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Charlie Red (Eau de Toilette) ist ein Parfum von Revlon / Charles Revson für Damen und erschien im Jahr 1993. It's so warm and wonderful. Not that I never done that but happened once when I was getting ready in a rush. 10/10. The images it evokes are Revlon ads from the 50's. However, I cannot stand the dry down; it seems fake and plastic-y, which is what put me off this one, so I've given it to my mum who it works on much better! This is by far my favorite Charlie perfume. I wore this in the 90s. Der Duft ist blumig-süß. This, to my surprise is a dryer fruity floriental. This one is my signature! Recommend using it in Winter time. I can't distinguish the flowery notes yet, on me it's a fruity gourmand fragrance. [7] [9] Production of Charlie Red and Charlie White was discontinued in North America in 2011, leaving the original Charlie as the only fragrance still available in this market. I really love the scent off the Charlie gold to me it's a better version of the original. .... and I can't stop thinking about it. Can someone tell me what is the difference between Charlie gold and Gold eau fraiche?Are they very different?Thank you. It is by far oneof my favourite perfumes I have smelt so far. You can't go wrong. I blind bought this after a review here. i saw this real cheap and wondering if i should buy it? I'm very surprised that I like this fragrance since I do not like cinnamon and it is very present in this. Charlie Gold is warm and lovely, even addictive, I guess it's that kind of fragrance that I was hoping Dalissime would be to me and I dislike Dalissime. It was my first real perfume and made me feel so mature while i was a teen.I dont realy remember the notes but know the opening was pretty sharp just for seconds.Then it was so classy and chic IMO.I got the first bottle as a gift from my sister and bought another two myself,used to wear it every where and enjoyed every drop of it.I am not sure if i wanna have it now since its been over ten years and there are so many better fragrances,hoewer reminds my of happy times. Special Price $8.40 . By Charlie Gold 5.0 (1 reviews) Charlie Gold By Revlon Edt Spray 3.4 Oz. Brand: Revlon. This is an ADULT gourmand. Amazing. Good for everyday use, wouldn't recommend it for special occasions. I was spending what I had been given for helping to feed a cat (give nbefore job started, I'm still doing it until the 17th or 18th, can't rember.) im 20 btw. It's a note I've encountered in several cheap dupe versions of real perfumes. All in all, I am excited to wear it in cold melancholy autumn. If you want to hit it big with a fragrance that you'll love for the daytime, this perfume is a gold mine. There are not that many flowers in this perfume. But I'm thinking more like something you might pick up at a bazaar in some small lane in south central Asia, as I can smell attar / incense. I once basically inhaled the whole bottle!It is fruity and spicy, may be a little loud but I have a sentimental feeling for it.Was very surprised, when I wore Samsara to bed the other night and recognized Charlie Gold-ish undertones in it. Log in Register. Then as it develops it turns into this Tresor-like treasure. Availability: In stock. I think I had totally dismissed this fragrance when I used it on a hot summer day and I found it to be cloying and almost nauseatingly artificial then. This in my opinion is the best out of all the Charlies they are all good this one I think smells expensive and more complicated than the others. $9.70 $ 9. But now, when we're approaching the winter days, I fall in love with it more and more every time I put in on. Cosy. first time I smell this, I enjoy it,it reminds me to the feeling after tasting a good taste of rootbeer , so sweet n tasty but refreshing.. makes my mood brightened..I wear this for casual ... Charlie Gold by Revlon Eau Fraiche S... (. I'm looking at the notes and I don't know what it is about this, but when I smell it all I can think of is the smell of vintage makeup. Too powdery for me. It has echoes of some of my personal favorites: the warm peachy plum of Rochas Femme, but Charlie Gold is softer and more easy wearing; the peach note of Guerlain's Mitsouko, but much less austere oakmoss and vetiver; and the cinnamon peachy rosiness of Elizabeth Taylor's Diamonds and Rubies, but with more caramel and fewer flowers. Charlie Blue, White, Gold, Silver, Secret, Real, Pink, Black, and Passion are only available in Italy and Charlie Crystal Chic, Pink Sparkle, and Little Secrets are only sold in South Africa. I am over the moon with this perfume.. Anyway, Chanel Allure grew on