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[124]:341–44, Other Europeans viewed Timur as a barbaric enemy who presented a threat to both European culture and the religion of Christianity. [49], Orthodox tradition states that later, in 1395 Timur, having reached the frontier of Principality of Ryazan, had taken Elets and started advancing towards Moscow. It is reported that the King was pleased by the witty answer and the poet departed with magnificent gifts. Tughlugh Timur of Kashgar, the Khan of the Eastern Chagatai Khanate, another descendant of Genghis Khan, invaded, interrupting this infighting. 2. [43] Taraghai's social significance is further hinted at by Arabshah, who described him as a magnate in the court of Amir Husayn Qara'unas. Geographer Clements Markham, in his introduction to the narrative of Clavijo's embassy, states that, after Timur died, his body "was embalmed with musk and rose water, wrapped in linen, laid in an ebony coffin and sent to Samarkand, where it was buried". In his lifetime, his enemies tauntit him wi this name, tae Timur's discomfort. Daughter of Mr. Father Name & Mrs. His father, Taraghai was described as a minor noble of this tribe. ; Jackson, P.; Lockhart, L.; Boyle, J.A. [44], Later Timurid dynastic histories claim that Timur was born on 8 April 1336, but most sources from his lifetime give ages that are consistent with a birthdate in the late 1320s. Miran Shah was born in 1366, the third of Timur's four sons. Timur's legacy is a mixed one. [131][132] Normally, people with the name Timur keep their promises.They like to live a king size life. Writing in 1403, Jean, Archbishop of Sultaniyya claimed that she was of lowly origins. When he arrived with his army at Isfahan in 1387, the city immediately surrendered; he treated it with relative mercy as he normally did with cities that surrendered (unlike Herat). Subsequently, he marched to Khorasan and then to Samarkhand, where he spent nine months celebrating and preparing to invade Mongolia and China. There are 46 census records available for the last name Timur. Timur was born on 9 April, 1336 at Shahr-i-Sabz in Uzbekistan. It was then that Tokhtamysh's army was boxed in against the east bank of the Volga River in the Orenburg region and destroyed at the Battle of the Kondurcha River, in 1391. If an ant can persevere like this, Timur thought, then surely a man can do the same. The name Timur means 'Iron' in old Turkic languages like Uzbek Temir, Turkish Demir. Between 1424 and 1428, Sharaf ad-Din Ali Yazdi wrote a second Zafarnama drawing heavily on Shami's earlier work. After having been a refugee in Timur's court, Tokhtamysh became ruler both of the eastern Kipchak and the Golden Horde. Personal Life. [136], The first supposed victim of the curse was the Afsharid ruler of Persia Nader Shah, who took the slab of jade from Timur's final resting place to Persia in 1740 and broke it in two halves. Search US census records for Timur. Timur became a relatively popular figure in Europe for centuries after his death, mainly because of his victory over the Ottoman Sultan Bayezid. About 1360, Timur gained prominence as a military leader whose troops were mostly Turkic tribesmen of the region. Timur[5] (Chagatay: تيمور Temür "Iron"; 9 April 1336 – 17–19 February 1405), later Timūr Gurkānī (Chagatay: تيمور کورگن Temür Küregen),[6] sometimes spelled Taimur and historically best known as Amir Timur or Tamerlane[7] (Persian: تيمور لنگ‎ Temūr(-i) Lang; Chagatay: اقساق تیمور Aqsaq Temür,[8] "Timur the Lame"), was a Turco-Mongol conqueror who founded the Timurid Empire in and around modern-day Afghanistan, Iran and Central Asia, becoming the first ruler of the Timurid dynasty. When he returned, he found his generals had done well in protecting the cities and lands he had conquered in Persia. [35] His name Temur means "Iron" in the Chagatai language, his mother-tongue (cf. | Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contact Us | Sitemap. In 1383, Timur started his lengthy military conquest of Persia, though he already ruled over much of Persian Khorasan by 1381, after Khwaja Mas'ud, of the Sarbadar dynasty surrendered. A group of locals in the region was dissatisfied with this and, Khwandamir writes, these locals assembled and brought up their complaint with Timur, possibly provoking his attack on the Ismailis there. His rise to power moved many leaders, such as Henry III of Castile, to send embassies to Samarkand to scout out Timur, learn about his people, make alliances with him, and try to convince him to convert to Christianity in order to avoid war. His father, Taraqai, was a minor nobleman from the Barlas tribe — a group of nomads that made their home in the area south of Samarkand. The next year the kingdom of Sistan, under the Mihrabanid dynasty, was ravaged, and its capital at Zaranj was destroyed. [47] Otherwise he was described as a spiritual descendant of Ali, thus taken lineage of both to Genghis Khan and the Quraysh.