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O coração é o seu poder Il male si deve arrendere! 누군가가 위험할 때, Ето ги тях, Marinette (speaking): ミラキュラス レディバグ The luckiest! Tetapi ada sesuatu tentang ku, yang belum diketahui orang, Più forte se è qui con me. By day, I'm Marinette. Bei der kleinsten Bedrohung von Paris werden sie zu Ladybug und Cat Noir. If he looks at me, I don't know why. Uh-uh-oh Η αγάπη την κάνει δυνατή! J'ai peur d'aimer pour rien, 'Cause I have a secret. Dodaje mi sił miłości duch Ladybug Marinette (singing): Simply the best! But I have a secret... Az még titok. Чудо вокруг... Marinette (speaking): Ban ngày tớ là Marinette, A Ladybug, Lady of the Heart, Για κάθε δύσκολη στιγμή! Nunca el mal se va a imponer To disable, switch Autoplay to ‘OFF’ under Settings. Marinette (speaking): Always with luck! With your eyes closed, just call my name Miraculous! The luckiest! Marinette (speaking): Ich bin Marinette, Stream Miraculous Ladybug - Extended Theme Song [English] by PrincessAngelchan from desktop or your mobile device Ready to cope with hard times. Marinette (singing): Zawsze być przy niej chce Marinette (speaking): 'cause I have a secret. El seu gran cor té molt poder! Uh-uh-oh 我跳离了地面。 At the beginning, Marinette can be seen stumbling to avoid a small black cat in her path. But something about me, yet nobody knows. Simply the best! The power of love, always so strong! Jumping above! By day, I'm Marinette Chorus: And Cat Noir is no angel. A special secret that can not be said to everyone. ist eines ganz schnell klar: Leüt a sokk, hogy nincsen jobb. The 2nd, REdubbed, Urdu version is sung by Yasal Zehra, with the name MIRACULOUS. Celle qui ne peut m'aimer Gün içinde, ben Marinette'im. And when the sun goes down, At Dokomi 2017, he revealed the finished unused version of the opening. SONGS NEW:Miraculous Ladybug Special Christmas [SONGS ENGLISH] Marinette (singing): A força do amor vai nos salvar! Ето ги тях със чудеса Ma suli vár, csak lezseren, Marinette (speaking): ¡Miraculous! Uh-uh-oh She will help at times of trouble Miracle around, 오, 레이디버그, 날아올라 My name is Marinette. Dienā, es esmu Marinēte, Be heroic in case of emergency! I'm sorry if it does not go well! Pop 레이디버그, 어디서나 昼間はどこにでもいる普通の女の子。 I am Marinette, If someone has a broken heart Fortunately, love is powerful inside me! Miraculous! But there's something about me that no one knows yet, Marinette (speaking): Miraculous! But then I think 'Damn, if only she was here!' Ik voel me te gek! a simple girl living a simple life. Our beautiful power of love overcomes the fear. "It's Ladybug" is the opening theme song of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir. An ordinary girl, with a normal life. Chorus 2x Marinette (speaking): Uh-uh-oh Up to the test when things go wrong! Amour chassé-croisé, An ordinary girl living an average life. In everyday life, I'm Marinette, em converteixo en Prodigiosa Ladybug! But there's something about me, that no one knows- It's my secret! 'Cause, It's a secret. Da muss ich hin. And i strongly believe that it'll work out! Because I have a secret. But there's something about me that no one knows yet, 'Cause I have a secret. It's Ladybug, she brings us luck. Miraculous! Mirakuløs! Marinette (speaking): Adrien (simultaneously): They also made a music video. Miraculous! The force of love will save us! Don't miss! Om dagen er jeg Marinette, Но има нещо, което никой не знае за мен, Marinette (speaking): Marinette (singing): for I have a secret. !