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Damage was severe to the point the path of the tornado could be seen from satellite imagery. Counties in a high risk tornado area include Bamberg County, SC, Saluda County, SC and Richland County, SC.The largest tornado on record occurred on 04/08/1957, measuring a 4 on the Fujita-Pearson scale. Jack F. Harvill, 77, of Walhalla, South Carolina, was killed about 3:30 a.m. in Seneca, about 35 miles west of Greenville, when a tornado struck the BorgWarner auto parts manufacturing plant where Harvill worked as a security guard, the Greenville News reported, citing a release from O… Tornado maps and statistics for all tornadoes in South Carolina. South Carolina ranks twenty-sixth in the United States in the number of tornado strikes, and eighteenth in the number of tornadoes per square mile. "All I had was my arms to put over my son and mother-in-law," Candice Pitts said. Crossing into the southern part of Lawrence County, the tornado reintensified to EF3 strength, denuding and partially debarking numerous trees. Gov. The Mississippi Emergency Management Agency confirmed at least 11 people had been killed there: four in Jefferson Davis County, two in Jones, two in Lawrence, and one each in Carroll, Panola and Walthall counties. Continuing northeast of Railroad Avenue, the tornado momentarily weakened to EF1 intensity as moved through additional residential areas, downing more trees and damaging the roofs of homes. [28] A high-end EF2 tornado spawned by an isolated supercell thunderstorm ahead of the main complex carved a path northwest of Chatsworth, Georgia and through the small community of Sumac, killing eight people. [126], For the 24-hour period ending 12:00 UTC April 13, the National Weather Service issued 141 tornado warnings, the most in one day since the tornado outbreak of March 2–3, 2012. [98] Wave heights of 7.5–8.5 ft (2.3–2.6 m) were estimated on Lake Michigan. However, one small pocket of low-end EF4 damage occurred along Cold Springs Road, where a well-built brick house was almost entirely leveled. Fifteen people were moved to hotels in a hotel after their homes were severely damaged, Spence said. It was at a family member's home in Collins, MS, hit by an EF-4 tornado Sunday. A total of 15 watches were produced during the course of the event, two of which were designated Particularly Dangerous Situations. The tornado then weakened further and caused EF0 strength tree damage as it crossed into Bradley County and over White Oak Mountain before dissipating south of McDonald around 11:33 p.m. (03:33 UTC). A few homes farther away from the center of the path sustained EF2 to EF3 damage, with their roofs ripped off and exterior walls collapsed. As the line of storms continued to push to the northeast, another tornado was reported in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. At least a dozen airplanes were destroyed and many of the hangars had their roofs ripped off, the Post and Courier reported. [128] With 12 significant (EF2+) tornadoes recorded statewide—eight of which were rated at EF3 or stronger—the outbreak set records for the greatest number of EF2+ tornadoes registered in a single day in South Carolina. Thereafter, the tornado exited Fort Oglethorpe and continued to the northeast, weakening to EF0 intensity as it produced minor tree and roof damage intermittently. LIKELY TORNADO RELATED DAMAGE. Accordingly, an intense line of severe thunderstorms developed along a dry line while vigorous convective development formed farther east. Hurricane-force wind gusts were observed in Delaware and New Jersey, reaching 82 mph (132 km/h) in Island Beach State Park, New Jersey, and 79 mph (127 km/h) in Sussex County, Delaware. Every tree in this area was snapped or sustained severe debarking, and another mobile home was obliterated, with the damage to that structure rated EF3. The city sought to acquire 200 hotel rooms to house victims as a countermeasure to mass gatherings. Several homes had their roof blown off and an unanchored mobile home was flipped off its foundation. One has been rated an EF4. [45] The tornado was given a high-end EF4 rating with estimated winds of 190 mph (310 km/h). Emma Pritchett wipes a tear away as she looks through her home the day after a tornado hit, Monday, April 13, 2020, in Chatsworth, Georgia. April 20, 2020, 12:46 PM • 4 min read. EF4 damage to a two-story house to the northeast of Nixville, South Carolina. Unfortunately, that resulted in 57 deaths and over 1,200 injuries. A child and an elderly man who were in the bed with the woman suffered injuries that weren't life threatening and were taken to the Colleton Medical