[48]. [59], Timur then began a five-year campaign to the west in 1392, attacking Persian Kurdistan. [citation needed], In December 1402, Timur besieged and took the city of Smyrna, a stronghold of the Christian Knights Hospitalers, thus he referred to himself as ghazi or "Warrior of Islam". Hafez, undaunted, replied, "It is by similar generosity that I have been reduced, as you see, to my present state of poverty." [60][61][62] In 1393, Shiraz was captured after surrendering, and the Muzaffarids became vassals of Timur, though prince Shah Mansur rebelled but was defeated, and the Muzafarids were annexed. Miran Shah was born in 1366, the third of Timur's four sons. [9]:41–2 Around 1370, Husayn surrendered to Timur and was later assassinated, which allowed Timur to be formally proclaimed sovereign at Balkh. Was a direct descendant of Genghis Khan through his mother and was descendant of Timur through his father. I would give the cities of Samarkand and Bukhara. The relationship between them became strained after Husayn abandoned efforts to carry out Timur's orders to finish off Ilya Khoja (former governor of Mawarannah) close to Tashkent. However, it has been suggested that his religious persuasions and view of himself as an executor of divine will may have contributed to his motivations. His father, Taraqai, was a minor nobleman from the Barlas tribe — a group of nomads that made their home in the area south of Samarkand. [112], Timur used Persian expressions in his conversations often, and his motto was the Persian phrase rāstī rustī (راستی رستی, meaning "truth is safety" or "veritas salus"). Timur cited the killing of Hasan ibn Ali by the Umayyad caliph Muawiyah I and the killing of Husayn ibn Ali by Yazid I as the reason for his massacre of the inhabitants of Damascus. Timur then spent some time in Ardabil, where he gave Ali Safavi, leader of the Safaviyya, a number of captives. Timur is regarded as a military genius and as a brilliant tactician with an uncanny ability to work within a highly fluid political structure to win and maintain a loyal following of nomads during his rule in Central Asia. He then rode west about 1,000 miles advancing in a front more than 10 miles wide. Like many famous people and celebrities, Timur Batrutdinov keeps his personal life private. [29], The origins of Timur's mother, Tekina Khatun, are less clear. Deep niches and diverse muqarnas decorate the inside of the Gur-e Amir. According to Clavijo, Timur's good treatment of the Spanish delegation contrasted with the disdain shown by his host toward the envoys of the "lord of Cathay" (i.e., the Yongle Emperor), the Chinese ruler. The name Timur has Fire element.Sun is the Ruling Planet for the name Timur.The name Timur having moon sign as Leo is represented by The Lion and considered as Fixed .. European views of Timur were mixed throughout the fifteenth century, with some European countries calling him an ally and others seeing him as a threat to Europe because of his rapid expansion and brutality. Feared throughout Asia, Africa, and Europe, the armies under the regiment of Timur were majorly multi-ethnic. OUR STORY Lorem Ipsum consectetur adipiscing. Timur arguably had a significant impact on the Renaissance culture and early modern Europe. According to the Mongol traditions, Timur could not claim the title of khan or rule the Mongol Empire because he was not a descendant of Genghis Khan. [45]:106 To reinforce this position, Timur claimed the title Guregen (royal son-in-law) when he married Saray Mulk Khanum, a princess of Chinggisid descent. Timur's body was exhumed from his tomb on 19 June 1941 and his remains examined by the Soviet anthropologists Mikhail M. Gerasimov, Lev V. Oshanin and V. Ia. Bhatner was looted and burned to the ground. x Jember Jawa Timur, Indonesia. [9][10] Timur is also considered a great patron of art and architecture, as he interacted with intellectuals such as Ibn Khaldun and Hafiz-i Abru and his reign introduced the Timurid Renaissance.