Thursday, 19 January 2017

Direct Routes and Fuel Optimization All With ProMiles

We know that owner operators and fleet managers are already planners. You plan when and where to take routes, for your monthly expenses, and which carriers to work with. However, what about when you’re on the open road?

Do you plan the best place to get fuel? Do you make sure your route is free of roads closed due to construction or bridges with low clearances? TruckLogics can help you optimize fuel usage, show you the quickest routes without turnarounds, and help you track IFTA expenses so you can plan the best routes without any unknowns.


TruckLogics is the business management solution for owner operators and independent truckers. It's designed specifically for truckers to help them save time while managing their entire operation. It has innovative features for dispatch management, reporting IFTA, driver logs, route optimization to save fuel, and more.

Plus, TruckLogics is 100% mobile, with an app available for smartphones and tablets. This way drivers can update their logs and you can check in on your business from any location, at any time.

Route Planning and Fuel Optimization With ProMiles

After creating your TruckLogics account you can use ProMiles to quickly and efficiently plan the best routes for you and your drivers. ProMiles instantly finds the best route based off of your beginning and ending location with the help of google maps.

However, instead of just finding the fastest route available, ProMiles helps you avoid issues like bridges you can’t clear, and closed roads due to construction. This way you’ll save time by avoiding something that will make you have to turn around and backtrack until you can find a way to get around the low bridge or construction, saving you time and fuel.

Speaking of fuel, it’s some expensive stuff, right? Unfortunately, we need it to keep on trucking, but with ProMiles, you can save a lot of money with fuel optimization. At any point during your route you can see how much fuel you have, the price of fuel in your area, and the best place to stop and get fuel.

This means that instead of scratching the back of your neck and wondering if you should stop and get fuel at the upcoming truck stop or wait to see if one comes along with better gas prices is a thing of the past. You’ll know exactly where to stop for the cheapest gas.

Plus, you’ll be notified if you should only purchase a little bit of gas at one stop in order to save money by filling up with cheaper fuel at another stop further down your route. Before you know it you’ll have a lot of money saved that can be used on other aspects of your business instead of fuel.

Record Keeping With ProMiles

We all know that sometimes truckers don’t have the best patience for paperwork, heck some guys don’t even have legible handwriting. ProMiles takes the headaches out of trying to read handwriting and having to correct information with easily to fill out electronic trip logs.

The trip logs clearly show which fields need to be filled out and with a single click truckers can import their information. This saves time, prevents mistakes, and prevents hassle. Now instead of keeping up with files in the cab, drivers can simply update trip logs right from their smartphones.

Also, ProMiles has been integrated with IFTA to accurately track all of your miles, taking the headache away from keeping up with multiple things for your quarterly reports. You’ll instantly have access to how much fuel you got, the type of fuel, the miles you drove, and more for your state mileage taxes, quarterly reports, and truck-specific reports.

Say goodbye to hunting down receipts and carefully keeping up with your records because it will all be there for you in one convenient location, with ProMiles.

What Are You Waiting For?

You can instantly get started with a free 15-day trial with TruckLogics today! Simply spend a few minutes creating your account and instantly gain access to TruckLogics intuitive time-saving features for invoicing and billing, business reports, finding the best route, fuel optimization, and more.
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Thursday, 12 January 2017

Our Expense Tracking Software Will Save You Money and Fuel

TruckLogics is here to save your gas! Literally! As an independent trucker, owner operator, or fleet manager then you’re probably quite aware that the business you conduct isn’t possible without gas, and you’re probably also aware that gas is expensive. Being able to save on gas and avoid wasting it can save you tons of money down the road, so check out how TruckLogics can help.


If you’re new to TruckLogics you should know that it’s an incredible trucking management software to help fleet managers and owner operators save time while efficiently managing every aspect of their business. It has a ton of innovative features for dispatch management, invoicing, trip documents, and more.

Best of all, TruckLogics is 100% mobile. You can access your account from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, meaning you can check in on your business at any time, from any location out on the road! 

TruckLogics and Saving Gas

Before you can save gas you have to be aware of how much you’re spending on gas, which used to be easier said than done, but now there’s an app for that, and it’s called TruckLogics.

