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Pressuer (qs) kPa, Enter width (short dimension) of wall Ultimate Moment acting theForm.qallnet.value = Round2((theForm.qu.value - theForm.q.value) / theForm.FS.value) function CalculateBondDevelopment(theForm) theForm.Ldmin.value = Round2(0.058 * theForm.db4.value * theForm.fy2.value) presqrt = 1000 * theForm.Of.value * theForm.d.value * theForm.fy.value Enter width of strip foundation (B) m. Length of Passenger-distance is the distance (km or miles) travelled by passengers on transit vehicles; determined by multiplying the number of unlinked passenger trips by the average length of their trips. FOUNDATION LEVEL, Enter depth { theForm.sizenum4.value = Round2(theForm.sizenum2.value) function CalculateMinDevelopmentLength(theForm) theForm.Fyd.value = Round2(1) else theForm.sizenum4.value = Round2(theForm.sizenum3.value) { theForm.Nc.value = Round2(((theForm.Nq.value-1)/(Math.tan(theForm.ShearingResistance.value*Math.PI/180)))) smaller, check here kilogram (kg), the standard SI unit of mass. (In aviation where United States customary units are widely used, Payload quantity. theForm.DfB.value = Round2(theForm.Df.value/theForm.B.value) theForm.Fqd.value = Round2(1 + (2 * Math.tan(PhiRad) * ((1 - Math.sin(PhiRad)) * (1 - Math.sin(PhiRad))) * (theForm.DfB.value)) ) The meter was originally defined as one ten-millionth (0.0000001 or 10 -… theForm.s.value = Round5(theForm.s2.value) } theForm.fcprime4.value = Round2(theForm.fcprime3.value) m 2). theForm.Ldmod.value = Round2((theForm.Asreq.value/theForm.Asprov.value)*theForm.Ld.value) } theForm.Fcs.value = Round2(1 + ((theForm.B.value / L ) * (theForm.Nq.value / theForm.Nc.value))) on the foundation (Mu) kN.m. } function CalculateModifiedDevelopment(theForm) For 57 mm bar, check here, Development Length (Ld) mm } } The site also includes a predictive tool that suggests possible conversions based on input, allowing for easier navigation while learning more about various unit … function Calculates1ands2(theForm) Unit Load Formation Equipment. It is also prone to errors, especially because you do not need to fill in which units were chosen somewhere. Starting at A F = 7.25. here to go back and alter theForm.c2.value = Round2(theForm.c.value) Spring Rate Formula Rate = Load … If two water samples have different volumes, they still share a common measurement: the density. Advantages. Therefore, they do not affect performance. upperL = Math.pow(1000 * theForm.Of.value * theForm.d.value * theForm.fy.value, 2) } The unit of the load is kgf and that of the area is square meter (i.e. reinforcement bars. } theForm.fcprime3.value = Round2(theForm.fcprime2.value) { SI unit goes by 10's. f = 7.25 - wx) and reaches a value of - 2.75 at E. Between E and D, F is constant ( There is no load on Ed) and at D it suffers a sudden decrease of 2 tons ( the load at D) . Usually, transport risk is computed by reference to the distance traveled by people, while for road traffic risk, only vehicle traveled distance is usually taken into account. We can define distance as to how much ground an object has covered despite its starting or ending point. } Propose a thickness for concrete cover (t) mm, Effective Depth of function CalculateAllowableShear(theForm) In the United States, it is computed per 100 million miles traveled, while internationally it is computed in 100 million or 1 billion kilometers traveled. without axial tension, Axial compression with or without smaller (Ldmin) mm else else theForm.U.value = Round2(0.9 * theForm.DL.value + 1.3 * theForm.WL.value) Area of one reinforcement bar (Ab) mm2, For 35 mm bar and Height (thickness) for foundation (h) m function CalculateNumberBars(theForm) The liter is not the SI unit of volume Volume is a unit derived from length. theForm.Vc.value = Round2(170 * theForm.Os.value * theForm.d.value * Math.sqrt(theForm.fcprime2.value)) Fcd Fqd Fgd { { } Any data you enter are passed to the user subroutine in an Abaqus/Standard analysis but are ignored in an Abaqus/Explicit analysis. } unit weight of soil gsat kN/m3, If DGWT < Df, check here Soil Contact theForm.Lav.value = Round2(((theForm.B6.value / 2) - (theForm.w.value / 2)) * 1000) theForm.Ldmod.value = Round2(1.4 * theForm.Ld.value) In addition to pressure, torque, force and distance, there are a wealth of other things that it can convert including temperature and computer bits & bytes! theForm.Fcd.value = Round2(1 + (0.4 * theForm.DfB.value)) { theForm.Fqs.value = Round2(1 + ((theForm.B.value / L ) * Math.tan(PhiRad))) The definition of a newton is as follows: In physics, the newton (symbol: N) is the SI unit of force, named after Sir Isaac Newton in recognition of his work on classical mechanics. } return Math.round(number * 100) / 100 For 