

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Owner-Operators Shouldn’t Settle for Bad Rates

Did you know you could be actually be losing money on your loads? Maybe that one customer is not paying you enough to cover your owner-operator expenses. You need to know which loads are making you money and which are not.

With TruckLogics, you can view your past loads and income and expenses to pinpoint your most profitable routes. This information will also help you determine how much revenue per mile you will need to turn a profit for the rest of the year.

Maintenance schedules also need to be planned out several months in advance so you can keep your maintenance expenses under control. With TruckLogics, you can plan your maintenance expenses and longer hauls around when your invoices will be paid so that you aren’t blindsided by massive owner-operator expenses.

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