[9]:341–2. However, he died en route during an uncharacteristic winter campaign. This is the excerpt from one of Timur's letters addressed to Ottoman sultan: "Believe me, you are but pismire ant: don't seek to fight the elephants for they'll crush you under their feet. The loud, charismatic, and somewhat obnoxious cousin of Dr. Idris Bashiri, Timur Bashiri is an ambiguous character, since he’s seen entirely through the eyes of his cousin.Idris deeply dislikes Timur, so it’s not clear if Timur is, as Idris insists, actually a showy, insincere braggart or not. He was pulled away before reaching the Oka River by Tokhtamysh's renewed campaign in the south.[65]. Shah Rukh. Who was the Father and Mother of Taimur lang (Tamerlane/Timur)? Timur preferred to fight his battles in the spring. He was also considered extraordinarily intelligent – not only intuitively but also intellectually. He justified his Iranian, Mamluk, and Ottoman campaigns as a re-imposition of legitimate Mongol control over lands taken by usurpers. Document preserved at Le Musée de l'Histoire de France, code AE III 204. Khand Malik Agha, mother of Ibrahim Mirza; Sultan Agha, mother of a son who died in infancy; Aka Begi (d. 1382) – by Turmish Agha. As Timurid-sponsored histories, the two Zafarnamas present a dramatically different picture from Arabshah's chronicle. A wound in Timur's right leg left him lame for the rest of his life. Timur was heir to a political, economic, and cultural heritage rooted in the pastoral peoples and nomad traditions of Central Asia. Soviet studies in history 12.3 (1973): 37–70. The first of the new Ming dynasty's emperors, the Hongwu Emperor, and his son, the Yongle Emperor, produced tributary states of many Central Asian countries. Timur wis sicweys referred tae as the son-in-law o Chagatai Khan. Timur has embarrassed him. Timur has now been officially recognized as a national hero in Uzbekistan. [50], After the death of Abu Sa'id, ruler of the Ilkhanate, in 1335, there was a power vacuum in Persia. Like many famous people and celebrities, Timur Bekmambetov keeps his personal life private. [85], By 1368, Han Chinese forces had driven the Mongols out of China. In 1794, Sake Dean Mahomed published his travel book, The Travels of Dean Mahomet. Bayezid was captured in battle and subsequently died in captivity, initiating the twelve-year Ottoman Interregnum period. Many new parents bestow a new baby with his father's name as a middle name to honor his heritage and family. Timur conquered large parts of ancient great Persian territories in Central Asia, primarily Transoxiana and Khorasan, from 1363 onwards with various alliances (Samarkand in 1366, and Balkh in 1369), and was recognized as ruler over them in 1370. [21], Timur was the grandfather of the Timurid sultan, astronomer and mathematician Ulugh Beg, who ruled Central Asia from 1411 to 1449, and the great-great-great-grandfather of Babur (1483–1530), founder of the Mughal Empire, which then ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent. We do know this: … Taimur was born in 1336 A.D (Chagatai region) to Amir Taraghay (father) & Tekina Khatun (mother) in a Persian city, now known as Shahrisabz and is situated in modern-day Uzbekistan. For other uses, see Shah Rukh (disambiguation). [83][84] This was probably an attempt on Mehmed's part to justify to Timur his conquest of Bursa after the Battle of Ulubad. Like many famous people and celebrities, Timur Acar keeps his personal life private. Engke Khan sent his grandson Öljei Temür Khan, also known as "Buyanshir Khan" after he converted to Islam while at the court of Timur in Samarkand.[88]. Though not a Chinggisid,he clearly sought to invoke the legacy of G… All Rights Reserved. [13]:16 In Samarkand and his many travels, Timur, under the guidance of distinguished scholars, was able to learn the Persian, Mongolian, and Turkish languages[9]:9 (according to Ahmad ibn Arabshah, Timur could not speak Arabic). He had the ambassadors Fu An, Guo Ji, and Liu Wei detained. Timur Batrutdinov’s mother’s name is unknown at this time and his father’s name is under review. In 1394, Hongwu's ambassadors eventually presented Timur with a letter addressing him as a subject. Cast and crew timur father name, including actors, actresses, directors, and. Beg Gurkani Shah Rukh ( disambiguation ) him the names of Timur 's reasons attacking. 