marvel strike force best team synergy

For example, if you hit Drax who has taunt with Loki’s second ability while Yondu is also in the enemy team, Yondu will (if mind controlled) remove Taunt from Drax. The team we presented is the most potent team made of Brawlers (Captain Marvel, Deadpool, and Daredevil are practically immune to Blind and other status effects while Ghost Rider has the highest damage potential) but some members of this team are usually used in other team combinations. minion who repeatedly uses taunt to protect his allies. Black Widow is the fastest character in-game who buffs her allies with Speed Up. Kingpin is a demanding crime boss who summons bodyguards and orders allies to attack. All his abilities are an example of raw strength and the sole purpose of Sabretooth is to devastate anyone who opposes him. Cable’s price is 45 shards obtainable through Mystic Forces Rising 1-9 mission. Graviton is an A.I.M. He can be obtained through premium orbs, blitz orbs, and blitz supplies. Electro uses her rage and voltage to unleash massive damage on the Sinister Six’s most vulnerable enemies. The only problem is because Electro is faster than Shocker so she will need to save her ultimate for the second turn of combat which sometimes can be problematic (against teams with initial buffs). In a custom team, he will be a threat because of his ultimate but he will not be able to apply Offense Up on allies. His second skill clears Heal Bloc from 2 most injured allies and grants Mister Sinister Offense Up for 2 turns. As mentioned before, Pym Tech team is made primarily for Dark Dimension but since they are very dangerous even outside of it and since every member of Pym Tech team gains at least 2 Evades during the combat, it is obvious that they can be beaten only by strong premade synergy teams. Ghost’s ultimate causes moderate damage to all enemies and prolong negative effects by 1 turn on each target. Carnage damage output could be enormous and he will definitely fit in the Symbiote team, especially because of his Speed and Health. This ability has a 25% chance to be assisted by Yelena Belova. To increase her Critical chance even further Gamora has to be equipped with Raider ISO-8 class. Yondu’s ultimate delivers medium undodgeable Piercing damage to all enemies. His first skill causes heavy damage to the single target and it is always assisted by Hydra Grenadier. His first ability delivers medium Piercing damage and has a chance to apply Ability Block to the target. Additionally, Ghost Rider drains up to 200% of the damage done but after that, he loses 1 Charge. Swarm is a Sinister Six Controller whose body is made of bees who are ready to obey his orders and harass his enemies. When the passive ability is maximized it allows Shatterstar to heal 20% of his Max Health at the start of each turn. In Marvel Strike Force, Kree Reaper is a Kree minion who supports her team with relentless assaults. He can be obtained early in the game and investing resources in him is very smart move. Mais nous pouvons répondre à certaines des questions qui intéressent tout le monde. allies. Kree allies also receive a random positive effect after the death of each enemy. With the introduction of Anti-Venom and Scream, his influence on the game is significantly increased especially since he is a must-have character for Dark Dimension 3. Villain, Global, Skill, Controller, Hydra. Storm is a Mutant Controller who can slow enemies, hasten her mutant allies and who can deliver enormous AOE with her charged abilities. His price is 310 shards which can be obtained only through Magneto Event for which you will need other mutant Heroes. This attack cannot be resisted since Dark Phoenix receives 50000% Extra focus for it. Passive ability grants Mister Sinister 3 Ability Energy at the start of combat, heals him at the start of each turn depending on the number of Marauder allies, and applies Regeneration to the 2 most injured Mutant allies every turn. If Magneto is his ally, the ultimate cannot be counterattacked. NOTE: Use the jump button “DEFENSE” at the bottom right of the screen to get back to the table. Mobile users scroll left and right to see a full team. If this ability is blocked or dodged, X-23 performs a bonus attack that is unavoidable causing heavy Piercing damage against the primary target. This team requires that opponents use the best available teams if they want to clear the Room meaning that X-Men assigning in the Defense will eventually pay off in the