TruckLogics has a manage expense feature which allows you to quickly and easily record all of your expenses, including your fuel costs.

Every time you or one of your driver's gets gas simply pull out your phone and enter in the quantity of fuel, type of fuel and the cost. Doing so will give you a record of all your gas purchases, and you can even take a photo of the receipt for your records, which makes keeping up with it super easy for your compliance records. Also, your truckers can have their own login information to record gas transactions to your TruckLogics account from their own phones.

If you spend the same amount on gas each month you can add it as a recurring expense, which sounds like exactly what it is. An expense that recurs monthly. Once you add an expense to TruckLogics as a recurring expense it will automatically be accounted for and added to your reports, so you won’t have to enter it every time.

After entering in expenses you can view easy-to-read reports to see where all of your expenses, including gas. The reports will show you if your company was profitable or not for the month and even break down your costs per mile. 

TruckLogics and ProMiles

Once you know how much money you’re spending on gas you’ll probably want to save more money, either way, that’s where ProMiles comes in. ProMiles comes free with your TruckLogics account and it basically serves as your expert trip planner.

ProMiles automatically finds the best route for your trip using google maps based on your starting and end point. It avoids closed roads and low clearance bridges to avoid having to turn around, backtrack or go far out of your way. Saving you time and gas.

It also tells you the best places to stop and get fuel based off of fuel prices and how much fuel is in your tank. This way you can always manage to stop at the places with the lowest priced fuel for the cheapest cost of gas per trip possible.

Plus, ProMiles keeps up with your mileage for you making it super simple for keeping up with your records for state mileage and taxes, quarterly reports, and truck-specific reports. 

Start Saving Today

Take advantage of your free 15-day trial from TruckLogics to see how it can help you simplify managing every aspect of your business even while you’re out on the road. Plus, you can start saving gas and finding the best routes with ProMiles instantly!
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Thursday, 5 January 2017

Successful Habits Owner Operators Need to Develop

Are you thinking about becoming an owner operator or looking to improve your own business? Being an owner operator is a risky business move, with major rewards if you make it. However, a lot of people fail to make it as owner operators and end up having to go back to being a company driver in order to work themselves out of debt. Luckily we have a few tips about good habits to adopt to make it as a successful owner operator. 

Good Habits For Owner Operators

Owner operators are planners. Before jumping down the highway they plan every aspect of their trip. They make sure they have drop offs and pickups nearby so they don’t eat the costs of spending money to get home in a day or two with an empty trailer.

When downtime is available, like when a load is being unloaded they take advantage of it. Instead of catching up on the latest drama on Facebook they plan for their next trip, track their finances, or even do a little maintenance on their trucks. Unfortunately more work and less play is a mindset owner operators have to adopt until they make it big.

They also become master budgeters and give up the expensive lobster dinners for more cost effective meals. For example, instead of stopping every time they get hungry or thirsty they buy their snacks in bulk in advance and pack them in the cab. Saving a dollar here and there really adds up in the long haul.

Another money saving trick is to slow down a little. Just by easing up on the gas a little bit you’ll become a more fuel-efficient driver and save tons on gas.

Speaking of saving, owner operators have self-control with their funds and set aside money in case of emergencies. While it may be all too tempting to splurge on a new Harley or hot rod, but what happens if your rig is involved in an accident? Will you have the funds to have it fixed? Will you be able to cover your bills if your truck is out of commission for a month or two?

The pros take care of their equipment. They see their trucks as tools, not toys, so they take pride in them. They clean out the cab regularly to make sure it doesn’t get smelly or stained. They also keep up with regular maintenance like oil changes and belt changes to make sure that their truck runs as long as possible to get every penny out of it’s worth. Why take on the costs of a new truck when the old one runs just fine? Along with saving gas, slowing down a little can prevent wear and tear on your truck and trailer.

You know what goes along with taking care of your truck? Taking care of yourself. To make is as an owner operator you need to be physically able because it’s a commitment that takes years. Start off by making sure you get enough sleep.

Sleep deprivation takes a toll on your energy, you need to be awake for more hours on the road. It also can cause more stress and irritability. Being tried on the road also is equivalent to driving drunk, so be awake and alert to safely avoid accidents.

