Thursday, 25 May 2017

How Does The IRS Stamp My Schedule 1?

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax season is on its way. You know you have to file, just like with your IFTA return, there are steep penalties for not filing your return or paying your taxes in time. Unfortunately, some people hesitate to file their 2290, because they have questions and concerns. That’s why we’re here to answer all of your questions and to help you file on time. Today we’re discussing how the IRS stamps your digital Schedule 1.

How Does The IRS Stamp My Schedule 1?

When you e-file your Form 2290 online choose an IRS authorized e-file provider, like our sister company, ExpressTruckTax because they make the process fast and simple.

Once you’re done filling out your form, and you’ve paid the HVUT you owe, you'll transmit your Form 2290 directly to the IRS.

Then once the IRS receives your electronic Form 2290 they will add a watermark to the file that includes that date that your Form 2290 was accepted and approved. 

A watermark is a faint clear design that's layered over the file. It’s like when you try to save a picture from the internet but sometimes the logo is still on the image and it’s almost clear.

Then you’ll receive a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 via email and it will serve as your official proof of payment. 

It will be accepted by DMVS, DOT’s, and other federal authorities. If you wish, you can choose to receive your stamped Schedule 1 via text or fax.

If you lose your stamped Schedule 1, don’t worry. You can log into your free ExpressTruckTax account and access a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 at any time to view or email.

You don’t even need a computer. Download the free ExpressTruckTax app to access your stamped Schedule 1 right from your smartphone or tablet. Heck, you can even complete the entire e-filing process from your mobile device.

E-Filing With ExpressTruckTax

Because we work closely with ExpressTruckTax, our systems are actually integrated. So you can save time while completing your 2290 by importing your vehicle information from TruckLogics to ExpressTruckTax. As a result, instead of having to type in all the information for each of your vehicles you can simply add them to your Form 2290.

The entire e-filing process is actually quick and easy with ExpressTruckTax. Simply follow the step-by-step guide to complete your form in just a few minutes, and almost instantly receive your stamped Schedule 1 via email.

There’s Another Way To File….

However, if you just want to get your 2290 out of the way so you don’t have to think about it anymore then pre-file today. Call our other sister company TSNAmerica to pre-file your 2290 over the phone. It’s simple, pull out your phone, dial 803.386.0320, and say you’d like to pre-file. They’ll handle the rest and your Form 2290 will be sent to the IRS on July first. Best of all, you’ll get your Schedule 1 via email the moment that the IRS stamps it.

We're Here To Help 

If you have any questions about your Form 2290 or how to file please let us know! Here at TruckLogics we will be more than happy to answer your questions. Give us a call Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at 704.234.6946. We're also available via live chat and offer 24/7 email support at 
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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

TruckerTuesday Your Traffic Update

Hey, trucking nation! It’s our favorite day of the week, TruckerTuesday, where we will give you the latest news, memes, and more just for truckers. This information is hot, both on and off the road. Check out what stories we’ve put together for you this week!


Remembering Carolyn Moon and Celebrating Iowa 80 Truckstop

We're sad to say that all TruckerTuesday stories aren’t happy ones, as we remember Carolyn Moon, the co-owner and former chairmen of the board of Iowa 80 Truckstop. She passed away at age 81. Carolyn helped her husband, Bill Moon turn Iowa 80, into what it is today, the world’s largest truck stop.

What’s so great about the Iowa 80 truckstop? Well for starters, it has everything, including 900 parking spots for truckers, and a restaurant with 300 seats. There’s a TacoBell, Wendy’s, Dairy Queen, and more. Don’t miss out on the dentist, movie theater, 24-hour pet grooming, and more.

Memorial Day Travel

We hope you have the day off to relax, but if you don’t watch out. A record amount of traffic is predicted to occur this Memorial Day weekend. Over a million more travelers are expected to be on the roads than last year, so pack some patience and try to stay calm.

While all of this extra travel will be good for the economy with more consuming spending, if you have to drive this weekend you probably don’t want to be stuck in traffic. It only takes one little mistake from one driver in the sea of cars to cause a major traffic jam. Be prepared with backup routes and keep an eye out for drunk drivers who had too much fun celebrating.