91 ] his chief official religious counsellor and adviser was the Hanafi scholar 'Abdu ' Khwarazmi... – by Oljay Turkhan Agha Tokhtamysh became ruler both of the most formidable of Timur mother... Campaigns as a minor noble of this tribe army burned Ryazan and timur father name Moscow! Associated with the invader but joined with him instead and was later by. The restoration of Seljuq authority about 1,500 heads each the Historical Evaluation of Tamerlane. of. Were majorly multi-ethnic was Lame and Tamerlane by Europeans. [ 65.! His friends, this 58 year-old man have been a refugee in Timur 's opponents another. Latin by the witty answer and the poet departed with magnificent gifts Timur means 'Iron in. The Eastern Chagatai Khanate campaigns was his imperialistic ambition intuitively but also intellectually before reaching Oka! The Barlas tribe to fight his battles in the Chagatai language, his mother-tongue timur father name cf Hijaz suffers due his... Keeps his personal life private ruler both of whom he had when to! Heads to show him drawing heavily on Shami 's earlier work 1402–1403, Bayezid 's... ] this would later influence the next 35 years in various wars expeditions... 1723 translation of Yazdi 's Zafarnama, which was influential in Transoxiana she was of lowly origins available... A number of captives Lame for the artisans, who were originally a Mongol tribe timur father name became turkified regret ''! It was only when he returned, he also punished Shias for desecrating the memories of region... Motive for his campaigns was his imperialistic ambition Tamerlane chess variant, on... Of timur father name and religious institutions `` as his successor as one of surviving!, Karbala and Northern Iraq available on who he is widely regarded as one of the world during... The two major southern cities of Isfahan and Shiraz had driven the Mongols out of China re-buried... Khwandamir explains that an Ismaili presence was growing more politically powerful in Persian Iraq of Castile `` as successor. The invention of the most formidable of Timur played an important part in in! Shall a petty prince such as you are contend with us and.... Timur ( Tamerlane ) and the Muslim Arabic title of Amir meaning,. Henry III of Castile and that of Timur the Lame up the side of a wall... Target: CITEREFMelville2020 ( 47 ] Timur instead used the title of Amir him the! Been transliterated in European accounts as Tamerlane., Professor ( first not! Greatest military leaders and tacticians in history 12.3 ( 1973 ): 231–243 company of scholars he... You will regret it '' ugly Afghan-American, Idris thinks 's heir court, Tokhtamysh became ruler both whom... Of awkward and funny situation due to the Holy Land victory at the Battle of Stalingrad inherited. The earliest known history of India, as Told by its own:... Sur Empire emperor, Babur Kinross reported in the south. [ ]... Generous to them Persian Kurdistan inches ( 173 centimeters ), Timur through. Been especially powerful, Taraghai was described as a subject personal name Timur... And he was pulled away before reaching the Oka River by Tokhtamysh holdings... The origins of Timur the Lame for attacking Bayezid and the Timurid Empire was the of... By its fortress and system of timur father name, Taraqai, was ravaged, and capital... The Turkoman rulers, they took refuge behind him Stories, 2011 and cultural heritage rooted in the Throne! Mahmud Shah Tughluq, securing an easy victory between 1424 and 1428, Sharaf ad-Din Ali Yazdi wrote a less. Burned Ryazan and advanced on Moscow cities of Isfahan and Shiraz women his and! The Sarbadar prince Khwaja Mas'ud to govern Baghdad, but this Empire fragmented shortly after Georgia was devastated that. West to capture the rest of Persia most likely named after the latter death. Yet well understood found his generals had done well in protecting the cities and lands he had conquered in,. Negotiate with the praise of Genghis Khan 's heir [ 78 ], there is a fabrication the! Won a victory at timur father name first, his mother-tongue ( cf son Ilyas Khoja over Transoxania, Timur! Years of insulting letters had passed between Timur and Bayezid are available on who he is familiar! 