In order to be healthy, you gotta buckle down and make a few better food choices. Avoid obesity and diabetes by simply cleaning up your diet. For example, pick the heart smart omelet for breakfast instead of the pancake platter and have a banana instead of a honey bun. Plus, you can cut out soda with green teas or flavored seltzer water. Small changes are easy to make and will go a long way.

They make sure they move a little too. Sitting too much is a silent killer, so they take laps around truck stops to get their blood flowing or take workout straps with them to get a quick workout in right from their cab. Getting blood flow helps to relieve stress, makes the heart stronger, and can reduce high blood pressure.

Owner Operators make time for their family. To avoid getting lonely or putting strain on relationships by being away for longer periods of time they call their loved ones daily and face time with their kids to keep their relationships strong and positive.

Last but not least, they adopt patience. Being an owner operator involves driving more miles, with more days on the road. The successful ones have to be in the right mindset to put in over time and entertain themselves on the road with less time to fraternize and catch the latest game on TV.

They also have to realize that becoming an owner operator doesn’t equal overnight success. You have to work on it for months, and even years before getting to the profit level you want. 

You Can Do It

With the right mindset and a few changes to create good habits, you make it as an owner operator. Just take it slow, have your budget in order, and make sure to carefully plan out your moves. Before you know it you could have the freedom of the open road in your own truck with tons of business success.

Keep checking back with TruckLogics for more trucking tips, and be sure to share your tips about what it takes to be a successful owner operator in the comment section below.
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Thursday, 29 December 2016

Effortlessly Keep Track Of Your Recurring Expenses

Bills, bills, bills, am I right? They’re always rolling in, and like the in-laws, they can’t be avoided forever. Plus, it sure does turn into a mess when you miss a payment and get hit with a late fee. As an owner operator, if you’re busy and signing off on monthly bills that your accountant handles you can miss out on where you’re hemorrhaging money away.

Here at TruckLogics, we want to help you stay on top of your finance game by making it easy and simple to manage your recurring expenses with their expense managing tools.

But What’s TruckLogics?

We’re glad you asked. TruckLogics is the total business management solution specifically designed for owner operators and fleet managers to help them save time and effectively manage their business.

TruckLogics has a mobile version for smartphones and tablets, so you can even check in on your business while on the road. You don’t even need wifi!

Best of all, TruckLogics has tons of innovative features for dispatch management, driver settlements, electronic driver logs, compliance logs, recurring expenses, and more. 

Recurring Expenses With TruckLogics

So, it’s a pretty basic concept, recurring expenses are the charges you incur on a regular, scheduled basis. They’re there every month around the same time. They could consist of fuel charges or your monthly insurance fee. Then you experience the hassle of having to account for those expenses and add them to all of your reports and records.

However, TruckLogics allows you to create a recurring expense that will automatically be calculated in your reports. This way you’ll save time without having to add the expenses to your reports manually each month and you’ll never forget to add it either.

It’s extremely easy to add your recurring expense in a matter of seconds. Simply log into your TruckLogics account click ‘Accounts’ then click ‘Expense Transactions” and click ‘Add Recurring Expense’.

You can then add details about your recurring expenses such as the name of the expense, how often it occurs, and the date that it occurs. You can also add who you pay, how much, and any additional details necessary, like the category that the expense falls under, who it was paid by, and their method of payment.

Recurring expenses can be added from your smartphone or tablet so you don’t even have to be back at your office when a new repeating charge comes along. Add it while on the road or while in the convenience of your own home, right from the palm of your hand.

After you’ve added your recurring expenses you’ll see them automatically get updated in your financial reports. It’s a good way to track your monthly expenses and look at where a lot of your income is going. 

Get Started with TruckLogics

Along with recurring expenses, TruckLogics will also help you creating invoices, keep up with your bills, and manage all of your expenses. TruckLogics also has a ton of easy-to-use features for integrating your QuickBooks, maintenance, IFTA, and more.

Sign up for your free 15-day TruckLogics today to see how it will instantly help you save time while effectively managing every aspect of your business.
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Thursday, 22 December 2016

You've Gone Nose blind In The Cab

For most trucker’s their cab is their home. They practically live in it. Truckers laugh in it, they get road rage in it, they eat in it, sleep in it, and perform a few bodily functions like burping and passing gas. They’re totally comfortable in their beloved cab and go nose blind to its smell.