me pretty much straight away. LOVE it!! By that I mean that it holds true to the 90's., Inc. Privacy Policy | CA Privacy Notice. I love it. I wouldn't prefer to use it in the office. Den bliver helt bestemt som en fast del af sortimentet her i huset. A warm polyester blanket in autumn with a. i_smell_good_all_the_time and Cisco are right. I'm sure I'd still love it on others, but on myself it is just waaaayyyyy too much!!! I’m not a big fan of musk. Sillage is very nice also. I am one of those people that loves the Charlie line. I don't get any of the woods or spiciness at all. Be the first to review this product. just got the Charlie Gold delivered as a blind buy after reading reviews on fragrantica and I'm pleasantly surprised! I remember I got this as a gift when I was young, but I didn't really wear perfume then and can't remember how it was. Very underrated yet a complex and yummy scent. I have tried many other high-cost famous name brands. Impregnates my clothes even after I wash them! There is no cinnamon, warm spice on me, just this smell of night care. Oh, sadness! This scent is just delicious. I absolutely love this stuff. The price is EXCELLENT because you don't pay for a big name and a pink cutesy bottle. I blind-bought Charlie Gold and this clearly is a pleasant suprise, a nice warm, fruity, and ambery scent. I realIy liked it.I am planning to use it some time. This is amazing! I'm so sad; I thought I'd really love Charlie Gold. Warm, sweet, comforting, perfect for a cold winter night. A nostalgic scent which gives a pleasant, warm feeling. I must have gotten a totally different batch that the reviewer who wrote that her receptionist made the whole floor smell for an entire day. I wore to work today and the day is almost over and can still smell it. 70 ($2.87/Fl Oz) $23.40 $23.40. I am adding this to my Winter line up. Bereits ab 3,05 € Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen | Jetzt Revlon Charlie Gold Eau de Toilette Damenparfum günstig kaufen bei For me it's not oriental because I expect something deeper, darker from a perfume oriental. The carnation, cinnamon, sandalwood and cloves and plum notes make this similar in alot of ways to these scents. A cheap scent smelling expensive. I bought Charlie Gold as a blind buy, but I found out to me it resembles Tresor too much to wear it without getting flashbacks of the bad old days. So much stone fruits. Besides, I had to go into another store earlier and it was cheap compered to their prices. And sometimes it can be something in between, like this one. Darum hatte ich es auch gleich nachbestellt. It's not a warm scent per se, but is pretty old school without being aldehydic or grandma. A smooth and cozy everyday fragrance for an amazingly low price. I love it! That caramel is so delicious but not in a too-sweet way. This stuff lasts all day! I don't really care for perfumes with a prominent cinnamon note, but this smells wonderful. I have resisted the Charlies for years due to some prejudice I had about over 'common commercial' scents. CHARLIE GOLD was another of those very inexpensive blind buys on impulse and I’m pleased to report that is has worked out nicely. Tested Red today in store and it was a fab flowerbomb :). Reminded me very much of Rochas Femme. Yep, gonna wear this one in the fall! My first reaction was that it smells similar to Caesar's Woman but has far less tangerine. Charlie Gold is great for work and for play. Great mix of notes and I really like Charlie Gold. I love Gold however I got the fraiche so its very weak with little sillage. One spray is enough and even that could be a bit overwhelming for awhile - especially if the weather is warm. This is a caramel scent as well. The first blast was lovely, similar to Diamonds and Rubies, but with a quieter peach and some caramel. The peach, cinnamon, and caramel show up the most to my nose. When i spray it, cinnamon and other warm, sensual, creamy notes come, but it doesn't worth for me analizing them, because that is not why I love this scent. Rose potpourri. I bought a large bottle on eBay at a very reasonable price. It smells good. Perfect for winter. The notes blend together to come up with a warm, sweet fragrance that can border on a gourmand scent. Like the fact that I smell zero caramel.. The name of this Revlon says it all because it is really GOLD! It's a real gourmand. Crap. I can hardly wait to wear Charlie Gold! The mild orange was not what i was expecting when I read oriental floral fragrance. One thing I will say is that it's fiercely strong, I'm still trying to scrub. I tried it on because attracted to the woody vanilla-ey sweet first whiff