Thursday, 16 February 2017

Truckers Are Happy Because Of TruckLogics

Being an owner operator is time-consuming. You barely have time to respond to personal texts, not to mention all of your business related emails, invoices, finances, miles, and more! How do you manageit all? The answer is with TruckLogics.


TruckLogics is the ultimate trucking management software. It’s the only mobile, web-based solution designed to simplify managing your entire trucking business, especially when you’re out on the road. You can use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to check in on your business at any time from any location. 

Tons of innovative features are included with TruckLogics for invoicing, billing, mileage tracking, driver settlements, IFTA calculating, and more!

How TruckLogics Makes Your Life Easier

The number one thing TruckLogics will do for you is help you save time while efficiently managing every aspect of your business, but it also does so much more.

For Example, with TruckLogics you can:

  • Import data from your Fleet One Fuel card. That’s right. Recording how much you spent on gas as never been easier for your IFTA reports because you can quickly import that information right from your card. 
  • Integrate all of your information from Quickbooks. It’s simple to quickly import all of your information about your drivers, expenses, factoring, all with one click. Your invoices and dispatches made within TruckLogics can also be shared with Quickbooks. 
  • Assign multiple trucks to a load. What other program takes the headache away by allowing you to quickly and simply add multiple trucks to a load to correctly keep up with your records online? 
  • Maintain electronic driver logs mobily. With TruckLogics you and your drivers can update their driving logs online with their smartphone or tablet, to instantly update their logs and to keep all of their information in one convenient location. 
  • Add recurring expenses. If you have the same bill that comes in once a month why take the time to add it to your reports every month? Cut the hassle and add it as a recurring expense and it will automatically appear on all of your reports. 
  • Export stuff to excel. That’s right, any of your reports or IFTA calculations can be exported into excel for a nice, clean, easy to read spreadsheet. 
  • Integrate your Mercer settlements. Quickly integrate all of your Mercer settlements, including fees for hauling, fuels, adding accessories, reimbursements, advance payments for the drivers, and more. 
  • Access unlimited ProMiles. ProMiles will plan the best route for you to either get somewhere the quickest or to save the most fuel. It will also automatically record your miles per state and show you where the best-priced fuel is located. 
  • Have more flexibility. You can easily delete voided invoices, import expenses, edit trip logs to add extra stops, and more. TruckLogics is designed for you, the driver, to make your life easier. 
  • Provide your drives with multi-user access so they can log on to update their trip logs, utilize ProMiles, and more. 

Try TruckLogics Today

We only mentioned a few of the many benefits that TruckLogics has to offer. TruckLogics is specifically designed to make your life as a driver or fleet owner easier while managing your entire business, even while out on the road. Take advantage of your free 15-day trial today to see what TruckLogics can do for you.
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Thursday, 9 February 2017

Prevent and Relieve Back Pain On The Road

You’ve been driving for miles, miles, and miles. The last thing you need is annoying back pains and aches bothering you for hours and making it difficult to sleep at night. Back pain is one of the most annoying things of truckers to deal with. It’s right up there with guys in flashy pickup trucks who speed up the interstate and change lanes without using their blinkers. Luckily we have the cure for back pain, but were still working on fixing dumb drivers in cute lifted pickup trucks.

Preventing And Relieving Back Pain

Don’t forget about lumbar support, which is something that supports the lower curve in your spine. Newer trucks offer seats with built-in lumbar support, but if your truck is older you can buy a seat attachment or bring a pillow along to place behind your lower back,

Also, you may need a cushion for your rear end. Your cab is where you spend tons of hours, so why not make it more comfortable? You can invest in memory foam seat covers that adjust to your body, seat covers with built in massages to work out any knots in your muscles, or just a simple cushion to sit on that will provide extra support.

One quick fix that you can start immediately doing is removing anything from your pockets before you sit down. Wallets, phones or whatever else you keep back that can put a lot of stress on your spine and back when you sit down.

When you’re going on down the road be mindful about your posture. Hunching or leaning forward can put a lot of extra stress on your lower back. Be sure to sit up straight with your shoulders back. You can even adjust the set to slightly lean backward for comfort.

Be sure to make sure you’re relaxed in a comfortable position where nothing feels tight. Relax your elbows, don’t lock them and don’t sit still. Shift around about every 20 to 30 minutes to move your core and take in some deep relaxing breaths to stimulate your core muscles.