long term. His price is 100 shards and you can farm him through Mega Orbs, Raid Orbs, Doom War 1-6 Campaign mission and Raid Supplies. Iron Fist can choose between healer ISO-8 class and Raider class depending on the circumstances. Lorsque vous constituez la vôtre, vous avez droit à 5 membres au maximum, et ce n’est pas possible d’avoir les 5 au début. Toad’s price is 45 shards available in Premium Orbs, Mega Orbs, Blitz Orbs, and Blitz Supplies. A team made of Doctor Doom, Invisible Woman, Black Bolt, Thanos, and Ebony Maw does not have a counter and will be META for a long time. However he needs Longshot to do that, so if you want to use Shatterstar before the full X-Factor team is introduced you will be forced to use Longshot as well. His price is 45 shards obtainable through Mega Orbs, Premium Orbs, Raid Orbs, and Raid Supplies. Human Torch is really powerful but his might can only be seen when he is in the same team with Namor and other Fantastic Four Heroes. Passive Ability grants Taunt and Defense Up to Red Guardian, and places Speed on all Skill Military allies at the start of a battle. It also steals up to 15% Health from all enemies and redistributes it to all Pym Tech allies granting them up to 4000 additional Health (ignores Heal Block). If Storm is already charged her first skill strikes primary and adjacent targets for medium damage. Beast seems like a very powerful mutant who will further improve a very strong X-Men team. His passive ability makes him immune to Bleed, increases damage by up to 20%, and flips to up to 2 negative effects into positive on Human Torch’s Turn. Hella provides sustain and constant healing while all other members of the team have an answer to any possible threats they can meet in Raids. His special ability attacks all enemies causing up to 260% Damage and placing Bleed on each target. He should be equipped with either Raider or Striker ISO-8 class depending on your needs. Dr. Strange’s ability to constantly revive fallen allies is very annoying and it can surprise unprepared opponents. If Jubilee is an ally, on an enemy miss or Astonishing X-Men dodge, Kitty heals the most Injured Astonishing X-Men ally by up to 10% of their Max Health. While Swarm is Charged he heals up to 20% of his Max health and flips 2 negative effects into positive every turn. The Spooky Team makes use of mystic and supernatural characters, and perform incredibly well in Alliance War as a defensive team. Her base damage which is enormous and the fact that she applies Defense Down with basic ability makes her very valuable in any brawler team with Ms.Marvel. Her passive ability grants her automatic Taunt every time HERO ally HP drops below 50% and if that HERO ally is Brawler she additionally gains 2 Deflect. He also has a passive ability to heal a portion of the health of his allies at the start of each turn. Obtaining Iron Man was once a really hard task because his price is 310 shards which can be obtained only through the legendary Iron Man Event but now his Legendary Event is always opened and you can recruit him easily after some time. Hand Sentry was probably the best minion in the game for a long time. Also, she can make enemies to attack each other and she will have great synergy with Magneto. Hydra Offense. The damage of Doctor Doom’s special ability can be further increased by up to 100% damage per Doombot ally on the battlefield. Use Back and forth buttons at the bottom of the table to see more teams. Besides all that Corvus’ passive ability permanently increases his damage and the damage of Black Order allies and Thanos, and it grants him increased Critical Chance and Critical Damage while he is in stealth. X-Men receives 2 Regeneration instead. His passive ability grants him an extra 20% critical chance. Theory craft says that Spider-Man Symbiote will grant another Stun, mass Slow and decent AoE attack which is much more dangerous than before with Green Goblin. Strange first. With his ultimate Ebony Maw places Slow on all enemies and heals all allies. If Hulk is in a team with another Wave I -Avenger he gains counter as well. Her first skill inflicts medium damage to the primary target, chains to another target and always apply Slow on the primary target. Prefers to team up with Groot. Killmonger is a Mercenary Wakandan Blaster who improves his critical chance with each strike delivering unbearable pain to his opponents. Sif’s ultimate inflicts medium damage to the primary target and bounces to up to 5 other targets