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The Jiang Cheng in these dreams… he had attained everything Jiang Cheng had ever dreamed of having. My attempt at the Hargreeves siblings watching the show. It was originally on LJ but has made its way to AO3 now. I track the tag history rover. The League of Villains are in a bit of a tough spot after the fall of All For One. 10. Looking for Fics where characters sit down and watch the show. Everyone finds out all the shit Danny goes through, his trauma from the accident, the bullying, his grades slipping. Where there's screaming and regretting, and the dying is upsetting! Richie says. Things would be just fine after and the Yiling Patriarch would be dead for the second and last time. This tag belongs to the Additional Tags Category. They’re about the same height; Jimin had never paid enough attention to him to notice that. You don’t like him then that’s your business, don’t watch his shows and don’t listen to his songs, noone made you. Ones where the characters for whatever reason sit and watch the show that they're In. Mo Dao Zu Shi (Chinese: 魔道祖师; pinyin: Mó Dào Zǔ Shī; lit. alex; evelyn; winter +13 more # 15. They are…” his voice cracks, breaking off unable to continue. These are … So." Reveal fic. "Not about the last thing, Richie! It started when WWX showed up in LWJ’s calligraphy club - he spends every session drawing perfectly calligraphed memes and he … Hey guys just wondering if you know any fanfics where characters of the show end up seeing what happens on the show tyvm! Turns out that their universe is facing the possibility of destruction and a being known as the Gatekeeper decided to step in to provide them information that'll help them tip the odds more in their favor. Anonymous said: I just started watching the untamed and just finished episode 9 and like what I'm getting from LWJ and WWX is that WWX is a horrible … Around them he noticed Bakugou, Iida, Uraraka, Mineta, Todoroki, Kirishima, Asui and heck was that him? Harry Potter and his whole School, along with the auras and the order, find themselves in a white room with a weird voice. Will relationships and friendship last, what will his friends think when they are shown Sam and his brother Dean impersonating law enforcement officers, telling lies to get information. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; … When Aizawa flipped the DVD case over, he felt a shiver run down his spine. It makes us stronger. I DID NOT CONSENT TO THIS BEING SEEN ON ANYTHING OTHER THAN AO3. Richie's mom, who's the only adult in the world cool with them calling her by her first name, Maggie asks with wrinkled eyebrows. Metal gleams, the sword three parts out of its sheath, and Wei Wu Xian warns, “Watch it! Eddie asks. The Untamed/MDZS (all incarnations) What We Do In the Shadows; The Mandalorian ; I tried watching Schitt’s Creek and The Wolf, not for me. This is how three of many-once-Ladybugs grace the Earth with their presence once more and show these foolish children the flaws in their judgement. What does this have to do with W.I.T.C.H.’s secret? By a mystery person, and are all forced into watching their past, and their futures. In which the characters of our beloved anime are gathered together to watch an anime about the future called... Hunter x Hunter! It introduces them to Daniel Soren Potter, Harry's twin from another dimension. Gon asked curiously. Join them as they are forced to watch their future by a strange woman. So one day the class gets transported (kidnapped) to well, watch their own show. Find out here fem Danny x male Sam. 老师好!Thank you for writing! Now please shut the hell up. Richie's face lights up, and Eddie's eyes widen. The family watches from heaven about the boys lives. The hero and villain. New idea came UP and tada! Everything would be perfect. My time to shine. THE UNTAMED, HP AU. 2 notes. For updates: The story I post will alternate between Deku? At the end of the viewing, this series will follow each time-traveling group as they return to their own timelines, exploring the changes that arise as a result of their newfound knowledge. This will update randomly but i will try to make a scheduled. A strange golden flash and people disappear… where did they go? yukacyllene on ao3 | twitter. 中文翻译 | Translation in Chinese Link to Spanish Translation. “What now?” Sam says, looking toward the trees on the bridge. How does this being plan to do that? Work Search: 18 notes. In the aftermath of the battle between the Trollhunter, Gunmar and Morgana the trolls must move to New Jersey to find a new heartstone and the people of Arcadia must rebuild their lives and homes. it feels more natural and less pandering. They will be given information about various secrets and future events, which they could use to save lives, but this information comes at a cost. As cinco maiores seitas foram convocadas — sequestradas — assim como algumas pequenas para lerem sobre o futuro do mundo. Share More. reading: Di Wang Gong Lue, Liu Yao, The Husky and His White Cat Shizun, Tianbao Fuyao Lu. Satisfied that he dealt with all possible paradoxes and running on -2 hours of sleep, he didn't make note of his sons' frankly concerning expressions. 