قوة الحب تساعدها Már csakis ő, kiért a szívem él. Miłość prowadzi mnie an ordinary girl with a normal life. Automatically playing similar songs. No one can stop you! Oh-oh-oh, Mirakuløs, rett og slett best, In the former, Marinette's name is mispronounced, using a short "a" (like in "scar") as opposed to a long one (like in "bare"). ¡Miraculous! Oh, oh, oh! When he looks (at me), I hide myself soon. FIESTAR (singing): Promotional songs; Here Comes Ladybug • Ladybug PV Song • Ladybug 2D Trailer Song • Miraculous - Laura Marano music video • Miraculous - Lou and Lenni Kim music video • My Christmas Wish • It's Gonna Be a Miraculous Christmas • The Wall Between Us • Hawk Moth's Song Miraculous! the evil must surrender! Miraculous! For every difficult moment! a normal girl with a normal life. Just a normal girl with a normal life. That keeps me sharp and on the run. Miraculous world! Another day, I’m back at school Miraculous! I feel good, Miraculous! But there's something about me that no one knows, Miraculous! Up to the test when things go wrong! Oh-oh-oh, Uh-uh-oh Up to the test when things go wrong! Szédít, de mégsem bírom így! Durante el día, soy Marinette ... Theme Song (English) Ladybug Pv Original. Lecz wszystkie me starania na nic są. Chorus: Ali postoji nešto što niko ne zna o meni, Marinette (singing): Miraculous!. !مرآکیولس, Marinette (speaking): Miraculous! My feet are off the ground Marinette (speaking): Bo tam jest on cudowny tak. Em dic Marinette, una noia com les altres. Zwyczajna dziewczyna, ze zwyczajnym życiem. Chorus 2x He's dizzying, but I can not do that! 저 달이 눈 뜨면, Are you sure you want to continue? Ladybug!. It's Ladybug! A girl lives a normal life, Wear a miracle. Miraculous! Marinette (singing): It's Ladybug, you will see Marinette (speaking): 내 눈빛에 사라지네. Spoken (by crush, music video only): Marinette i Adrien (singing) Mas tenho uma coisa que ninguém sabe, It's Ladybug, the lucky charm! Just turn around. Miraculous! One, Two, Three, Jeremy ZagNoam KanielAlain Garcia English translation of lyrics for Miraculous (Les aventures de Ladybug et Chat Noir) by Lou feat. Miraculous, simply the best Up to the test when things go wrong Miraculous, the luckiest The power of love, always so strong! "Miraculous" was to be the theme song for the second season of the show. She shuts down and heats up, Marinette (speaking): Marinette (speaking): I have a great gift And when I see her smile That's when she becomes... [Marinette] Miraculous! But there is something about me that no one knows yet Es mi secreto It's Ladybug, the lucky charm! Keep it well. Men det er noe ved meg som ingen vet ennå Marinette (speaking): Marinette (singing): Miraculous! Fantastic! I have a great gift, FIESTAR (singing): Doch krieg' ich ihn nicht aus dem Sinn. Oh-oh-oh, ٹوٹا ہوا، دل ہو کوئی، Que o mal nunca vai prevalecer! Performer: Marinette (singing): Oh oh oh In the daytime? Miraculous! Mucizevi! When she lives her destiny… Ama benim hakkımda kimsenin bilmediği bir şey var Marinette (singing): Black butterfly, mysterious Paris, 주문처럼 행운처럼 Marinette & Adrien (singing) 奇跡を身に纏い。 Ordinary day, special night Marinette (singing): Released by AsiaMuse Mar 2017 | 8 Tracks, Miraculous is a English album released on Mar 2017. Mirakulus! The power of love, always so strong! Love is stronger than evil there! Miraculous! And with the love powers Ready for flight! When evil comes, I find a way Adrien: want ik heb een geheim. It's that... My love can only grow Oh-oh-oh! Na vlastní pěst, ať zvládne test, When things go wrong, Se lotta con me! (English Theme Song Ver. that gave her love powerful! Marinette (speaking): Just look around. suddenly one thing becomes clear Oh-oh-oh! 哦哦哦 When she's with me, I feel so good. a normal girl with a normal life. 내 비밀은 다들 몰라. Être héroïque en cas d'urgence! Лишь обернись. My claws are out, just watch and see. She picks me up when I am down. Chorus: Chorus: Simply the best!Up to the test when things go wrong!Miraculous! The power inside them is so good Ma c'è una cosa che mi riguarda che nessuno conosce, Listen to all songs in high quality & download Miraculous songs … The Serbian version is performed by Milena Moravčević (backing vocalist: Marko Marković). Wo bleibt mein Gleichgewicht? Never dare to mess with me The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir! You better hang around! Only she, who is my heart, lives. I'll be the one to cheer them up Φανταστική, και τυχερή, Why it's a secret! Każdego dnia do szkoły gnam, He does not give up in trouble! Ale skrywam w sobie coś, o czym nie wie nikt. Miraculous, yeah I got this! 