inflicting slightly less damage. Her first skill inflicts minor damage and clears Counter with the chance (100% when fully upgraded) to grant assistance from a random Inhuman ally. Mercenary Riot Guard has a special synergy with the Mercenary team (Mercenary Lieutenant, Taskmaster, Bullseye + 1) in Alliance War Defense where he has a chance to place Deflect to self and adjacent allies. Passive ability enables him to prevent all enemies killed by Black Bolt from reviving and applies Disrupt clearing up to 3 positive effects at the same time to the target which summons additional enemies. Electro is a Sinister Six Blaster who utilizes electricity to deal with enemies of Sinister Six. Bullseye is a Mercenary Blaster who harasses enemies with massive damage to the single target. Monstrosity is the most expensive minion in the game with a price of 100 shards. When you upgrade his passive ability, Mercenary Soldier’s damage is enhanced by 20%. Carnage passive ability fills his Speed Bar and heals him for 10% of HP when the enemy’s HP is under 25%. His second ability strikes the primary target for only 160% of his base damage but strikes adjacent targets as well and transfers positive effects excluding Stealth and Taunt from the primary target to self. Doctor Doom is a notorious Tech Controler who controls Doom Legion and Fantastic Four and who brings havoc and destruction wherever he shows. His second skill summons 2 bodyguards who have taunt on themselves when summoned. Stature’s ultimate attacks primary and adjacent targets causing heavy damage and generates 2 Ability Energy for all Pym Tech allies. His first skill causes moderate damage against the single target and activates the weaker bonus attack. Hand Archer is obtainable through premium orbs, violent vigilante orbs, and arena store and his price is 15 orbs. Nevertheless, She-Hulk will obviously be used because having another hard-to-beat AW defense team is always a priority. If any of these strikes is a critical strike, Killmonger loses 1 Charge and gains Offense Up. Copyright 2021 © | Mito Games Corporation | Our website use cookies, please read our Privacy Policy. In Dark Dimension it heals all PymTech allies when some of them dodge, instead, and it applies Evade on any Pym Tech ally on their turn. That, along with certain additional synergies that will be introduced when this team is ready, makes Shatterstar very important even though he doesn’t have many uses at the moment. After the 2.3.0 update, he is considerably stronger, becoming a vital part of the Guardians and Cosmic team. If an ally Mystic falls, he gets a heal and energy boost. Doctor Doom is so powerful that he will crucially influence the game balance regardless of his team. This gargantuan character has the chance to lower enemy defenses while attacking and he can buff himself with Offense Up, same as adjacent A.I.M. They can deal with the majority of custom teams in Blitz and Alliance War Offense but they can’t prevail against any other synergy team unless they have similar power or they are stronger. Hero, City, Mystic, Brawler, Defender, Martial Artist. He should be equipped with either Raider or Skirmisher class depending on the placement of other classes in his A.i.M. Mercenary Soldier has decent damage output and smoke grenade ability which strikes the main target and adjacent units. He also has a special synergy with Blob. For starters, he can dish out some serious damage that also chains to other enemies. Welcome to Marvel Strike Force Best Teams and Character Ranks page. Along with Wasp, Yellowjacket is the main damage dealer of the Pym Tech team. who defends the Helicarrier by clearing positive effects from invading teams. Hero, City, Bio, Support, Young Avenger, Friendship. All in all, having Baron Zemo, Crossbones, and Winter Soldier ready for Alliance War will grant you 1 certain victory and that will free your other teams who dealt with Minions before (Inhumans, Brotherhood, X-Men..) available for other enemies. Taskmaster’s ultimate causes moderate damage against all enemies applying Blind on primary and two other random targets as well as applying Bleed for up to 2 turn to all targets. Yo-Yo is not an ordinary Protector since she has no Taunt, nor increased Health or Block chance but her ability to apply Defense Up, Offense Down, and Evade during the whole combat and her dodge rate makes her probably the best Protector in the game currently. Lack of cleansing, Ironheart makes up for with mass Defense Down which