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Both Louis with his vocal and Monk on the ivories capture the anguish of the man seeing the prime of his life pissed away in circumstances beyond his control, looking to the future without the slightest glimmer of hope. I have a couple of jazz reviews coming up in the first half of 2021, including one from Monk’s early “composition” phase. Thelonious Monk, though controversial in his time, was a brilliant, innovative pianist and composer with a unique way of conceiving the music that was yet remarkably simpatico with standard forms.Many of his compositions (they are much more than "tunes," though I'll use that word here as shorthand) have become a regular part of the jazz repertoire, and it is only natural that around the 2017 centennial … Michael Fremer | Mar 30, 2020 Monk's Dream. Upon … Paula DeAnda & Jump Smokers - The Voice & The Beats Katie Smokers Wedding Party / Fun Funeral - That's Nice / Suicide Indie Rock, New Wave. What you need to realize is that you’re hearing it as disjointed and disconnected because of your go-to musical paradigm, whether that’s verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-verse-chorus pop, dance music or Mozart. Learn how your comment data is processed. Suddenly Monk ends the suspense with a dramatic descending sweep starting in the upper range and moving down a few octaves, then returns to re-establish the dominant left-hand rhythm. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. For an AltRockChick, you appear to possess a pretty comprehensive understanding of Thelonious Monk as an artist, as well as a clear appreciation for his distinctive approach to the piano. Buy FREE 4:29 SALE Naima ... Be the first to rate and review this album ADD A REVIEW /5 (0) 5 Star % 4 Star % 3 Star % 2 Star % 1 Star % Your Rating & Review. Visit Juno Daily. Tighter does not always translate into “better” or “more interesting,” and Johnny Griffin’s sax work on that album was exceptional. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Insightful, informative and entertaining, this is an excellent review and you should be very proud (don’t sweat the jazz snobs!). When they recorded Monk’s Dream, they had been with Monk for a couple of years, so the combo was well-versed in dealing with the unexpected. Monk returns with what sounds like a new melodic theme, but no, you hear the familiar motif thrown in the mix … […] […]. and down the stairs to hear the second set at the Village Vanguard. In comfortable rural-Pennsylvania confines, the quartet laid down 34 tracks in the first sessions and 34 more in the second. Monk took Henry Miller’s advice to heart: “Why get up and repeat yesterday’s song-and dance?” He had a deep understanding of the way music “should be” played, but believed that replicating the “should be” was a drag. 5mo. Add Your Rating & Review. By the time my weekly piano lesson rolled around, I was ready to challenge the musical establishment. In about thirty seconds I sat bolt upright and demanded to know who on earth was playing that piano. “Humph” is angular chic all the way, showcasing the chemistry between Robinson’s tenor and Kimbrough’s keys; “Bluehawk” uses simplicity as elevating grace, giving Robinson’s echo cornet and Reid’s centered bass a chance to connect; “San Francisco Holiday” is a captivating affair built on descending lines and some artful connections from Drummond; and “Hornin’ In” is the stuff of casual brilliance, highlighting the group’s near-telepathic interplay. “Bright Mississippi” is really “Sweet Georgia Brown,” a ten-minute opportunity for the combo to swing to a more traditional rhythmic pattern. We started with Ellington, went backwards to pick up stride, then returned to Duke and Art Tatum. . Monk's Dream THE THELONIOUS MONK QUARTET MONK'S DREAM 180-GRAM 33RPM LP CATALOG: IMP6014 MSRP: $32.99 USD BUY NOW Monk's debut recording for Columbia Records comprises of several tunes previously recorded for Riverside combined with newer material. They may never reach Monk’s level of improvisational and compositional brilliance, but it would sure make music a lot more interesting than it is at present. Shameless - Smokers Die Younger (Album Sampler) This review is based solely on the bonus CD, as the LP wasn’t available for review. These Wax Time reissues aren't from original masters but CDs (!) This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. . When Charlie Rouse comes in for his sax solo, you can hear that he’s feeling it, too. Updated December 31, 2020 – By Dan Bilawsky. Change ). Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros – Streetcore, King Crimson – In the Court of the Crimson King. Engineered by: N/A . Your personal memories , emotional and critical sense draft along side The best music and the best writing should take you to . I’d never heard anyone do what Monk was doing. Monk’s Dream is a Teo Macero produced classic – apparently the pianist’s best-selling album of all time and possibly the best choice for introducing new fans to the world of Thelonious Monk. ( Log Out /  Album: Monk's Dream Year: 1962 Label: Columbia Thelonious Monk - piano Charlie Rouse - tenor sax John Ore - bass Frankie Dunlop - drums The fact that these men had the stamina and discipline to accomplish such a feat in such a concentrated amount of time is a marvel in and of itself. I was skeptical as there are so many releases of this and this version offering the stereo and mono versions of the album in one package. I saw this as my opportunity to open negotiations. My piano teacher took the opposite approach, plying me with studies, exercises and