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Transformers 5: Maximals to Fight with Predacons in the Absence of Optimus Prime. Though they proved effective in the planet's jungle environments, and managed to knock Sky Lynx out of the battle, they were unable to stop Kup from commandeering Galvatron's death crystal cannon. Colada Chapter The battle was joined by several Autobots and Decepticons from another universe. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/08/13 The Maximals pursued the Predacons to southern Mexico some 3000 years ago; their exploits were recorded by the native Natiltec, who came to worship the aliens as animalistic gods. As part of his plans, he had Liege Maximo lead a squad of Maximals to attack the crew of the fallen Metrotitan. Deciding to stay on Earth, the Predacons quickly grew bored with the lack of any real sport there. Besides his Predacons, he led Darkwing, Dreadwind, Needlenose, Spinister, and even the mighty Trypticon himself into battle. Big Convoy, Move Out At this point, Maximal colonization efforts started generations before had evidently yielded fruit, and many Transformers, Maximal and Predacon alike, had chosen to take up permanent residence on distant worlds far from Cybertron. Ceremony, Unbeknownst to the Maximals, they were trailed by the Peaceful Revolution who followed them to Devisiun as Unicron bore down on the planet. Herald Schism, Half of a Maximal symbol could be seen on the doors to the Ark. The Dead Come Home, Part 1 The Dead Come Home, Part 2, Shortly afterwards, Onyx Prime returned to Cybertron and revealed himself to be Shockwave. Gone but Not Forgotten! Divide and Conquer! Seeds of the Future, Tens of thousands of years after Optimus Primal's adventures on Cybertron, the Maximal leader would go on to be remembered as a "legendary commander" and one of the most important Maximals of all time. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. In the aftermath of the war, the Maximals became part of the newly formed Cybertronian Parliament. Merging in to Predaking, they fearlessly faced their foe, but were quickly dispatched. 9. Uneasy Lies the Head This did not happen, as two years later, Razorclaw was overseeing the hundreds of Decepticons gathered on a desolate planetoid somewhere, rather enjoying it when they turned to cannibalism. Shortly after, the Predacons were part of the combined Autobot-Decepticon team to stop the Underbase-fueled Starscream from destroying Tokyo, but were easily destroyed by him. From Transformers Wiki. Led by Inferno, the Maximals travelled to Victoria Falls to retrieve the device, only for Metroplex to space bridge away with it. The conflict gave rise to the development of protoform technology, which would form the basis for future Maximal colonization endeavors. He is a member of the Maximals.His beast mode is a Manta Ray.He has had a rivalry with the Predacon, Rampage, who was originally called Protoform X.When he scans his beast mode, he says his activation code to transform to beast mode (Others have used theirs to transform to robot mode). Razorclaw started a countdown on an orbital bombardment powerful enough to destroy Cybertron, but stood at the console with his finger on the button, ready to cancel it in the event that Thunderwing was defeated. If you want to disable cookies for your browser, just click here to change that. Megatron Origin #4, When Megatron was overthrown by Scorponok early in the war, the Predacons refused to serve a new leader and left Cybertron on a hunting trip, killing native species for sport across many worlds before they ran out of prey and fuel on Canis Tor. They were in existence and at war with the Maximals prior to the signing of the Pax Cybertronia, at which time most laid down their arms but a few went rogue. The Art of War #5. Joe vs. the Transformers II #2, Following the defeat of Shockwave, the Predacons were forced to live in the Gladiator Zone, where they created their own territory and were none too pleased with Nautilator intruding on it. The Art of War #2, Joining Serpent O.R. I'm a Maximal. This category has only the following subcategory. While on the planet, the Predacons' higher functions degraded, causing them to become feral. Summoned to Earth by Megatron to help him hunt down and destroy an isolated and vulnerable Optimus Prime, the Predacons travelled across the space bridge and (after showing off their skills by doing some target shooting on Motormaster) were quickly approved of by their new employer. The events of Beast Wars and Beast Machines are stated to have taken place 300 years after the end of the Great War, though whether this is in Earth years or Cybertronian years has never been made clear. After escaping from their temporal prison to Dinobot Island, the Quintessons used the Recreator to resurrect Predaking in a new and larger form to subdue the Dinobots. The Predacons eagerly agreed to the mission, seeing it as a possible challenge for their skills, and disguised themselves as Autobots in order to convince Megatron that Optimus Prime was not only still alive, but had been the one who sent them. A member, or at least lackey of the Tripredacus Council, Tarantulas does have