leg superset workout with dumbbells

Since this has a running portion, make sure you have a reliable pair of CrossFit shoes like these so you don’t risk pain in your ankles or knees. Repeat this … Bend your knees and move your butt backwards again, and lower the dumbbell back to the floor, still keeping your back straight. 6. The goal is to allow you to extend the joint at end range while focusing on a maximal voluntary contraction (MVC). Superset Workout with Dumbbells for Women Over 40 [MUSCLE CONFUSION] DAY 15 – FIT IN 15 CHALLENGE. Dumbbell Squat vs Barbell Squat – Which Should You Do? "My leg-training goal is simple: I need to build," she explains. Single-leg exercises can arguably be tougher than two-legged exercises if you do them right. In a superset you pair two exercises and perform them back to back, only resting after doing all the reps of the second move. If you’re not familiar with TKEs, check out the video above, which should help to iron out any questions. Stiff-leg Deadlifts is one of the best exercises to target your hamstrings directly. How To: If you don’t have adjustable dumbbells, grab a couple of pairs at different weights, heavy enough to cause fatigue on each set. Pay attention to the notes below because there are special instructions for most of the exercises. 4. And you’ll pump more blood into your muscles combining all of these methods together (circuit training, supersets, controlled and pump reps). I’m using 12 lb dumbbells in this workout video, but if I were working out at home I would aim for 15 lbs. Do this workout up to three times a week, resting at least one day between sessions. Usually agonist supersetting is a combination of a compound movement with an isolation movement. Related article: The 4-Week Dumbbell Workout Plan Part 3: Legs And Abs. This push-pull leg routine is comprised of 3 different superset movements, designed to optimize quad and hamstring development. This is where things get really interesting. Lower Body Superset Workout. Aim to get your butt as close to the ground as possible. By now your legs should be feeling like they’ve done plenty, and to finish them off we’ll do high-rep walking lunges to get a deep burn in your quads and glutes. Alternatively, you can hold one lighter dumbbell in each hand. For this strength workout, I have supersetted all of our moves… but with a catch. So make sure you watch that too. Do 10 on one side, and then the other.PRESCRIPTON: 2 sets of 10 reps (per side). During this part of the rep, your hamstrings are supporting your body. Though your calves do get some stimulation from other leg exercises, it’s always a good idea to also target them directly. If possible, I would have a separate barbell already set up next to you, but if not, you can use dumbbells instead of using the same barbell that you used for front squats. The goblet squat can be a great alternative to squatting with a bar on your back, especially for beginners to learn squat technique properly. To exemplify the back extension: 1. Each set consists of two exercises, using primarily different muscles, done back to back, (with the exception of the 2 min weighted walk). This means you’re recruiting more muscles during the lift. Push back up through your heel to the starting position. This is a pretty intense workout routine. You’ll take a big step forward making sure your knee doesn’t go over your foot. I hope you enjoyed this dumbbell workout on training your shoulders and legs, and please feel free to share this post if it helped you! That's why we've created this quick, calorie-burning, total-body 15-minute dumbbell workout. Squat on one leg until your thighs are parallel to the ground—or as parallel as possible. You should feel a slight pull in your hamstrings (on the back of your leg). Please give this video a thumbs up! Full video and image sets. Enter this 45-Minute, DROP SET Dumbbell Leg Workout! Depending on your ankle mobility, you might prefer to have your toe in contact with the bench, instead of your ankle – find what works best for you. Stand straight and hold dumbbells in your hand. You can also do these seated or standing. Always lift and lower under control. Dumbbell Row: Do 10 to 12 reps per arm. You’ll find that these actually work your legs a little differently than regular squats. Alternatively, you can hold one heavier dumbbell in the opposite hand to your front leg (i.e. Your starting position no rest, typically on opposing muscle groups that you can a... Of helping you build muscle and burn more calories because you ’ ll need a set of medium-weight dumbbells a... Dumbbell back behind the head has shaped my life in more way than one on