Center. [123] A medium-security prison in Hampton County, South Carolina, was directly impacted by an EF4 tornado, with resultant damage so severe that occupying inmates were relocated to Pennsylvania. It first touched down along Price Road in Lawrence County, Mississippi, east-southeast of the small community of Topeka. Continuing northeast of Moss, the tornado began to weaken, producing EF1 to EF2 damage. Massive tree damage continued to occur, with large swaths of trees snapped, denuded, and partially debarked. The strongest tornado was rated high-end EF4 and occurred in Southern Mississippi, producing estimated winds of 190 mph (310 km/h), reaching a width of 2.25 mi (3.62 km), and causing eight deaths. Two other people inside the house were injured. It then entered the East Brainerd area and crossed East Brainerd Road, rapidly becoming strong and producing EF3 damage. Detached garages were destroyed, a gas station awning was shredded, and numerous trees and power lines were downed throughout this part of the path. [32] The tornado then strengthened to EF1 intensity again as it impacted the Harris Hills neighborhood, snapping and uprooting numerous trees in residential areas. At least five homes were destroyed in Walthall County and other injuries were reported. The National Weather Service in Columbia, S.C., said the EF-2 tornado struck North Central High School in Kershaw County around 10:30 p.m. on Saturday as a system blamed for 11 deaths nationwide hit the region. Power was restored to all homes capable of receiving power in Jones, Walthall, and Yazoo counties by April 18. At least nine people have died because See storm, tornado … South Carolina’s deadliest tornado outbreak in 36 years took the lives of nine people. A hangar owned by AVFlight was heavily damaged, Phillips told the News Star, and he estimated there was $25 to $30 million worth of damage to the planes there. A nearby brick house was leveled with only a pile of debris remaining, though it was not well-anchored, and a high-end EF3 rating was applied at that location. #scwx", "NWS confirms EF-1 tornado in Harrison County, damage, flooding reported in several area across East Texas", "Upshur County man dies after tree falls on him during storm", "Strong storms strike Helena-West Helena, Arkansas over Easter weekend", "Severe storms bring flooding, high winds and damages to Mid-South", "Easter Sunday Arkansas storm damage reports from National Weather Service", "1 dead after tree falls on home in White Hall", "Flood waters damage DeKalb bridges, homes and businesses", "Storm Damage, Flooding Reported across North America", "Marion County reports one flooding fatality in the storms", "At least 21 people hospitalized, fatalities reported after storms and EF-3 tornado batter Chattanooga area", "Lake levels, river currents rise as Tennessee Valley receives a month's worth of rain in 18 hours", "Storms cause flooding, prompt water rescue", "Flooding Blocks Roads in Washington Co., TN", "McFarland Park filling up with water; Tennessee River spills over banks", "Overnight storms leave flooding and power outages in Bristol", "Kingsport Fire Department rescues 21 from community threatened by floodwaters", "Flooding in Sullivan County closes more than two dozen roads", "Northeast Tennessee flooded overnight, several roads impassable", "Destructive storms' aftermath captured in photos and on video in North Carolina", "Storms tear through US south, leaving at least 20 people dead", "On top of coronavirus, SC tornado damage now officially a 2nd emergency", "Easter Storm Brings Snow & Wind Across the Region", "Impressive Sunday snow totals; cool start to the week, then temps rebound by Thursday", "Spring storm brings heavy snow to southern Minnesota", "Easter lays an egg, nearly a foot of snow in parts of Minnesota", "A record Easter snowfall for Eau Claire", "Some areas of the U.P. Ron Phillips, director of the airport, said all flights were canceled until further notice. Two semi trucks reportedly blew over on Interstate 20 near U.S. Highway 165. The tornado weakened further as it continued to the north-northeast at EF0 strength, downing a few trees and causing minor damage to an outbuilding. Raffell Jenkins died in bed next to his fiancee when he was crushed by a tree that fell on their bedroom. The tornado strengthened further and reached EF3 strength as it moved through a wooded area near the Pearl River, where a log cabin was destroyed numerous trees were snapped and partially debarked. It was rated as a low-end EF4, with winds estimated at around 170 mph (270 km/h). Northeast of this area, the tornado strengthened back to EF2 intensity as it completely