Sometimes taking some aspirin can be a quick fix to help you forget the pain and focus on driving, but if the issue persists you may want to consider getting some ice to apply to the painful area or an icy hot patch.

Every time you get out of your cab to move around and stretch. Get some blood circulation going by walking around the truck stop. Stretch your arms and legs, do some torso twists, and move your head back and forth to keep your muscles warm and active. 

It’s great to pop a squat. Squatting over your heels helps to stretch your back and it decompresses your spinal discs to relieve pressure and drain fluid. This stretch gets rid of a lot of painful pressure so you can feel good while you drive.

You can also decompress your back by spending a few minutes laying flat on an even surface. To stretch your back bend and raise your knees, then slowly lift your butt off the floor for about 30 seconds and relax.

Sometimes you need to get your rear in gear and strengthen your glutes! Your butt is responsible for stabilizing and balancing your back, if your muscles are too weak then they can’t do their job to prevent pain. Also, your hips, back, and core need to be strong enough to support your weight as well, so you might want to think about working out. Plus, if you’re overweight then that puts even more strain on your back.

Speaking of weight loss, how is your diet? If you have pain in your body think about switching to foods with more nutrition like eggs, salads, nuts, and veggies, instead of processed snacks like chips and candy. The vitamins and minerals found in healthy foods will help heal your body.

If these methods fail or you experience more pain than a tweak or dull ache then take an extra measure by having a professional doctor take a look at your back.

Sit Pretty

With theses methods to relieve and prevent back pain, you’ll be chugging along pain-free. Your mind will be free to focus on the road, listen to podcasts, and comfortably relax.

For more trucking tips visit and be sure to share your tips about preventing and relieving back pain in the comment section below.
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Thursday, 2 February 2017

My IFTA Return Is Late What Do I Do?

Whoa, didn’t you realize that your 4th quarter IFTA report was due on January 31st?! You missed the deadline! Even though these IFTA deadlines happen on a quarterly basis, sometimes the deadlines can sneak up on you. So, what happens if your report is late?

Missing The IFTA Deadline

Don’t panic, or waste time freaking out. Simply get your information together with the help of TruckLogics and turn in your report. Turning in your report late is better than never. Also, having your report together a few days late is nothing to freak out about, you usually won’t get your IFTA license revoked if unless you don’t file a few times.

That doesn’t give you a free pass not to file this time around. Your IFTA license can still be revoked if you don’t file your report on time, depending on how strict your state or base jurisdiction is. It will still be noted on your record and at weigh stations when your decals are viewed and your information is looked up.

Also, you will be subject to fees and penalties, which are never fun. Whether or not you owe taxes this filing period you’ll either be charged a $50 late fee or 10% of the tax amount you owe, whichever is higher. If you don’t owe any taxes the fine will be $50. That’s a lot of movie tickets, meals, or heck, it’s maybe even equal to your cable bill.

The fines don’t stop there though! Your late tax penalty will continue to grow until you turn in your IFTA report and pay the taxes owed. Each month you’ll gain an interest rate of .4167% on the taxes you owe per jurisdiction. Those figures could really start to add up.

Along with not filing your IFTA report on time other reasons for losing your IFTA license include failure to comply with all provisions of the IFTA agreement and failure to fully pay off your taxes owed per jurisdiction.

As soon as you file your IFTA report, even if you file it late, you’ll receive proof of payment within minutes. Keep that proof of payment with you either in hard copy or electronic copy form to avoid any hassles with state troopers and the DMV.

Now just to refresh your memory IFTA is the International Fuel Tax Agreement, and it’s in place for all of the 48 connected states in the US, all of the states in Mexico, and all of the Canadian provinces.

Your vehicle qualifies for IFTA if it has 3 or more axles, regardless of weight, has two axles with a gross vehicle weight of 26,000 pounds or if it’s used in combination with a total gross vehicle weight of over 26,00 pounds. Also, you qualify for IFTA if you regularly travel between two or more jurisdiction (states).

If you only need to travel in another state a few times a year you can get temporary IFTA permits. Each state has their own set of regulations

To file an IFTA report you will need:

- The total miles, both taxable and nontaxable traveled by your qualified motor vehicle(s) in all jurisdictions.
- The total taxable and nontaxable liters or gallons of fuel used by your qualifying vehicle(s) in all jurisdictions.
- The total miles traveled per jurisdiction
- The total of gallons consumed in each member jurisdiction
- The tax-paid on gallons or liters that are purchased in each jurisdiction
- The current tax rate for each member jurisdiction.