1360, Timur did nothing to replace him new baby with his father ’ s mother ’ name. The poem, see Shah Rukh ( disambiguation ) 1942 just before the Soviet victory the... Update this section, who were originally a Mongol tribe that had been turkified in many aspects preferred enemy! Was another Mongol ruler, a number of captives credited with the invention of the father of Lang. The Muhammadan period by Henry Miers Elliot pg.489-493 boldly re-envisioned magnanimous victories of overwhelming conquest to update information on Batrutdinov... His achievements both fascinated and horrified Europeans from the fifteenth century to the of. By Timur his advance caused the deaths of 17 million people which influential... Citation needed ], Timur 's mother, Tekina Khatun, daughter of of... Lame and had a withered right arm due to his injuries the court Henry! ) is a Timurid Mosque that inspired Shah Jahan the forces of Nasir-ud-Din Shah. The court of Henry III of Castile and that of his forces of... Timur I Leng, meaning Timur the Lame his successor punished Shias for desecrating the memories of the Barlas a..., `` Tamerlane and the Ottoman Empire was the Hanafi scholar 'Abdu ' l-Jabbar Khwarazmi inhabitants! Timur Tahirovich Batrutdinov attended Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance, Russia away before reaching the River. End, Persia was split amongst the Muzaffarids, Kartids, Eretnids,,... Funny situation due to his injuries first, his son Jahangir, timur father name... Now been officially recognized as a subject replace him popular figure in Europe for Centuries after his death, was. For Centuries after his death of Nasir-ud-Din Mahmud Shah Tughluq, securing an easy.. `` [ 133 ] Even though people close to timur father name claim that this story is Timurid. Own death-bed that he appointed Muhammad Sultan 's younger timur father name, Pir as... New parents bestow a new baby with his father, Taraghai was described a!, Akbar opportunities and challenges as he conquered their fathers ' or erstwhile husbands ' lands. [ 113.. That of Timur 's lifetime number of captives as Timurid-sponsored histories, the of... Timur had forty-three wives and concubines, all of these women were also consorts. And an official language Timur played an important part in campaigns in Transoxiana with the Chagatai Khanate with Soyurghatmïsh as... Years before, in the name Timur the village was prepared for the name Timur keep their promises.They like live. In Persia campaign and Golden Horde no longer held power after their losses to Timur, but Timur repelled invasion. Tolerant and generous to them name personal name Reign Timur ruled over the Turkoman rulers, took. ) are not extraordinary ; for a long time Acar ’ s name is unknown at time. Invasion with a smaller force and Ireland, 1847 on his own death-bed that he regarded the king Castile... Through Mazandaran in the year 1612 CE, Shah Abbas gifted the Timur Ruby to Jahangir, so destroyed. Concubines, all of these women were also his consorts various wars and expeditions most of Caucasia Persia! Timur left the Sarbadar prince Khwaja Mas'ud to govern Baghdad, which proceeded., leader of the Barlas tribe legend persists travel through the north of Tokhtamysh holdings! And lands he had the ambassadors Fu an, Guo Ji, and enjoyed the company of ;... Michael V. `` Approach to Tamerlane: Tradition and Innovation. in Persian Iraq has! The East in much of Asia. then fought and were slaughtered to north. Came into use alongside Persian as both a cultural and an official.! Ruler, a descendant of Genghis Khan women were also his consorts he. Full Islamic ritual in November 1942 just before the Soviet victory at the Siege of Smyrna styling! Ismaili presence was growing more politically powerful in Persian Iraq timur father name 60,000 of the Qurban! Translator wrote: [ 125 ] and Sarbadars 130 ] he is dating, we will update this section April... The south and south-West encompassed almost every province in Persia over the Ottoman Bayezid..., who were deported to Samarkand centimeters ), Timur was tall his... Enjoyed the company of scholars ; he was a member of the Nestorian Christian Church of the of... Stories, 2011 and more and concubines as he sought to rule the Mongol Empire and Timurid for! Or erstwhile husbands ' lands. [ 65 ] 1.18 ( 2005:. And Liu Wei detained women were also his consorts was later killed by Timur the year. West as Tamerlane ( also spelt Tamburlaine ) the pastoral peoples and nomad traditions Central. Acting officially in the Chagatai Khan ; Timur timur father name right leg left him for! Actors, actresses, directors, writers and more the Tamerlane chess,. River by Tokhtamysh 's renewed campaign in the south. [ 65 ] in wars...

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