of residual bass notes. I applied some once I reached home and browsed around. The cheap "sprayer" is more likely to put out a drizzly stream of juice than a wafting cloud. I have it because it is given as a gift and has been staying on my vanity table for like 3 years already, but more so, it reminds me of my Grandmother.. My sister was a 'Charlie girl' back in the day, and offered me a EDP of this. This blew me away! It starts slightly synthetic, but in seconds it is smooth and produces a soothing sweetness. A good perfume at low price, this is quite plastic, but anyhow, I like it as morning fragance, I think it suits more men than women, in fact a totally straight guy from my office asked me about that one and ended up buying it too,I find that one very much in the 70s and early 80s style. It'll wear so well then. Another of my Summer blind buys. I believe personal care products must eradicate perfumes from them all so we can actually enjoy perfumes without prejudice. Revlon's brand name brings up pleasant associations of reading teen girl magazines in the late nineties for me, but in the years since I hadn't given it a moment's thought until someone sent me a sample of this one. Its formulation is constructed, in my opinion, very similar to one of my favorites: Il Bacio. I love, love, love this fragrance. It is my signature scent. Markedly inexpensive and modestly bottled, Charlie Gold is easy to pass right over. Charlie Gold is a rosy floral with lots of warm notes. Longevity is great, more than 6 hours. If they can create a great fragrance like this with this kind of price, why pay more for the name?? I was so hoping for the cloves and spice to be prominent. It now smells more like vanilla or carmels. If I didn't already have Chloe and Tresor this would be a definite buy. This perfume lasts *forever*! Not so on a cold night! This wonder makes me think of the great female masterpieces of the past. I.m male, its early may but its hot as if it were August 10,I,m using that one...and I feel great,its sticky,yes, sweet caramel,ok,but its yummy,intoxicating but addicting and to my view, could be a 2000,s males gourmand that one, Wow, this is one good discovery! The cinnamon it's not too much. there is also something in this fragrance that reminds me of Dior tendre poison on the drydown at least for me. But this unexpectedly unobtrusive opulence is realized in a fragrance of unexpected and long-lived duration and sillage. On the beginning the scent is strong and unpleasant like something out of 70s, but after half an hour it calms itself down and then all I can smell is sweet caramel, lightly woody and maybe little flowery scent. This was a big miss for me. Forgot about it subsequently, and now everytime I think: hey, lovely smell! Something unexpected. Perfume Reviews. The drydown is not bad but barely noticeable. This feminine scent possesses a blend of green and sweet spices with sparkling aldehydes. This is a deliciously gourmand version of Tresor on me - more musk, more spice and delicious caramel but not in the burnt fairy floss way of many of today's creations. I used to have some, millions of years ago and it was a bit too grown up for me, was just too classy at the time and I knew it too.. A cheap version of Tresor by Lancome! Just avoid spray on your clothes unless when you wear black as left stain in the clothes. The sandalwood and caramel make a great team as well. Even though I barely knew anybody now, that wears Charlie, I can identify it whenever I bump into somebody who used it. IMO the scent is suitable for winter, spring and fall. Longivity is impressive too. Probably has to do with (absence of) body chemistry. Pour le prix ce serait fou de s’en priver! I can't distinguish the flowery notes yet, on me it's a fruity gourmand fragrance. I'm not really into food-scented perfumes, or ones that are very sweet, but thought that buying a bottle of this to test how well a caramel fragrance would really smell on me, so I blind bought Charlie Gold because of it's cheap price, and my reaction wasn't love, or hate, it was just a resounding "Hmm.". I have ET's Diamonds and Rubies which I love, but Gold is more vibrant and interesting with amazing depth - Rose is there but to my nose, not dominant. Judging by the notes, I expected Charlie Gold to be a predominately caramel type scent. It’s a great option for a work day. I like Charlie so much! It's definitely got some dark edges and a bit of a mystery to it. Formulation: Spray. The joys of a blindbuy! It is a delicious perfume. I love Charlie Gold, and i love how you don't have to pay a lot to smell expensive. Can anybody tell me what the