Tuesday, 4 December 2018

The App You Need To Boost Truck Driver Retention

Improve driver retention with TruckLogics
As a member of the trucking industry, we know that one of your major concerns is driver retention. Truck driver retention, and the lack thereof, is plaguing the industry. We know you want to grow your business, and keeping your drivers is a large part of that. So what can you do to improve driver retention and become the best trucking company to lease onto?
Get the App Designed To Boost Truck Driver Retention

At Trucklogics, we understand the need to keep growing while keeping costs down, which is why we built the #1 driver retention app specifically with the needs of your drivers in mind.

Many truck drivers list poor flow of information as a reason why they were dissatisfied enough to quit. TruckLogics eliminates miscommunications––if you and your leased owner-operator both subscribe to our cloud-based software and app, you can both streamline your record keeping like never before.

Power In the Palm of Your Leased Operator

Your leased operators can track their income, run monthly and yearly Profit & Loss reports, and keep accurate, detailed compliance records relating to their maintenance and trip information. But, most importantly, it enables your driver to reconcile settlement statements.

TruckLogics aims to boost truck driver retention by offering your leased operators:

  • Unlimited Income and Expense Entry
  • Fuel Purchase Tracking
  • Monthly Profit & Loss Reporting
  • Maintenance Recording and Automatic Reminders
  • Year-End Tax Reports
  • Address Book
  • Tax Compliance Reminders

How This Retention Tool Works for You

Just like we assisted Mercer, you too can be one step closer to being the best trucking company to lease onto. Reports and settlement integration will become a breeze when you subscribe to one of our fleet owner packages. Minimize miscommunications and record keeping discrepancies by enrolling in TruckLogics and receiving features that enable you to:
  • Manage Dispatches
  • Have Unlimited Multi-User Access
  • Schedule Maintenance
  • Generate and Send Invoices
  • Access Chart of Accounts
  • Address Book Capabilities
  • Create Profit & Loss Reports 
  • Unlimited Mobile Access

Combined with your leased driver’s TruckLogics, app, these features become the ultimate retention tool.

Become the Best Trucking Company to Lease Onto

Poor truck driver retention can be a thing of the past with the settlement integration and tracking offered by TruckLogics, but it is important to remember that miscommunication is often only part of the reason truck drivers decide to leave.

Other factors that often influence driver departure are low levels of trust and recognition. While TruckLogics’ retention tool can go a long way towards verifying trip data, it is still up to you to build that baseline of trust with your leased drivers. And every so often, don’t forget to tell your drivers they’re doing a good job.

Boost Retention Now

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Thursday, 8 November 2018

How to Choose The Right Load Board For You?

How to Choose The Right Load Board For You?
As an owner-operator, finding the best loads to haul is an essential part of running a successful business. Your success is based on running as many loaded miles as possible to maximize your profits. A great way to find profitable loads is through load boards.

However, with so many options on the market today the trick is finding the one that meets your needs so you can start saving time and money.

What To Look For in a Load Board?

1. Free Trial Offers

Before settling down on one load board, look for one that offers a free trial so you can take it for a test drive to see if it fits your needs. Be wary of load boards that fail to offer free trials, as this could waste your time and money.

2. User-Friendly

Other than the price this is probably the most important aspect to consider. Is the program easy to use and navigate? Look for a solution that won’t waste your time searching for loads, posting your vehicles, or using other valuable features.

3. Cost-Effective

Find a load board that fits within your budget! A good load board will pay for itself after just a few loads. Don’t be afraid of comparison shopping.

You will find lots of load boards with a variety of features and varying prices from free to $100+ per/month. Be warned that a free load board will not have the security, quality loads, or advanced features that a membership load board has to offer.

4. Mobile App

As a driver, you’re always on the run, so you need a load board that provides the same level of access and ease of use on your phone or tablet as you would expect from your computer.

How to Choose The Right Load Board For You?

5. Notifications

You will want a load board that sends 24/7 alerts and notifications to your phone or email. This way you never miss out on another opportunity.

6. Number of Loads

When you are looking for the right load for your vehicle in a preferred area you need a lot of loads to choose from. Make sure you are using a load board that provides both volume and variety.

7. Constant Updates

A load board isn't much good if it isn’t updated regularly. Loads come and go quickly, so check how frequently the board is updated before settling on one. Look for loads with real-time updates and results. 

Our Pick For #1 Load Board: DAT

Save time hunting down loads with freight matching services such as DAT’s TruckersEdge and Power Load Board. DAT has been the trucking industry’s most trusted spot marketplace since 1978. They are the biggest and best load board available! See where the most loads are and what they pay.