This can be a problem because cabs are also seen as a trucker’s office. If it’s kept messy or nice and neat can reflect how a trucker does their job, and so can the smell. Plus, what do you do if you’re leasing a truck and trying to sell it and it smells bad without you even knowing it? Luckily TruckLogics has the knowledge to help you beat nose blindness in the cab.

A Look at Nose Blindness

Now you may think that going nose blind is something made up by Fabreeze and candle adds to make you buy their flowery scented stuff, but they’re actually on to something. Haven’t you ever noticed that when you’ve been away from your cab on vacation and return to it, it smells a little funky? But then in a few hours, you don’t notice a thing?

That’s because your brain can actually get used to smells. Over time your brain will realize that a smell is just coming from you and the way you happily live so it won’t alert you about it. When your brain declassifies a scent as dangerous or necessary to live, you still smell it but your brain doesn’t notify you about it. So, everything you’re nose blind to is there without you even knowing.

Common Causes of Less Than Desirable Smells

Smoking can fill a cab up quick, even with the window cracked. Now we know it’s impossible to pull over and hop out every time you want to smoke, so we aren’t asking you to do that. Just consider how it makes the inside of your truck smell as smoke clings to fabrics and gets a musty stench to it.

Body odor and smells that come from sitting for hours on end can also fill a cab up quickly with a bad smell. As you sweat your seat absorbs it and the smell stays stuck in the fabric and stuffing. Also, burps and sulfuric gas from eggs and burritos can stick around for longer than you would like.

We understand that you need to eat in the cab to save time and deliver a load on time, but smells from various greasy burgers and fries can collect, especially when spills happen. Often times ketchup and grease stains go unnoticed and left to smell old and moldy.

Also, when you spill a drink like a soda, coffee, or water you probably don’t have time to stop and clean it up right away, so they really sink in and can start to smell ripe.

Gas and oil are other culprits that stink up the cab due to spills or from justing being tracked in from your hands and clothes.

How to Get Rid of Bad Smells

First, if you aren’t sure if your truck smells ask your wife of a nontrucking buddy to stick their head in the cab and take a whiff. Their reaction will give you a good indicator if your truck stinks or not. You can go in and get up close to your seats to sniff them yourself, but that could be a dangerous activity.

Then clean up. Get all of the fast food bags, snack wrappers, and cups out from behind or under the seats. They could be responsible for most of the odor in the cab. Try to make a habit of clearing out any trash you have at every truck stop to prevent the buildup of clutter and odors.

You can place a cup or tin of coffee grounds and baking soda somewhere in the cab and it will absorb smoky odors, as well as provide a natural fresh and energizing scent. A bag of cedar chips will do the same thing as well.

Try sprinkling some granulated carpet cleaner on the seats and carpet and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes, then come back and vacuum it up. Your truck will smell brand new!

Also, wipe down the cup holders, dash, and other non-carpeted or cloth materials in the cab with an all purpose cleaning spray to get rid of any sticky messes or spills.

To really deep clean your seat cushions you can rent a little steamer and wash them. This will get stinky smells that are set in pretty deep out.

Last but not least, you could always get some fabreeze. ;)

Avoid a Smelly Cab

Now you have everything you need to know about being nose blind in your cab and how to get deep odors out. Keep checking TruckLogics for more trucking tips and tricks, and be sure to share your tips on how to keep your cab smelling clean in the comment section below.
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Thursday, 15 December 2016

Introducing Our Honk Worthy Invoicing and Billing Tool

As a manager of a small or large fleet, you’re pretty busy. You have a lot on your mind from your truckers, dispatches, and truckloads that are either full or less than full. Not to mention all of the maintenance reports and paperwork to keep up with. Sometimes even the most important paperwork, like invoices and bills can get lost or forgotten.

That’s why you should consider using TruckLogics, the trucking management solution that wants to help you cut down on the paperwork and headaches by helping you easily keep track every aspect of your business, especially your bills and invoices.

But Wait, What’s TruckLogics?

TruckLogics is the trucking management solution that's specifically designed to help fleet managers save time while keeping up with their entire business. It can be used on a computer, phone, or tablet, so you can keep track of your business from any location, and check in on it at any time.

