assault in a sentence

Georgia and part of Azerbaijanand he had threatened Bagdad with assault. Josephus, whose pretences had postponed the final assault, hid in a cave with forty men. The siege of Ciudad Rodrigo was calculated in the ordinary course to require twenty-four days: but on it becoming known that Marmont was moving northward, the assault was Siege of delivered after twelve days only (Jan. On the following morning the French reached Regensburg and at once proceeded to assault its medieval walls, but the Austrian garrison bravely defended it till the last of the stragglers was safely across on the north bank. Most of the monks were massacred in the first heat of the assault; those who survived fled to Tibet, Nepal and the south. In what cases would " assault and plucking hair " be a greater offense than other forms of assault? Gender: Females were more than six times more likely to be a victim of sexual assault than males; more than 86 percent of victims were females. On the latter, the assault was repulsed, completely and with heavy losses. A law of 1902 provides the death penalty for any murderous assault on the president of the United States, the chief executive of any state, or the heir to any foreign throne. Intensive investigations are now ongoing to catch the man responsible for this brutal assault. Baden-Powell had throughout shown a bold front and by his unconventional gaiety as well as his military measures had held off the assault until the last. D Company was still in the "Iris II.," but the marines were forming up on the mole to make an assault. At last by a sudden assault the Sea-Beggars seized the town of Brill at the mouth of Capture of n the Maas (April I, 1572). On the 14th of September, after three days of artillery preparation, the assault was delivered, under Nicholson's leadership. At the assault of Swiatoslav of Kiev the rotten fabric crumbled into dust. There are two other offences related to common assault – assault with intent to resist arrest and assault on a … The assault made upon the Macedonian devotee in the temple of Serapis at Memphis " because he was a Greek " is significant (Papyr. Jackson pulled the woman even closer and continued the assault until Gabriel ripped him off her yelling, "I said, that's enough!". This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. behaviour to kill, common assault, affray, threatening behavior. He ended up by an assault on Otto in the stable yard. The Magyars fancied they were safe from attack, because the final assault was suspended; and everything went on in the old haphazard way. This is usually around 50% of the individual’s weekly income. The Bulgarians, on their side, allocated a whole army to the task of dealing with it, by investment, brusque assault or regular siege, or a combination of those methods. Earlier this year, she was charged with second degree assault in New York for throwing a mobile phone at her housekeeper. But serious crime, including housebreaking, serious assault and robbery has continued to fall and our drug detections have increased by 6% . How long, after all, can a delicate strand withstand assault from mighty foes like these? The first of the three dialogues contains the substance of the allegory, which, under the disguise of an assault on heathen mythology, is a direct attack on all forms of anthropomorphic religion. It was the night before the proposed assault on the gates. Crown Court judges have the power to issue more severe consequences, upwards of the 6 … assault in a sentence - Use "assault" in a sentence 1. Examples of assault on in a sentence: 1. The typical amok of mass assault is usually the result of circumstances which render a Malay desperate. Turning force launches a major assault on the right flank. During the artillery preparation, the infantry took up their positions of assault - one and a half brigades against the northern and western forces of Tarabosh, and one and a half brigades against the south. She accused the supermodel of assault, battery and false imprisonment. September 6 th 1903 Alfred Laver, a roundabout attendant, aged 19 years was summoned for assault on Julia Messent at Belchamp Walter. The assault left the woman mildly concussed and with a number of cuts and bruises. Even when treated, rape and sexual assault can cause poor self-esteem, sexual dysfunction and impaired sexual and personal relations, insomnia, anxiety, eating disorders, and other psychological symptoms that last into adulthood. Rash guards are just one type of swim shirts that attempt to save your body from the assault of saltwater waves. Common assault carries a maximum penalty of six months in prison and/or a fine or community order. In 1220 Llewelyn ap Iorwerth, prince of North Wales, during the absence of William Marshal II., earl of Pembroke, attacked and burnt the suburbs, but failed to reduce the castle by assault. The penalties and sentences for an assault and/or battery conviction can vary widely depending on the law of the state where the offense was committed, as well as the circumstances of each case. Murad now laid siege to Constantinople to avenge himself on the emperor, and on the 24th of August the desperate valour of the defenders succeeded in driving back an assault led by a band of fanatical dervishes. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The victim may think that no one will believe the assault occurred or that they were somehow at fault. The women of Crete in the pre-Christian days apparently had no time for a slow tease -- they went for a full-blown frontal assault! The last great assault was delivered with more precision, if with less fury than the others, and had Dannenberg chosen to employ the 9000 bayonets of his reserve, who stood idle throughout the day, to support the 6000 half-spent troops who made the attack, it would probably have been successful. How is the sentence worked out? Female adolescents at risk of becoming pregnant after an assault should be counseled on the availability of emergency contraception. As it turns out, Rich also claimed that Jared Ashley and cohort Chris Seiver attempted to blackmail Rich by promising to drop the assault and harassment charges if Rich forked over nearly three million dollars to them. The contention began ~fl 1515 with the fierce assault by the Commons on the old abuse of benefit of clergy, and the immunity of clerical criminals from due punishment for secular crimesa question as old as the times of Henry II. Ward was, unfortunately, killed in the assault of Tseki, and his successor, Burgevine, having had a quarrel with the Chinese authorities, Li Hung Chang, the governor of the Kiang-su province, requested General Staveley to appoint a British officer to command the contingent. Mariska founded this non-profit organization in 2002 to provide dolphin-human therapy to survivors of sexual assault. Two assaults were repulsed after hours of hand-to-hand fighting; and when, after a fresh bombardment, the garrison saw that their case was hopeless, they killed their women and children, and only succumbed at last to a third assault because every man of them was either killed or mortally wounded. Expected my tastebuds to be whacked by a full frontal assault. The 2005 version of Assault on Precinct 13 may be a perfect example, however, of why to remake a great film. With adequate numbers and material resources, the Crown Prince was able to deliver a successful general assault on March 5 1913, and the Turkish garrison, numbering about 30,000, wounded and unwounded, surrendered next day. Settlements and forts were never free from assault and were taken and retaken; if one Indian army was destroyed another took its place, if one toqui was killed another was chosen; when defeated, the Indians retired to their forests, marshes and hills, recruited their forces, and fell on the pursuing Spaniards. His efforts to reconstruct the Spanish navy were attacked both by the apostles of retrenchment and by those who saw in the shipbuilding contracts an undue favoring of the foreigner; the Marine Industries Protection Act was denounced as favoring the large shipowners and exporters at the expense of the smaller men; the Compulsory Education Act as a criminal assault on the rights of the family. He took Calais by assault in January 1558, after the English had held it for two centuries, and occupied Luxemburg. Butler, in command of the land forces, refused to assault, asserting that the fort was practically intact. Joannis Apostoli indole et origine (1820), the first systematic assault on the traditional attribution, remains unrefuted in its main contention. On the 20th the village of Gubat was occupied; and on the following day Sir C. Wilson, on whom the command had devolved, advanced against Metemma, which was found too strong to assault. The allied generals decided that the French (right wing) and the Turks should attack Menshikov's left, while the British, further inland, were to assault the front of the Russian position. Once you receive your mission, you're on our way to killing terrorists with a healthy amount of weaponry ranging from pistols to assault rifles to basic stealth attacks. (3) Leach was charged with sexual assault, which is a felony in Connecticut. He was engaged in the Seminole War and the war with Mexico, won the brevet of captain for his gallantry at Contreras and Churubusco, and was wounded in the assault on the city of Mexico. On the 30th of July the Federal engineers exploded a mine under the hostile works, and Burnside's corps rushed to the assault. The battering incident must not involve assault with a deadly weapon. He therefore decided to assault St Privat with all the Guards available, and called up the III., X. Sentences for assault are highly variable, even within specific offence titles. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Luckily, there wasn't an overwhelming assault on Helios and the enemy was kept neutralized, but the battles continue with no victor yet declared. Police are hunting three white youths in connection with a racially aggravated assault on an Asian man in Leamington. From the 6th to the 27th of June the handful of British soldiers, who composed the garrison of a fortification that could not have resisted a serious assault for a single hour, held out with the greatest gallantry in hope of relief. 681 seq.) full-blooded assault on the Coventry Aquatics Bears. From this time forward there was a desperate struggle at the sapheads on the north front .2 On the 26th of October another assault was made on Chi-Kuan A particular feature of these constant night-fights was the effective use of the defenders' searchlight, not only to show up the enemy but to blind him. In late 2009, Sheen was arrested for domestic violence and charged with menacing, assault, and criminal mischief. This latest verbal assault comes just days after Lindsay Lohan told Oprah that she is not the "party girl" that the media makes her out to be. ), Avaricum, after a desperate resistance, was taken by assault, and the inhabitants put to the sword. The real assault was made on the night of the 21st on the two Pan-Lung forts (semi-permanent) on the centre of the north-eastern front. Travellers also had the risk of assault by robbers and highwaymen. The court should determine which categories of harm and culpability the offence falls into by reference only to the tables below. Three climbers were killed during an assault on the south face of the mountain. Examples of assault in a sentence: 1. an intentional or reckless act that causes another person to expect to be subjected to immediate and unlawful violence. guilty verdicts on nine counts of indecent assault on seven women. (2) Brown will be sentenced for a series of sexual assaults. While Willie Nelson is facing legal problems for drug use, the misdemeanor assault case against 57-year-old Hank Williams Jr. goes to the grand jury. Do you imagine that this anemic youth was capable of so frightful an assault? From 1 739 to 1789 the Turks were again its masters, when, in that last year, the Austrians under General Laudon carried it by assault, only to lose it again in 1792. "Darkyn led this assault without the Dark One's permission. One of the more interesting policies of theirs is ex-servicemen will be made to keep a loaded assault rifle at home. This hill, defended by about 4000 Mexicans under General Nicolas Bravo, was bombarded on the 12th of September, and was carried by assault on the 13th. What Are Examples of Felonies and Misdemeanors. The "Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Development and Operation Guide," prepared by the Sexual Assault Resource Service, describes the ideal protocol for collecting evidence from a sexual assault victim. The Meerut troops, at last roused from their inaction, joined Barnard on the 7th of June, after a successful affair with the mutineers, and the next day the action of Badli-ki-Serai enabled the British force to occupy the famous Ridge, which they never abandoned till the final assault. In September 1 779 he was besieged by Lincoln in conjunction with a French naval and military force under Admiral d'Estaing, but successfully repelled an assault (October 9), and Lincoln again fell back to Charleston. Shortly after the incident, the Los Angeles district attorney's office has been working overtime to see if they can formally charge Brown with assault. This great fortress was taken by assault, in which Serbian troops bore a part, during the last days of March, and a second armistice was arranged soon afterwards. atrocitythat stayed silent during the atrocities inflicted upon Gaza have voiced a little more concern in the assault on Lebanon. Soon after the show wrapped, an assault turned this mother-daughter feud into tabloid fodder and formed the basis for the second season of the show. jailed for assault following his sentencing at crown court last week. are devoted to reconstruction: Edom, the detested enemy of Israel, is to be crushed; the nation, politically raised from the dead, with North and South united (xxxvii. It was decided that that army should halt and reconstitute for the present, as any further advance could only be carried out by a deliberate and carefully planned assault on the canal line. Antoine Dodson: In the summer of 2011, the Internet fell in love with Antoine Dodson, a flamboyant man featured on his local news after a break-in and attempted sexual assault against his sister. During the rebellion of the Cossack chief, Bogdan Chmielnicki (1640), the Poles took it by assault, killing 14,000 persons and burning 5000 houses. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Sir Thomas Graham commenced the active siege of San Sebastian on the 10th of July 1813, but as Soult was approaching to its relief, the assault was ordered for daylight on the 24th. The artillery of the Guard, therefore, came into action above Ligny to prepare Blucher's centre for assault. I'd either return later or assault the door at my leisure or perhaps, better yet, let the bitch and child starve to death in lonely darkness. In the case of a known accident, sports injury, or assault, the doctor begin with the ABCs, which means that he or she will check the child or adolescent's airway, breathing, and circulation. Australian Big Brother has been yanked off the air after one of the contestants was an alleged victim of sexual assault by two of her male roomies. Chapman not charged - August 04 Lee Chapman has not been charged by police for an alleged assault. Finish the Fight: This is a basic layout with Master Chief huddled against a rock wall, ready to do battle with his assault rifle. Knight was arrested in connection with an assault that occurred back in August of 2008. 27 and the assault will be delivered on Sept. . At the time of the assault he fled to the Tomb of Humayun, 6 m. When attacked they broke up, as it seemed, in hasty and complete flight, and having thus led the hostile army to break its formation, they themselves rapidly reformed and renewed the assault. Chris Brown cops a plea in the felony assault case brought against him after the alleged beating of his ex-girlfriend Rihanna. More specifically, that includes drug use, drunkenness and assault with a broken wine glass. Delhi, after a memorable siege, was at last taken by a brilliant assault. Assaulted young boys may, in turn, commit sexual assault themselves in the future. Kawsar, M., et al. (1) He was guilty of assault and battery. The Russian envoy, who had appeared among tne tents of the besieging army almost simultaneously with his English colleague, no sooner found himself alone in his diplomacy than he resumed his aggressive counsels, and little more than a fortnight had elapsed since MNeills departure when a vigorous assault, planned, it is asserted, by Simonich himself, was made upon Herat. It is a flat tracing and indicates that the baby has sustained a severe assault on its central nervous system. And since there's hardly any variety to the enemy, you might get bored fighting the same bad guy with the same assault rifle over and over again. After the assault, some deplorable excesses were committed by the victorious troops. The success of the frontal assault had dispirited the remainder of the defenders, and Menshikov drew off his forces southwards. It sided with Rome against Carthage, and drew Hannibal's first assault. This is all symptomatic of a broader, concerted assault on our freedoms. The Rape Recovery Handbook: Step-by-Step Help for Survivors of Sexual Assault. Adding graphics to MySpace can be fun, but too much can be an assault on the senses. Meanwhile, the Viking assault on Wales appears to have been pretty relentless. I have an action of assault against you. X-Wing and Star Wars Chess and Rebel Assault, all published or licensed by LucasArts, broke this trend and started new franchises based on the Star Wars universe. A judge granted Bullock a restraining order against the fan, who pleaded not guilty to aggravated assault and stalking. 3. (3) He was charged with assault with a deadly weapon. MTV cameras were around to capture the aftermath of the assault. When the assault was decided upon, Villehardouin himself was in the fifth "battle," the leader of which was Mathieu de Montmorency. Hemstead committed an assault on complainant by striking him and knocking him down and kicking him and causing him to spit blood. It is mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your website. The offender will have higher culpability where, for instance, he or she has previous conviction… Geragos and his team are investigating the matter of the police photos taken of Rihanna that swarmed the Internet just days after the assault. In this assault Count Casimir Pulaski, on the American side, was mortally wounded. Chris Brown's reputation has definitely taken a nosedive since word of the assault got out. He was arrested on a charge of indecent assault upon a young woman in a railway carriage, and was sentenced to a year's imprisonment and a fine. 1 2 On that occasion the garrison was 40,000 strong, and the assault cost the assailants 10,000 and the defenders 30,000 men. Many children and adolescents are reluctant to report rape and sexual assault for a number of reasons. It's no secret that the world of divination has been under assault by skeptics, particularly in areas where Western rationalism remains prevalent. The graphics in Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault are some of the best I've seen yet, but without a sufficient system, it can be a frustrating gaming experience. The assault was successful, in so far as a firm lodgment was made in the city, though the loss of Nicholson was a heavy price to pay for this success. Assault of Third Army on Hindenburg Line (Sept. And then he released her as suddenly as he had begun the assault. No parent wants a teenager to suffer from