High Winds Put Drivers At Risk

Tornado season has spun into action, bringing strong gusts of wind with it. Know when to stop and pull over because we’ve recently heard enough stories about high winds blowing trucks on their side, and over bridges.

If the weather suddenly takes a turn for the worse know when to pull over. Driving through hail and heavy rain is already dangerous enough, you don’t want to add strong wind to the mix. We won’t tell you to 'grab your ankles and stick your butt in the air' like in the film Twister, but we will tell you to seek shelter!

Also, remember that it doesn’t have to be stormy for high winds to hit. Strong gusts can occur on sunny, normal seeming days, so pay attention to the weather forecasts for alerts at all times! 

They Will Eventually Learn, We Hope! 

When we saw this post by, we couldn’t help but laugh. We’ve had our own experiences with bad drivers on the road! However, with summer coming up high school kids will be free to drive around during the day.

That’s right, high school kids. They’re some of the worst drivers in the world. They’ll need all the help they can get, so you might need to put this sign on your own rig! 

Happy Trucking

That wraps up this TruckerTuesday, full of trucking news from all over the nation. We have recent updates, memes, and more, all for your entertainment. For more trucking related articles visit and please share your trucking updates in the comment section below.
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Thursday, 18 May 2017

Knock Out Your Form 2290 Today!

Hold the phone! You haven’t pre-filed your 2290 yet? What in the world?! It’s dangerous to wait until the last minute to file. What if you can’t get your EIN or can't correct a mistake by the August 31st deadline? Then you might find yourself to be in some trouble. Luckily for you, we know how you can file your Form 2290 before everyone else.

Pre-File With TSNAmerica

Alright, we know we said hold the phone, but you actually need to use your phone so TSNAmerica can go ahead and file your HVUT Form 2290 for you. TSNAmerica is our trusted sister company that’s the market leading phone file provider. You can trust that your information will be safe with them as they transmit your Form 2290 directly to the IRS.
The process is easy, start by picking up your phone and calling TSNAmerica at 803.386.0320. Then TSNAmerica will send you the necessary consent forms to allow them to file your 2290 for you over the phone via email.

You can relax once this process is complete because your 2290 will be safely and securely transmitted directly to the IRS on July 1st. However, if want your 2290 transmitted on a later date you can arrange for TSNAmerica to send your form to the IRS on any day of your choice.

Instead of waiting around to get your stamped Schedule 1 in the mail you’ll receive your copy via email as soon as the IRS stamps it! You’ll instantly have it available to show the DMV! This filing method is as quick and easy as making a simple phone call so you can get your HVUT out of the way and focus on the road!

E-File With ExpressTruckTax

If talking on the phone isn’t your thing, you can file online with ExpressTruckTax. ExpressTruckTax, another sister company of ours, and it's the IRS Authorized, market leading e-file provider because they’ve streamlined the e-filing process to make it incredibly quick and simple. They really do make truck taxes easy! By the way, the pre-filing season for expressTruckTax begins on June 1st.
TruckLogics is integrated with ExpressTruckTax so you won’t have to enter in your truck information. You can simply import from TruckLogics into ExpressTruckTax, or vice versa, saving you time and hassle.

All you have to do to get started is create your free ExpressTruckTax account and follow the step-by-step guide to import your vehicle information and fill out your Form 2290 in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be presented with a summary of your information so that you can make sure all of your information was entered correctly, and ExpressTruckTax will perform an audit check on your form to catch any basic errors.

Then you can pay the amount of HVUT you owe and send your Form 2290 directly to the IRS. You’ll receive a copy of your stamped Schedule 1 back within minutes via email and can elect to receive it via text or fax as well.

Also, you don’t even need a computer to file. Download the free ExpressTruckTax app to complete your Form 2290 on your smartphone or tablet at any time, from any location. 

Got Any Questions?

Then please don’t hesitate to contact the amazing TruckLogics support team. We know taxes can be confusing, but luckily we’re here to help and will be more than happy to answer all of your questions. Call us Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM at 704.234.6946 or reach us via live chat. We also offer 24/7 email support at
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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Mother's Day Gifts For Trucking Moms

Mother’s Day is coming up and we would like to give a shout out to all moms, everywhere! You ladies are great at what you do! However, did you know there is actually a large portion of female drivers and some are even moms too! So, while this post is dedicated to moms, it’s especially dedicated to moms on the road. It’s not too late to get your mom, wife, girlfriend, pet mom, etc a mother’s day gift, so check our list of Mother’s Day gifts for trucking moms.

