Take a Moment to Remember The Bravery of 9/11

Seventeen years ago, terrorists stunned America when they brought down the World Trade Center towers in New York City by flying two airplanes into them. Plus, crashing two separate planes to create more fear and destruction. To this day this remains the most horrific attack on our soil, wiping out 2,764 innocent civilians and 343 first responders.

Today, we all need to take time to remember and cherish our loved ones.

Responders to the attack that rushed to the devastating scene were amazing in showing the world that while America may bend, we will not break.

The passengers and crew of United Airlines Flight 93 overpowered the terrorists and kept their plane from hitting its target. This time each year I revisit the bravery of the firefighters and police officers who put the lives of others over their own. The medical personnel who worked tirelessly to assist those injured in the attack and the average American who set up places to eat and rest for those refusing to leave while there was hope of survivors.

Responders and volunteers from every state in the nation converged on New York to help dig to find victims buried in the rubble. They never slowed down looking for survivors until there was no hope. However, through it all, our flag waved proudly.

So please take a moment of remembrance today to think of the brave men and women who serve and defend our freedom and liberty.

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