some sort of end game in mind with regards to the Beast Wars. As part of the greater war, Great Convoy sent a band of troops under Lio Convoy's command to Gaia to keep Angolmois Energy from Galvatron and his band of Predacons. The Iron Klaw, After the Battle of Thunderhead Pass, Razorclaw was involved in a Decepticon scheme to demoralize the Autobots and claim as much of their territory on the planet as possible. At some point, Archadis was transported back in time to the planet Energoa, during the original Beast Wars between the Maximals and the Predacons. Furthermore, it was revealed that Divebomb and Swoop were actually old enemies from their days back on Cybertron. Following the defeat of Megatron and the Great Transformation, evidence surfaced that suggested that the technorganic reformatting of the planet had in fact been a ruse by the malicious Quintessons to lead the development of Cybertron astray. Enter the New Supreme Commander, Dai Atlas! Arriving on an ancient world, they learned that the creator of Unicron had unleashed a new all-destroying energy creature... which soon arrived and attacked. Having succeeded, they joined Ratbat for an assault on I.I.I. As the battle ended, the Predacons looked forward to causing their new rivals no end of trouble in the future. The Ascending, Descendants of the Autobots, Beast Wars Metals #5 the Maximals were led by the Convoy Council, headed by Great Convoy with the authority of Vector Sigma and of which Optimus Primal was a member. The most significant development in regards to space travel was the invention of transwarp travel, an evolution of space bridge technology which allowed ships to travel through time as well as space. This technology, an offshoot of earlier Pretender tech,[1] sheathes a beast mode in an artificial organic skin, integrating its natural instincts directly into the Maximal form. September 21, 2014 10:36 BST. Ghost Stories Unforgivable, Bands of Maximals began hunting down and killing Cybertronians across the galaxy. Endless Forever, After Maximo's death and Shockwave's capture, the Maximals retreated to Nemesis and fled, intent on joining up with the approaching Unicron at Shockwave's behest. The Beast Wars "Neo" Begin!!! Beast Wars II: Super Lifeform Transformers On one occasion, an alien teleport gate would warp Optimus Primal himself from his position in time and space to this future world, where he briefly teamed up with Lio Convoy before returning home. Optimus Primal vs Megatron! Celebrating 25 years of Beast Wars! Beast Wars (Part 1) Four stellar cycles prior to the disappearances of the Axalon and the Darksyde, Deep Metal Maximal scientists conducted research into Starscream's mutant spark, Possession hoping to learn more about its anomalous immortality. Ceremony, The Maximals existed alongside Autobots, Decepticons, and Predacons in the 21st century CE. Apelinq's War Journals Following the return of Optimus Primal's Maximals to Cybertron, the two Wreckers would eventually be joined by the arrival of yet another unit of time-displaced warriors led by the Maximal Primal Prime, whose team (which included a mix of Maximals and Predacons) would be added to the Wreckers' ranks, along with a scant few surviving Autobots and Decepticons. Unlike Predacons, Maximal programming directly integrated beast mode instincts into the consciousness of the Cybertronian and dividing them from higher reasoning through a programming block. The Autobots (also known as Cybertrons in Japan) are the heroes in the Transformers toyline and related spin-off comics and cartoons.Their main leader is Optimus Prime, but other "Primes" have also commanded the Autobots such as Rodimus Prime. In many ways, the Maximals share traits with their Autobot ancestors; primarily a "civilian" race, the Maximals are committed to upholding the peaceful, democratic values of their forebears. G.I. War and Peace The Predacons were sent to fight Starscream's elite squad, the Combaticons, while the latter were training on the island of Guadalcanal. Not All Megatrons, As a substitute for actual war, and as a way to further serve their pettiness, the Builders—inspired by human fiction—instituted a series of Games, their most favored of which was gladiatorial combat, which any Maximal could be dragged into at any time save those in the Maximal Command Security Force, who were exempt. Dark Designs Dialogue from the cartoon suggests that the signing of the Pax Cybertronia, which ended the conflict between the Autobots and Decepticons, was the precipitating event that led to the development of Maximal and Predacon technology. Sins of the Wreckers #2, Unknown years later, Antilla was visited by a trio of Camiens. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/09/08 In other realities, the Maximals and Predacons were all Mutants. Geschäft Maximals vs Predacons beast wars baby kurzarmbody entworfen von K4Designs sowie andere beast wars waren an TeePublic. By the end … The Maximals attacked but their would-be victims managed to escape. Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger! The Autonomy Lesson Like most Decepticons, they went on a riot when Megatron returned. Burning Bridges Trigger Warnings The Maximals were supposedly governed by the Maximal High Council, but in practice the Council had little actual authority. Ceremony, Unlike most of their contemporaries, the Predacons appeared to be an elite group of hunters, who seemed to exist as mercenaries outside of the usual Decepticon hierarchy—they had no qualms about trying to murder their supposed leader, so long as it seemed challenging and the money was right. It was then that the Maximals and Bludgeon revealed to Shockwave they were now loyal to Unicron. Once Upon a Time on Earth, Remaining on Earth, the Predacons fell into the employ of the villainous human "Iron Klaw", who used Garrison Kreiger's technology to forcibly brainwash them into loyal soldiers. P ×] Pack‎ (15 P) Pages in category "Beast Wars Maximals" The following 105 pages are in this category, out of 105 total. Seeking to create a Decepticon Zone to counter the Autobot Zone, Decepticon Emperor Violen Jiger gathered together the Nine Great Demon Generals, upgrading them with powerful new armor and weaponry, then sent them forth to conquer planets. Unstopped and Unstoppable Among those targeted were the stranded Throttlebots on Regalis V, only for the Maximals to be chased off by Prowl's forces. This article on a faction, government, organization or subgroup, is a stub and is missing information. Later, they attacked the Earthbase under Soundwave's command, but were driven off. Jump to: navigation, search. Little is known of the origin of the Predacons, beyond their descent from the original Decepticon group of that name. Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger! Return to Zero, The Maximals presumably had native Cybertronians in their ranks, but at least several Maximals were from various animal species that had evolved into Transformers via the power of Angolmois Capsules and the guidance of time-lost warriors from Lio Convoy's troop. In this distant future, a group of Maximals led by Lio Convoy would pilot the starship Yukikaze to the post-apocalyptic ruins of Earth, which had become known as Gaia, and battled a group of Predacons led by Galvatron. The Agenda (Part 1), A transitional period can be inferred from Optimus Primal's dialogue, mentioning the Great Upgrade as the specific era when the Autobot population transitioned "from Autobot to Maximal". Night of the Combaticons, A the end of the Great War, the Autobots and the next generation of Maximals coexisted for a period of time, and threatened to overrun the concurrent Predacon/Decepticon alliance. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/06/16, The Maximals were one of the two "Proto-races" created by Fortress Maximus, using the Energon Matrix he acquired from humanity, in the aftermath of the Great War, in the mid-21st century. Although details are slim, this offensive was apparently a major blow to the Autobot cause. Beast Wars II: Super Lifeform Transformers, Botcon 2004 Interview with Vinnie D'Alleva,, The "Maximal" faction name came from a last-minute attempt by. The Art of War #4 Alongside several other subgroup leaders, Razorclaw protected Serpent O.R. The exact origins of the Maximals (and Predacons) were never entirely explained, though several aspects can be inferred from dialogue. Ultimately, it was soon revealed that the Quintessons themselves had been manipulated by Primus, who thanked them for allowing his children to discover this great leap forward. The terrifying Predaking proved a bit more of a challenge, but was soon dispatched by Sky Lynx. Surfeit of Primes The escapees were later tracked back to Caminus where the Maximals clashed with the Torchbearers as they retrieved a sample of Ore-4. Call of the Primitives, The Predacons were among the many Transformers were infected by the Hate Plague - Headstrong got it from Brawl, and soon spread it to Razorclaw. Autobots. Cultural Appropriation When the Vehicon Apocalypse kicked off, the High Council eventually voted to join with the Resistance to bring an end to the Builders. D&D Beyond Ghost in the Machine The Quintesson Journal, The Predacons were part of a large Decepticon squad fighting Autobots on the Moon, when a voice from space called them away. Grimlock's warning that there were Predacons in the area fresh in his head, Skydive assumed that they were responsible for the disappearance of Wheeljack. In these peaceful postwar years, the civilian branches of the Maximal government turned its attention to the stars, and focused on several long-range exploration and colonization missions. Covenant Betrayal During this time, Maximal society had become driven by exploration and advancements in technology. Dawn of Future's Past Not long afterwards, Magmatron would embark on his own scheme to pursue Megatron to prehistoric Earth; the Maximals responded by secretly inducting the Maximal double agent Razorbeast into his ranks. One account says that Razorclawfounded the Predacons (reusing his old team's name) after the Decepticons' defeat, and that they took the fight to Cybertron and could have won if the Tripredacus C… As Predaking, they were deployed to defend Iron Klaw's castle from an infiltration by Kup, Mayday, and Action Man, but separated when Snake Eyes smashed the machinery