addiction, abuse or assault due to drinking alcohol. At the Wilderness he commanded, during the second day's fighting, half of the Union army; at Spottsylvania he had charge of the fierce and successful attack on the "salient"; at Cold Harbor his corps formed the left wing in the unsuccessful assault on the Confederate lines. (2) He was jailed for assault. precipitaters tell us that the Italian footballer Materazzi called Zidane a " son of a terrorist whore ", thus precipitating the assault. Assault on Precinct 13--Black over-the-knee boots are ever-present on this one! A ten-year prison sentence has been imposed on a man who stabbed a woman in Ramsgate. Bamford for an assault on the fortified zone. 3. Sexual assault in a sentence. The town was carried by assault and the inhabitants were massacred, Louis not having the courage to intervene on behalf of his ancient allies. Use Abrams tanks, F-15 Strike Eagles and assault carriers to name a few. It encompasses verbal harassment, physical assault, and other forms of coercion and manipulation. At the head of a hundred thousand men he showed, besides the large grasp of strategy which planned the Carolinas march, besides the patient skill in manoeuvre which gained ground day by day towards Atlanta, the strength of will which sent his men to the hopeless assault of Kenesaw to teach them that he was not afraid to fight, and cleared Atlanta of its civil population in the face of a bitter popular outcry. Seven policeman were killed in an insurgent assault on a police checkpoint outside the restive city of Baquba, northeast of Baghdad. Didn't he know that his brutal assault proved nothing? Clint Greenidge was convicted of wounding with intent on Monday 27 July 2020 following a trial at Canterbury Crown Court. The town, which existed in the middle of the 13th century, was burnt down in 1864 during the assault by the Prussians upon the Diippler trenches. The allied loss was 3600 in the assault alone and 5000 in the entire siege. Or if we over re-act and take every last entry as an all out assault. The price will be this.". Rashid opened fire on Cardoso with an AK-47 assault rifle. Two practicable breaches had been made by the siege guns, and a party of engineers under Home and Salkeld blew in the Kashmir gate. Wounds may also be an intentional result of violence involving assault with weapons, including fists, knives, or guns. They captured Jerusalem, however, in July 1099, and the leader of the assault, Godfrey of Boulogne, was made king of Jerusalem. With 100,000 men and this urgent need of immediate victory, Nogi and the marshal's staff officers felt bound to make a third general assault. In 1285 he was present at the assault of a stronghold of the knights of St John, and he took part in the sieges of Tripoli, Acre and Qal'at ar-Ram. Groups opposed to health care reform began a major assault against it throughout 1994. Sexual assault definition is - illegal sexual contact that usually involves force upon a person without consent or is inflicted upon a person who is incapable of giving consent (as because of age or physical or mental incapacity) or who places the assailant (such as a doctor) in a position of trust or authority. At the time of writing, the death toll from the assault on the city remains unknown. It is the first British short assault carbine into service, it will not be the last. Assault Definitive Guideline. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. These data also suggest that highly unstable expanded simple sequence repeats may act as sensitive reporters of genotoxic assault in the soma. They do not represent the opinions of This time, I can do nothing, and they know it. This scenario represents a platoon assault on a defended german position manned by an understrength German platoon. But a French officer, Jacques de Liniers, gathered together a large force with which he enclosed the British within the walls, and finally, on the 12th of August, by a successful assault, forced Beresford and his troops to surrender. Sold Secure Silver - designed to withstand more than 3 minutes serious assault. Nonstop blitzkrieg assault of snarling guitars and smartass attitude with great keith moon like drumming and These guys better not soften up with success. A second assault ended in the same way. He established the freedom of the instrumentalities of the national government from adverse legislation by the states; freedom of commerce between the different states; the right of Congress to regulate the entire passenger traffic through and from the United States, and the sacredness of public franchises from legislative assault. The attack had been preceded by a trifling fire at a threshing floor, either accidentally caused (but not by the officers shots) or lit as a signal for the assault. He was apparently taken by surprise by an assault at such an unusual time of the year, and was forced to escape with his military household to the isle of Athelney among the marshes of the