what happened to claire on lost season 1

54. Did Jughead really blow up when the screen turned to white? ("The Substitute") Bad Hair Claire tells Jin, "That's not John. you guys need to stop bitching about the show. (As in setting of the bomb, dudes!) 110. But I still watch b/c I want to see how it ends. Like many, I am addicted to this show and clear my schedule to watch each week. So we're thinking the numbers are a kind of locator, or longitude and latitude, of the candidates. I think we are going to see some real nasty things about these characters and we already know they care thieves, murderers, adulterers, glutenous and so on. Another interesting question: Hurley won the lottery in the alternate timeline. In the end, if he is not truly resurrected and/or redeemed, I'll be very disappointed and consider the show a waste. 57. Words by John Perry Barlow; music by Bob Weir Fangrrls is about kicking down doors, breaking boundaries and celebrating female fans with fun, witty and entertaining content. . I can honestly, and happily say, I've never seen ONE episode of that show. ("LA X") However, Kate kicked her out of the cab and then went back for her after she realized Claire was a pregenant mommy and Kate felt guilty stealing her stuff. Talk about setting the stage for seasons later? It also sank the island. Because some of them were candidates. WAIT A MINUTE! When Jacob tells Hurley "it's too late" to warn the Others that "someone bad" is coming to the Temple, why is it too late, and who's coming? It's ridiculously frustrating at this point. I know the point of putting all this in print is to clear it up, but in truth it makes less sense reading it than watching it. And it was revealed that Ethan was a doctor on the island when Kate, Sawyer, and Jack were being held by the others. Kate made the comment to the non-adoptive Mother, saying, "She flew all the way from Australia and you couldn't call her?" The two stories are a new device so they can tell what happens after everyone leaves at the same time as the current timeline. I don't question the absurdity of it, I just sit back and enjoy the ride. After the crash, Claire believed she was going into labor. He wasn't actually a passenger on the plane!!! Will the Smoke Monster get a chance to live happily ever after? It is time for us to find out. They were helping Alex rescue who boyfriend, who was being held in a building guarded by Aldo. then Bob Newhart waking up in bed with Suzanne saying it was all just a bad dream. We hope not. 42. Apparently the Temple's waters healed Ben as a child, and as we saw in the Lostverse it saved Sayid, who came back to life at the end of "LA X" even though they'd turned dark. He found out when he met Claire's mom at Christian's funeral service. I will miss the characters when the show ends but I have grown tired of the implausible story line. I feel like they are using valuable runway space to close out the series by creating entirely too many new characters, questions, and plotlines. Additionally, when the adoptive mother says she doesn't want the baby, Kate blurts out "She flew all the way from Australia...". Though the character's story was ultimately unfulfilling, she was pretty darn cute. 120. As always, more questions than answers. ("LA X") We also discovered that he's trapped on the island, and that he's stuck in the form of John Locke when he's not going Smokey. And while the Man in Black may have found his "loop hole", I feel led to believe that it is Jacob's final goal that will prevail. I love the sho – but- I felt like was watching a soap opera at times–the acting seems to be getting worse. How did the ship end up in the middle of the jungle, and what happened to the crew? The flashback plot device was a brilliant way to develop the characters as it advanced the plotline. I also think that Juliet is wandering the island somewhere covered in dirt–because she had to dig herself out, if she isnt already in the hands of Flocke/MIB. Or, more accurately, a collection of dreams. I like that they are finding each other in the same ways even in the tangent universe...like Kate being there for Claire and the baby. I am okay with the rest. I can't agree with the "Desmond flashing through time" thought. Was the ship that Jacob and the Man In Black see sailing in "The Incident" the Black Rock? the only thing man in black wants is to go home (as he said through locke) but where/ what is home?! Those of you whining about how "lost" you are need to choose something less cerebral to watch. In this past episode you see the two children (being dragged around in the temple) that "disappeared" when AnnaMaria was trying to keep her gang together, passengers that crashed from Oceanic 815's tail. As usual, Jack was quite skeptical of all this, which remains one of his most frustrating character traits. It got too stupid after that. Horace was his father. 81. 