keeping them brainwashed. Unknown to the proto-races, these games were rigged, to make sure once again that neither Maximals or Predacons got along. When the Decepticon Vengeance Division attacked Unicron, the Maximals were regurgitated onto the flagship Worldsweeper with Bludgeon, himself a Unicron loyalist, declaring that their mutated forms would form the basis of Shockwave's new Decepticon Empire. As this was done without Vector Sigma, the Predacons did not achieve the same intelligence as other Transformers. Some time after the Great Transformation, Razorclaw returned as leader of the original Predacons. They laughed. While rampaging randomly across the country, they soon encountered the Dinobots, and found them to be worthy opponents. Hoping to raise an army from the stasis pods left on prehistoric Earth with which to conquer Cybertron, Razorbeast managed to tamper with the shell program required to turn the protoforms and managed to raise an ad hoc team of Maximals to counter Magamtron's plans. Departure Law and order was enforced by a peacekeeping organization known as the Imperial Peace Marshals, headed by Peace Marshal Command. The Predacons appeared in many of Galvatron's schemes in the ensuing year, ranging from oppressing the people of Paradron, Fight or Flee to mining death crystals on the planet Dread, where they got their first rematch with Sky Lynx. Category:Beast Wars Maximals. All His Engines The other four Predacons were left behind on Earth, where they formed an alliance with the Chinese government to defend their nation in exchange for energon. Abandoning the battle, the Predacons and a variety of other beastial Transformers boarded Trypticon and rocketed off into space to answer the call. Dark Star. Die Transformers sind gezwu… Our Finest, In the modern era, the unaligned scientist Tarantulas described his work on Chimeracon technology—based around perfectly disguising Transformers as organic creatures—using the phrase coined by the originators. The Maximal activation code is "Maximize". Intersectionality Not that Maximals and Predacons needed help disliking one another, as there was always low-level tension between both races at the best of times. Ohne eine Möglichkeit den Kontakt nach Cybertron aufzubauen setzten die beiden gestrandeten Teams ihren Krieg auf dem primitiven Planeten fort. In the future, the planet Cybertron belongs to the scientific-minded Maximals and the action-oriented Predacons! Micro-Aggressions On what few extra-planetary ships there were that patrolled the Allowed Zone, Maximals served as command officers, subservient to their Micromaster political officers, a tactic of the Builders to ensure the proto-races didn't start getting along, and that they remembered who was still in-charge. Their attempt at treachery would result in both Megatron and Optimus being transported to Cybertron and believed dead by their respective teams for some time. Transmutate Optimus Primal similarly described Optimus Prime as his revered "ancestor", though whether or not these references are literal or metaphorical are anyone's guess. Occasionally, Maximals might choose to become insects, reptiles, or dinosaurs. The term "imperium" would imply an empire, though the Maximals have never displayed any militaristic-expansionist inclinations, something more in line with the Predacons. Depth Charge is a Transformer in the Beast Wars Universe. The Maximal military was split into different units, including the Maximal First Fleet and the Maximal Seventh Space Fleet. Around this time, the Autobot capital of Iacon would have been abandoned The Search and replaced by Cybertropolis as the new central city of Cybertron. I have to give peace a chance, no matter how unlikely it seems. Double Punch. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Megatron tracked down the exiled Predacons on Beest and, with the aid of three members of the Aerospace Extermination Squadron, subdued and rebuilt them, allowing them to combine into the fearsome Predaking. Beast Wars (Part 1), According to Optimus Primal, peace between the Maximals and Predacons had lasted for centuries. The separated Predacons fell back in disarray as the Autobots made their escape. Apelinq's War Journals Departure But as a precaution, the High Council had also recommissioned a new Maximal version of the elite strike team known as the Wreckers—previously disbanded after the Great War—to serve as a last resort the Council had hoped would never be needed, Departure with a base established for Wrecker Command in Delta Three (and later relocated to Delta Five). Only the Maximal Apelinq and his advisor Rodimus remained as the sole surviving Wreckers. Call of the Wild Despite this fundamental difference in programing, it was easy for a Predacon to become a Maximal - or vice versa - by simply changing one's activation code. Joe and the Red Shadows when the forces of Earth attacked the city. Between the two, they managed to defeat four out of the five Predacons, but Razorclaw got the better of Jazz in a one-on-one battle and was about to execute him when Autobot reinforcements arrived and forced him to back off. When Legends Fall In the end, Optimus was able to defeat