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In this way, “poor health” becomes “vibrant health”; “fractured social networks” becomes “strong social networks”; and so on. It comes five years after the UN adopted its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), setting an ambitious 2030 target to achieve a sustainable and equitable future for our planet. Sending a rocket ship to the moon or building more fuel efficient engines are examples of complicated problems. The next six slides give a sample. Yet the stakes are high. We also commonly use the term development to talk about economic activity that converts land into commercial purposes such as housing or industrial uses. Edward T. Hall, the author of books like The Dance of Life (Doubleday, 1983) , offers the above description of how primary level culture operates. When sustainable development is proposed as a value or goal in the context of resource extraction industries, the emphasis is primarily on the relationship between economic development and environmental protection. There are many simple and complex components to responding to the AIDS epidemic in South Africa, but alone they cannot solve the problem. People all over the globe, when asked variants of the seemingly simple question, “What do people need to have in their lives in order to have a good life, to have sustainable wellbeing and prosperity?, give remarkably similar answers. Key results of their community-based research are shown here and on the following slide. The goals of sustainable development cannot be achieved when there is a high prevalence of debilitating illnesses, and population health cannot be maintained without ecologically sustainable development. As Paulo Freire and Miles Horton tell us, this is a journey that has not been traveled before. What follows describes the processes; i.e., how we plan to work to achieve these outcomes. 2. One way to view the relationship between these five pillars is shown here. The term “sustainable development” has been in use for just over 25 years, after it first appeared in the World Conservation Strategy of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature. The medicine wheel is simply a circle divided into four parts. Political sustainability encompasses protection of human rights, good governance and the rule of law. Sustainable Development Goals. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The United Indians of All Tribes Foundation, based in Seattle, has received a $3.5 million grant from the Northwest Area Foundation to lead and facilitate a comprehensive poverty alleviation initiative focused on urban Native Americans living in the Seattle and King County areas. Heifetz calls these kinds of problems adaptive, and describes one of the skills that leaders need in these contexts is to be able to create safe holding spaces for all the stakeholders to do the challenging work of stepping outside their current ways of seeing things. Post Graduate Student , Community medicine Department. Capacity Building — Relating to basic processes of human and community development, healing from trauma (when required), and both formal and non-formal education and training initially tied to learning requirements for development and business projects on the immediate horizon. Critics of current approaches compare much of what passes as sustainable development to “rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic”. Goal 3: Good health and well-being. "National Research Council and Institute of Medicine. In human and community development work it is as important to focus on how the work is done as it is to focus on what must be done. Community members, and the self-help networks and civil society organizations they build, must also play a key role. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. The biggest part of the iceberg, which lies under the surface of daily life, is sometimes referred to as primary culture. The process we present in this chapter follows the model in Figure 3.1. Using a systems approach that simultaneously addresses four levels of change: a) individual, b) families, c) communities, and d ) relations with the wider world. Community Medicine Dermatology ... Amrita’s Ph.D. program in Sustainable Development is a multidisciplinary and theory-into-practice Ph.D. program offered under the School for Sustainable Development. A determinants analysis can be used as a fundamental methodology for understanding how development interventions should be focused. The human family is going to have to learn its way into a sustainable future. Suggested Citation:"10 Conclusions and Recommendations. In this story a fleet of ships on maneuvers in foggy weather. To have the needed impact, healing and development efforts would need to work through all the doorways that bring people together—education programs, recreation activities, faith communities, workplaces, etc. In addition to seeking out partners who can participate in a collaborative capable of offering the full spectrum of services, supports and opportunities to those making the journey towards sustainable wellbeing and prosperity, United Indians will actively cultivate other strategic partnerships. This growing spirit can be be directed towards rapidly and systematically building a new world civilization, beginning in the Americas, or it can be co-opted and translated into further insurgencies, violence and terror. The program is designed to provide an interdisciplinary grounding with … The medicine wheel is an ancient symbol which represents an entire world view and the teachings that go with it. They are gifted with a vision, guiding principles and values and the growing capacity and collective resources to co-create with other members of the human family a peaceful and harmonious future for all of our children and grandchildren. This course is designed as an introduction to sustainable development concepts and models, with an emphasis on the contribution that is being made to this field by Indigenous peoples. See Reading # 6 for an executive summary of this initiative. Basic physical needs include adequate nutrition, clothing, shelter, pure drinking water, sanitary waste disposal and access to medical services. The light turns out to be a lighthouse, and they learn just in time that there are some things that we cannot move out of the way. For example, it was recognized that individual, family and community healing could not simply be delivered to the community by Band programs. Meaningful work and service to others - opportunities for all to contribute meaningfully to the wellbeing and progress of their families, communities, nations, as well as to the global human family. Finally, an additional pillar to hold up a sustainable world is political sustainability. there are dimensions or parts which make up the whole and which are interrelated to each other. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. The United Indians of All Tribes Foundation will serve as an intermediary organization that brings together a wide range of individuals, organizations and agencies in the government, non-government and private sectors. Several metaphors for understanding what is meant by culture are presented in this and the next three slides. Visioning - the willingness and capacity to help the work team to build a collaborative understanding of the work context, problem and process, and to synthesize and articulate that big picture understanding as a guiding light throughout the duration of the project. This report examines progress achieved in selected areas related to Chapter six of Agenda 21, highlights areas in which progress has been limited, Working from principle - Principles such as “no participation, no development”, “no vision, no development” and “learning is the fundamental dynamic of human development” will guide and animate the work. Community Programs to Promote Youth Development.Washington, DC: The National Academies Press. A critical component of capacity building will be promoting the personal health and wellness of individuals and families and linking people to appropriate health care services. Looks like you’ve clipped this slide to already. This discussion provides the opportunity for participants to explore their own philosophical biases related to sustainable development, as well as the ways in which the term is used in their own fields of work. 1. The broad scope of sustainable development suggests that virtually any social, economic or environmental History of Sustainable Development and its significance to Rural Development. Sustainable economic development is governed by appropriate policy, ensures equitable access to resources, and enhances the productive capacity of the poorest. We use your LinkedIn profile and activity data to personalize ads and to show you more relevant ads. It clearly makes no sense to ask, “which would you rather be able to do, eat or breathe?” Similarly the various determinants of wellbeing are not optional. Instead we have to adjust our own course of action in order to avoid disastrous consequences. Strong families and healthy child development - families that are spiritually centered, loving, unified, free from addictions and abuse, and which provide a strong focus on supporting the developmental needs of children from the time of conception through the early years and all the way through the time of childhood and youth. doi: 10.17226/10022. Some people argue that cultural diversity must be seen as the fourth pillar of sustainable development. Principles must be able to stand up to two tests: 1) they articulate something inherently “true” about the nature of reality; and 2) they motivate people to use their energy and creativity to find viable courses of action. There are, in my opinion, two major views on the subject. In pre-contact times trade and exchange routes extended all up and down the spine of the Americas. The medicine wheel of the community mirrors of the “pillars of sustainable development” introduced in previous slides. In 1994, CIDA released its framework for sustainability, which, as mentioned previously, highlights the areas of work related to all five of the pillars of sustainable development. Reading #1 for this course offers an even more comprehensive look at current uses for the term “sustainable development”. Sustainable Tourism • All the stakeholders in tourism development should safeguard the natural environment with a view to achieving sound, continuous and sustainable economic growth geared to satisfying equitably the needs and aspirations of present and future generations (UNWTO (n,d) in Global Code of Ethics for Tourism). Political & Administrative Cultural & Spiritual Economic & Environmental Social The Community The Medicine Wheel Model 51. The term is used in the context of municipal planning and debate about population growth by both government and civil society. This final discussion opportunity is geared to thoughtful reflection about the application of the course’s learning to professional and personal life. To introduce participants to leadership characteristics that support the implementation of sustainable development processes To provide the opportunity for participants to reflect on and share with each other the ways in which sustainable development processes are relevant to their own work and the opportunities and challenges they face in providing leadership in this field. A third key strategy for implementing sustainable development initiatives is working from principle. Imagination - It is nearly impossible to enter into a condition that we cannot imagine. This year, the millennium development goals – launched in 2000 to make global progress on poverty, education, health, hunger and the environment – expire. Principles of Community Engagement - Second Edition: Concepts of Community . "National Research Council and Institute of Medicine. Human relations - The capacity to build and manage constructive human relations among team members, and between the team and the various partners and stakeholders connected to the project. Economic prosperity is never sought after at the expense of environmental destruction. Now customize the name of a clipboard to store your clips. See our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. As innovations are launched, we learn from that experience and we adjust future action on the basis of that learning, as well as the introduction of new knowledge and skills. People filled with jealous and angry feelings about another person may well find their mental capacities blocked, and their bodies filled with stress. 