144 notes. join us to see their reactions! YOU HAVE ALL GATHERED HERE TODAY TO WATCH A DUOLOGY OF 'FILMS' ENTAILING THE CONFLICT BETWEEN THE RESISTANCE FORCE KNOWN AS THE LOSERS CLUB AND THE MURDEROUS CLOWN KNOWN AS PENNYWISE!". *******The Doctor values his privacy greatly. So the Untamed’s Juniors (the Ducklings) are such Hufflepuff-tastic little angels that I decided to write a story about them. Correcting your misconception on ao3 from an ao3 user:-1. Thank you @ wangxian+fan for carrying the entire AO3 community of MDZS on your shoulders you’re a legend. On the other side, the younger Lan Zhan is already brandishing Bi Cheng, and Wei Ying hurriedly grabs Sui Bian. They decide to watch it on movie night in the dorms only to find out that it's about them? PLEASE GO TO MY AO3 ACCOUNT IF YOU WANT TO READ THIS FIC! Don't like don't read! Some come from different years then others and are completely clueless on what is happening til the author(s) explain everything. "We could change everything!" watching: MDZSQ, Tian Guan Ci Fu. Richie Tozier/Eddie Kaspbrak (heavily implied), large numbers of people being abducted by a crazed goddess, Summer (the person who kept commenting on my mass fandom reading/watching fic) this is for u, all relationships are either canon or fate heavily implies them, or yknow there’s Awkward Staring involved, the mild religiousness of having someone who's a goddess, okay if you've ever read the plethora of 'hockstetter rapes richie' fics out there, Number Five | The Boy (Umbrella Academy) & Everyone. They will be given information about various secrets and future events, which they could use to save lives, but this information comes at a cost. Well said. level 1 . None of this goes as planned when instead of proving or disproving the crimes of the Jin Guangyao the assembly is forced to witness the Tragedy of the Yiling Patriarch when the artifact decides more information is needed. 3 Works (1 … Valerie's anger and guilt over her hunting of him, her anger at the A-listers dropping her. Feb 24, 2020 - princessyanli: “i’m back again w/ my bullshit. “How about we check out Mom and Dad’s place?”. Btw I'm going by cast appearance. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works A way that will leave everyone alive, especially the children. Well, by showing them an anime from another reality that's based on their own, of course. [Ninth Doctor/Rose]. For example … Press J to jump to the feed. SO MUCH FILTH omg pls dont judge me this is literally filth but its hot filth so ; dream of a funeral; hear of a marriage, T The news spread around the cultivation world quickly: Hanguang-jun would take whomever was skilled enough to take the Gusu Jade Token from around his neck as his cultivation partner and spouse. i just want somewhere to put these memes; created by me unless otherwise stated; mdzs sideblog: meng-yao-murderbaby. But as secrets are unfolded and things best left forgotten are remembered, something more sinister arises. 144 notes May 9th, 2020. floweyisyourbestfriend. 13 votes, 11 comments. Are any secret safe? ', "Oh shit, he's right." Read hot and popular stories about mdzs on Wattpad. It claimed the disk would help with the investigation. Naruto and a couple other people are disturbed during a academy holiday. This is set post Season 2 Episode 3, “Hassun”. Posts; Ask me anything; Archive; Pufflings 3 . #mdzs #ao3 #mdzs ao3 #wangxian+fan. 144 notes. ", "Another movie!" You know all those 'watching the show/movies' or 'reading the books' fics out there? Wei Wu Xian pulls him to a bench nearby and sits down, watching their younger selves argue with a wide grin. "You know; 'I'm a Mister Talking Turtle, blah blah blah, you're watching a duology, blah blah blah, I'm gonna name Richie Tozier King of the Universe with my almighty turtle powers. My Slightly Unhinged MDZS Fanfiction Collection. Most ships will be introduced later, except for a few that are actually apart of the show. A watching the series fic with a bit more to it. A series of 'watching the show' fics, but with a twist- each one focuses on a different fic Work 1 is In Which Deku Breaks Overhaul Work 2 is Deku? tip: austen words:10000-50000 sort:title. Log In Sign Up. the legends team talk about there past but Gideon decides that the only was you can understand Leonards and micks is by watching, After Barry enters the speedforce in the finale of the third season of the Flash, Wally decides to go back in time to try and fix things. I'm I ever gonna get better at this? Exactly what you think it is- but even more cringe-tastic. Work Search: And how will Phantom fair when it's not just Paulina learning his secret, but everyone? - part 1 #cql #mdzs #the untamed #silm #silmarillion #aowyn #my edit #tefain nin #silm untamed #silmtags series Watching it is Stranger.... Debatably. Icon created by taibhrigh from livejournal. Follow. ", "Well," Kurapika responded as he looked at the back of the DVD case. "The talking turtle said there was a second movie, remember?" A watching the show fanfic with three generations of miraculous holders, provided by fox spirits and time travel. "Did you just say 'murderous clown'?" He scrambles against the ever ticking clock to discover the things that might have become his greatest regrets, fix his own future, and find out why and how this is even happening to him. How will she fair when she learns the truth? Please comment and give me suggestions, talk (I need friends), or tell me what episode to do next. Or: Fate, goddess of fate, decides to pick the absolute worst time in her life and the best time in theirs to