How To Stay Safe On The Road: Important Safety Tips Every Driver Should Know

Learn how to stay safe on the road while trucking with TrucKLogics!

When running a trucking company there are important things both you and your drivers must remember while on the road. Driving safely is important for the driver but also for the trucking company so they do not create issues. Below you will find tips for how your drivers can stay safe and keep others safe in the process. 

1. It is important that your drivers get enough sleep. If they do not get enough sleep then they pose a risk to themselves and to others. Other tips to help keep them awake are to keep the air conditioner blowing cool air and to listen to music or a podcast they might enjoy that will keep their attention and help keep them awake and alert while on the road. 

2. When on the road, your drivers must remember to keep their seatbelts on. This is important because if there is an accident, they are less likely to be ejected from the truck. Many traffic-related deaths are due to a lack of a seatbelt so make sure to encourage your drivers to wear theirs.

3. Braking distance is another important thing for your drivers to remember. It takes a longer distance for a semi-truck to come to a complete stop than a car so keeping a larger distance between vehicles is important.

4. Checking mirrors and blind spots frequently is important because a semi-truck has large blind spots, especially on the right side. It is important to make sure that there is no one driving beside the truck before changing lanes to avoid accidents. This keeps other drivers safe as well. 

5. Turning in a semi-truck is more difficult than in a car. Your drivers must ensure that they check their surroundings and make sure it is safe to turn. This is to ensure that everyone is safe and an accident does not occur while turning. 

6. Driving distraction-free is important. Encourage your drivers to use hands-free calling features so that they are not distracted by their phones and texting or calling. Texting and driving is illegal in many places so it is important not to be texting and driving to avoid penalties or even causing an accident and putting others at risk. 

7. Speeding is another thing that can put your driver at risk while on the road. It makes it take even longer to stop when hitting the breaks. Driving on turns and curves can be dangerous when in a semi-truck because it puts the driver at risk of flipping over.

With TruckLogics there is a feature that allows you to track your drivers after assigning them to a dispatch. There is a feature that allows you to see where the driver is that updates in real-time every five minutes. This can help make sure they are safe and en route to their destination. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a 15-day free trial with TruckLogics today!

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