journey through the rock cycle

�+T����{��=/^~>]��M���Q&p�@��n=�Ѭ|��}��"n�%��[�M!�c*γ$۩J(�h�/�1p��6�&����%�fasf�B�0�A�/ond��{��;�%y���1�ƲX�ͦ`��>���ipt֗qI���.�%= �C�T�H`�bn�W�1��ؓ��&x�d�N�CC��~Т The rocks are gradually recycled over millions of years. *7��f�mJV��_�n�9���\�֟�r�����4'c. (1) I began my adventure at ________________________. As the students travel through the rock cycle, they must roll the die at the station and follow the written directions. Comprehension Checkpoint. The rock cycle is a continuous process that occurs over millions of years. 40 points: Day #1 traveling through the rock cycle and. Due to the … Duration 45 minutes Setting Classroom Grouping individually or in pairs PTI Inquiry Subskills 3.1, 3.7, 4.3, 5.9, 7.2, 7.3 … Learn about fossils, minerals, the Rock Cycle, tectonic movements, and much more in this inquiry-based adventure that pits Her Majesty's Extraordinary Adventures against the brilliant Baron von Vaderstein in a race to explore the Earth's crust and learn about the rocks, minerals, and mysteries that await within. How does an igneous rock form? 8. {^q�U��w��߬��{yO�{O27w��o[��B,QҖ�!����.؋S\�ʮ�n��?�ûη�"�Z��1��]C�0��6?�eѴ�����\z�Lg��$M�l�v8X�����g���\}��$���H��‹e�,_�w��gݰ�g*��e�/t���R���ʸ4�ޓ�q^��8�3C�zĸ�C�K�JZ�]T�����X0����9]/i7���vH������x������tG��ߑ��x�� q:�i The assignment was to write a narrative and do character sketches to illustrate the rock cycle., Activity 5- Journey through the Rock Cycle . Pressure Rocks break occurs down Go to earth's Remain here interior Journey Through the Rock Cycle Cut out each die station. The rock cycle is the long, slow journey of rocks down from Earth’s surface and then back up again. 4. The students record on their data sheet what happens to them (the rock). Assemble dice by folding along lines and taping the edges together. During the rock cycle, rocks form deep in the Earth, move and sometimes change, go up to the surface, and eventually return below the ground. Rocks deep within the Earth are right now becoming other types of rocks. Stations are set up to represent different parts of the rock cycle. You must describe at least three transitions that occurred during your life, such as changing from metamorphic to igneous, igneous to sedimentary, and sedimentary to igneous. My Journey through the Rock Cycle Name: _____ This sheet is to help you write about your experiences as a rock during your journey through the rock cycle. Procedure points apply! There is a die at each station. Posted by Becca on Jan 31, 2014 in Fun Stuff | 32 comments. Running water, ice, and gravity all transport these sediments from one place to another by erosion. Activity: Journey through the Rock Cycle. H�bd`ad`dd��w�t���M-�K-��M�IH��f�!��C�G����_�~�~�\�]P����Q�(4(\!8?��(��j*H#3_�����g��u�{�ESyx��Z8c��>� �;2, S. Baker 2001 For that reason, a metamorphic rock may have a new mineral composition and/or texture. Collecting data by throwing die, students will develop an understanding of the movement of atoms and rock particles through the rock cycle. S. Baker 2001 Flood water causes redeposit of silt to flood plain Go to soil Water washes away layers Go to mountains Ice melts carrying … In the rock cycle the three main rock types are igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic. It finally turned into a rock. ��]��K�+��.�b�i����*��LX%I�q0C��Zt�F"� Arrows connecting the three rock types show the processes that change one rock type into another. The Short Film Showcase spotlights exceptional short videos created by filmmakers from around the web and selected by National Geographic editors. As the magma cools, different crystals form at different temperatures, undergoing crystallization. By Chance RoeTHE ROCK CYCLE. One day a big glob of lava got away it kept goingand going then it stopped. 0��`I��y��$�*��4�I�|T� �(����E%>E��qɝ)`KU����U=–}л1�bw[.�s�����D�%�uhV7ll���e:�� This is called the rock cycle. You will need to describe your adventures at each spot, tell about what kind of rock you feel that you were, and where you are off to next. ���ᱡ�fX�ƥ�֬�6F޽�=�j�S�����uo�f�N�Q��o�~�g��~c֨���^"kCd�|6�� ԩ�%��65�wܧ~�Qδ�;[�W4l,=k�vh������9}�}2������*��poX::;��z�(��S�^��c�q>�ɒV�5�Â�� ���'����h �Ee6�0�m;�v�w�K$.G�����m�[:? Prior to the start of class set up ”Journey through the Rock ycle”. By not writing about becoming an igneous rock, is - Answers to Recap Questions: Answer 1. I hope you enjoyed it!!! Rocks at the surface are lying in place before they are next exposed to a process that will change them. Like What You See? The rate of cooling determines how much time the crystals will have to form. �QT�Q�ocR ¸�\s���h���S�O����P��Gu��i)p� Followed by creating a cartoon strip of their travels. Journey through the Rock Cycle This sheet is to help you write about your experiences as a rock during your journey through the rock cycle. Journey Through The Rock Cycle. In order to form a sedimentary rock, the accumulated sediment must become compacted and cemented together.

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