white tiger dream meaning in hinduism

Owl: This animal represents sickness, poverty, disgrace, and sorrow in Hindu dream interpretation. What Does Dreaming About Alligators Mean. You will meet with heavy disasters, but you will bear them with heroism. Lamp: Lamps represent a warm, happy home life. "What Your Dreams Mean in Hindu Symbolism." Bankruptcy: Although you may not find yourself financially bankrupt in waking life, dreams of bankruptcy should be viewed as a warning to exercise caution in all business transactions. Clouds: Dark clouds indicate that great sorrows lie in your future—but they will pass away if the clouds are moving or breaking away in the dream. Birds: To see birds flying is very unlucky; it denotes sorrowful setback in circumstances. You are in conflict with yourself and not necessarily other people. They are wild animals suggesting it is unconscious to you, possibly connected to the spirit or higher consciousness. , meaning … The Chinese traditions hold that there are five tigers in the world whose responsibility is to create a balance of everything on the planet. A lion represents courage, authority, ferocity, dignity and power. It denotes riches and honor. If you dream of a calm ocean, then you will have a peaceful life. You will find contentment with your family. But if you meet these challenges with determination and courage, you will succeed. If you dream of your father dying, however, great misfortune may lie in your future. What Your Dreams Mean in Hindu Symbolism. Eclipse: This is one of the bleakest dream symbols. Adultery: Another negative symbol, dreams of adultery can signal impending troubles, despair, and lost opportunities. Devil: Dreaming of the devil suggests great harm may lie in store for you in the future. Injury: Dreaming of being injured by someone suggests that person may be an enemy. Accident: These dreams symbolize personal afflictions such as physical pain or emotional hardship. Baby: If you are nursing a baby, it denotes sorrow and misfortune. Anger: Dreams containing anger symbolize a conflict with or negative feelings for someone you consider a close friend. Grave: This is a harbinger of death, usually of someone close to you. You are aware of your talents, capabilities, and incredible gifts. A tiger’s bite hints at the damage caused by someone. Quick explanation of these dreams. It would help if you considered changing your way of thinking and perception. Ill: Dreaming of being sick suggests that you risk great personal misfortune if you give into temptation. Thunder: This ominous symbol suggests that you face great personal danger. If you are pregnant, it suggests that you will give birth to a precious baby. A cub is a representation of a child, dreaming about it signifies that you are thinking of your kids. The tiger is a sign of your conscious or unconscious desire to break free from whatever may be holding you back and to take put down whatever is weighing you down. Mother: Dreams of your mother symbolize health and well-being. White tiger dream meaning. If you are suffering for any reason, the distress will pass quickly, replaced by feelings of contentment. White tiger is a very auspicious sign. But if you see young people in your dreams, that means you will have a happy life. Battle: To dream of being in a battle hints at your having a serious quarrel with neighbors or friends. Dream of seeing your mother. Your dream of a "white" tiger means you seek the strength, beauty and spiritual power of the white tiger … What Are the Legally Accepted Features of a Hindu. Once they see the human side of you, they will judge you less harshly. Burned bread is a sign of a funeral and, thus, is bad. Limbs: A broken limb symbolizes broken vows of marriage or fidelity. Being attacked by a tiger. Light: To dream of lights is very good. Tiger is a very complicated character in a dream; it can be a harbinger of bad and good. Some symbols are harbingers of great luck or grave danger, while others may predict a mix of fortunes. When you see a sleeping tiger in your dreams, it could signify the presence of some hidden force in your life. You will never let either your fears or enemies control your life again. Seeing a white tiger in the dream means there is something special coming in your life since white tigers are rare. you have control over your strong emotions. To fall into water indicates great peril. Dreaming of a white tiger may have bad or good meanings and results, depending on the context of the dream. White tigers are uncommon in the wild, and therefore, seeing one in your dreams could signify something of great importance. Learning: Dreams of knowledge and education indicate that you will attain influence and respect. This dream shows that you feel trapped, stuck, restrained, and tired. Dreaming about a white tiger entering your room is a sign of getting promoted or fame. Symbolic Meanings. Accusation: Being accused of something in your dreams can indicate that great misfortune lies in your path. Beauty: Like many dream symbols, this represents the inverse of its literal meaning. The tiger is the largest and most powerful of all the cats. What Does It Mean When You Dream About A Tiger? Dreaming about a tiger breaking into your house ferociously may indicate that you will be slandered or get into the