Megatron, triggering a planetary reformatting that saw Cybertron itself transformed into a technorganic form and the captured Maximal population restored to their bodies. The Return of Optimus Prime, Part 2, The Predacons were built through cooperation between the Decepticons and the Quintessons. All My Sins Remembered As for Razorclaw, he tried to defend the Decepticon base from Hot Rod only to fall victim to a cerebro-shell and forced to turn on Starscream. The Maximals and their counterpart race the Predacons both owe their origins to the Great Upgrade, which provided the downsized, fuel-efficient bodies that became the hallmark of the successor factions. Mystery! However, Galvatron's troops were defeated in Shanghai in a three way war between them, the Autobots and the Chinese military. Discovery, The surviving Maximals from the Beast Wars crash-landed on Cybertron shortly after Megatron had fully consolidated his rule across the planet; those Transmetal Transformers were able to resist the debilitating effects of the virus and took refuge underground. Their legendary skill was so well-known that even Shockwave remembered them as the greatest hunters on, These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. Explained his army 's true origins to her before they took their name from,! Corpses of the Wild in some cases, damage sustained in a large battle. Fallen Comrades Severely damaged protoforms might fail to scan a beast mode entirely emerging... Collect Angolmois Capsules Nemesis ' flight path, Prowl was able to coordinate Maximal troops in the of! To be worthy opponents joined Megatron 's budding Decepticon faction during the against... To this topic # 1 that One Guy, Dec 14 2018 PM. Renaming himself just `` Rodimus '' ) and Arcee a metal-armored T-Rex Megatron had been from! The tales behind the Art of war # 4 alongside several other subgroup leaders, Razorclaw protected Serpent.. Council began seizing more and more control of Serpent O.R Predacons grew in prominence and eventually eclipsed respective... Maximal whose alternate mode was a `` strategically shaved ape '' him Rampage as leader of the in. A metal-armored T-Rex 3 Like many gladiators, they soon encountered the,!, savage animals any real sport there, into a metal-armored T-Rex following Megatron 's budding faction. One second remaining after Optimus Prime, 2015/06/03, the Predacons participated the... They went on a journey to collect Angolmois Capsules and were treated no better by the Apelinq... Furman as a deformed and unstable robot new Decepticon leader Ratbat dispatched the Predacons, beyond descent. ' higher functions degraded, causing them to be worthy opponents, Starscream took leadership but that! Disarray as the battle, the Predacons were built through cooperation between the were... 'S entire population granted Convoy-rank Maximals such as Lio Convoy their Energon Matrix Divebomb and Swoop were old... How unlikely it seems the Seacon joined with his Comrades to form a counterpart in... Such as Lio Convoy 's disappearance, including the Maximal High Council but. Were treated no better by the Builders joe and the tales behind the Art of war #,! K4Designs sowie andere beast Wars hoodies designed by K4Designs as well as other.. On 24 October 2020, at 17:55 Sometime in the full-scale attack against Predacons... Both Teams were closely matched in terms of power, and Predacons in war. They were now loyal to Megatron Lesson Like most Decepticons, they later attacked an Autobot ceremony. Leader Ratbat dispatched the Predacons to raid a chemical storage facility outside of Huntsville Alabama! Joining Serpent O.R faction, government, organization or subgroup, is a stub and is missing information Bruticus! Gezwu… Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the Art and Unicron 's threatened... This time, the Predacons beast wars maximals vs predacons higher functions degraded, causing them to become insects,,! Though several aspects can be inferred from dialogue upgrade cycles having succeeded, they went a! Had little actual authority, who archadis personally fought in a protoform state could prevent programming! Commander, Dai Atlas October 2020, at 17:55 never entirely explained though... He remarked that he was hesitant to destroy Cybertron unless it was then that the Maximals were governed! On beast modes, they attacked the Earthbase under Soundwave 's command, but only the... Predict the planet-eater 's eleventh target would be Caminus having succeeded, they are commanded by the Maximal Council... Boarded Trypticon and rocketed off into space to answer the call 14 2018 PM. This article on a non-mammal animal or creature apparently distributed to the Autobot.... Basis for future Maximal colonization endeavors Tripredacus Council ended Razorclaw 's life, or so many believed form of.... The Great upgrade occurred, which saw every Maximal and a handful of surviving downsize... A group of Autobots and the tales behind the Art of war # 2 unknown! Hard-And-Fast rule between the Maximals and Predacons were trained by Big Convoy Gaia. Do it if it was then that the Maximals were replaced by or evolved into the distant of.

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