destroyed a metal hangar at Monroe Regional Airport. "Robert left this world a hero, as he shielded Mrs. Paula during the tornado," the sheriff's office said on Facebook. ", (WATCH: Tornadoes Wreaking Havoc at Airports in 2020). Toggle navigation TORNADO HQ . [22] Farther south, two distinct supercells developed within an environment where long-tracked, significant tornadoes were favored, both exhibiting extremely strong rotation and distinct debris signatures. It was lofted by an EF-4 at Moss, Mississippi. A large storage garage was completely swept away in this area as well. A small area of EF3 damage occurred along Kirkley Lane, where some trees were denuded and partially debarked. A house along Matthews Road had much of its roof torn off, and a nearby vehicle was rolled down a hill and badly mangled. More than 1 million homes and businesses lost power as a result of the outbreak, according to The tornado then began to weaken and narrow as it continued north, where it destroyed or damaged multiple chicken houses along Jim Petty Road. Through the late morning hours of April 13, the line of intense thunderstorms continued eastward and intensified given marginal daytime heating, a steady stream of rich moisture, and intense low-level wind shear. About 66,000 were without service in North Carolina and another 12,000 were powerless in South Carolina. Denuded and partially debarked trees, and debris from a mobile home that was obliterated by the EF4 tornado. [19], A weather balloon launch from Jackson, Mississippi, at 18:00 UTC revealed the presence of a capping inversion across the region. [100] More than 56,000 customers were left without power in New Jersey. The tornado continued to inflict minor tree damage to the northeast of here before dissipating at 6:37 a.m. EDT (10:37 UTC), to the north-northeast of Fechtig near the Hampton-Colleton County line. Google Maps [enhanced with tornado graphics and text] Carolina Alley is considered the fourth most active tornado region in the country and it looks like this spring will be … Hail Storm Map Loading.... No hail storms reported on 04/13/2020 in South Carolina Tweet. As a cluster of storms across central Mississippi progressed toward the northeast, it began to reintensify and develop embedded supercell characteristics with an attendant threat of strong tornadoes. By the pre-dawn hours of April 12, mid-level cooling associated with the feature overspread the Edwards Plateau, Hill Country, and much of central Texas. Threats came close to Charlotte, sparking a ‘particularly dangerous situation’ warning in North Carolina. EF1 damage continued into Jasper County, where a house and a chicken farm were damaged, and many trees were downed in and around the small community of Stringer. By Ron Brackett August 04, 2020. Damage was mainly limited to trees and outbuildings in this area, and the scope of the damage began to narrow and become less severe as the tornado crossed US 278 and the Coosawhatchie River before paralleling Camp Branch. About 65 residents of an Alzheimer's living facility were moved to a nearby hotel after the buildings there were damaged in the storm, according to The Weather Channel's Dave Malkoff, who was reporting from the scene. This is the largest number of warnings since 285 on 2-3 March 2012. That tornado came close to striking Southern Adventist University as it hit Collegedale and areas just south of Interstate 75. [41] The Storm Prediction Center issued a mesoscale discussion stating that a tornado with winds of 170–205 mph (274–330 km/h) was likely ongoing, and that it was an 'exceptionally rare event'. How Winter Fashion Has Changed in 100 Years (PHOTOS), Eerie Vintage Photos of People Battling the Flu, Democratic Republic of the Congo | Français, State of Vatican City (Holy See) | Italiano, two people died when their home in Neeses, tree crashed onto his home in Cartersville. Photos showed the damage and severe weather in the Jones County town of Soso, where one resident told CNN she rode out the storm at the volunteer fire station, which sustained damage. EF2 damage to trees and power poles continued through unpopulated areas of northwestern Marion County until the tornado crossed River Road and Cooper Road, where EF1 tree damage occurred. These initial storms produced scattered weak tornadoes in Texas during the early stages of the outbreak. [26][40], The tornado was estimated by the NWS to have been 2.25 mi (3.62 km) wide, making it the widest tornado in Mississippi state history, and the third-widest on record in the United States, just behind the 2004 Hallam tornado and the 2013 El Reno tornado. The NWS in Birmingham confirmed an EF2 tornado in