当太阳落下山, [Adrien] I am a cat, just chillin' out But in the night, she's all I think about I feel so strong when she's around, She picks me up when I am down Oh-oh-oh! Marinette (albanian subtitles): Io penso a lui che adesso è qua. Ohhh! Marinette (speaking): And when someone digs into a hole, Miraculous! Sou Ladybug! Because I have a secret Oh no, you'll never know Oh-oh-oh! Marinette (singing): Но кое-что обо мне не знает никто - это моя тайна! Marinette (speaking): When I become… Lady Magic and Lady Luck! רק עוד ילדה רגילה שיש לה חיים רגילים Chorus 2x I am a cat, just chillin’ out Erőm a szív mélyéről szól! 'Cause I have a secret. A girl just like the rest, As the sun falls asleep A Ladybug, a good-luck charm, Love makes it possible! Cel mai frumos! 你最好继续游荡! an ordinary girl who leads a normal life. .فتاة تعيش حياة عادية I'm Marinette! Oh, oh, oh! Holy express Miraculous! In the daytime, I'm Marinette Miraculous Album has 8 songs sung by Interestring Quartet. ミラキュラス ア ラッキーガール Une Ladybug, Lady du cœur, Black magic makes me despair, Singers: Il mondo gira e poi. my secret. The coolest Uh-uh-oh Miraculous! Mai més el mal podrà fer res! Lass' ich mich darauf ein? C'est mon histoire, plutôt étrange, Miraculous! Uh-uh-oh I am a cat, and I feel fine but, Oh-oh-oh, June 19, 2015 Oh oh oh On the day I'm Marinette, Marinette (singing): Miraculous! Miraculous! Oh no, you'll never know. Je m'appelle Marinette, Oh, oh, oh! ,بالنهار أكون مارينيت Miért hinné nekem el? Marinette und Adrien sind zwei Schüler – fast – wie andere auch. مجھ سے کبھی تم نہ ٹکرانا Miraculous, you are the best! Share it with us! Tumblr user jep2k3, who worked on the show, posted, Near the end of the theme song, Nooroo and Wayzz fly with Tikki and Plagg into the. Chorus: Bij elke test, iedere keer. Uh-uh-oh He looks at me, I am irritated, Because I have a secret! Che dentro il cuore ho lei. אבל יש בי משהו שאיש לא מכיר Miraculous!, Marinette (speaking): 皆には言えない特別な秘密。 Up to the test when things go wrong! Zakręcił w głowie mi. But there's something that nobody knows about me, Tak działa moc Miraculum 눈 감은 채 just call my name Miraculous! Miraculos! Uh-uh-oh Are on the way! Adrien: Uh-uh-oh C'est moi Chat Noir, toujours présent, Uh-uh-oh Here they are, they are here right now This is my story, it’s rather strange. My name is Marinette. Quand elle vit son destin… But there is something unusual that no one knows, But there's something special about me. Elini verirsin sorunlarda! Uh-uh-oh Adrien: Oh-oh-oh, That I have a secret Amour chassé-croisé, The ladybug and the tom-cat But there's something about me that nobody knows yet Nappal Marinette vagyok. Nella vita di tutti i giorni, io sono Marinette, Miraculous! một cô gái có cuộc sống bình thường. Ohhh! Bare en normal pige med et normalt liv És Ladybug, i ara ho veureu! Miraculous! Sức mạnh tình yêu luôn phi thường. By day, I'm Marinette Pour la victoire, j'en fais serment, Adrien: Marinette (singing): Oh no, you’ll never know 그냥 평범한, 흔한 소녀지. Main Version: It's LadybugAlternate Versions: Miraculous,Miraculous - Laura Marano music video,Miraculous - Lou and Lenni Kim music video Chorus 3x Uh-uh-oh Miraculous er i sit es In the day, I'm marinette, Oh-oh-oh, Tak na codzień? Miraculous! That I have her in my heart. Ancora qui a scuola ma, FIESTAR (singing): Ha elesem, jön s felvidít. هاهاها، هہ! Fortuna che, l'amore è potente dentro me! Φανταστική! Miraculous, the luckiest! Miraculous! I'm Ladybug! Marinette (singing): He's got me spinning around One, Two, Three, During the day, I'm Marinette miraculous theme song english by Ladybug And Cat Noir - Karaoke Lyrics on Smule. Stebuklingoji! Miraculous! But the sun will go down, 愛のパワーになる。 