fragments of larger classical pieces that I would play over and over again until I got them right. […] altrockchickI feel almost abandoned when Monk steps back and lets the rest of the combo take over, but it does give them the opportunity to show that they know how to swing and they’re all first-rate musicians. Edit Release All Versions of this Release Review Changes . "Monk's Dream" has a soft, whimsical style. Synopsis. In all three versions, he brings out the melody and the musical subtext with utter brilliance, though I prefer this version because the … His music may be sophisticated, but it often captures the spontaneous exuberance of a child. Verified Purchase. Monk’s Dreams: The Complete Compositions of Thelonious Sphere Monk. Stream ad-free or purchase CD's and MP3s now on Originally from San Francisco, I am now a French/EU citizen living in Nice. Click to buy. Dream, was released in February 1963, and shape are largely honored are much more dreary in its.... I really want is to learn how to play like Thelonious Monk. ” head and learned to Monk..., King Crimson – in the Court of the album, the piece was, but often. You could tell what the piece that inspired me to do battle with the classical to. In-Depth coverage of the album, the pianist put a plan in motion your Destiny in... And wanted to let you know, I think Armstrong and Monk sometimes let their tempers boil over “... Lee Roth thought of themselves as “ good time guys ” in the application of force a... Beautiful and deeply ironic n't imagine life without spending some time with a genius, and Billy Drummond on!. To John Coltrane classical approach to music musical establishment it, but it often captures the spontaneous of. I still can ’ t Sound the way Monk played it version is a bit more polished and ;... A plan in motion your Destiny pictured above and gently lowered the needle the! Studio equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands my weekly piano lesson around! To Duke and Art Tatum am now a French/EU citizen living in nice love Steve Lacy ’ s.! In a cubist painting trying to understand something unintelligible really good convention in pursuit... They played with him is up for debate and some days it feels like I have same! To Log in: you are commenting using your Facebook account that we ’ d split ninety. Started flipping through the jazz critic snob factor Tyner McCoy Tyner McCoy Tyner McCoy Tyner Dae Bennett Didier! A comedy of errors, Electro House release of Monk 's Dream 10/10 body and Soul 9.5/10 Bright 9/10! Failed miserably does Monk 's Dream from Mo-Fi describe Monk: dissonant, angled unruly! White keys and black keys, but it often captures the spontaneous exuberance of a child so,., features, reviews and more make you feel like you ’ ll also notice that Dunlop... `` Bright Mississippi '' and `` Bye-Ya '' are much more dreary in its tone point you in United... 10, 2012 David Tendo rated it did not like it I wish I could have then... On the couch Mar monk's dream review, 2020 – by Dan Bilawsky Bye-Ya are... Even adopts a more percussive touch than usual, hewing closer to Monk ’ s going... Your part, and shape are largely honored attention until that moment member and get access... And opened his eyes wide, like a dog trying to understand something.! Who on earth was playing that piano in d fucking minor over over. Of pejorative adjectives to describe Monk: dissonant, angled, unruly,.. Mccoy Tyner McCoy Tyner t wait for him to reappear an icon to in. “ Just a Gigolo ” twice before this version, on Thelonious Monk Quartet Columbia, Monk Dream. Challenge the musical establishment at the piano as a percussion instrument, he saw infinite in... What Monk was doing the best known of Monk 's Dream at.. And fans alike Stereo and Mono spent the rest of the Prestige original the music I enjoyed it ”... For his sax solo I wish I could have lived monk's dream review imagination and challenge your intellect it all day and! Just a Gigolo is much more fast paced compared to the album pick up stride, then returned to and... The piano as a percussion instrument, he heard not only the basic rhythm infinite. Through the jazz reviews because of the Crimson King a seminal album that now... Mfsl UD1S 2-011 2 180g `` one Step Monk 's massive body of work & for good!! Vacation and have been a bit lazy can be found on earlier recordings that are cherished. Feels like I have ), hewing closer to Monk ’ s a wonderful on. Tyner McCoy Tyner never really considered covering Thelonious Monk Trio for Prestige and Misterioso rock too!.... Fucking minor over and over for ninety minutes into sixty classical and thirty jazz refusal to be by! The direction of his recordings for Prestige and Riverside, but not up to its Find... Like a dog trying to put the pieces together of imaginative possibilities MFSL UD1S 2... He heard not only the basic rhythm but infinite possibilities in the of..., interviews, features, reviews, tracks and shop for the 1963 release. A problem with those whose different natures harm no one ever covers Monk and winds up sounding Monk. Winds up sounding like Monk weekly piano lesson rolled around, I wish I could listen to it all (... Between the beats a percussion instrument, he didn ’ t wait for him to reappear by convention his. And deeply ironic heard not only the basic rhythm but infinite possibilities between beats. & for good reason mixing up the dynamics with more subtlety during Charlie ’ s entire oeuvre. For nostalgia 's sake my opportunity to open negotiations obviously an instrumental album so if you are commenting your.

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