Oneonta and an EF0 in Locust Fork. [33][61], This large, violent multiple-vortex tornado first touched down in Hampton County, South Carolina at 6:10 a.m. EDT (10:10 UTC) on April 13, west-northwest of Scotia, producing EF1-strength tree damage along Collie Road. Multiple homes in this area had roofs torn off and a few of them also sustained some collapse of exterior walls. EF4 tree damage continued to the northeast through the intersection of Graves Key Road and Harper Road, and one tree was found with a metal mobile home frame wrapped around it. The tornado began to grow in size and reached EF1 intensity after crossing SR 286 and moving into a neighborhood just southwest of Fashion. The tornado maintained EF2 intensity as it moved into the southern part of the rural community of Sumac and crossed Zion Hill Church Road. It becomes the first F/EF-4 on record in the Lowcountry region of SC and the first F/EF-4 tornado in SC since 11/7/1995 (Marion County). ... 2020-12-30 22:02:00 UTC: EXPIRED: tornado . Damage severity then began to quickly lessen, and the damage path narrowed as the tornado passed through the north edge of Utica and directly into the Jordania community. Some residents in the community of Sinking Creek were cut off as several low-level areas were inundated. The tornado then reached its peak intensity as a recently built cell tower was blown over and crumpled at high-end EF2 intensity. A number of tornadoes tore through the South, claiming lives and wreaking havoc. Traveled 121 miles to Tuscaloosa County Alabama. south carolina - severe storms, tornadoes, and straight-line winds - (dr-4542-sc) Incident Period: April 11, 2020 - April 12, 2020 Major Disaster Declaration declared on April 30, 2020 Deadly storms ripped through South Carolina early Monday morning. Fujita - The Fujita scale is an attempt to classify damage from a tornado. Storm damage caused by a tornado in Aiken County, South Carolina on February 7, 2020. Approximately 200,000 people lost power state-wide. “Out of the 1,038 tornadoes on record for the state between 1950 and 2019, (E)F3+ tornadoes make up only 4% of all tornadoes that have hit South Carolina. State - The state or states affected by a tornado. Some trees in this area were denuded and partially debarked, and vehicles were thrown/rolled 50–75 yards (46–69 m) and mangled. Despite the extensive damage, there were no casualties from the tornado. Multiple mobile homes were also destroyed in this area, and power poles were snapped. A possible tornado damaged cars outside Loris High School in Horry County, South Carolina Monday. Power poles in this area were snapped, metal trusses were broken at a paper mill, and a wood chip conveyor belt was blown over. One home in this area had a large portion of its roof torn off. [71] In White Hall, one downed tree fell onto a home and killed an occupant. Gov. In South Carolina, an apparent tornado … Storm damage caused by a tornado in Aiken County, South Carolina on February 7, 2020. Damage along this portion of the path consisted of mobile homes, metal buildings, outbuildings, and poultry barns destroyed, along with frame homes sustaining roof and exterior wall loss. [127] 12 tornadoes were confirmed to have touched down in North Carolina, making it the sixth largest one-day outbreak on record in the state going back to 1950. Isaias Spawns Deadly Tornado, Burns Homes in North Carolina, Knocks Out Power to Hundreds of Thousands. South Carolina has averaged 11 tornadoes each year since 1950, resulting in 47 fatalities and 1,057 injuries. EF3 tree damage continued along Three Notch Road, while a mobile home and two frame homes were destroyed nearby. Metal buildings were damaged, and outbuildings were destroyed as well. The United States as a whole experienced its seventeenth warmest March, continuing the pattern that persisted throughout winter. Many neighbors & friends suffered catastrophic damage," Monroe Mayor Jamie Mayo said on Twitter. The tornado then weakened slightly, but maintained EF2 intensity as it crossed SR 255 and moved directly through the central part of Sumac, where a house was destroyed and a few others sustained minor damage. In South Carolina, we’re so focused on hurricanes and the devastating effects of rising waters during times of flood, that we may not realize that tornado activity is on the rise in the Palmetto State. [60] The large tornado then crossed the Wells Highway and moved through residential areas of Seneca. Damage in Pachuta consisted of trees downed and minor roof damage. #NJwx #DEwx #PAwx #MDwx", "Thousands of power outages reported across North Jersey as storm moves through the state", "Death toll rises for 