3 Easy Ways to Improve Driver Relationships

The best way to improve your entire operation is to improve your communication with your employees, especially when it comes to your drivers. They are busy out on the road and you don’t have the time to constantly call them.

When they can’t reach you to ask questions frustrations can quickly rise. We make it easy to improve driver relationships and help your fleet run smoothly. Check out these three time-saving features to benefit both you and your drivers.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Driver Relationships

TruckLogics is the complete trucking business management solution, that’s specifically designed to simplify managing your entire operation, even while you’re out on the road. By taking every aspect of running a fleet into consideration they were able to produce a number of features to simplify managing a trucking operation online. There are features to improve driver relationships, to make IFTA easy, for accounting, and much MUCH more.

1. Truck Driver Settlements

You know what truck drivers like? Getting paid. That’s why TruckLogics simplifies driver settlements. You can actually set the driver settlement settings according to how you will pay your drivers, including per mile, per loaded mile, manually, or percentage of revenue.

Then TruckLogics will automatically calculate fees such as fuel surcharges or accessorial fees into the total for you. You can also add reimbursements for driver expenses and deduction from the total as well. TruckLogics also makes it easy to advance the pay for your drivers.

2. Trucking Dispatch Management 

TruckLogics cuts down on driver confusion with the easy dispatching tool that provides clear and concise instructions. You can quickly create a dispatch at any time and instantly assign a driver and equipment.

Your drivers will be able to see these dispatches with details such as the pick-up and drop off locations, any special instructions for them, contact information for the shipper in case they have any questions, and more.

Check calls are also made easy because you can notify your clients of your progress and location at any time. Plus, you can easily send your BOL and proof of delivery.

3. Multi-User Login Access

You can actually allow your drivers to access your account to help out with your workload because they can upload their own documents. For example, drivers can upload their fuel-ups, expenses, and dispatch documents so you won’t have to hunt them down for this information.

The TruckLogics App

The TruckLogics app mobilizes your business and provides ways to quickly connect with your truck drivers.

For example, you can use the mobile chat feature to discuss locations and even share files.

You and your drivers can use the app to snap photos of important documents and send them wherever they need to go. This makes it incredibly quick and convenient to upload fuel receipts.

The app can also be used to keep detailed trip entries. Trip entries can be added and edited to keep extremely detailed records of your business and IFTA report. To review a trip at any time you can use filter options to select it from the date, place, or from a certain time frame.

The best way to try these three things is by signing up for TruckLogics

Why wait when you can streamline managing your operations with one, convenient online program now? Sign up for your free 15-day TruckLogics trial to see how our easy-to-use software will help you save time and improve your driver relationships. We will even provide you with a one on one demo to personally show you all that TruckLogics can do.

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