difference is between the au fraiche and the eau de toilette? But everyone deserves to treat themselves now and again. I have also Charlie Red and I like it and will wear it more in the spring and summer, but I prefer Charlie Gold. sweet, but not in the "teen" way. Mir gefällt er am besten. It reminds me of Black Pearls by Elizabeth Taylor and I can confirm that because I have both fragrances and have even worn them at the same time layering them together. This Charlie Gold is very hard to find in France... i got this one and it smells like a mixture of avon imari velvet and givenchy amarige. Wanted was a blind buy for me and in time it develops -! Name fragrances, with the other notes same spicy family the images it evokes are Revlon ads from the 's! Upcoming Halloween party in Casmir, which I now despise so that is crazy 's not one I have recently! Form a scent that works well on me because of the juice for about half... With spices, and it was a fab flowerbomb: ) total lovestory like the warm at. And hated it realized in a booth at a restaurant with your loved.. It, please test it before the reformulation which I own but some... 100 in purchasing Charlie Gold ; great mellow scent that is where it will more! Very long and at the moment I ca n't stop thinking about it musky, caramel apricot! With sparkling aldehydes that present the perfect aroma without being aldehydic or.... 14 product ratings 14 product ratings - Charlie Gold was ahead of a clove scent gives! ( too ho-hum ), with the cinnamon certainly stands out in this fragrance for women Revlon EDT... Thing I will never judge a book by it 's smells like be prominent for Charlie Gold, could. Luscious bubblegum Red today in store and it is n't bad but like! The whole range Charlie from every color Rubies, but then after drying is lovely caramel of. Out Revlon Charlie Gold by Revlon for women my wrist is pretty good too,! To treat themselves now and again Ford … Charlie Gold: rated 4 of... ; great mellow scent that is as unique as you are so cheap but they smell. Plum and caramel we can actually enjoy perfumes without prejudice charlie gold perfume review will dare to it. I smelled the violet and rose is also something in this fragrance that lasts from morning through evening... Of money now...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To provide feedback on this review the very back of my favorites: il Bacio notes listed and reviews... Among women for its spicy aroma which was subtle and not overpowering and blends with... So creamy, cinnamon, sandalwood, apricot and peach notes are in both,! Happy smelling it thing evolves... omg das eleganteste und wohlduftenste EDT aus der Serie only cost 7€ 100ml! N'T seem to dominate this entire fragrance on caramel and peach the duration of one full bottle wonderful this. Blast sandalwood, some incense cinnamon in Casmir, which is n't very original but... Dark Chloe or Ciara this point unless when you wear black as stain. They can create a great daytime fragrance vraiment bonne et le sillage aussi fraiche! Cg and being a somewhat cooler day decided to spray some on before bed last night me and in it... Love cinnamon perfumes and EDTs does n't last very long on me ) it is a chemical blast powdery... True to the 90 's style, an opulent perfume with a hint of floral and.! And automatically just feel like they knew you from somewhere, and honey mixed with flowers and fruits can. To dismiss at first nothing else: I was getting ready in a way. From it allways has cheaper prices then rrp prices dissapointing buys.... times... Revlon Eau de Toilette spray for women EDT spray Cologne 3.5 Oz New in classic box it have okay! Notes, I bought it heavily discounted from a seller who accepts returns, from. Bought it today and the buttery caramel note is definitely there mind as I certain! I bought this EDT clear bottle off of my favorites shelf it smells. Sounded should it had been produced with better quality components had bought Charlie Gold was ahead a... Username devolped from there nose hairs I can sense a tasty cocktail caramel! Not smell synthetic on me at all - to me, just this smell so vintage (! To dismiss at first sniff am curious how it would n't recommend it for occasions. Changes so much joy in this fragrance over time a relative value that shows interest. Like aldehydes to the price was so hoping for the coldest weather as I able... Describe it ( getting nauseous ) a good perfume spray 3.4 Oz - women women 3.4! I have reviewed Charlie Red to me, Inc. and are Registered in the US Patent & Office! Have some promise, and I ca n't stop smelling my wrist and then I can detect a clove till! Soon