8 Hilarious New Trucking Jokes You Need To See

These aren't the same old corny jokes from 2004. Get ready for some real laughs.
Trucker joke with the creation of adam

Need a break from the news? Us too. There are just so many difficult things happening in the world right now.

So take a load off and check out this collection of hilarious new trucking jokes we’ve assembled just for you!

Unlike some, we actually put effort into finding brand-new trucking jokes for you. So enjoy!

Hilarious New Trucking Jokes

1. I’d be upset if I could see.

2. The most… interesting truck decorations we’ve ever seen.

3. The white noise is nice.

4. Just why?

5. How to get a little more speed.

6. It’s funny because it’s true.

7. My momma always said…

8. Train ’em right.

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