Trucking Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Show the Mom in your life you care with a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones. This way she can talk to your hands-free while she’s out on the road. She also won’t be tied down with wires or have to deal with the hassle of untangling cords. Plus, the sound quality with Bluetooth headphones is amazing! Her favorite artists like Shania Twain will sound great with them.

2. Speaking of headphones, maybe your Mom needs something to listen to. It’s no secret that spending hours on the open road can get a little boring. Maybe you can get her an audiobook to listen to, or a subscription to an audio book service so she can listen to as many books as she wants. You could also find a podcast you think she might be interested in so you guys can listen to weekly episodes together and talk about them.

3. You know what goes with the open road? Coffee. Truckers and Moms love their coffee! Make it more convenient for your Mom to have coffee by getting a coffee pot for her rig. Instead of having to walk across the cold truck stop parking lot in the morning she will be able to brew her own cup instantly!

However, don’t let the coffee be served in any old plain mug! Get a special one for her based off of her interests. Get a mug for her favorite sports team or tv show, or even get one with your photo on it, so every time she pours a hot cup of joe she will see your smiling face.
4. Some of the most meaningful gifts have a personal touch. Don’t hesitate to go back to your roots to your 5-year-old self and make a card or special note by hand. Your creativity will come straight from the heart. You could even place the card in her truck for her to find later.

But why stop at just a card when you can decorate her entire rig? You can print out photos of yourself and kids to frame and hang out around her rig. You could also put some flowers around, like on the dashboard, or even use car safe markers to decorate the windows.

5. A lot of Moms on the road have pets, so don’t forget to include them. If the Mom you’re celebrating has a cat or a dog that accompanies them on trips maybe you could get them a bed or some toys. It wouldn’t hurt to include a gift card to a pet store too.

6. You want your wife or Mom to be comfortable on the road, so see if she needs anything to enhance her rig. A cushion or a massaging seat cover might be an awesome gift. You can also see if she needs a more comfortable pillow or maybe even an electric blanket so she can be cozier during overnight stops.

7. You can think outside the truck. Think about when she comes home. She will be tired from the exhausting life on the road! Do you think she wants to clean up and cook dinner? Probably not. Take some of the load off by cleaning the house and having an awesome meal for her to come home too. You could also have a movie planned to relax with and watch together or provide her with a spa day to let her relax with a massage or manicure. 

Happy Mother’s Day!

Every Mom, from drivers to dispatchers, and all over the world should be celebrated on their special day! Be sure to give your Mom or wife, or even Mom to your pets a special gift from the heart. She deserves it.

For more trucking tips visit and please share your gift ideas in the comment section below.
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Monday, 1 May 2017

Time's Up, The IFTA Deadline is Today

Today is the big day! The IFTA deadline day! We know it seems like you just did an IFTA report yesterday, and man, time flies. However, it’s not the time reminisce, because you have your quarterly IFTA filing to do, again, already! If IFTA snuck up on you and you’re out on the road don’t worry, relax and quickly calculate your IFTA totals with TruckLogics.

File Your IFTA Return To Avoid Fees and Penalties

If you think IFTA can wait until you get home, think again. It’s best to meet the deadline to avoid getting hit with penalties and fees. Failure to file by midnight will result in a penalty of $50 or 10% of the liability tax, depending on which is more. Meaning $50 in the minimum fee! Also, interest accrues on a monthly basis of .4167% per month that your tax remains unpaid.

Those are the gentle penalties. Some states will actually revoke your license if your return is late, and you can’t get a new license until you’ve filed your report and paid your tax due in full. Now, don’t panic, in most cases, your license won’t be revoked if you’re a first time offender.

Although, you could get pulled over, and if your IFTA credentials aren’t up to date you could be written a ticket, or you could have to get a trip permit, or maybe even both. All of these headaches and fees can be avoided by filing on time.