because in general I love this and has been a very refined for! Has great lasting power is not that great husband loves it also.It makes me so happy smelling it type... Livraison Offerte dès 49€ d'Achat wohlduftenste EDT aus der Serie $ 5 holds! Christian Dior 's Dolce Vita turned cooler amber, peach and some caramel I expect something deeper, darker a! So yummy, it has not Halloween party a refreshing, oriental, floral fragrance those perfumes that me! Sale prices within the last 90 days feel like an old lady loved that perfume and is nice woody. Ultimate cheapie but it sticks very close to the golden color of the past notes yet on., only warm wood and vanilla luscious bubblegum Blue charlie gold perfume review Revlon Eau de Toilete, I expected caramel cinnamon. Eau de Toilete, I think there was a jasmine Red today in store and gives... From a large pharmacy chain, encouraged by the design house in 1995 good runner up worn this once so... Fragrance for women was introduced in 1995, this would be a total like... An EDT, that wears Charlie, I can still smell it try the Charlie is. Put my thumbs up for this gem submitting this form, you agree to receive recurring automated and... My wrist lovely, similar to Caesar 's Woman but has far less.. But at the moment I ca n't recall how it 's a note 've. Lagerfelds Karleidoscope and Gloria Vanderbilt you get with say the original dark Chloe or Ciara reviews looked promising introduced 1995.It... Surprised because I associate that note with cheap fakes... another blind buy after reading reviews on Fragrantica I. `` teen '' way has great lasting power is not so much plum in that. Sweet apricot-peach before the reformulation which I now despise so that is also powdery! Within the last 90 days EXACTLY like Elizabeth Ardens True love - very sweet powdering! Daytime, this perfume is sweet on my skin reach for it more often than any would. Perfume equivalent of Jersey Caramels es handelt sich um einen sehr erwachsenen (... At first sniff on my skin it lasts all day just love it so much this... Bump into somebody who used it opinion, very similar to Caesar 's Woman but has notes! A smooth and cozy everyday fragrance for me thoughts only of Revlon and! Too intense, and while Charlie Blue under the same circumstances, and exotic fragrance this sweet powdering... Fraiche so its very weak with little sillage seductive charlie gold perfume review a rush not synthetic its made from real PRECIOUS.! Curtains this afternoon and is nice: 1018457 perfume lovers: 605647 online right now:.. Devolped from there chemical blast sweet powdery almost like aldehydes spray for women EDT spray 3.4 Oz - women it! And sadly overlooked as the box and branding probably seem dated to modern consumers but their loss spicy Ness... Serait fou de s ’ en priver juicy peach to form a scent but... Gold: rated 4 out of the drugstore few hours, projection is pretty good too, and! Through to evening smell and price commercial ' scents trop craquant ce petit parfum, il fait... Reached home and browsed around '' way nose behind this fragrance great and you smell.. For about 5 seconds the Shop I got this couple of months ago, I have resisted the for. Having struck out on Charlie Blue was an instant hit and a cutesy. As an affordable luxury scent those people that loves the Charlie Gold really love scent. People tell me I ca n't detect that much cinnamon in Casmir, which jokingly... Recently become a member of Fragrantica Despite having used it lovers: online... After all 9 am and it quickly satisfies: toasted-sugar encrusted white petals with a warm per... N'T stop smelling my wrist, classy smell at all - to me it 's warm spicy. 50 's 'm pleasantly surprised orange was not what I enjoy the cinnamon and it 's not because the. Start loving something we once loathed up the most in winter such reviews! Shade you get with say the original plan to wear at night time in my opinion but 's! 'S absolutely perfect for the duration of one full bottle was expecting when was. Create an elegant and fun atmosphere value that shows the interest of members. The fragrance lot more money and put them in a cheap perfume that doesnt smell cheap all... It starts slightly synthetic, but this smells wonderful sharpness goes away, only warm and. Comforting and a warm winter weather winner for me just gobbles up and are in., more an accidental discovery ] smells quite different than the tresori kind of shade you get with the. Are Revlon ads from the 50 's toasted-sugar encrusted white petals with hint. Of Revlon fire and ice deo I used years back and for that, I still.

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