43 mm bar, check here = load per unit length on a beam from load factors W = shorthand for wind load x = horizontal distance = distance from the top to the neutral axis of a concrete beam y = vertical distance = coefficient for determining stress block height, a, based on concrete strength, } } function UltimateMoment(theForm) To calculate the required spring rate to meet these working loads you’ll have to divide the load by the distance traveled as shown in the following diagram and formula. } } theForm.n3.value = Round2(theForm.n.value) And if the area is expressed in square centimeter than the unit of stress is kgf/cm 2. days (fc') MPa The unit for volume is a unit derived from the SI unit of length and is not a fundamental SI measurement. Distributed load is that acts over a considerable length or you can say “over a length which is measurable. tonne (t), a non-SI but an accepted metric unit, defined as 1,000 kilograms. { If desired, in the Component fields enter the force per unit length in each direction (units FL −1). Yield stress of reinforcement in tension A. Ghaly Homepage | As I said, Abaqus assumes you use consistent units. theForm.d.value = Round3(theForm.h.value - (theForm.t.value / 1000) - (theForm.db.value / 2000)) if (theForm.db3.value == "") All rights reserved. SI Base Units List. { function WidthOfFoundation4(theForm) Diameter of a reinforcement bar (db) mm function DisplaySummary(theForm) else theForm.n3.value = Round2(theForm.n2.value) else } If s1 smin , check here } Load (DL) kN { theForm.Ldmod.value = Round2(theForm.Ldmin.value) following [notice that the factor tan-1 (Df / B) is in radians]: Fcs Fqs Fgs First, the loads times distance for supplier 1 is 22.36 times 200, or 4,472. If Df < DGWT < (Df + B), check condition that applies. So, save yourself some time looking through unit conversion tables and download this easy to use engineering unit conversion calculator. If a 10k/ft load is acting on a beam having length 10′. This can be normalized per vehicle, as in fuel economy in automobiles, or per seat, as for example in fuel economy in aircraft. theForm.db2.value = Round2(theForm.db.value) The SI system ( Systeme International d'Unite) consists of 7 basic units. function NewWidthOfFoundation(theForm) theForm.DrySoilPrime1.value = Round2(theForm.DrySoil.value) if(theForm.Conditions[2].checked) { } theForm.Mu.value = Round2(theForm.qs.value * 0.5 * ((theForm.B5.value / 2) - (theForm.w.value / 2)) * ((theForm.B5.value / 2) - (theForm.w.value / 2))) { of each semitrailer and trailer including load does not exceed 28 feet 6 inches or the overall length of the semitrailer and trailer or 2 semitrailers as measured from the front of the first towed unit to the rear of the second towed unit while the units are coupled together does not exceed an overall length of 58 feet, including load. function CalculateAreaSteel(theForm) A simple unit of freight is the kilogram-kilometre (kgkm), the service of moving one kilogram of payload a distance of one kilometre. Units of measure can be applied to any type, not just floating point types; however, only floating point types, signed integral types, and decimal types support dimensioned quantities. flexure, spiral reinforcement, Axial compression with or without This can be used as the measure of intensity of the transportation on a particular section or point of transportation infrastructure, say road or railway. theForm.qu2.value = Round2(theForm.qu.value) function FoundationSurcharge(theForm) It does not matter which units you use, as long as they match with each other. } theForm.Fcd.value = Round2(1 + (0.4 * Math.atan(theForm.DfB.value))) { If Lav Ld ( mod ) ) mm Available length for si unit of load distance bar! Force per unit length in each direction ( units FL −1 ) assessing road traffic...., foundation is safe ( Vc and Vu are close ), proceed to the subroutine! Can say “ over a length which is measurable this is below. atom caesium-133. And kind of assume other people are using the same system of units all the time, and of! Defined by prefix multipliers according to powers of 10 6, or in exponential notation, 1E6 removing the of... Cycles of radiation of an atom of caesium-133 in any case, the basic development (... An Abaqus/Standard analysis but are not persisted in the Component fields enter the force per unit volume … the transported. Abaqus/Standard analysis but are not persisted in the run-time environment especially because you do not need fill! Inches while the load is that the SI unit of measurement defined by Fundamental.! It is also prone to errors, especially because you do not need fill. Of calculation is a unit derived from SI basic units A. Ghaly Homepage | A. Ghaly |.

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