65. I saw the episode, so it doesn't bother me, but let's please have some consideration for those who haven't yet seen the episode. comic 'The Many Deaths of Laila Starr', Scarlet Witch is more than just a code name: The empowering meaning behind Wanda's moniker, The CW gives Superman & Lois super-sized premiere, bumps The Flash's return to March, How Resident Alien transformed from a Dark Horse comic into a SYFY original series, From True Blood to Deathstroke, Joe Manganiello is living the dream, Who Won the Week: Cyberpunk 2077's Johnny Silverhand vs. Archenemy's Max Fist, Netflix's La Revolution and why we need more period horror pieces, 35 thoughts we had while watching the LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special, Share Lost questions and answers: What happened to Claire! So is LOST the name of the show or the state of the plot? Keep em coming! In the first episode she was sitting in first class, not with Boone. To all my Lost compadres, I appreciate all your theories and fellow frustrations. You never know. kind of disappointed so far. I think that Jacob is wrestling with an angel. If you don't like, and especially if you don't watch it, why bother? In the island reality, Claire escaped in the Ajira Airways plane with Sawyer, Kate, Frank Lapidus, Miles Straume and Richard Alpert. They are prisoners, but not by their choice. 85. Is he good or is he evil? .". Sorry you don't understand it and think it changes every episode... Go watch a simple cookie-cutter show like [insert generic crime drama here]. Does anyone remember people getting sick (infection) in the pilot or just after the first few episodes? 14. Then they bonded when Claire discovered that the baby's new adoptive parents were a bust and she began having labor pains. If the numbers were never broadcast, does that mean that Desmond's boat never goes off course so he never gets to the island, or that the pregnant women don't die so Juliette doesn't get recruited to the island? Just a thought about Clair. He wanted to make sure he would get a new body. ("LA X") All it does is make you look obnoxious. Question: since Jughead did its job (presumably) and the hatch was never built in the alternate timeline, does that mean that people other than the Losties never made it to the island? I've decided to just enjoy the ride this season and see where it takes us. ("The Substitute") Great show, great writing! But a more ominous and disturbing possibility just occurred to me. He will play a major role in the conclusion to the series. Perhaps mainland scenarios for all the castaways will be similar, where they need to redeem themselves in order to ultimately leave the island and become "whole" people. What happened to the people the Others kidnapped? ("The Substitute") I love this show because it keeps you guessing. The Locke-ness Monster told Sawyer that the names were candidates to take over Jacob's job of protecting the island and that Jacob had a thing for numbers. The angel can't go home until one of them wins. What is the TV Season time verses time on the island + 3 years? There are a bunch of theories out there about what happened to Claire. Explain the function of the island and the people on it and be done. The final season is supposed to carry answers. so of course the others/ jacob's people want to kill them because they are the opposing side! You can do it little buddy. Plus they made it kind of obvious that he seemed to "disappear" when Jack got up for a few minutes. I wish ABC would cut out some of the commercials. Richard is Peter and so on. It's not the plot–it's the people. Since Lost ended, the former cast members have taken their careers in a variety of different directions. This theology believes the prophecies of the apocalypse have already been fulfilled. I know the religous references are hard to ignore, but I still do not think they are in Purgatory. I am honestly getting kind of bored and wish I never got into the show because they are trying to do too much with too many people and it gets more frustrating that they only have an hour to do it in! So he did have a seat. Everyone thought Sayid was Jacob reincarnated. . My theory for what is happening is simple. For anyone wanting an INTELLIGENT comment blog about LOST, go to LostWatch on Tuned IN. I think the writers/producers completely ruined it by putting in timelines to the point that you have NO idea what is going on anymore. If conditions & equipment are correct, we are able to tap into their existence, and even hear bits of conversation between one another. Why would anyone that did not watch a show,any show,bother to comment on it? Will Kate and Jack finally get their act together and find true love? Why do the Temple Others have to torture Sayid to "diagnose" him, and why do they think he's been "infected" and "claimed"? I think she will have a lot of information when the Losties find her. This show is very confusing, I'm going to miss it very much. I think that the trick is to recognize the right questions so that you recognize when they're answered. Every other form of entertainment has answers when in the reality of our daily lives we really only face questions. I'd like to thank the producers and writers of Lost for bringing television something other than a big Karaoke show. What's up with the cabin, who broke the ash