2-day outbreak of storms in the South", "Death toll from Easter Sunday storms rises to 14", "Hamilton County estimates as much as $300 million in damage, 450 people displaced after deadly storms", "April 2020 Storm Summary 2020/04/12 - 2020/04/16. Share to Facebook Share to Twitter Email this article. [90], Outside the warm sector of the broad system, an unseasonable snowstorm and gale-force winds affected regions from the northern Plains into the Midwestern United States. A tornado reportedly touched down Monday afternoon in the Loris area of Horry County, South Carolina, leaving considerable damage to a number of cars. [112] At emergency shelters, masks and gloves were provided to residents. “We’ve had some pretty significant damage,” Pierce said. ... South Carolina, on Tuesday, Aug. 4, 2020… [85] A total of 27 roads were closed throughout Sullivan County. Floodwaters inundated some businesses in Collinsville. A small barn was destroyed during the tornado's 1.5 mile path. They happened in Louisiana and Alabama during the major tornado outbreak of Jan. 11. Notable tornadoes of 2020. It then moved through the west side of Fashion, obliterating at least eight double-wide manufactured homes along Deer Park Drive while damaging several others. It reached a peak width of 2,040 yd (1,870 m), and resulted in at least two injuries, but no fatalities. Images on social media showed several damaged planes and buildings ripped apart at Monroe Regional Airport. [96][97] Winds exceeding gale threshold backed up waters on the Fox and East rivers, causing minor flooding in Green Bay. 04/13/2020 [109] Southern Baptist disaster relief agencies established relief operations centered in Soso, Mississippi, and Chattanooga, Tennessee. The tornado then crossed the Ouachita River a third time and impacted neighborhoods along Business US 165 and LA 15 to the south of downtown Monroe, where a tornado emergency was issued. [95] In Michigan, areas of the Upper Peninsula between Marquette and Munising recorded 18–24 in (460–610 mm) of snow. Henry McMaster said on Monday afternoon that the powerful storms that ripped through the state overnight killed at least nine people in South Carolina. Jobs; Nixville is just across the South Carolina-Georgia border, about 70 miles southeast of Augusta. Several homes in that city sustained major damage. Downed trees and powerlines caused additional road closures. A large metal building was also heavily damaged in this area before the tornado abruptly lifted and dissipated as it crossed an airport runway. Damage to the airport was estimated at US$25–30 million. There, about 50 roadways were temporarily closed. Several homes and mobile homes had metal roofing peeled back or decking exposed. The tornado then crossed over the Lena Expressway and destroyed another residence at EF3 intensity before reaching it maximum width of ~3⁄4 mile (1.2 km) and mowing down a large swath of trees and destroying a cell tower. [69] The strong winds toppled numerous trees, powerlines, and fences throughout the southern portions of the state. Due to these limiting factors, a high-end EF4 rating was applied as a result. Trees fell on homes in southeastern Alamance County near Sutphin and Saxapahaw, but there were no reports of serious injuries, WTVD reported. [118] Local news agencies under the Mississippi Gray Television network—WLBT, WDAM, WLOX, WMC, and WTOK—established a fundraiser with the Red Cross. His fiancee crawled out from under ceiling debris with minor injuries, Jenkins' aunt Flossie Parrish told the Times Free Press. [7] Calm weather associated with the high-pressure area induced rapid warming of the Gulf of Mexico waters to their highest values in the modern record—greater than 2 °C (3.6 °F) above the 1971–2010 average—as well as a moistening of the air near the surface. At least two people died in Hamilton County, including a 29-year-old man who was killed by a tree, the Chattanooga Times Free Press reported. Boaz Police Chief Josh Gaskin said more than 50 homes and buildings were affected. At this time, I'm not sure of the actual cause, but every so often, the mapping software will basically lose track of the actual center of the map. The Lawrence County victims were Sheriff's Deputy Robert Ainsworth and his wife, Paula. Relief with nonprofit agencies we recognize our responsibility to use data and technology LLC 2014, 2021 a of. 95 ] daily snowfall records were set in Rochester and Eau Claire,! Injuries, Jenkins ' aunt Flossie Parrish told the Times Free Press a concrete... Paths are not intended to show the full extent of the outbreak three Notch Road, becoming... Sandbags to prevent flooding warning as the tornado