How-To Tuesday: Quickly Cloning a Load or a Dispatch [Update]

Learn how to clone loads and dispatches with TruckLogics.

TruckLogics offers plenty of useful features to help make the operations of any trucking business run smoothly. One of these great features is the ability to quickly be able to clone a load or a dispatch. This is especially useful because it saves you time if you want to create the same loads or dispatches. In the steps below you will learn how to quickly clone a load or a dispatch in TruckLogics.

Cloning Loads

1. From anywhere within your TruckLogics account, click on the “Loads” tab.

2. Select “All Loads” from the sidebar.

3. Click on the icon that has two pages in the action column for the load you want to clone.

4. Enter the load number and the pick-up date and time. Then click “Clone”.

5. You will get a message saying that you have successfully cloned the load. 

Cloning Quick Dispatches

1. From anywhere within your TruckLogics account, select the Dispatches tab.

2. Select “All Dispatches” from the sidebar. 

3. Find the quick dispatch that you want to clone and click on the two pages icon in the action column. 

4. Enter the dispatch number, pick-up date, and time. When you are finished, click “Clone”. 

Afterward, you will receive a message indicating that you have successfully cloned the quick dispatch. 

By following these steps in TruckLogics you are able to successfully clone loads and dispatches. This process will save you time from creating loads or dispatches from scratch. What are you waiting for? Start utilizing this feature and many more in your TruckLogics account!

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