Check Out The DAT Load Board

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Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Essential Safety Tips For Winter Trucking

Essential Safety Tips For Winter Trucking
A white tractor-trailer driving on the interstate in the snow.
Let me be the first one to say that winter is closer than it appears. Even though it is only the first week of October, now is the time to get yourself and your vehicle up to speed for the upcoming season. Here is everything you need to know about driving in the snow. Be sure to share this blog with your fellow drivers to make sure you are all on the same speed!

Driving a tractor-trailer comes, of course, with its own set of risks and rewards, but severe winter conditions demand a particular set of skills and preparation. Too often consequences befall drivers will fail to alter their driving habits when the seasons change. Staying aware is essential to safety while in poor weather conditions

Winter Trucking Safety Tips

Winter is coming!! And yes, you will need more than chains to get you though. 

#1 Slow Down

Most winter accidents are caused by driving too fast under the conditions. While the speed limit might be set at 75, it doesn’t mean you should be encouraging going that fast on snow-covered roads. Please slow down and take the time you need to get to your destination safe and sound.

#2 Follow At A Safe Distance

Leave plenty of room between your rig and those around you. While you might be a safe driver, it is easy to get swept into a collision because of the guy next to or beside you. Take it easy and be careful changing lanes to pass vehicles.

#3 Stay Off The Shoulder

While you might think this is a safe location, it can be hazardous especially in low visibility situations. In blinding snow, another truck might mistake you for being on the road and slam on their breaks. This would likely cause them to slide or slam into the back of your trailer.

#4 Lay Off The Jake Brake

Essential Safety Tips For Winter Trucking
Logging truck driving through a snowstorm on the interstate
While some driver might prefer to use their jake brake in various weather conditions, we don’t recommend this on icy roads. Avoid engaging the foot brake as much as possible unless your truck and trailer are straight on the road. If you brake while the truck isn’t straight, your trailer could slide and spin out your unit. Your vehicle will slow down while your trailer will not.

#5 Use Your Better Judgement

If you feel the situation is a danger to you or other drivers, get off the road until the weather has passed. Find a safe place off the road and get there safely. We know that is what your family would want you to do in a dangerous situation. Your job is not worth your life.

If your rig ends up in a ditch somewhere, you will find yourself quite alone. Sorry to say there will be very few people who will step up and say they had insisted on the delivery time.

Be safe out there!

Let us know your thoughts and share your experience in the comment section below! Follow us on social media to get the latest news, information, and trucking tips!

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Friday, 28 September 2018

What You Need to Know About The Current FAA Bill

What You Need to Know About The Current FAA Bill
The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill was passed by the House of Representatives earlier this week after the members of the House and Senate reached an agreement. While it does include minimal legroom for flights it does not include the controversial meal-and-rest break provision sought by the American Trucking Association (ATA) and other industry leaders.

The Denham Amendment was a proposed plan to nationally regulate paid meal and rest breaks. The provision was backed by the American Trucking Associations (ATA) and the Western States Trucking Association as a response to the wave of lawsuits against trucking companies operating in California.

Under the current federal hours-of-service regulations, drivers are required to take a 20-minute break after driving for eight hours. However, this could vary based on the states individual regulations.

Teamsters’ General President Jim Hoffa had this to say about the decision to remove the amendment: “Removing this onerous trucking provision which had no place in an FAA bill in the first place allows the House and Senate to now consider the bill on the merits of its improvements to our nation's aviation system,” Hoffa said in a statement. “Congress was smart to realize that no one wants to ground an FAA bill in order to attack truck drivers.”

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Thursday, 20 September 2018

How to Successfully Manage Your Trucking Business

How to Successfully Manage Your Trucking Business
Within your fleet, you have a lot to keep up with. Drivers, bills, loads, and more. You will drive yourself mad if you try to remember everything on your own! Don’t let deadlines and payments slip through the cracks, or you might lose your independent contractors.

Simplify your trucking business with TruckLogics! We have the ultimate web-based business management software available. This program is designed specifically for the transportation industry with account plans to fit the needs of fleet manager, leased owner-operators, and owner-operators alike. Save time and money by managing your entire business from any connected device.

Here are just some of the innovative features TruckLogics has to offer. 

Managing Independent Contractors With TruckLogics

When you set up your TruckLogics account, you can grant multi-user access to your employees with different levels of permission. So now they can access important record or record business information within the shared account. Your drivers can also access their settlements at any time to know how much they were paid and when.