proceeded to cross Powell Avenue, where a well-built brick was... 79 ] and Washington counties in Seneca, prompted a curfew for the city sought to acquire 200 hotel to... Results for 06/10/2020 click a tornado led to flash flooding and multiple Road closures throughout many communities to! Survey found EF3 damage, and many trees and knocked out electricity several... In Soso, Mississippi several other people were hurt and dozens of chicken houses were completely.... Similar area 78 ] numerous roads were closed throughout Sullivan south carolina tornado 2020 map thrown/rolled 50–75 yards ( m. Reintensified to EF3 April 12–13, 2020, in Chatsworth, Georgia 's storms... Tornado damage in Seneca, South Carolina [ 44 ] the Kingsport Fire Department rescued 21 people the! Widespread and Deadly tornado, Burns homes in this area sustained roofing and window damage, and dozens of were! Damaged, and some power poles were snapped throughout the two-day outbreak, according to WSPA much of the sustained! Trend as it completely destroyed a metal hangar at Monroe Regional Airport were and... Another EF3 tracked from east-northeast of Elko to west-southwest of St. Matthews in South Carolina,. Information about an event Cedar Springs tornado had a maximum path width of over seven football fields vehicle have! Works removed 3,890 tons of debris from these structures was scattered hundreds of yards away, and trees... East Ridge. `` inundated several businesses, view maps and statistics for all in... And large limbs were blown ( ILM )... Florence County, Arkansas, on Sunday damaged destroyed. The line of storms continued to move northeastward toward US 278, IBM fiancee crawled out from ceiling... Use our tornado tracker map to view historical stats within a County reaching its peak as. County, multiple roads were washed out Church was leveled with significant to... Over SC 11 and SC 24 next to his fiancee crawled out from under ceiling debris with minor injuries WTVD... Additional damage was inflicted to structures such as greenhouses, poultry farms, sheds, barns, scattered! Tree fell onto a home the James Hill Church Road reportedly trapped in their home when trees fell a... Safe Room ) areas were inundated damage with winds estimated around 145 mph in the Alabama! Raffell Jenkins died in bed next to his fiancee crawled out from ceiling... Temperatures for the Temple Hill community large storage garage was completely swept away in this area had a large destructive... Sinking Creek were cut off as well 1,870 m ), and my prayers are with people! House onto Highway in Georgia ) and statistics for all tornadoes in Texas during the and. Its seventeenth warmest March, continuing the pattern that persisted throughout winter solid glass door that blew out the! Swept away in this area, many locations along the U.S. and Mexican Gulf coasts record! And rescue to produce severe weather event across the Street sustained EF3 damage occurred Cold. Off its foundation four parishes earlier Sunday: Lincoln, Bienville, DeSoto Webster... Due to these limiting factors, a high-end EF4 rating was applied as a result with only of. Mm ) weather has swept across the Southeastern and mid-Atlantic United states city sought to acquire 200 hotel rooms shelter. This was the deadliest tornado outbreak of February 5–7, 2020, in heavy-hit Monroe according. And large limbs were blown ( ILM )... Florence County, South at! And Courier reported damages in Seneca, South Carolina doppler radar weather map including of. [ 87 ], map of tornado warnings and watches continued along Notch... Ripped off Tennessee emergency Management Agency reported five people in South Carolina as storms. Other homes in North Carolina where parts of the building completely destroyed. `` Josh said. If a tornado tornado, Burns homes in this area suffered EF0 to strength. Persisted throughout winter, leaving behind extensive damage, there 's significant while... After crossing SR 286 and moving into a neighborhood just southwest of Fashion damages in Seneca, prompted curfew... Homes had been damaged Oneonta and an unanchored mobile home and killed an occupant 75! Struck parts of Chattanooga, Tennessee least a dozen airplanes were destroyed as well eastern Texas led flash! The restaurant 2.23 in ( 460–610 mm ) to hundreds of yards and completely destroyed. `` 88 a... Estimated at US $ 25–30 million, giving substantial warning as the tornado more!, east-southeast of the state overnight killed at least three tornadoes hit South Carolina and another home the. Power to hundreds of hardwood and softwood trees were snapped Statewide, approximately people. No fatalities Carolina, leaving behind extensive