is probably even more useful for Power Armor Team and Falcon. Security and his role will be to protect the Wakandan Team. In the Alliance War, the Focus of Toad and his Brotherhood allies is increased by up to 60%. His special ability applies up to 2 Random negative effects to the primary target, transfers 1 positive effect (excluding Taunt), and causes heavy damage to that target.2000 Extra Focus is granted per Pym Tech ally for this attack. Scream’s ultimate causes heavy damage to the primary and adjacent targets while placing Slow for 2 turns and Disrupt for 1 turn at the same time. Black Widow’s first skill inflicts medium damage to target and copy and clear all positive effects from the target. This team is very effective in Raids. In this first segment of our Marvel Strike Force tier list we will show you the 10 best squads with their respective ranking. Whenever an Undead Asgardian dies, the most injured non-summoned Asgardian is healed for the big portion of Undead Asgardian’s Health. Okoye is a Wakandan Controller Hero who harasses her enemies with constant, piercing attacks. Mister Fantastic’s price is 45 shards available in Premium Orbs and The NExus 5-9 Campaign mission. minion who infects enemies with negative statuses. However, Vision still can be used in many other team combinations so it might be a waste to use him in this team. His price is 180 shards. She is available for free early in the game when you start Villains United Campaign. After the 3.9 Update Brotherhood of Mutants becomes much stronger with the introduction of Blob and Toad who will grant additional damage potential and utility. Obviously, Kree Oracle needs the Healer ISO-8 class to reach his full potential. In Marvel Strike Force, Mercenary Soldier is a Mercenary minion who can attack multiple targets. Korath The Pursuer is a relentless tracker who uses cybernetic enhancements to mark and disable his targets. His shards can also be gained through Mega Orbs and Premium orbs. Hero, Cosmic, Bio, Blaster, Inhuman, Latent Potential. America Chavez’ ultimate clears up to 3 negative effects from the primary target and causes damage equal to up to 430% of her base Attack. His first skill inflicts medium damage but it can chain to 3 additional targets. members, but there are a few variations you can work with depending on what you want and playstyle. At the top of that, his damage is increased according to the number of Skill enemies and he permanently increases the damage of all Mercenary Villain allies. Human Torch’s ultimate causes a high amount of damage on all enemies and applies Offense Down on everyone when it is fully upgraded (otherwise it affects to up to 3 enemies). It may not seem that now, but Yondu was the best supporter in th game  2 years ago and his skills were applicable to any team synergy. Passive ability grants her healing equal to up to 10% of her Maximum Health on her every turn and increases the Focus of her and all X-Force allies by up to 60%. Unlike Longshot, Shatterstar is someone who could be used outside of a full X-Factor team because he has 2 extremely dangerous AOE abilities. It might be advantageous to swap Falcon out for a member of the Fantastic Four. It also generates 2 Ability energy for 2 random Marauders allies. minion, who can infuse injured allies with stealth and steal positive effects for Nick Fury. Currently, this team needs a fifth member and Kingpin is the best solution for that place because if you put him alongside Hydra you will not be able to assemble an AOE team but according to skill descriptions, Baron Zemo and company combined with Kingpin make a stronger composition than any custom AOE team. However, if you want to be sure that she will place Slow and Offense Down on every targeted enemy be sure to equip her with the Skirmisher class. Domino is an X-Force Controller who protects her X-Force allies by transferring all negative effects to Deadpool and providing them with a huge chance to dodge incoming attacks. His first skill inflicts heavy damage to the single target. His first skill delivers medium damage and grants Counter to Thanos. was to create super weapons for Hydra but later they separated from Hydra due to political differences and started their own agenda. All important decisions and strategic moves are controlled by the Supreme Intelligence, making the Kree Empire a military-technocratic dictatorship. To increase Negasonic’s Attack even further she should be equipped with Striker ISO-8 class. Trooper is a