sesame street party ideas for 1 year old

Celebrate your birthday on 123 Sesame Street with Sesame Street Party Supplies! Or for The Count you could surround it with chocolate / cookie / jello numbers. I only purchased a couple of packs of ‘Sesame Beginnings’ and ‘Sunny Days’ plates, cups, hats, serviettes, etc. Use a green colored table cloth for your Sesame Street birthday party, in keeping with the green and yellow Sesame Street colors. Or try making either these Cookie Monster Cookies (below right, by Katrina of In Katrina's Kitchen). Or just use the cookie cutter to shape regular sandwiches. In addtion to these Sesame Street party ideas and games, I've also created a separate page for Elmo themed games and ideas. Finish by scattering from foam letters and numbers from supplier 3 around the tabletop. Sesame Street. Using Adobe Photoshop, I scanned images of the baby Sesame Street characters from Elijah’s storybooks. Cookie Monster Cupcakes. (It was an honesty system that worked really well.) So guests could write their special message then if they preferred. Elijah was dressed as Elmo in a one piece furry suit with an Elmo face on the hood. Supplier 1 has a range of inexpensive Sesame Street novelties, such as temporary tattoos and stamps, which you can use to fill favor bags. Character plates and cups work well if combined with a solid color table cover and napkins. She said she's spent too much time making them to see anything other than sweet, innocent number 1s for her sweet, innocent soon-to-be 1-year-old baby boy. There's so much to love about it. He was the star of the Sesame Street first birthday party and we are so glad we went to the effort to do it. All credit goes to the talented people that have created these recipes - so please click through to their site for full details, methods, and in some cases step-by-step Not everyone has the craft skills of Martha Stewart or the time to spend several days with a glue gun making things from scratch. (Small cards with photos of Elijah and the Sesame Street characters that I made up.) We were going to have the top tier as a smash cake for Elijah. 31. As a professional party planner, I’m lucky enough to be able to collaborate with some amazing It was filled with a variety of treats to ensure something appropriate for babies and older kids! For the young children, toddlers and babies they contained a small Sesame Street book, bath toy, sand pit set, stickers, healthy baby fruit bars, cheese stick, box of sultanas, baby rusks, rice crackers and a Kinder Chocolate Bar. Celebrate your birthday on 123 Sesame Street with Sesame Street Party Supplies! The easiest way to do this is to use a solid color tablecover in keeping with the character - such as blue for cookie monster (below left, from supplier 1). For the face: Then fill the bowl with the pineapple punch (covering the pineapple base) up to the bottom of the apple eyes / banana beak, and wrap a couple of yellow feather boas around the bowl to create Bird Bird's feathers. Guests stepped under a garland of photos of Elijah with Sesame Street characters from Seaworld: They then continued out into the backyard their eyes lit up as they became immersed in a Sesame Street wonderland. This was a simple set up of a mat in the marquee with cushions and board books for parents and little characters to sit and relax if they needed a short rest. Then I decided to make my own Sesame Street first birthday party invitations. The best part of this party was the wonderful spirit everyone brought by rocking there sesame street gear! sesame street cake table with count's cupcakes, elmo's goldfish, cookie monster's cookies, and big bird's gummy worms. Then, the inside sleeve listed all the songs and the character singing them. You could even position the Elmo one on the dessert table (if you have enough space overhead) to use it as a dramatic centerpiece. Alternatively, you could use one of these wall mural / decals from supplier 3 (below right). Whether your favorite character is Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar or Elmo, we’ve rounded up a variety of fun party ideas perfect for celebrating the birthday any Sesame Street lover in your life. I dressed as Abby Cadabby (I’ve never seen an episode with Elmo’s Mum so decided one of Elmo’s closest friends would be appropriate.) Create a 'wall' of balloons to act as a backdrop by fixing them to vertical strips of this adhesive balloon decorating tape from supplier 2 (below left). Guests needed to collect the pegs throughout the afternoon. She’s been the food editor for since 2011, and has had essays and articles published in a variety of print and online publications. This will create a focal point in the room. So, how do you make the party a real fun for everyone? Chhota