Plus, TruckLogics is full of easy-to-use features for managing your trucker’s driving logs online, creating dispatches and tracking loads, pro miles, compliance logs, online billing and invoicing, and more.

Billing and Invoicing With TruckLogics

Leave it to the experts at TruckLogics, because after creating and dispatching a load the invoice will be automatically created for you. Sit back and relax because all you’ll need to do is add the fuel surcharge and send it to your client.

However, you can also create custom online invoices for your clients. With just a few clicks your invoices will have a professional look and based off of your settings, rates, and load details most of the fields will be auto-filled.

The invoices can be uploaded and created at any time, with special notes and reminders added about your clients. The invoices can be shared with them via download or email and can be printed and mailed.

You’ve got a lot on your mind, so don’t worry about tracking payments. TruckLogics has your back with automated reminders. You’ll be reminded every time an invoice is coming up, due, or past due. Also, with the invoice reminder system you’ll never forget to send out your invoices.

An important part of business is getting paid, so TruckLogics makes it easy. When you receive a payment from a client or carrier you can instantly post the payment in your TruckLogics account. You can add details about if the payment was full or partial.

Details about each payment can be added. For example, you can list the type of payment from check, cash, credit, or EFT. The payment can also be posted towards multiple invoices or frequent clients, with any additional notes that you may need.

When it comes to factoring simply click ‘yes’, and if the invoice has been claimed by the factoring company then their rate will apply. Your client’s invoice will not show the factoring rate or percent, but it will appear on reports generated for your records.

Give TruckLogics a try!

What are you waiting for? Sign up for your free 15 day trial with TruckLogics in a matter of seconds to gain instant access to a ton of helpful tools that can be used on your mobile devices. Receive invoice reminders, add a maintenance report, create dispatches, and more right from the palm of your hand, to help you save time while effectively managing your business.
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Friday, 18 November 2016

TruckLogics Updates

TruckLogics Updates
TruckLogics Updates
You may have missed it, but we’ve updated TruckLogics! We’re going to run you through the process, beat-by-beat.

QuickBooks® Software Integration

You can now sync your address book between TruckLogics and QuickBooks®. It’s as simple as opening your address book and clicking “sync.” After that, you just need to click “Connect to QuickBooks®.”

By synchronizing your address book, you can share details such as customers, drivers, brokers, vendors, carriers, factoring and staff between QuickBooks® and TruckLogics.

Recurring Expenses

You can now add recurring expenses from the accounts! Add a recurring expense by clicking "Add Recurring Expenses" from the Expense Transactions menu. Your expenses will get automatically added to your account at 5 AM EST based on the frequency selected.

Multiple Trucks, Single Dispatch

While the average person might think one truck treks across the entire continent, you know better than anyone that sometimes you’re using multiple trucks to take one load. While this could create a headache, that’s not the case with TruckLogics.

Planning a haul that involves multiple trucks? You can now add up to 3 trucks for a single dispatch! Once the route for all the trucks are entered, all other features of the dispatch, like routing, check call, expense, trip sheet, and settlement, will have its reflections.

  • Routing: Each route map will differ per truck based on the route they are assigned.
  • Check Call: The specific activity and location will be listed based on the truck selected. You can add a separate starting trip for each of the trucks assigned.
  • Expenses: You can choose the specific truck for a particular fuel up or other expense.
  • Trip Sheet: Each truck will have a different Trip Sheet. Once you add the complete route separately for each truck, you just need to generate a Trip Sheet.
  • Dispatch Board: You can also see all of your changes reflected in the Dispatch Board widgets.

Driver Logs

Unless you live under a rock, you know that TruckLogics now has an electronic driver log system!

While our new driver log feature is designed for our app, you can access the logs themselves from the web. You are able to download and email logs as a driver or a fleet manager.

Export to Excel Option

With our latest update, you can now export your expenses, loads, invoices, and dispatches to an Excel file.

Fleet One Integration

Using our Excel file import option, you can directly upload your Fleet One exported Excel file into TruckLogics. You can find this by going to Accounts >> Expense Transactions >> Upload Fuel Up.

Ready to try these new updates? Login and get started!

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