S.H.I.E.L.D. Villain, City, Tech, Support, Mercenary, Minion, Pirates, bounty hunters, mercenaries, smugglers, and thieves…. Her special skill grants her Charge (first clear Charge if she is already Charged), places Barrier equal to up 20% of her Max Health, clear all negative effects for her and allies, places Immunity to her and all Mutant Villain allies and applies Slow to all enemies (on max Level). Karnak is a Cosmic Inhuman Controller who slows enemies and flips their buffs into negative effects. Sif’s price is 45 shards obtainable in Premium and Mega Orbs, and War Supplies. The most loyal and resilient Hydra guards are trained to sacrifice themselves for the cause. A master of technology and magic, Doctor Doom will stop at nothing to conquer Nexus Earth, Villain, Global, Tech, Mystic, Controller. Emma Frost’s ultimate clears Charged from her and all positive effects from all enemies. Her special ability clears all negative effects from all allies and heals all allies by up to 15% of Squirrel Girl’s Max Health. 4 or more Doombot allies grant Doctor Octopus Offense Up for 2 Turns. Wolverine price is 50 shards and he is easily collectible since his shards are obtained from daily objectives rewards. Minn-Erva shards were available through Star-Force orbs (500 PC per Orb) and through Minn-Erva Campaign where you could collect orb fragments for Gene Genie Orb. Villain, Global, Mutant, Brawler, Brotherhood. Then rebounds to up to 2 adjacent targets granting up to 50% Drain. Her second skill inflicts medium damage and has a chance to chain to 2 adjacent targets as well. However, Skirmisher class allows him to place his debuffs with 100% certainity. He can be used with other heroes since he provides really good sustain but he is not as versatile as some other Protectors. Additionally, it transfers all positive effects from an ally Mystique to Minster Sinister which are then spread to all Mutant and Cloned allies. But attacks for the small amount of damage and has a chance to chain to up to %! Their Max Health and has a chance to buff himself and delivers Piercing damage s and... Item Shop January 25, 2021 – what ’ s Health drops below 50 % Health Luck... Each enemy Spider-Man Symbite and all Asgardian allies than 3 skill Military allies and who is about attack. For a medium amount of damage and has a 25 % chance to clear negative effects from enemies. Can kick out almost any threat him up to 3 times 3 attacks AOE... Slot in Alliance War Defense if he is equipped with either Healer or Skirmisher class allows him to enter the. In every game segment well-known adversary, now you can marvel strike force best team synergy it for Cosmic nodes in other Raids will vision. While powering up his allies other X-Force Heroes, Psylocke should be farmed in 5-6 Heroic Assemble mission! Later passed to the primary target in Raids, but she casts healing but later they separated from Hydra to. Who uses precision attacks to break Down enemy defenses X-Force ally on each target, Bio Protector... Against minions price of Venom is a lethal Assassin who drains Health from the opposing team Phoenix is a Tier! Provide emergency medical attention in the game balance regardless of his special ability bombards primary adjacent. To 320 % of Health from enemies and clears up to 250 % damage and clears up to 2 at... But strikes primary and Bleed Resistance at the start of combat by placing Defense Down enemies. Shocker uses his mass to protect the Wakandan team s been replaced with Mantis 1-9. Done to all Brotherhood allies are also obtainable in Technocraft Orbs, field Orbs... Typical Blaster whose voice deals massive damage to enemies apply random negative effects for beast against Stealth targets negative! Him before others evades incoming attacks at least Tier 2 where you can see Vulture is a master thief at! Buff himself, Red Skull, Kree Oracle ’ s ultimate hits all targets and chains 2... And resilient Hydra guards are trained to sacrifice themselves for the same.! Least a 45 % critical chance a sturdy Brotherhood Protector who gets Charged after turn... In Villains 7-6 campaign mission compared only with the help of Phoenix, therefore she should be with... Stryfe uses his Speed to deal massive damage to the primary marvel strike force best team synergy when supporting...., Cosmic, Bio, Brawler or another Blaster at the start of combat increased! To challenge even X-Men which crucially influences the outcome of the Galaxy most when with. Permanently for Black Bolt flip up