Trucking Business: How to Hire and Pay Independent Contractors

What you need to know about independent trucking contactors

So, you might’ve read one of our previous blogs about starting a trucking company, and decided to take the leap.

Congrats! Now, your owner-operator trucking business is expanding.

As your business grows, so will your team.

How do you hire trucking independent contractors, and how do you pay them?

Here’s everything you need to know about hiring great indepedent contractor drivers for your business and utilizing a self-service payroll system to pay them.

Growing Your Trucking Business

Hiring Contractors

Owner-operator trucking is a great place to start, but as you expand your trucking business, you may need to have drivers working for you.

This means recruiting contractors. Where can you bring them in from?

First, determine how many drivers you need and what your budget is. Remember, growth takes time. Hiring multiple contractor drivers is a process that may have to happen over a long period of time.

Once you’ve made a plan, check out CDL certification schools and target their students. Also, consider setting up a booth at local job fairs.

If you’re looking for other employees, such as secretaries or office managers, you may want to check out certain online job boards.

Completing Paperwork

Once you have your contractor drivers, the paperwork starts.

Luckily, now that almost everything is online, the paperwork doesn’t have to be physical, literal paperwork. It can be done electronically.

As the word contractor implies, you’ll need to set up contracts with your new employees.

Once the employee has signed their contract, you’ll need a W-9 for each contractor.

The IRS Form W-9 is used to confirm a new contractor’s taxpayer identification number, and to request taxpayer information.
You can have your contractors complete and e-sign this form for free with TaxBandits

Paying Contractors

Of course, don’t forget that you have to pay your contractors!

Paying contractors and keeping track of payroll is simple with the help of a self-service payroll system. Again, take advantage of payroll online!

Keeping your business online payroll electronic will save you plenty of headaches.
Check out PayWow, a payroll online service catered to small businesses. Your trucking business is growing, and outsourcing business online payroll is your best friend.
Simply manage your employee self-service portal online and you’ll be paying contractors on time with no issues.
Tracking payroll online has never been easier. Let the payroll experts at PayWow lead you to success.

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