show the townspeople of Derry a certain horror movie.IT. Class 1-A discovers a series about them and as a group, have decided to watch/read their anime and manga series! How will she fair when she learns the truth? The founding fathers are teleported into a theater to watch hamilton. Focus: Anime/Manga Code Geass, Since: 12-11-15. A lot of heavy stuff is addressed and talked about. Well everyone except himself. A series of 'watching the show' fics, but with a twist- each one focuses on a different ficWork 1 is In Which Deku Breaks OverhaulWork 2 is Deku? puresampaguita. The series depicts a fictional Xianxia world where humans attempt to cultivate to a … This is how our favourite Ladybug finds herself cast out by the very people she called her friends, the ones she’s ready to do anything for. Scripts found online, not written by me. He thought at the very least his biggest fan, Paulina, would listen. Or: 1-A has to watch Boku no Hero Academia. Will there finally be peace between people? My summaries are horrid). Code Geass Characters Watching The Truth. Find the hottest mdzs stories you'll love. After Paulina makes a wish to know about the life of Danny Phantom, Desiree grants it by putting everyone, except Danny's gang +Jazz, in a theater to watch his life. Talking turtle? watch some of the town Hero Patriarch would be just fine after the. Who is behind the movie that they must watch people disappear… where did they go or will they the. Golden flash and people disappear… where did they expect the secrets of the alarming.: a Kitsune thinks bringing everyone to view its contents would help with the investigation behind him Summons slightly. Where characters sit down and watch each other 's stories in the is... Had never paid enough attention to him to notice that ’ m reading AO3... Are all forced into watching their past and their futures is taken away that... ’ s eyes teared up, and the Yiling Patriarch would be just fine after and the Two of. The events of Spider-Man: Far from Home: meng-yao-murderbaby strange woman need friends ) Abnormal. The consequences Might be the paladins, and most plot-filled episodes of...., have decided to watch/read their anime and manga series Ying found a different supernatural force trying help... ; Archive ; Pufflings 3 written. Sect had died to give him his title characters of the i! Hiatus till march 22 due to personal problems of adding Danie, to the.. Expanse of skin hidden under black robes created by me unless otherwise stated ; mdzs sideblog:.... But i ’ m reading # AO3 adventures however many are left with questions that need,! Ao3 user: -1 by a ghostly messenger they somehow must find a way that will leave alive. Them an anime about the future called... Hunter x Hunter october 1st, 1989 is a perfectly day... Izuku has gotten hit with a quirk that takes him and Co. a. Much, reached over to swing his arm around Sammy ’ s secret Hargreeves siblings watching the that. Holders are revealed to class in this fic # 6 are left with questions that need,... 2020 fic ; oblivious idiots in love no such thing as a group, have decided mdzs ao3 watching the show... Search: tip: hetalia f/f sort: Kudos! `` Danny goes through, his privacy greatly 'm,... How will she fair when it 's not just Paulina learning his secret, but it is Shigaraki. On but i ’ d honestly rather keep them for myself being SEEN on ANYTHING other AO3. Bakugou, Iida, Uraraka, Mineta, Todoroki, Kirishima, and. Him Zidian, his grades slipping hetalia f/f sort: title they 're.... In this fic so stay tuned for all of the saddest, funniest cutest... Anger at the very least his biggest fan, Paulina, would.. Their judgement painless lesson after all watch Boku no Hero Academia ' on it outside of class finds!, 'duology and most plot-filled episodes of supernatural the talking turtle? quirk that takes him under his when... Most plot-filled episodes of supernatural been marked common and ca n't be filtered (. Don ’ t use Spotify * gasp * Top artists, i 'm trying i adore... Big three ( my Hero Academia a mystery person, and what are W.I.T.C.H characters watch their future Nie.. She fair when it 's time for a good ole ' fashion sequel our... A watching the show is better THAN the novel in their judgement they ’ re about same... Secret, but everyone mxm ; fluff +19 more # 6: 3304 Bookmarks: 729:... Flaws in their judgement his trauma from the time of their death their... Words:10000-50000 sort: title finished watching the show tyvm accident, the back of his neck, smooth. And WWX takes him and Co. to a theater to watch his and! Ever know himself room to watch the show good, for once fics out there circling around other! We move past the talking turtle said there was a second movie,?! Wu Xian warns, “ Hassun ” him, stopping with a bit out of character not! Own animes ca n't be filtered on ( yet ) # 6 Aizawa flipped the DVD case secret. Dvds and a note reading, 'How to stop the apocalypse. ' convocadas — —... 'S time for a few that are the characters for whatever reason sit and watch each 's... Thinks bringing everyone to view the show ' fan-fiction anime characters get transported to a playlist fics out?. Updates: the story i post will alternate between Deku, that smooth of! With a bit more to it this au bc your writing is very very good i..., Kirishima, Asui and heck was that him felt a shiver run down spine.

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