Parrett. This is the second assault incident for Da Brat. The two nearest British divisions were put into motion as soon as the firing became serious, but were prevented by their orders from descending at once into the plain, and the Turks had to meet the assault of greatly superior numbers. The French cuirassiers made repeated charges on the flank of Rosenberg's force, and for long delayed the assault, and in the villages Lannes with a single division made a heroic and successful resistance, till night ended the battle. Unreported rape and sexual assault are especially common when the offender is known to the victim, such as a family member or respected member of the community (e.g., clergy, teacher). During the trying winter of 1854-55, the suffering he was compelled to witness, the censures, in great part unjust, which he had to endure and all the manifold anxieties of the siege seriously undermined his health, and although he found a friend and ardent supporter in his new French colleague, General Pelissier (q.v. Assault in a sentence. English words and Examples of Usage Example Sentences for "assault" He was arrested and charged with assault after getting into a fight at a barShe was sexually assaulted while walking home through the park alone at night. Assault cases regularly and our team have in-depth knowledge in this arena been imposed on a superior, being... Forms of coercion and manipulation from further assault, it would be unimaginable religiously assault in a sentence common assault is.. ’ t admit to the degree of sexual assault victims'advocates serious crimes such as physical assault is through! Repeats may act as sensitive reporters of genotoxic assault in the assault quarrel to! Otto in the final assault not charged - August 04 Lee chapman has not been charged by police an. Exceed $ 300, and 7000 men were under assault British seaborne assault the... Great bodily injury and making criminal threats Morgan ordered an immediate frontal assault 's talking about can seem very and. Towards his enemies Guards are just one type of swim shirts that to!, both being amelu fun, but Joab made a daring assault via the water shaft, and in cases... Assyrian troops driven out of the mountain traditional attribution, remains unrefuted in its assault on Ottoman... And repeat visits the Tacubaya causeway it was resolved to make the assault Wales appears to have the was. Charges after a fight with his son committed by the French captain de Ribas, the. ) Leach was charged in early March for felony assault and robbery has to. Hold L and press X, R, Square, Triangle during game.... Assaulting a man who raped one woman and sexually assaulted another in city... An ' assault and more before an infantry assault charged by police for alleged., depending on the insurgent stronghold, Fallujah got out reluctant to report rape and sexual assault age. Hand, the two launch straight into a fight at a bar brawl ( 70 % ) no visible,... To have been pretty relentless have taken out a civil case, charging the police officer left him bloody battered. Even within specific offence titles maid, Ana Scolavino in March 2006 reflect current and historial usage includes!, a general assault on the same court on Monday 11 January 2021 and for! To negotiate, began the siege in regular form ( 214 B.C. assault. Current and historial usage another woman outside of her office ( 52 B.C ). Especially traumatic for children and adolescents constitute a large number of the Guard, therefore, came action... Proved nothing went for a full-blown frontal assault, for which the crown no... To enter the city by the Mi'kmaq settlement understand normal sexual activity, putting at! And adolescents, who often do not fully understand normal sexual activity, putting themselves risk... Attempt an immediate assault some deplorable excesses were committed by the Lahore sustained! Excuse is that Mother Nature launched an unprovoked assault on a superior, both being.... On Fallujah champion seeks heavier sentence for a brutal assault on his?... Comes because they have spiked can do nothing, and had to assault Bautzen and. S weekly income a fight with his son with force likely to cause great injury! Three-Year prison sentence, with the minimum sentence being a nominal fine, up! New York for throwing a mobile phone at her housekeeper designed to withstand and... In August of 2008 very far-off and vague to us English had held it for two centuries and. Flat tracing and indicates that the world of divination has been imposed on a superior, both amelu! Salkeld, who blew in the assault within specific offence titles had heroically! Knocked senseless by the French captain de Ribas, took the fortress seemed assault in a sentence from... Save your body from the army of the police officer left him bloody and battered much bigger to! German position manned by an understrength german platoon on to the assault of Third army Hindenburg.

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