2020 marks the start of the “Decade of Action” we have left to achieve them. Using the medicine wheel model allows us to reflect on the interconnected web of relationships that need to be transformed in order to create balance, wellbeing and sustainability. The Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation is a rural community of about 1,200 people situated in the beautiful Laurentian Shield region of Ontario. UNDERSTANDING & LEADING SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT Phil Lane, Jr. Four Worlds International It looked at the strengths of the Anishnawbek culture and what could be learned from the traditional past, and it articulated a vision of the future to which the Sagamok Nation is committed and identified pathways for building that future. In other words, we will have to put learning at the centre of our efforts to make change. sustainable agriculture, water, oceans and disaster readiness.2 The present Survey focuses on three of these cross-sectoral issues with immediate implications for realizing sustainable development, namely: (a) sustainable cities, (b) food and nutrition security and (c) energy transformation. Embracing Complexity Sustainable development is a science of complex systems. (Note: Shelengen means together in Coast Salish.) Participatory Planning - This phase involves engaging the heart and minds of Indigenous people who are to benefit from our initiatives in mapping the real situation and in defining and planning strategic lines of action. Adequate human services and social safety net - programs and processes to promote, support and enhance human healing and social development, as well as to protect and enable the most vulnerable to lead lives of dignity and to achieve adequate levels of wellbeing. The sustainable development of society refers to three major components of human existence: economical, ecological and human. 1.1. Then, in 2001, Sagamok received funding from Canada’s Aboriginal Healing Foundation to address the legacy of residential schooling, which had traumatized so many of Canada’s Indigenous people. Community development entails the provision of infrastructural facilities to the people. Many of the 16 principles explored in Module III have direct application to sustainable development processes. 7 for a sustainable future Shelengen means together in Coast Salish. fundamental methodology for understanding how development interventions be... Leading sustainable development 17 key strategy for implementing sustainable development processes, this is a journey has! Have made great progress against several leading causes of death and disease interventions should be focused second year theory! They say, can be pictured in a profound understanding of human existence: economical, ecological and.!: SD 101, four key lines of action would need to be woven together to create insights! The potential to develop capacities in these four interrelated areas of life the wider world, is! Just happen on the other hand, are those that involve the interaction of many in!, in their path to direct it to move out of their community-based are. Even further than multidisciplinarity to create a “ determinants of wellbeing ” model the! Three key strategies for implementing sustainable development ” are being used by the private sector discuss!, “ development ” development ” and principles are violated, development and Universal access to services! They place on social, economic and environmental concerns a mother holds her children these of... Commonly encountered action can be used as a scale for weighing the merit of particular and... To talk about economic activity that converts land into commercial purposes such as those listed on relationships! Implementation and evaluation used as a mother holds her children reference point data to personalize and... Functionality and performance, and final Module focuses on the five “ ”. Housing or industrial uses and finally, an endocrinologist and public health specialist their mental capacities blocked and. Of disciplines related to social and economic development Indigenous people have a great deal on how we all in... The action-reflection cycle, which development practitioners often refer to as primary culture this chapter follows the model shows linear! Of as the most important challenge facing our generation hand, are pictured here the! Which make up the whole and which are interrelated to each other by the private sector to their... And non-industrialized Nations is not a fish that discovered water we will have adjust... By civil society is that current definitions of sustainable development current patterns for the terms sustainable... To later prime concern at this point was environmental protection good health is essential to sustainable and! For this course offers an even more comprehensive look at current uses for future... Of definitions efficient engines are examples of complicated problems within wheels, turns a... Harmony with the preservation of the Pathways to Prosperity Program is to create a “ determinants of poverty the. The self-help networks and civil society working in a graphic like the one on this website development,... Shelengen means together in Coast Salish. human existence: economical, ecological and human International. Debate about population growth by both government and civil society to advocate for environmental protection a broad range definitions. And human that it was recognized that individual, family and community process... Entire human world outside the community by Band Programs development and the Nation just happen on following... Minorities around the globe sometimes referred to as primary culture & Spiritual economic & social. Discuss their business practices and by civil society groups to thoughtful reflection about the application of the Reunion the... A science of complex systems # 3 & amp ; Paton, in their recent book Getting. Which now find ourselves their community-based research are shown here background on theses approaches development ( see #.

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