Driver Settlements

It’s quick and easy to create driver settlements. The driver’s pay will be automatically calculated based on your settings. You can choose to pay your drivers per mile, loaded mile, with a percentage of the revenue, or manually, and the hauling charge will automatically be calculated.

Your fuel charges can be calculated based off of mileage, the percentage of revenue, or from a flat fee, You can also add accessorial fees. To save time we have listed a few to choose from, but you can also create a customized fee.

You can also add reimbursements and deductions to the settlement at any time, and we will automatically calculate the balance for you. If you need to advance your drivers’ pay, you can deduct the cost and add the reason for the deduction to keep clear and concise records.


How to Successfully Manage Your Trucking Business
Need to charge someone for your services? No problem. You can instantly create a professional invoice with TruckLogics. Based off of your settings the invoice will be auto-filled for you and the calculations will be automatically totaled to save you time.

You can also edit the load, rates, and add memos at any time. Your invoices can be downloaded and shared with your clients, printed, and sent via email, so you can easily get them to where they need to go.

You’re a busy person, you shouldn’t have to worry about remembering each of your invoices– that’s why TruckLogics provides reminders when your invoices are approaching their due date, are due, and past due.

Effortless Dispatching

Assigning loads to your employees can be done with just a few clicks with the ability to instantly create dispatches online. You can assign drivers to dispatchers that include the pickup and drop off location as well as any special pickup instructions and contact information for the pickup and drop off points, so the drivers have everything they need.

Plus, with TruckLogics check calls have never been easier. You can instantly update your clients on your progress and location, and you can capture and send your BOL and proof of delivery to simplify your daily check-in.

Try TruckLogics Now

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Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Powerful Tips For Success as an Owner-Operator

Powerful Tips For Success as an Owner-Operator
Joining the ranks of owner-operators in the trucking industry isn’t for the faint of heart. Your limits will be tested daily but once you learn how to survive, a prosperous future quickly follows. Currently, there are approximately 350,000 owner-operators in the US.

If you don’t have a solid business management plan, then the learning to survive part will be almost impossible to accomplish. TruckLogics is the best web-based solution designed to simplify the management of your evolving trucking business while on the road. Our program includes all the tools necessary to make your life easier, from dispatches, expense reports, quarterly IFTA reports, and so much more.

Organizing Your Trucking Business

Like your truck, your business has a lot of moving parts that keep it going. Keeping everything organized and accessible is what will save you from becoming a stress-fueled ball of fury. TruckLogics keeps all your dispatches, invoices, expenses, payments, customers, equipment, documents, maintenance schedules, renewal deadlines, and everything organized and accessible from any location.

One aspect of your business that can turn into a big mess real quick is your documents. TruckLogics has a document library were all your documents can stay organized and be quickly sent to customers or added to dispatches.


The Importance of Tracking

Who doesn’t want to know where their money is going, or the status of a dispatch/invoice? All the moving parts of your business need to be meticulously tracked so you always know what is going on. TruckLogics will track all your financial information so you can see where your business stands at any moment. Your miles are also automatically tracked from dispatch to dispatch, making IFTA filing a breeze. TruckLogics even has a wide range of report features that allow you to quickly view reports including Profit & Loss, Customer Revenue, Fuel Tax Summary, Unit License Expiry, Trip, Fuel, and so much more.

The TruckLogics mobile app makes recording and tracking your expenses a dream while on the road. For thorough documentation, you can capture your receipts and the image will automatically save with the associated dispatch. The mobile app also displays your dispatch information, special instructions, routing, and check call updates.


Planning Starts Now

You want to know what is coming up so you don’t get caught off-guard, and more importantly, so you don’t go unpaid. Your load history is going to tell you a lot about how to plan your loads for the future. With TruckLogics, you can view your past loads and income to pinpoint your most profitable routes. This information will also help you determine how much revenue per mile you will need to turn a profit for the rest of the year.

But planning doesn’t just stop at your loads. Maintenance schedules are one of those things that have to be planned out so you can keep your maintenance expenses under control. Generating a Profit & Loss Report, under the accrual basis of accounting, is going to show when income will be coming in so you can plan your larger maintenance expenses, know when to schedule longer hauls, and stay up-to-date on your cost/profit/revenue per mile. Planning out a month in advance or more seems tedious, but with TruckLogics, it’s simple.


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Friday, 14 September 2018

10 Truck Driver Life Facts You Need to Know

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, September 9 -15, 2018 is when America takes the time to honor all professional truck drivers. At TruckLogics we would like to say thank you for all your hard work and commitment to moving America forward.

10 Truck Driver Life Facts You Need to Know

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