Navigating TruckLogics: A Step-by-Step Guide to Removing Canceled Driver Settlements

One feature that sets TruckLogics apart from other trucking management software is the seamless connection between its offerings–the way that changes to one section of the software have an effect throughout the system. For example, changing rate details will automatically update your invoices and expenses, while recording mileage and fuel data will alter your trip sheets and IFTA reports.

However, this can sometimes mean that deleting or canceling an item in one place won’t eliminate all traces of it, especially if it impacts other areas of your business. One situation in particular is when dealing with dispatches and driver settlements. Driver settlements are connected to your dispatches to simplify record-keeping, ensure that your drivers are paid accurately, and provide transparency for both the driver and the carrier.

Occasionally, you may want to delete or cancel a dispatch. However, since driver settlements are also a separate entity in TruckLogics, failing to void the settlement before canceling the dispatch will result in the driver settlement still showing as “pending” until either the canceled dispatch is deleted from the system or the settlement is voided within the canceled dispatch.

Follow the steps below to remove a driver settlement that still shows up in your system after canceling a dispatch.

1. Here under “Canceled Dispatches”, we can see a dispatch that we’ve canceled.

2. However, a driver settlement for this canceled dispatch remains in the “Driver Settlements” tab under “Pending Settlements”.

3. In order to remove this pending settlement, we must navigate back to “Canceled Dispatches” under the “Dispatches” tab. Next, click the trash icon next to the canceled dispatch that contains the settlement you wish to remove.

4. Back on the “Pending Settlements” tab, we can see that the settlement for this dispatch is no longer listed and has been removed.

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