circle, and what does that mean? Maybe it is what they can accomplish in terms of redemption back in civilization that determines their ultimate fate on the island. Are all of our personal interactions fate or coinsidence? We know that SHANNON was not on the plane (as well as the corpse of Jack's father). This is the most brilliant/intelligent story ever told on TV! And man, she looked like she'd been living in the woods since she went missing last season. But it wasn't really Claire. I love it and I hate it. Claire is a young girl and the protagonist of Son. ("The Substitute") The numbers with the names were on a big wheel in the Lighthouse. Hmm, maybe the writer meant the version of Shannon that never got on the plane. Kate gave up her safety to help Claire. Question. He is still obviously born to someone named Goodspeed and becomes a doctor in a hospital in LA. But what really happened to Sayid was interesting. And wandering the land. (In another very "Lost" scene, Dogan tortured the torturer Sayid, similar to his treatment by Rousseau when they first met, in order to diagnose him.). so claire is "team man in black" so is christian shepherd... anyone else? He ends up back on a plane. My seven year-old is catching on after I told him his questions will be answered if he pays attention! We know from the Movie Deja Vu two time lines can not exist forever one will die off,,,,,,I think its the Island time line that will die. That means they will live their lives on the island and will let the viewers to pick the choice that they most like as the final show. B/c of Kate helping Claire and getting her to the prospective adoptive parent's place, who then rejected the baby due to the changed circumstances of their marriage (and Claire's subtle but noticeable relief that she was not going to have to give the baby up after all), and then Kate being the one to take Claire to the hospital when she began going into labor, it seems clear to me that Kate has accomplished her goal. Now that he was removed form his proverbial chains, he could attack Richard (which he did quite effectively), as well as the Others living at the Temple. This show was one of my favorites in the first season. Because... Hahahaha I love all comments so far, we are all affected or infected by this show. I also think that as other cast members are killed off, their souls will also join with their alternate selves and they will continue to live in the alternate world. man in blank can NOT leave the island, causing tension between the two. ethan godspeed vs. ethan rom Durrrr . If you don't like the show, just *don't watch it*. Like end Lost and the last "go down in flames" Prison Break after a season or two? Answer Save. Desmond told him he would " see you in another life, brohter". 123. Answer #1 | 17/05 2017 01:02 idk, I got really into that show on netflix and then they lost the licence for it and now i have no idea where i am on it! They are all in purgatory! @Pamela, I'm glad you said something about Jack and Claire...it made me remember that Jack actually DOES know that Claire is his sister at this point. So when Sawyer got to her, she seemed alive. How is the show that is built on leaving fans "wanting more", going to wrap up nice and tight. and Violets are Blue Wait, so they have to get the DeLorean up to 88 MPH but they don't have any gas?? This is only one dual timeline, I think there will be a never ending amount of timelines that are running along side each other. The jury is still out, but he certainly seems gooder than Smokey Locke, who we're now calling the Locke-ness Monster. They get to the temple... First they want to kill them all... then all of a sudden it's vitally important that they stay in the temple. Helen (hmmmmmm, Locke's dead girlfriend?) It is now so bad that I can't stand to watch it. Yes he was an Other, yes they are real, they're apart of all six seasons, the main villains for the first 3 seasons. 119. I liked the part about Ethan and Kate still being involved with Claire's baby. 24. It seemed like the past few seasons he came off as a screaming buffoon. Ever notice that everyone that Jacob touched prior to getting on the plane lived? 90. Lost " refers to what the audience feels when they watch this show!!!! Rom is a short term used to describe Gypsies, sometimes in a deragatory tone, because a large portion of Gypsies came from Romania, and were thus "Roms" for short. I think this might mean that she knew setting off the bomb stopped the plane from ever crashing...which might also mean that she never came to the island either because the history of the island was significantly altered. What happened to Claire on Lost? If you overthink it, you lose the fun of it. It makes no sense and the network, writers and the two heralded with making this show great should be embarrassed! I find the show to be chocked full of literature, science, religion, history, mystery, paranormal questions, and a multitude of clues to follow. The Clair with the rifle at the end of the episode looked a lot like the young Eloise Faraday. moment we all felt when we realized what the flash-forwards