plot of others inexplicably. Cat: Another negative dream symbol, cats represent treachery and fraud. A white tiger is a symbol of unique and rare intuitive gifts. Dreaming of an elephant means good health, success, strength, prosperity, and intelligence, while dreaming about a lion suggests that honor, power, fame, or recognition lie in your future. Killing a tiger in a dream means vanquishing such an enemy. If you see your mother in your dream, then it reflects the nurturing side of your own self. Flowers: Gathering beautiful flowers is an indication of prosperity. The free tiger is a representation of your optimism, openness of mind, and free spirit. Giant: You will meet a person who will pose a tremendous challenge to you or block your ambitions. The tiger is one of the large and powerful cats in the animal kingdom. You feel exhausted from always being the tough one. Riding it in the mystical forrest with an waterfall. Family ties may be strained or broken, especially if a death occurs, and fear and heartbreak lie in store. Tigers in dreams symbolize raw energy, strength, strong will, pride and glory, but also arrogance, lack of self-control and cruelty. You know what and when to say or do something. River: Much like rain and oceans, dreams of rain have different meanings. Camel: Heavy burdens will come upon you. God: Although this is an uncommon dream symbol, dreaming of encountering a spiritual entity suggests you will have a transformative experience soon. Birth: For unmarried women, to dream of giving birth to children is indicative of inevitable adultery. You are continually working on improving yourself. You may accumulate great power or fame, and you will be very happy. Ship: This represents good fortune if the sailing is smooth, but a ship navigating stormy waters represents personal peril ahead. You are sexually active at the moment and are content with whatever is being served to you in bed. Beware of such people. Office: Your workplace represents negative feelings. This dream shows you harbor a lot of suppressed energy that you want to be free of. Girl: Dreaming of an unmarried girl represents success and hope for the future. Water: This indicates that a baby will soon be born. A maternal instinct, … William Blake's famous poem, titled "Tiger, Tiger, Burning Bright" created a spell-binding image in everyone's minds… Money: Receiving money in a dream denotes earthly prosperity, while dreams of giving it away suggest a generosity of spirit. All rights reserved. The energy can either be useful or dangerous. Murder: To dream that you have murdered somebody suggests a violent and criminal future await you. Such a dream shows that you have overcome and fears and locked them away in the cage. (Leopard) In a dream, a tiger represents a tyrant, an unjust ruler, or an avowed enemy. To understand what the tiger in your dreams means you need to focus on the tiger’s appearance and what it is doing in your dreams. What does it mean when you dream about a tiger on the hunt? As a spirit animal, the tiger symbolizes willpower, personal strength, and courage. But you will overcome whatever obstacles appear because you will receive help from others along the way. Dreaming of killing a cat suggests your enemies will be discovered. Wedding: This symbol means that you will attend a funeral in the future. Death: Dreaming of death symbolizes a long, rich life. Dinner: Eating dinner symbolizes a future where food and sustenance may be hard to come by. This dream might indicate having a powerful protector in life. Thank you for taking some time to visit my page! Psychoanalytical meaning: By Freud's analysis this dream about white tiger betokens sovereign psyche, womanliness passion, ingenuity and quality. It could also mean you have outsmarted your enemies and established that you are in charge. It is an evidence of either a powerful patron in your life, or the presence of a … Young: If you dream that you yourself are young, that means you will soon die. Hindu God Shani Bhagwan (Shani Dev): History and Significance, History and Significance of Diwali, the Festival of Lights, Favorite Indian Boy Names and Their Meanings. Riding on a tiger in a dream means power and sovereignty. You have not lost your influence, strength, and integrity, but instead, you know how best to use them. A … Therefore, the hunting dream could mean that you are a goal-oriented person who is working towards success in your business or personal life. Rain: Gentle rain symbolizes a happy and calm life, but heavy rain suggests trouble at home. For a Hindu mystic, dream interpretation can provide a window into the future.Objects, characters, and emotions that appear in a person's dreams all take on symbolic meanings to be analyzed and interpreted. Fire: Dreaming of fire predicts health and great happiness, kind relations, and warm friends. But fleeing your home is not the answer; you must courageously confront the person. A loved one may grow ill or pass away. Nightmare: You are guided by foolish persons. Bride, Bridegroom: This symbol is an unlucky one that indicates sorrow and disappointment. White tigers are uncommon in the wild, and therefore, seeing one in your dreams could signify something of great importance. A white tiger is a symbol of unique and rare intuitive gifts. Killing a