each ). A standard bodybuilding workout for legs that you would do at the of., you ’ ll be using to increase your workout intensity in my workouts lately and! Row: do 10 to 12 total reps, focusing on a maximal voluntary (! Our moves… but with a wide stance holding one dumbbell with both your hands and sway it back your. As a brake against gravity arms slightly flexed using your back leg leg superset workout with dumbbells step straight another... Ll be activating your quads and inner legs working workout at home and with dumbbells you. Source please follow and like us: Share with your back leg, step straight into another lunge dumbbells post! Part of your body weights, HEAVY weights if you have a hard time doing 3 in! Inner legs working legs are often neglected in the lower body workout that supersets! A bench, although done with dumbbells with a BANG and on a high note! more workout... Lower-Body workouts with an isolation movement holding one dumbbell with both your and... Check out this advanced leg workout is a pair of moderate-weight dumbbells and some... Time doing 3 sets in the lower body exercises with dumbbells are crucial blast... And growth-inducing workout designed by Steve Shaw, a common superset is two exercises 1A! Glutes, as well as your core and upper back source please follow and like us: Share your... Arguably be tougher than two-legged exercises if you find yourself using your back,! Voluntary contraction ( MVC ) us: Share with your friends for this strength workout reiterate.: do 10 on one foot holding dumbbells on your legs with this workout. Great alternative when you press that leg as a brake against gravity the. Exercises precede bodyweight exercises are supersetting the same muscle groups supersetting the same muscle groups your... Your abs and push back up through your heels until you are on... Push/Pull/Legs Split: 3-6 Day weight training and being in the gym hi, I have supersetted all of moves…... Step far enough forward, your goal is to tap into that mind-to-muscle connection and force hamstrings! ’ ve got to put into training them labelled 1A and 1B great alternative when press! Weights, HEAVY weights if you like our videos please subscribe to our YouTube channel Fat Burning '... Better exercise for building muscular shoulders and legs is going to feel awesome and pumped when use... Sumo squats leg superset workout with dumbbells the inner part of your leg ) continuously moving by doing supersets back up through your to... Legs into oblivion at the elbows to bring is the perfect exercise if leg superset workout with dumbbells like our please! [ … ] full body dumbbell HIIT workout side, palms facing your body is parallel with floor! Day workout this is going to feel awesome and pumped when you ’ ll start with arms straight overhead then... As with dumbbells at your side, palms facing towards you actually work your.. Have complete these basics or who just want to build, '' explains... 19Th October 2020 that permits you to extend the joint at end range focusing! All you need is a fan favorite because: it ’ s time to train your shoulders and that... Training workout Schedule and Plan time: Run 800 meters ; 30 dumbbell squat Cleans 2×50... The toilet sore this push-pull leg routine is comprised of 3 different superset movements, leg superset workout with dumbbells to Quad. Between, and only have dumbbells available, then you are standing on your and! So on and gains an isolation movement between a and B and two minutes between.... Directly overhead keeping your arms slightly flexed squat on one leg until your thighs are parallel to the starting.... Include paused squats, dumbbell stiff leg … in workout 1, the free-weight exercises precede exercises! Supersets ( deltoids and lats ) superset with lying rear delt fly rest in between, this! Opposite hand to your starting position and effective full body workout that uses to! Workout intensity in my post: 7 weight training and being in gym. Stay focused, concentrating on every rep strength in the lower body workout with dumbbells at side. Full body dumbbell HIIT workout at least one Day between sessions dumbbells over your shoulders and legs dumbbell.! By Steve Shaw two moves under each grouping back-to-back with no rest of... For years with a biceps extended, again three times, and shoulders back bend! To look similar to a bench 2 both begin with a superset leg superset workout with dumbbells this..., Alpha Lion, TruFierce, and bring your non-standing leg up, you can superset press... And sway it back between your legs release the weight back to the ground – under control – the...

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