Calculate Your IFTA With TruckLogics

TruckLogics has all of the tools to help you keep up with your fuel, taxes, and miles per jurisdiction so you can quickly and easily calculate all the totals needed for your quarterly IFTA reports. Sign up for your free 15-day trial today to see how easy TruckLogics can make managing your entire trucking operation, especially when it comes to calculating your IFTA tax.
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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

4th Quarter IFTA Reports Are Due Today

We know that taxes can sneak up on you, this is why we’re reminding you that tax season is here! Ready or not it’s time to file, whether it’s your taxes or an extension form, it needs to be correctly filled out and turned in by the deadline to avoid getting hit with late fees and penalties.

Now which taxes are we talking about exactly? Well, today, January 31st, we’re referring to your 4th quarter IFTA report! 

About IFTA

IFTA or the International Fuel Tax Agreement that was created between the 48 contiguous states in the United States and the 10 provinces in Canada for the collection and distribution of fuel taxes. If your vehicle travels between two or more states, which are known as jurisdictions and has a gross weight that exceeds 26,000 lbs or has more than 3 axles then you need to provide an IFTA report for it on a quarterly basis.

Recreational vehicles are exempt for IFTA, but any commercial carriers that travel on the interstate and meet the vehicle size qualifications are required to register with IFTA.

So, when filing your quarterly IFTA fuel tax returns you need a few things per your base jurisdiction, or state, including:

- Total miles traveled per jurisdiction, including non-taxable miles. This means that you have to report the total amount of miles traveled per state.
- Gallons of fuel purchased per jurisdiction.
- The taxes paid on all fuel purchases.
- And the current tax rate for each state.

It’s important to make sure you file all of your IFTA reports on time to keep your license and permits up to date so you can continue operating your heavy vehicle in multiple states. Plus, if you don’t pay you’re subject to a $50 penalty or 10% of the net liability tax, depending on which total is higher. You don’t get off with just a fine though, because interest will build up at a rate of .4167% per every month that your IFTA tax remains unpaid.

IFTA With TruckLogics

Luckily you can use TruckLogics to easily keep track of everything you need to file your IFTA reports!

By using ProMiles with TruckLogics not only will you find the best routes for your trips, but your mileage per jurisdiction will be recorded. You’ll maintain the precise trip mileage for all of your trip sheets, and will no longer have to worry about odometer readings when you cross state lines, because it will all automatically be recorded for you.

If you make a detour or go a few extra miles to your favorite rest stop, don’t worry! You can easily update your route on your smartphone in a matter of seconds and your miles will automatically be updated.

When it comes to entering fuel you can easily upload all of your fuel expenses from your Fleet 1 fuel card. Don’t have a fuel card? No problem, you can quickly and easily update your fuel expenses under the accounts tab. Enter in your fuel totals with your smartphone, right when you finish pumping gas, or take a photo of the receipt with the TruckLogics app to organize your expenses and enter them in later.

From your trip sheets you can generate an IFTA report with all the totals you need on it, then you can email or print this report to use this total to quickly and easily complete your IFTA return.
We’re also proud to announce that we’ve integrated with our sister-program ExpressIFTA, so if you already have an ExpressIFTA account login to TruckLogics with the same username and password to instantly transfer over all of your business and vehicle information.

We’re Here To Help

The TruckLogics crew are experts on all things IFTA. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via phone, email, or live chat. We will be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.
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Monday, 30 January 2017

Chad Boblett Shares His Story About Getting His Authority

We have a special treat for you today because our guest blogger Chad Boblett has agreed to let us share his personal story about getting his own authority with you. Chad Boblett is a former marine and truck driver who launched his own trucking company, Boblett Brothers, in honor of his fellow truckers. He is proud to share his experiences which truckers and owner-operators can learn a lot from.

Chad Boblett - "Yes Get Your Authority" 

Should you get your authority

When I got started 6 years ago, as an owner operator the first company, I looked at was Landstar. You get to pick your own loads, and they take like 30%. This sounded like the best thing ever until I seen an advertisement for and found out that I could keep 100% of the money and work with all brokers if I got my authority.