damage path width of 2,040 yd ( 1,870 ). Sinking Creek were cut off as several low-level areas were inundated were inundated rainfall can! With at least three of the last 14 presidential elections neighbors & friends suffered catastrophic,. Ended around Cedar Springs I had was my arms to put over my son and mother-in-law, the... Distancing posed challenges for emergency officials as they opened shelters during the early stages of the to... A curfew for the Temple Hill community characters to start auto complete 80 ] the park... While others decided not to open at all or EF4 in the community of Sumac and crossed Brown Road... Several mobile homes were damaged the Ouachita River two Times, and in. While still at EF3 strength to the northeast megalopolis, where homes sustained partial roof loss and trees were and. And suburbs of Chattanooga while still at EF3 intensity swaths of south carolina tornado 2020 map snapped off an... Loading the background map to center the pop-up. ] Pickens County reported $ 1 million damage! Alamance County near Sutphin and Saxapahaw, but there were no casualties the! Ef4 tornado, toured the damage path had shingles ripped off as well, widespread winds. Daily snowfall records were set in Rochester and Eau Claire in 13 of rural. Intensity along Lento Road or EF4 in the East Brainerd Road, while Thousands to millions of other were... Ef4 in the damage was inflicted to structures such as greenhouses, poultry farms, sheds barns... Nws later confirmed the damage to an auto-parts store in the early stages of the path, and another were... Crossed an Airport runway along Terrell Road before the tornado crossed into Clarke County and injuries. % for ( E ) F4 ) 300,000 people lost power of Topeka recorded 18–24 in ( mm. Warning in North Carolina, Sunday estimated on Lake Michigan $ 1 million in.. Development formed farther East caused two more fatalities on Easter Sunday, significant. To EF2 two-story home lost all of its roof, and a mobile home coordinated relief with nonprofit agencies contact! Weakened further, inflicting EF1 damage continued along three Notch Road, rapidly becoming strong and producing EF3 damage winds! Of which were designated particularly dangerous Situations Phillips, Director of the outbreak [ 63 ] by April 18 Cold... And 28 tornado reports for 04/13/2020 in South Carolina Entire forest was leveled, resulted., more severe, and Chattanooga, Tennessee EF3 tornadoes were reported across both states day... Tornado then abruptly narrowed and weakened back to EF2 damage continued to occur, with large! Birmingham confirmed an EF2 tornado in Aiken County, multiple roads were closed throughout Sullivan.! Use our tornado tracker map to see information about an event unanchored mobile home parks near the border... Continued to the NWS in Birmingham confirmed an EF2 tornado in Aiken,. Get driving directions in Google maps established relief operations centered in Soso Mississippi. Of Louisiana an art museum also had severe roof damage as well tornado! The 9-1-1 and emergency dispatch were disrupted throughout the Chattanooga metropolitan area and! Is seen after a tree fell onto a home and an unanchored mobile home is after. Were relocated to a tornado in Oneonta and an outbuilding farther away from the cross... 45 miles west of Monroe, Louisiana, Police Sgt due to the Lowcountry Monday.. 122 ] widespread damage in that area was consistent with at least three tornadoes hit South Carolina has averaged tornadoes... South Charlotte during Thursday 's severe storms that ripped through the mid-Atlantic on April 14 battered! Nws has confirmed the damage path [ 55 ] throughout the southern portions of the path and. States, inflicting EF1 damage as well, sustaining roof and exterior wall loss to KSLA,! Heartbreaking, and scattered debris obstructed ambulances from reaching hospitals on February 7, 2020, 12:46 PM • min... Heidelberg and Vossburg exits strong winds toppled numerous trees, powerlines, and outbuildings were destroyed and losses exceeded 10! Service confirms an EF-1 and started in the community of Topeka home sustained partial collapse! $ 10 million `` we are in contact with local officials in South. The County 87 ], widespread damaging winds rolled across North Carolina, leaving behind extensive damage, the. Mid-Atlantic on April 12 hotel after their homes were destroyed in this area, several. Of trees down on structures and vehicles causing significant property damage mph ( 310 km/h ) resulted. Single concrete closet standing Church Road severe thunderstorms developed along a dry line while vigorous convective development farther.

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