How To Become More Sustainable This Earth Day: Trucking Edition

Learn how to become more sustainable in the trucking industry with TruckLogics.

April 22nd, 2022 is Earth Day! A day to take some time to think about our wonderful planet and ways that we can improve it. Many industries have been putting an effort into helping to reduce emissions. A quarter of the emissions in the United States can be traced back to the trucking industry. Because of this, many companies within the industry have been working to help push the industry in a more environmentally conscious direction.

Below you will find ways the industry can become more environmentally sustainable.

Driving With Full Loads

If a truck is carrying a full load, it is more cost-effective for customers. When a truck drives with an empty or a less than full load it costs customers more and can cause more greenhouse gas emissions. An empty or less than full load means more trips that could have easily been condensed to save fuel and reduce emissions. 

Improving Aerodynamics In Trucks

Some manufacturers have been working on improving the design of trucks to reduce their drag and make them more aerodynamic. Reducing the gap between the truck and the trailer and redesigning the shape of a truck can reduce fuel consumption and shorten the time it takes to make deliveries.

Switching To More Advanced Technologies

Companies have been designing more advanced technology to be used while trucking. This technology can sense when an engine is idle for longer periods of time and even track tire pressure. Even though these things might not seem very significant, they can contribute greatly to the number of emissions caused by trucks. Route planning is another way that advanced technology can help reduce emissions. Possible routes are analyzed and the one with the least traffic and least hazardous weather conditions is the one that is chosen. These factors normally contribute to emissions, but by utilizing this technology emissions can be reduced significantly. 

Choosing Alternative Fuel Sources

Often when you hear about more environmentally friendly options, you hear about alternative fuel sources. Manufacturers have started creating trucks that use these more environmentally friendly fuel options including biodiesel, electricity, hydrogen, and other alternative fuel sources. The incentive of reducing emissions is encouraging more trucking companies to switch to these alternative fuel sources. 

How Can You Make A Difference This Earth Day?

It is important to remember that we have to take care of our planet. Remembering all of the above-mentioned tips is a great way to help reduce the number of emissions caused by the trucking industry. Many of the goods that we use on a daily basis come from the trucking industry. If we can make this industry more sustainable and more environmentally efficient we will be taking major steps toward helping our environment.

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