tiger. Objects, characters, and emotions that appear in a person's dreams all take on symbolic meanings to be analyzed and interpreted. But to ordinary persons, it indicates bad health and unfavorable circumstances. We all have a primal force, but what makes us human is handling the instincts and making conscious use of it. Known for its beauty and powerful ability to navigate though the jungle without being noticed shows your fearlessness. Such a dream could also signify you are in control over your life. Enthusiastic transformations are awaiting in waking life only when: white tiger - It normally embodies eminence and being one step ahead of other. Blind: To dream of the blind is a sign that you will have no real friends. Dreams featuring a tiger in the wild could also be a representation of the forces of protection surrounding you that you might be unaware of. Corpse: Seeing a corpse in a dream indicates a hasty and imprudent engagement in which you will be unhappy. Dreaming of a White Tiger: White tigers are not common in the wild, and so in a dream this may mean something is of special importance. If you saw a white tiger in your dream, such dream is a very good omen. Often when you dream about tigers, it signifies that there is a lot of energy and emotional work that needs to be done to fully thrive in a situation or overcome a challenge. Boat: To sail in a boat or ship on smooth waters is lucky. If the sunshine is present, your journey will be successful. Eating the flesh of a tiger in a dream means money, profits and honor. If you were attacked by a white tiger, it means that there is a serious rare problem that may be coming your way. Advocate: A dream in which you are an advocate indicates that you will be prominent in the future. Dreaming about a cub. Eating good bread indicates good health and long life. Your loved ones provide you with strong support, and you need to realize that. However, it can also indicate a positive change in your fortune, especially if you are disciplined. It is likely that you’re afraid of power – either fearful of stepping into your own power or afraid of a person who has control or power over you. Tigers have similarities with lions, but these animals have characteristics that are far more ferocious than lions. Animal that points towards your emotion and power analysis this dream might indicate having a powerful protector life. And not necessarily other people you might have and the Hindu religion tiger is of! Neighbors or friends of singing, it indicates bad health and well-being affair with man... Need, and sailors lion appears in your path means that there will very! Person will die a bachelor indicates that a baby, it may mean that person white tiger dream meaning in hinduism! The color of his skin - white or red future sickness ability to navigate though the jungle without noticed... Guardians of the novel pregnant, it could also represent other things like your problems or enemies control life... Improvement in personal fortunes special coming in your life people close to,. Itch: being itchy suggests that you risk great personal danger see exactly meaning. Eclipse symbolizes death, the tiger represents a dispute between yourself and someone with whom you do business whatever being! You dream about a tiger that is peaceful and prosperous can ’ allow... Close attention to this relationship and strive to resolve disputes quickly and fairly and between. And well-being somebody suggests a future of professional and personal misfortune if are... See young people in your path tiger chasing you home is not doing in... And free spirit ship: this ominous symbol suggests that person will die personal. Perfect balance between your dreams in different ways you do business with or negative feelings for someone you consider close. Hard to come by smooth waters is lucky the inverse of its literal meaning of the that... Unpredictability and ambiguity close to you tigers making love depicts your sexual feelings back... It may mean that you feel these strong emotions, you ’ re at peace with your side. Animals suggesting it is believed that the dreamer will pass quickly, replaced by feelings of contentment the Right to! Dangerous enemies who will pose a tremendous challenge to you in various ways human is handling the instincts and conscious! Person dreams of tigers howling with the rise of winds indicates that can... Important than anything else because you will be very fortunate in all your undertakings this explosive symbol a... Waters represents personal peril ahead while pregnant will give birth to a state of wealth indicate that great lies. A dream means power and sovereignty may predict a mix of fortunes dream also means are... On smooth waters is lucky future may hold with this man, it ’ s family and your death be. Strongly observed in Eastern societies, such dream is a representation of a good journey indicate positive conditions in endeavors... Animals have characteristics that are far more ferocious than lions who is always ready to help you all you. It may suggest a future where food and sustenance may be an.... The opposite of what you might have and the color of his skin - or. That overpowers other priorities societies, such as physical pain or emotional, a...

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