were. They really have a lot of free time to read and comment on something they haven't seen for 5 seasons ! Jack freaks out and breaks the mirrors. ("LA X") What's up with Claire's implant? Similar to CSpan. OK .... I believe that Neo will eventually get them all out of the matrix. ("What Kate Does") only to have no Stick to your Biggest Loser or Dancing With Yesterdays Celebrities shows and keep your comments about a show that is over your head to yourselves. Time travel makes any and all situations possible. Is it "just a damn island," as Locke-ness says? And then read the article and THEN comment? I had a theory long time back that Claire was dead. ), but the most intriguing part was the surprise appearance of Ethan - who kidnapped Claire way back in season one - attending to her while in labor. Not only are you commenting on it, you are being critical to the people that do find this show enjoyable. Since its been confirmed that the show is not a dream, or Purgatory, it could still all just be Hurley's perception of reality. Why the list? We shadowdance the silent war within. Seriously? I think claire and Jack are siblings... at the end of the show dogma tells jack that his sister was also infected. Ethan Goodspeed would be the correct name for him off the island... Ethan was the child of Horace Goodspeed. "Lost" is disappointing and vastly overrated. They give you a nugget of understanding, and then quickly pelt you with boulders of confusion. It's just an interesting story about things most of you have never heard of. Don't worry, the series is almost over and I'm sure the network will replace it with some trite piece of carp that will make you all happy. 121. He is still crippled. If the producers knew how many of us want this show to continue, they could change their plans of ending it. Roses are Red Hence two time lines. Now this season brings in new characters and plot lines, ridiculous IMO. So how do you get that Claire never got on the plane? Apparently he's a ghost now, along with possibly being God. What would their lives be like if there was not crash. The show, LOST, the thinking behind it, and the writing are all brilliant. So, I think the whole story line is based around them and what they represent. series... that's your choice. - The last time i saw her was season finale of season 4... question and answer in the Lost club The 10 main characters are the "ten righteous men" that must always remain alive on earth or it is the end of the world. All of the main characters' souls are being fought for by the opposing sides. Everything else is a fantasy scenario. It had a large wooden ankh in it, that Japanese Dude Dogen broke open to reveal a paper which apparently contains the names of the Survivors, which kept the Temple Others from shooting them. Anyone remember how "St. Shadowboxing the Apocalypse What if the plane never crashed? I don't watch American Idol, so I don't comment about it. Oh, and he's gonna make Locke walk again and the two of them will be best friends. Now the question is.. what was Desmond doing in Australia and how will he be reintroduced to Jack back in the states? Maybe there's just too much going on for them to wrap their brains around. And then he'll forget. James is so over-whelmed with Juliet's death, and his own horrible past that anything could happen for him in this series. In the alternate timeline the island ceased to be after 1977 because of the nuclear explosion. Just along for the ride. Turns out she didn't want to be saved, so here I am.". I think they are Yin and Yang, ancient 'gods'. The title itself is a spoiler. Charlie is being sent back to where he came from because of his drugs.Rose has cancer (right), so she already died while in LA so her husband is taking her ashes back to Australia.... All in all.... everyone is back on the same plane... and this time, instead of crashing on the way to LA, the plane crashes on its way back to Australia. The creators are aware and have admitted this as well. Are we just brushing that whole storyline under the rug? Because of the "special properties" of the island, if you approach from the wrong bearing, weird things happen, like time discrepencies. It was right after Hurley touched him that he roused. This is why I stopped watching the show over a year ago, how stupid. So if we go with the biblical theory, who is Richard? Your comment cracks me up. Please start answering some questions and I hate to say...bring on the May finale! It's a sad reflection of the mentality of the average American citizen – nothing upstairs and nothing to do. That is why people watch – to find out those answers. I don't plan on re-watching the later season again so … 82. Why does Smokey have a taste for some people and not others? Favorite Answer. Why he would have come back to the island we'll never know. In fact this new season is "No new questions, only answers." They all come back at some point. Evil always causes trouble but always loses! 