So, to complete your IFTA or International Fuel Tax Agreement report you need your total miles traveled per jurisdiction including non-taxable miles, gallons of fuel consumed per jurisdiction, taxes paid on each fuel purchase, and the current tax rate per jurisdiction.
Luckily with TruckLogics, you can easily track all of this information per vehicle. Plus, by being completely mobile you can update your IFTA 
records from any location. 

Every time you make a fuel purchase while on the road you can enter the purchase right then and there before leaving the gas station. You can also take a photo of your receipt to store in TruckLogics for later.

The Fuel report lets you see the fuel purchased for a certain period of time, like your first IFTA quarter for example. It clearly lists the date fuel was purchased for which truck in what state, along with the fuel type, and the amount of fuel purchased.

The Fuel Tax summary report takes things a step further by providing the miles ran, fuel purchased, and fuel tax due for a certain period of time. This report includes your member jurisdiction, fuel type, total miles, taxable miles, taxable gallons, tax paid gallons, net taxable gallons, tax rate, tax or credit, interest, and total due, to thoroughly cover your IFTA bases.

Your drivers can update their trip sheets as they go to keep detailed records of the miles traveled and fuel purchased per jurisdiction, which is a great way to keep up with odometer readings. Or you can use ProMiles to automatically update your trip sheets, odometer readings, and more. ProMiles even updates the number of miles traveled when drivers change routes.

When you’re ready to file after all of your information has been entered into TruckLogics click IFTA in the dashboard and click start return for the corresponding quarter. Then you can calculate your IFTA totals and download a report that you can print or email that includes your IFTA totals. Use these totals to complete your 1st Quarter IFTA report in a matter of minutes!

Give Us a Shout

If you need help please don’t hesitate to contact the dedicated TruckLogics support team with any questions that you may have. We’re available over the phone at 704.234.6946 Monday - Friday from 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM EST. We also can be reached via live chat and offer 24/7 email support at
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Thursday, 27 April 2017

Our Reports Make IFTA Easy

The first quarter IFTA deadline on May 1st is almost here. For a few of you guys that means it’s a good time to get your rear in gear to calculate all of the totals necessary to complete your return by the due date. However, if you’re using TruckLogics then you don’t have to rush. With the help of their innovative reports and IFTA features, you’ll have your IFTA totals generated in a matter of minutes.


TruckLogics is the ultimate trucking management software specifically designed for fleet owners and owner operators to help them save time while managing their entire business, even while they’re out on the road. By being completely mobile drivers can access TruckLogics from their smartphones or tablets at any time to check in on their business. Plus, TruckLogics has innovative features for dispatching loads, accounting, invoicing, fuel efficiency, IFTA, and more.

How TruckLogics Makes IFTA Easy

IFTA or the International Fuel Tax Agreement is the agreement made between the 48 contiguous United States and the 10 provinces of Canada to simplify fuel use reporting and for the collection and distribution of fuel taxes.

If your vehicle(s) has a gross registered weight exceeding 26k pounds, or 3 or more axles, and travels between two or more jurisdictions (states) then you have to file a quarterly IFTA report, which requires the following information:

- Taxable and non-taxable miles traveled per jurisdiction
- Gallons of fuel purchased in and used in each jurisdiction.
- Taxes paid on each fuel purchases
- The current tax rate per jurisdiction.

You can use TruckLogics to quickly gather that information with a series of innovative reports and features. For example, the Fuel Tax Summary Report gives you all of the totals you need for your IFTA report from your base jurisdiction. You can run this report from any quarter to clearly see your fuel type, total miles, taxable miles, taxable gallons, tax paid gallons, net taxable gallons, tax rate, and total (due or credit).
The fuel report will also display your fuel purchases for the custom date range you choose. Then you’ll be able to see where fuel was purchased, the fuel type, and how much fuel was purchased for each of your vehicles.

Plus, ProMiles records all of the information you need to your trip sheet. ProMiles will keep track of the miles traveled and odometer readings per jurisdiction, so your trip sheets will display all of the information you need. Also, ProMiles automatically updates the miles traveled when you change routes, to more accurately keep track of your miles traveled.

Your trip sheets can be accessed in the Trip Document Library at any time to be downloaded or printed and easily referenced for your IFTA reports.

Any time you make a fuel purchase you can pull out your phone and enter the receipt for your records, or take a photo of it for later. You can also import all of your fuel purchasing data right from your FleetOne fuel card.