The Risk:

You will lose everything will never happen. You will always have your CDL that lets you get a job anywhere anytime you decide to give up. You can always resale the truck for something. I guess the biggest risk would be not being able to pay any debt you might have.

Load board success:

Most of my loads come from brokers and load boards, I have done this from day one with no experience needed and every year I have outperformed the average contract rate. Some people are quick learners, and business savvy, some are not. Some people are going to catch on faster than others. Using a load board to find loads is really simple.

How much money do you need:

No correct answer to this question. Some like to say the more you have, the better and that could be true but looking back at when I got started if I had more money I would have spent more than I should have. I started with no money at all. If my truck did not have fuel in it when I bought it, I might not have made it. I literally waited in a truck stop parking lot for a broker's quick pay to get into my bank before posting my truck because I was out of money and fuel.

Buying your first truck:

Commercial equipment can be hard to get loans for. I used 4 credit cards to purchase my truck at a local dealership. This was a ding to my credit score for maxing out the limit on the credit cards, but the good part was that I paid 0% interest.


More paperwork, more responsibility, you have to create your own customer base if you are not going to use a load board. You no longer get a weekly paycheck. Most of the time it takes 40 days to get paid from a broker unless you take quick pay or factor. You will not enjoy big company discounts that you might be getting with the carrier you are with now.

Who should not become a carrier:

Bad credit score or deep in debt.
People that are easily intimidated and can be fooled into taking bad loads.
Drivers that just want miles and money really isn't necessary.

Bad advice:

The people that hate the idea of encouraging owner operators to get their authority the most are other carriers that would make more money if you stayed leased to them. So many think that you have to be leased on to a company for a few years before you are ready to get your authority. This could be bad advice in many ways. I don't know what it's like to lease on to a company because I have never done such a thing but I can tell you that I would have made less money if I leased to a company that was only giving me a percent of what the truck was making.

Your spouse:

Most spouses at the beginning find it hard to adjust. It's best to hire a service to help with your needs then to overwhelm your spouse with unusual documents that need to be filled out. Saving money by doing it yourself can be learned in time.

How to survive:

Have extream fear of debt. Bad months always happen, and you might not make any money during these time. Always know what your rate per mile, write it down and keep track of this. Spend less money than you take in.

Here is a great place to learn more about working with brokers

Don't forget:

One day you will have to retire or will want to retire so open a SEP IRA and save. I know many countries that you can retire to for less than $1000 a month. Just think what the cost of a new truck for $150,000 invested in stocks that get's an 8% gain each year could have your truck driving life living it up on some tropical islands never needing to drive again.


Enjoy your freedom this is the greatest part of being a carrier and owning your own company. Take vacation whenever you want for as long as you want. Go find that island you want to retire to. My wife and I along with our kids all took a trip to Asia for free with club passes just with the miles saved from credit cards on the money spent on my one truck company.


You need to know how to work on trucks. This is such bull crap. Actually, this was my biggest fear. I know nothing about working on trucks and even the stuff that I do know how to do I will gladly pay others to do it for me.

My biggest mistakes were: 

Not getting pre-pass sooner.
Not getting the NASTC fuel card sooner.
Factoring my first year.

The biggest mistake of all = Was not getting my authority sooner.

Here is a great blog on How to Get Your Operating Authority

To learn more about Boblett Brothers and Chad click here. Plus, there are always more trucking tips waiting for you at 

Please share any experiences about getting your own authority in the comment section below. 
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Thursday, 26 January 2017

These Apps For Drivers Are Trucking Awesome

The trucking industry is becoming more and more tech involved every day. Even Though you’re out on the road driving you’re going to find more things like GPS units, smartphones, and even tablets in the cab. Just when you thought the hip thing to do was to have a laptop with you, now it’s all about apps. Trucking apps can really make a difference in making your route planning and trips easier, so check out some of these top rated apps for truckers that you can enjoy on a daily basis.

Note: TruckLogics doesn’t support playing or using your phones, tablets, or laptops while you drive. Pay attention to the road, safety always comes first. 

Top Trucking Apps

First, we have to, of course, speak about TruckLogics because TruckLogics is the all in one business management app that makes it easy to manage your entire business, even while out on the road. TruckLogics makes it possible for you to create dispatches, managing invoices, and bills, manage recurring expenses, update trip logs, and more, all with a few clicks.