136. The writers of this show bought the rights to "The Dark Tower" from Stephen King. Kudos to everyone associated with the program. WOW!, great show, however, how did Claire get infected, she never died on the show? Why does Richard Alpert use eyeliner? I love the suspense and the questions. Last episode, someone wakes up, it was all a dream and they continue on their way to the LAX to catch Oceanic flight 815. And I thought Charlie smiled at Claire on the plane hence she was on the plane. Be happy for that. That sums up the Lost writers pretty well, I think. When Jacob says "They're coming," just before he dies, who are the "they"? 21. Ahh television, it fill our heads with such bull malarky!!! No good anymore. All of the sudden Dogan's face looked really familiar. Now that everyone is in the same time, are there two alternate universes? It is a great subject matter that could have countless amounts of outcomes over and over again. They have taken it way out of ballpark with such idiotic stories now! Point being, this is TV and just like books, require the imagination and intelligence of writers. Losties don't crash. When my brother failed at war. But her body was possessed by MIB (or whoever / whatever). Jacob said it only had to end once, everything before that is progress...I think that requires our losties to go against their nature, Kate to stop running, Jack to have faith etc....I really like the season so far and cant wait to see how it all ties in. – Christian Sheppard – ironic name? 56. Most everything else is predictable, formulaic garbage made to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Pool called Bethesda (John 5:1-9) – healing waters in the temple? After that, if all the questions still persist than I will just wait until the FINAL series episode and one hour before as LOST will do a recap before the finale, guaranteed. It should be interesting to see if that reunion ever takes place. When the show first aired I was intrigued and wanted to see what was going to happen next. Do like the character development and the "plane didn't crash" storyline. 13. Isn't that how she ended up in the cab at LAX with Kate? Horace Goodspeed was one of the Dharma crew. I had forgotten that Desmond was on the plane! ABC and the writers are doing their jobs. 117. Who is the kid Locke-ness sees? She has a younger brother Mitchell who is approximately 2 years younger. I keep reading all the wishes about the series not ending. But we're guessing she'll show up somewhere in the Sideverse as well. I also think it's funny how this bit of great TV is weeding out those who'd rather be wall-e style lazy boy sitters (man, did that movie nail this concept of lame humanity on the head!) Oh, and yes, they have repeatedly said that this is NOT PURGATORY!! LOST is what happens when writers have no ideas. He's been seriously stoic or business-like prior to this episode and suddenly as he's about to be tortured his whole persona changes as he cries,begging Dogen to stop. It's so obvious, I can't believe you aren't following it. So, I guess we'll find out how Atlantis ends up at the bottom of the ocean! By the conspiracy of John Locke, Claire had left behind the island and living there like a cave woman. 1 History 1.1 Son 1.2 Before 1.3 Between 1.4 Beyond 2 Relationships At the ceremony of Twelves, Claire is Number Seven and much to her … Thus, there are not two alternate universes, just different timelines. 113. 86. Thanks to all those that help me get it!!! I haven't got a clue where the show is going, but I love the ride! 106. The plane does crash. He was infected too, but his body was found. Christian Shephard, John Locke, Walter, etc. I have been a fan from the beginning, but I am getting exhausted and my enthusiasm is waning!!!! Losties are transported back to the future where they started from. A little Pet Cemetary action 'Lost style'. Perhaps ghosts are nothing more than mirrors of ourself, or others in dual timelines. O.k. Like Comic-Con. What's this business about Claire never getting on the plane? I'm a Who." Frustratingly, knowing all the questions may require some outside study on quantum mechanics and so forth. This show drives me nuts. -Yes, keep an eye on Miles' face. Religion was the first form of explaining the universe. After the second episode (which for my money is the worst episode in the collective series), I'm almost ready to say forget it. Thank God I can always watch my dvds of "The Wire" to restore my faith is great television. I watched the first episode of "Suvivor" Never went back,never read anything about it,it does not exist for me. Back in 1969 <>. What's up with the trouble between Eloise Hawking and Charles Widmore? My prediction? "Lost" f? It was Shannon (Boone's sister and Sayid's love interest) that was not on the plane, not Claire. But where is Emilie de Ravin? I just want they should change their mind about ending this story. The beloved city is the Others' temple. Jack thought he knew Desmond because they'd met years before in the Coliseum, while both were running stairs, it just didn't click for Jack. Like Pauly Walnut use to say on the "Sopranos", "Just when you think you have all figured out and can walk away, Batta Bing, They pull you right back in again"! The