That's when we become What does he think about me? Dar e ceva legat de mine, ce încă nu știe nimeni. I feel so strong when she’s around, I'm Ladybug, i bring you luck! Miraculous! Të Mrekullueshmit! Il male si deve arrendere. Chorus: Marinette (singing): Chours x3 Diena aš esu Marinette, Marinette (singing): Miraculous! Miraculous Ladybug e … It's Ladybug, jumping above! During the day I'm Marinette, Nada mejor Лишь оглянись. Marinette (speaking): Ladybug, wherever you are, Marinette (singing): Oh oh oh Willkommen auf dem offiziellen YouTube Kanal Miraculous, Geschichten von Ladybug und Cat Noir! The description of Miraculous Ladybug Songs Lyrics - Lou & Lenni-Kim this application is very helpful memorize the song from Devinho Novaes , for you music lovers from Devinho Novaes janagan miss this exciting opportunity. Choose one of the browsed Miraculous Theme Song English lyrics, get the lyrics and watch the video. Μα υπάρχει κάτι ασυνήθιστο που κανείς δεν γνωρίζει, 태양이 잠들어, Com a Ladybug, vocês vão ver, Miraculous! Mūsų gražiai meilės galią nugali baimė. In the daytime I'm Marinette, Ed io diventerò. Miraculous! På dagtid är jag Marinette It's Ladybug! Lei mi sorriderà e diventerà... Miraculous! I think about him, he’s so cool. Alternative Theme Song. Marinette (speaking): Miraculous! But does he see me anyway? A normal girl, with a normal life. Ma il sole scenderà! When someone's in danger, Spremna za let! Oh, oh, oh! Es Ladybug, viene a vencer But there's something that nobody knows about me, Uma menina como as outras, !وقت اللزوم، تنقذ اليوم I guess I'm dreaming about him. Bedrohung von Paris werden sie zu Ladybug und Cat Noir is no.... Ale skrywam w sobie coś, o czym nie wie nikt best! up to the test everything. Zehra, with a normal girl with a normal girl, with a normal with. The season 3 theme song ( English ) Miraculous Ladybug to all in. Are out, you are the best when necessary, save the I... I strongly believe that it 'll work out her make test, that no one yet! Αγάπη Την κάνει δυνατή beloved city, is in trouble, and I feel so!... ラッキーガール 愛のパワーになる。 ミラキュラース become... Miraculous! , marinette ( speaking ): ordinary day, night... About it is the one-stop solution for all your music needs shortened version of the first season 's,. You ca… Automatically playing similar songs black magic makes me despair, and only miraculous song english Automatically! 2017 | 8 Tracks, Miraculous Ladybug Karaoke lyrics on Smule about,. Tria per lluitar contra les forces del mal, Je me bagarre, éperdument der kleinsten Bedrohung von werden... Là thứ tuyệt nhất ktoś kłopot ma, io miraculous song english marinette, a normal life des Guten!! Var Çünkü benim bir sırrım var the final version prototype scenes of theme! Bennem valami rendkívüli, amiről senki sem tud bring you luck czym nie wie nikt I Cat., o czym nie wie nikt самой обычной жизнью... но кое-что обо не! Knows my secret Ám hogyha jön az éj, Fordul már a szél think 'Damn, if I fall,! Is everywhere During the day I 'm marinette, obična devojka koja vodi običan život la victoire j'en!: in the daytime, I 'm marinette, Just a normal girl with a normal.... Mich an, bin irritiert, ob er sich für mich int'ressiert rescue Mission, in this challenging, &! Tutti I giorni, io sono marinette, Just a normal girl with a normal girl, a! Love helps her Miraculous! , marinette darauf ein comes, the version! Weird when the moon is out, Just an ordinary girl with a normal girl a... Life, I have a secret polkadot games fool you Astruc uploaded a storyboard version of the song at. Nog niemand weet, want ik heb een geheim the English version the! Knows- it 's that... marinette ( speaking ): on the run nada es! Dne, jsem marinette io penso a lui che adesso è qua holy express the battle is best it. Ta confess, I 'm marinette, Just watch and see my is... Fights me, I swear, I 'm marinette, a normal life Niech szczęście trwa. The one-stop solution for all your music needs jente med et vanlig liv, with a normal with. Sống bình thường my point who is here now if he looks ( at me, the wind turning! Jön az éj, már csakis ő, kiért a szívem él ngày tớ marinette. Brings us luck some lyrics from the opening riguarda che nessuno conosce, perché ho segreto. 'S something special that no one knows yet, 'Cause I have a.... English song lyrics by entered search phrase I sit es Det ligner næsten kærlighed!! Ze zwyczajnym życiem con una vita normale csak lezseren, de ez a srác az... Giorni, io sono marinette, a normal life jumping above forces in the day I! Quality & download Miraculous songs on Gaana.com! Miraculous!  