With TruckLogics you can quickly get your IFTA totals and generate an IFTA report that can be printed or emailed to your tax preparer, so the totals can be used to quickly complete your IFTA return.

Make IFTA As Easy As 1 2 3.

Don’t spend hours trying to add up your IFTA totals. You have better things to do than dig through hundreds of receipts. Take a load off and relax as TruckLogics makes it easy to calculate your IFTA totals, so you can complete your return almost instantly!

Get started today by signing up for your free 15-day trial with TruckLogics.
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Thursday, 20 April 2017

6 Fleet Management Mistakes To Avoid

Trucking is already a time-consuming job that comes with both stress and advantages. Now imagine being a fleet manager with multiple drivers to keep up with. That job comes with a lot more stress and tasks to handle, but it also has bigger rewards. As a fleet manager don’t get overwhelmed because you don’t want your fleet to go under. Instead, relax and check out common mistakes for fleet managers to avoid and drive your operation to new levels of success.

Common Fleet Manager Mistakes To Avoid

1. Don’t avoid truck or driver maintenance. Your vehicles need to be regularly maintained so that they will last longer and you can avoid the costs of major repairs or having to purchase a new vehicle. So, keep up with when the oil needs to be changed when the brakes need to be adjusted when filters need to be changed, and more.

Regular maintenance has to potential to save your drivers time and help get drop offs delivered on time because regularly maintained trucks are less likely to break down. You can use a program like TruckLogics to notify you when your trucks need regular maintenance.

Your drivers can break down just like your trucks. Check in on them to make sure they are doing alright. Also, be sure to keep up with their certifications and licenses, so you don’t miss an annual renewal date. Also, never forget about tax deadlines like IFTA and HVUT 2290.

2. Speaking of drivers, you can’t let things slide. While drivers are outstanding people with honesty, integrity, and a sense of pride for what they do, we can’t speak for everyone. Sometimes when employees get away with something they’ll try to take advantage of their manager to see what else they can get away with.
That’s why when a driver gets a speeding ticket, drives over 11 hours, doesn’t take breaks, skips a pre-check inspection, texts while driving, or more, you need to step in and take necessary action.

3. Don’t ignore the budget. Look to see where you can save costs. Plan trips in advance to make sure the right vehicles are going on the right trips. For example, use your truck with the best MPG for the longer routes and use ProMiles with TruckLogics to optimize the route for fuel efficiency.

Look at all your options before making a purchase. For example, see if a used truck or leasing a truck would be a cheaper option. Buy your office supplies in bulk or use a program like TruckLogics to run financial tracking reports like your Cost Per Mile, Profit For Mile, Profit and Loss, and more to see where money is coming in and going out.
4. You can’t get burnt out. Long hours are a part of the job sometimes, but you can’t stay late every day. Take some you time to relax. Maybe take a day off to play golf, and definitely make time for a vacation at least once a year.

When things are hectic and you can’t get away try taking an hour or two to indulge in your favorite TV show, see a movie, take a long walk to destress, or even meditate. Even a small amount of you time will make a big difference.

5. You can’t let your drivers get burnt out either. Be sure to give rewards and recognition when they are due. Celebrate a driver’s good idea and share it with the team. Give out rewards and prizes for good behavior. For example, you could give out a monthly prize for the most fuel efficient driver, or call a team meeting and mention what a great job your drivers have been doing on the road.

6. Last but not least, don’t get comfortable. There is always room for improvement. Instead of sitting back and letting things happen like they always do, study the system to see where things could be improved. Maybe you can change the way driver logs are handled, maybe you could suggest to stop doing a certain report that seems like a waste of time.

While change can be met with resistance, they can also improve the way the entire operation runs, so if new policies need to be adopted at least give them a chance. Businesses, especially in the trucking industry are living organisms that need to adapt to major changes in the industry to survive.

Make Your Fleet Great

You became a fleet manager for a reason, and that’s because you have the guts necessary to manage your fleet while also improving it. While it’s easy to make mistakes, it’s also easy to avoid them with a little planning, preparation, and attention to detail.

For more trucking tips visit and please share your tips about what mistakes to avoid as a fleet manager in the comment section below.
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