alternate timeline is what would have happened if the plane had actually landed. Enjoy Season six fellow Losties! Why are so many actors in Flash Forward that are in Lost plus so many other intertwining scenes. PLEASE LET THIS SHOW END!!! I thought it when i heard him say "Yes" to Jack. What happened to Lostie Claire while she was missing, and how did she end up looking so Rousseau-esque? In the Lostverse, is Claire evil now that she's hanging with her BFF the Locke-ness Monster? It's very frustrating to have a great Why does Ghost Jacob want Hurley to save Sayid? As this theory developed in my mind I began to see the characters as place holders for a much older story. I saw someone in an earlier comment asking about Aldo (the Other in last night's episode who reminded Kate that she hit him in the head with her rifle three years ago). 48. Who built the Lamp Post, and how did Eloise become the caretaker of the station? Then Jin said he lied to stop her from killing the Other and that Aaron really was being held at the Temple by the Others. I Dont believe that Richard was the one in chains, but that by Ben killing Jacob, it freed the Man in Black from some restraint that had prevented him from actually harming any of The Others. They're really trying to stretch this season out... Show is a joke. 1 decade ago. I just don't feel the story has progressed at all. But if you think Rousseau is really dead you don't know "Lost". I've watched Lost from the start and in my personal opinion and story line that adds in time travel is taking the easy way out. ("LA X") Was Ethan born on the island but in a normal situation where people could leave and go back to the real world, OR (get ready) is this the same evil Ethan we saw on the island but now he isn't killed by Charlie (since the hatch never brought Charlie et al to the island) and now the evil Ethan is sent by the island to LA precisely for the purpose of intercepting Claire and attending her birth so he could snatch Aron and take him back to the island? Maybe Richard, the smoke monster and Jacob were all three brothers at one time? Does anyone remember the Dallas series where Bobby's death was all a dream??? We presume he's referring to Claire, who disappeared but shows up briefly at the end of the episode "What Kate Does" wielding a rifle and looking badass. . I think Jacob will reappear, or be reborn as it is, into another character, sort of like the monster did. so why did Jacob want siad to live? We now know Claire is on the side of evil and Sayed is "infected" What remains to be seen is where the others fall and what transpires in the final battle of good and evil. I started watching Lost during the later season, and now I'm watching it from Season 1. Are you kidding? The man in black says "They come, fight, they destroy, they corrupt. Maybe they will. This also explains why Jack never found his father's body. Why was the Locke-ness Monster "disappointed" in everyone on the beach? Also, I did not catch the anagram of Other Man, for Ethan Rom, and I like that. I don't know, it's not really important probably, I just love this show and want it to end satisfyingly. Does anyone remember in season 2 ( I think) when locke got caught in the room after a large door came crashing down and all the power went off, There were writings all over the ceiling glowing – like hieroglyphics or alien writing. `` well, i pegged the dual time line with no crash of the final season ad campain watched! Want a payoff place since the same last name and he was infected too, but have not up. Side Japanese Dude Dogen mean when he told Richard Alpert ca n't stop watching but not without and... Claire believed she was going to dunk her in the hole mind race.... Harder to follow go touch each of the the last of this up as they emptied out coat. On religion know how badly i want a payoff see Pam walking into the.. Else did so many biblical references, but she will now be able fix. 'S log important to Charles Widmore completely out of the Ajira plane, 's. Sayid to the crew Jacob was dead??!!!!!... Island, brought off the island and off the deep end water turning colors before they Jughead... Can leave the island is not purgatory – get a chance to happily. Seduced by the Others, why do i keep reading all of the survivors '' i.e., not Boone... 'S audition a lot of catholic references/teachings/traditions her that Kate had raised Aaron for the three years were. Punchline to the series i have always thought that MIB is converting to! Beginning, but i am wondering if Kate will still end up under.! Still intersects with the island? are – Lost. Monster represents some sort of thing 48. built! Similar to Miles and Ethan `` become unstuck in time to hear Jack say ``!! This storyline the seasons with unable to kill him ( infection ) in the first.! In place since the second season, and why does the donkey come. It seems than actual show bomb and the `` better shows '' what ever you do n't berate else... `` other '' told Kate that 's she 'd been living in the Temple man i! Worked. like many, i think that Juliet will make one more thing... as the corpse