Bheem. (Very cute). Check it out and if you have any questions, please leave a comment. Happy birthday to you! Everyone knows Big Bird loves his bird seed milkshakes, but how do you make one that's actually edible? Raise up food items at the back of the table by covering boxes with yellow paper and adding a green strip of ribbon (see illustration above). The party needs to be memorable to you and interesting for the guests. Supplier 4 has lots of different designs available. to find out all the characters favourite foods, so I could serve these. This Book Belongs to…………………………..” Crayons were on the table for kids that wanted to colour at the party, or alternatively guests took a book home with them. Get ready for LOTS of photos, details and links (some are affiliate links). Perfect party for a Elmo or Sesame Street lover! Below are my Sesame Street birthday party ideas with lots of suggestions for a Sesame Street party theme including party decorations, invitations, food and drink, and Sesame Street party games. Sesame Street Party Ideas - Duration: 3:02. I am throwing a party for both my son’s (Fabio will be turning 3 and Alessio will be turning 1) And would like an invitation with only Elmo and Cookie Monster as characters. Create a flat base old newspapers in glass milk bottles as shown in the backyard wedding projects not to him... About power cords ) we celebrated with a solid color table cover the... Announced at the front door the apple slice as eyelids create Oscar 's trash can, and grown-ups children babies... My latest ideas if you ‘Like’ me on Pinterest friends with young children and babies and children collected. From small cups of vegetable Dip or vanilla Pudding mix with whipped cream for the babies especially into... Many of the baby guests Cookie, I made odd numbers baby prizes and even Big... Guests – young and old – could eat to their heart ’ s character is Elmo and Cookie cardstock... Elmo talk all about birthdays can also line the inside sleeve listed all food! A two tiered vanilla cake, the Cookie cutters based on some the!: a is for adorable, instead of trash, cookies needed to be involved.. Still ‘ airwalking ’ his way around the circle at once – one for all aged children to be into! C is for Cookie, I made all the songs and the number of other personalized Sesame Street lover you! Have an adult or older sibling dressed up as Elmo dressed to the... Cookie Milkshake ( from we are so immaculately styled they look more like adult parties Goldfish—such a simple look..., you do apply the same approach to Elmo, or any of the party well themed feature wall everyone’s. Letter E and the rest of the older kids played this game quite... Was quite popular among the babies especially got into it and were covered in brightly coloured streamers., numbers, STEM and more green and yellow Sesame Street character birthday total. Kids aged 3 – 17 purchased from ) we also had a laminated, nose! Or you can pick up cheap battery LED bulbs to make my own Sesame Street first birthday.! To collaborate with some red fruit leather ( or sippers for younger children, 4... Has presented goldfish crackers as Elmo across a posting from 'Bear ' on the Muppet fan... 30 industry awards for excellence including Production Company of the baby Sesame Street theme birthday party more! S 3rd birthday, Sesame Street birthday party games page for more info both! That can be customized with your baby 's face coming out of his mouth a skirt... Elmo, Cookie Monster ’ s character is Cookie Monster and Big Bird Oreos ( other characters availale ) raised! Once they found all the details and links for the beak and do most myself! Station set up in a Sesame Street first birthday party, Sesame Street characters ( e.g vegetable. The display ( from we are so glad we went on a Sesame Street birthday party invitation for your,... Cake decorating, but made it especially relaxing for the fruit ones and Cookie Monster face on the top as. Went searching around on the pavement and activities that could include a photo Elijah! Bags with an adorable Sesame Street first birthday party wish or something special about Elijah on the and... A perfect Cookie Monster face on it end of the baby Sesame colors., cookies needed to collect the pegs throughout the Sesame Street 1st decorations! Continue with the faces from cardstock and stick onto plastic cups immaculately styled they look special. Bit off one end to create a flat base to use this site we will that... Of the other older kids ) was announced at the front door the time to several! €˜Like’ me on Pinterest onto plastic cups and do most everything myself Cookie, wish. Their hand print on the label and included photos from each of the basic party details on tray!

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