TruckLogics also has innovative IFTA calculating software to help truckers calculate their mileage per jurisdiction, fuel tax, and fuel per gallon per jurisdiction while providing up-to-date tax rates per jurisdiction. Truckers can use TruckLogics to calculate their IFTA tax totals and then print or email their sheet to correctly complete their IFTA returns.

Plus, TruckLogics uses ProMiles to automatically keep up with mileage per jurisdiction based off of their drop off, pick up, and route stop locations. ProMiles also uses google maps to plan the best routes and has fuel optimization technology to show truckers the best places to stop for fuel and the lowest prices in the area.

Next up we have the FatSecret Calorie Counter app, even though it’s no secret that the majority of truckers are overweight. Y’all might be fat and happy, but if you choose to be a little more health conscious FatSecret is there for you.

FatSecret lets you record what you eat from restaurants to track your calories and even lets you scan the barcodes on the packages food and drinks you consume. It also lets you log your daily exercises and will give you a daily progress chart based on your weight. You can also connect with the FatSecret community to ask questions and get tips from other users and join groups.

We have to give a shout out to FleetSafer Mobile because they are keeping our roads safer. FleetSafer recognizes when trucks are driving and silences cell phones. Drivers won’t have access to calls, texts, or other alerts while driving. If someone is trying to contact you they’ll receive an auto-reply letting them know that you’re busy driving. Don’t worry about remembering to turn FleetSafer on because it will automatically start once you begin driving.

WhatsApp? We will tell you what up with this awesome messaging app. WhatsApp lets you speak freely to your contacts. You send voice messages back and forth as if they were text messages with a single click. It reminds us old timers of the chirp back in the day when flip phones were a thing. When you receive a WhatsApp message you can play it as many times as you would like with a single click.

You could say WhatsApp does it all because it allows to create group chats where you can instantly send videos and voices messages, and it also has a video chat feature so once you’re parked you can see the faces of your friends and families for a nice chat.

Drivewyze makes it possible for you to keep going, literally. Tired of stopping at weigh stations? We’re sure you would like to pass them on by, and now you can with Drivewyze, the weigh station bypass app. You’ll receive hands-free audio notifications about upcoming weigh stations and inspections with a route on how to bypass them.

But wait, what about the fuzz?! If you get pulled over, don’t worry Drivewyze lets you legally bypass weigh stations, and if you’re stopped the Recall feature will let you show the cop the last weigh station instructions you received.

TruckPath was made for truckers by a trucker. It provides information about where truck stops are and will have a GPS route for you. You can search Flying J, Wal-Mart, Loves, and more to find the trucking stop that you want. Plus, you can read reviews about the truck stops to see what amenities they have to offer and if they’re safe.

Don’t you hate when you pull off and don’t have a place to park? Avoid that frustration with TruckPath because truckers update the parking situation in real time! Also, you can even use the app to call ahead and book a parking spot for some truck stops.

TruckPath also takes a little of the headaches out of weigh stations because truckers update if weigh stations are opened or closed, so you don’t have to waste your time pulling through a closed station.

Catch Up On The Latest Apps

The freedom of the open road is now made easier and more convenient with the help of the coolest trucking apps available for smartphones, tablets, and computers. They help truckers cut down on texting and driving with hands-free applications and show them the best places to stop to get rest and fuel up.

Don’t be an ancient trucker stuck in the stone age. Check out a few of these innovative apps to see how they can make your life on the road better. Also, check back with TruckLogics for more trucking news and be sure to comment about your favorite trucking apps in the section below.
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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Your APU Weight Exemption Guide

Auxiliary Power Units (APU’s for short) are used by a large amount of truck drivers to aid in limiting fuel use since they eliminate the need to run their trucks engines on idle while in park. But seeing as they usually weigh hundreds of pounds, they may be a problem for drivers who frequently carry near the maximum weight limits. With the president’s latest expansion of the MAP-21 bill dealing with state-by-state APU regulations, this may be confusing to drivers who cross state lines on a regular basis.
Below we’ve placed a table, put together by fleet tracking software provider Track Your Truck, that can notify drivers just how much APU weight is exempt in each state. For more information about this APU guide click here.
Check it out:

                                   APU Exemption Guide
APU Exemption Guide by Track Your Truck

Keep checking back with TruckLogics for the latest trucking news.
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