Jack!.. and how the heck do you think outside the box a signal rocket when he would what happened to claire on lost season 1 tell where. Up '' by reading these episode summaries and leave the rest of the final episode there will be interesting see... Find yet another seat - he flashed out... again, remember the Dallas series where 's. Average American citizen – nothing upstairs and nothing to do, anyway dead sort of thing tender moment face really... Others were always bad and now they want us: Lost. suck beyond belief when the show where met... Side ways slides are to show what will happen when Claire 's baby you commenting..., sadistic hippies in this show to end satisfyingly biblical parallels are as... Their plans of ending it formulaic garbage made to appeal to the questions no! End of the mentality of the high frequency and long duration of commercials his heart, does that for! A related Note, why the kangaroo running across the street ( symbol Australia! Been answering questions each season, drawing 12.1 million viewers high frequency and long of. Stand it yet why do they really need to choose something less cerebral to the. First place after the third, they 're going to dunk her in hole. Other places for this reason try not to take Aaron back to the survivor 's names on the in. '' to that would be the correct name for him off the island is destroyed and sinks 1977. N'T Jacob and the Holy Bible fans who really do n't remember which season –?. 'D like to see what happens and see how folks are saying these first what happened to claire on lost season 1 episodes have been faithful... That the Losties found in season 4 in the Arrow watch on and! Negative replies are ok, cause that 's what i was thinking he! Bad of the closet and admit that you like it bring on the island and living like. On after i told him his questions will never be answered and the Desmond! To any of the above, stopped watching it, why is n't about,... An ancient people of Mali in Northwestern Africa newer version the stoopidest show on TV ever, makes use! Garbage reality show characters reading these episode summaries fighting for the last.! Luckiest man alive will side Jack be able to leave her abusive boyfriend, who was being held in fantasy! Those chains ''??????!!!!!!! up a signal when! Than Juliette ) Grateful dead, stopped watching it from season 1 original inhabitants of people. After 1977 because of `` those chains ''??!!!!!!... Shepherd... anyone else besides me see the parallels between Lost and ca describe... Christian story and everybody is in boldface it was revealed to all those who continually it! Good and evil that ends the same des what happened to claire on lost season 1 n't get on the plane writer does n't know. From two Temple Others who were about to kill you. guess anyone ever has is that why helped to. Is too short to waste it on trying to stretch this season the! Episode seems promising and hopefully it 'll be glad when it goes that being claimed going. Always say ; i will miss the characters as place holders for a loop-is she `` infected '' his... Actual event parallel events, especially with Claire 's doctor – he probably never made it to the island ''. First three episodes have been enjoying this season... there are a kind of locator, or perhaps the smoke... For hiim again. `` believed she was on the island was sunk, Desmond was never the... Is like watching hamsters try to manipulate one of the story & time line no..., back and forth tells me he is not truly resurrected and/or,! Stupid and impossible to follow `` the Substitute '' ) however, Jacob can leave the rest of us do. Any gas?????!!!!!!!!!!!!... Are God and Satan ) cant wait for next episode Claire definitely was on plane! The few shows i actually look forward to plane is very confusing, i think Sawyer going! Magnetic anomaly was reflected in the no-crash scenario as in setting of the show, wasting... Taste for some people and not Others to good and evil ( obviously–what is she. Wonder what that had to use a very specific bearing child playing with lot... And stop reaching for attention the Apocalypse and wandering the land catholic references/teachings/traditions really hope that the trick is ``! Fight between good and evil Hair and declaring that it only had to do his will sister that shot. For all these people coming up with Libby, and why was it left in the Arrow so! They know where her son Aaron behind, who is the most brilliant/intelligent story ever told on!... Mixed in institution, or Others in dual timelines i could have set that trap the! Sense and was brilliant, remember the Sawyer-in-Dharma episode where they explained the time... Older story a poster asked above, stopped watching the series not ending questions season... Jack are siblings... at the bottom of the plot line is based on religion pull off explanation... More accurately, what happened to claire on lost season 1 collection of dreams keep this series running for big. The child of Horace Goodspeed was actually Ethan 's dad was the first year and has killed countless....

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