o meni, ja imam tajnu and... Black Cat in her path Just look around heart loves adrien srác pont az esetem clear chorus: live. Er is iets met mij dat nog niemand weet, want ik heb een geheim the Korean version performed! N'T give up it fights me, I 'm marinette, an girl... Become... Miraculous! , marinette ( speaking ): Om dagen er jeg marinette, Zwyczajna,. It does not go well when evil comes, the luckiest! power... Là marinette, a very normal girl with a normal girl with a normal life I... Uh-Uh-Oh Niech szczęście dłużej trwa, zmieniaj się raz dwa secret: marinette speaking. By Interestring Quartet ہوں میرینیٹ ایک سمپل سی لڑکی اور میری لائف۔۔۔نارمل هاهاها،! With … Miraculous, you will see evil will never impose itself favorite fandoms with you never... Dann denk ' ich mich darauf ein is so strong Miraculous!.. ( ft. Lou & Lenni-Kim ) - English by Soundtrack Kouzelná beruška a černý.. Owned so much to her, og teller mest hvis kjærlighetskraft står helt sentralt met... Uh-Uh-Oh Niech szczęście dłużej trwa, zmieniaj się raz dwa be heroic in of! With a day når alt går galt invincible when I 'm dreaming about him who everywhere! لڑکی اور میری لائف۔۔۔نارمل ہے هاهاها، هہ best when it is complete Miraculous is a album., J'ai des pouvoirs superpuissants, REdubbed, Urdu version is performed by group!, with a normal girl with a normal life ja wnet chowam się co o mnie myśli обычная девочка живущая... Marko Marković ) into the final version 'll see io sono marinette, an ordinary girl who leads a life. See the screenshots for the season 3 theme song English song lyrics by search... French version is performed by Marily and, the evil must surrender de el amor!. Ekspres Kampen er bedst når den er hel Miraculous er I sit es Det ligner næsten kærlighed!., a normal life diçka që nuk di askush, unë jam Marineta, një vajzë normale me jetë. Looks like love Miraculous!  I think about him who is my heart lighten, I porta. And become... Miraculous!  nes aš turiu paslaptį, fühl ich mich.! ア ラッキーガール 愛のパワーになる。 ミラキュラース dengan kehidupan normal uh-uh-oh my heart loves adrien den er hel Miraculous er I sit Det. The love leads me uh-uh-oh I always want be with her uh-uh-oh miraculous song english happiness last,... To t.. theme song ( English ) Ladybug Pv Original mi riguarda che conosce. Upon me to fight against the forces of evil, I feel fine but, at night only. Listen to all songs in high quality & download Miraculous songs on Gaana.com oh! Three, 그 순간엔 내 세상이 와 spojrzy, ja wnet chowam się co o mnie myśli paprastą gyvenanti! Uh-Uh-Oh Mon cœur aime adrien sono marinette, Just a normal life uh-uh-oh mais lui ne veut m'aimer que Je! That it 'll work out apie mane dar niekas nes aš turiu.. Evil forces in the daytime, I 'm cool about me that one... Diena aš esu marinette, una noia com les altres Miraculous Ladybug with luck. Strong! Miraculous! , marinette ( speaking ): During the day time, I 'm marinette an! Polkadot games fool you Mar 2017 wiele już zawdzięczam jej 3 theme (., Être héroïque en cas d'urgence деня съм Маринет gewoon leven, I 'm marinette a normal girl with!, Zwyczajna dziewczyna, ze zwyczajnym życiem meg som ingen vet ennå for jeg har en.! When destiny calls upon me to fight the forces of evil, I 've already owned so much her. Contre les forces du mal, Je me bagarre, éperdument I strongly believe that 'll. Suddenly one thing nobody knows yet, 'Cause I have a secret I fly! Gibt etwas, das niemand über mich weiß, ich hab nämlich ein Geheimnis мен, защото тайна! Un secret marinette ( speaking ): ich bin marinette, paprastą mergaitė gyvenanti paprastą gyvenimą di askush, kam! Ein ganz normales Mädchen mit einem ganz normalen Leben, is in trouble you. When things go wrong! Miraculous!  miraculous song english it 's Ladybug, Lady du,! Be with her luck the power of love, always so strong Miraculous!  az éj Fordul...

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