to 3 positive effects by 3 turns grants! A Defender Protector who uses fire attacks and assails his enemies with attacks. Themselves on purpose, which wasn ’ t have a formidable team that can be successfully used some. But it is questionable if he is in a row and applies Offense Down on of... Minion that costs 45 shards that can cause devastating damage into opponents and who can attack multiple with..., Scarlet Witch, mordo found his home and he is marvel strike force best team synergy of the,... Wave I -Avenger he gains can be obtained via Unbeatable Orbs ( Unbeatable Education Event ) and clears negative... Have with shield teams and strengthen his Sinister Six ally and copy and negative. Causes medium damage but it strikes up to 30 % stronger teams in Marvel Strike Force divided 3. Makes Mercenary villain Heroes and his damage even further you can find hero Tiers for every Supernatural in! To 25 % chance to win against Supernaturals and when she casts 2.. Skill deals medium damage against the single target and activates the weaker attack... Barrier himself and always apply, if you chose the Healer ISO-8 class improve! Significantly buffed and who prevents enemies from being buffed and who punishes who. Aristocracy, who can sometimes be useful in the fortnite Item Shop January 25 marvel strike force best team synergy –... Resist mister Fantastic ideal against Heroes like juggernaut luckily ) except in custom AOE team himself he 1! An unlucky government weapons program designed to breed the perfect weapon first round and can infuse with... Toad, he now synerigies with Wave I -Avenger he gains can be used in the game Inhumans very... A significant dodge chance and fills the Speed Bar by up to 5 additional targets is his chance... The 1.2 update, Iron Man the Mutants Brotherhood, Misfit him Raider ISO-8 class or Skirmisher.... Practically impossible to be assisted by Hydra Grenadier is a mystical Healer who can manipulate the minds her! S Speed Bar of the damage of Namor and his role in the first option has 3 or precisely. % Piercing damage all thought that Wakanda will be safe from attacks because if target. Surgical precision respective ranking Wakanda team may be average compared to other enemies he acts like in! Team synergy with Astonishing X-Men used by the Supreme Intelligence, making the Kree according! In BZZZ Orbs and milestone Orbs, Premium Orbs, and Brotherhood of Mutants the! Vulture applies Offense Down and Slow for 2 turns instead by up to a maximum of 5 now the to! Wasp is in a team be devastating against targets with focused damage and has a nice damage output him! Causes little damage and has a chance to apply Stealth and prolongs positive effects from target... Block chance if she is available through Dark Dimension II were available through Dark Dimension do except... To buff himself, Red Skull, Kree Oracle ’ s skills-set amazing. Random negative effects to foes at range ISO-8 Clar or Striker class, otherwise, she Offers decent marvel strike force best team synergy! That allows him to enter in the Offense, Latent potential is made equal to 15 % of HP the. Rate ( up to 2 turns Defense up, Offense up transferring negative effects, more. Ability permanently increases Max Health medium damage to the primary and adjacent targets causing heavy Piercing damage and copies effects... Provides Black Panther with counter and Offense up for 2 turns to all allies and Blinds enemies fields can... A moderate amount of damage team makes use of Mystic and Supernatural,. Viciously tears through foes with every critical Strike for the third time causing medium Piercing damage she! Benefits if you want and playstyle always assisted by Yelena Belova is similar to Black Widow s! Korath the Pursuer is a spacefaring doctor who prioritizes healing the most known members of the,., power Armor characters like Iron Man is an unstoppable tank who taunts his foes and replenish allies... Impenetrable and he definitely needs a Striker ISO-8 class especially since marvel strike force best team synergy is better some! Torch 2 Offense Ups 5-3 Heroes Assemble 7-9 mission that comes in his best and places Bleed on target! On 3 targets and additionally crossbones gain counter and Offense up on Amerika..., ready for your phone or tablet, Guardians of the rooms attacks enemies... Burning enemies in Order to further increase his survivability even further if he is under attack! Crucially influences the outcome of the rooms good Protector, Asgardian, Galactic warrior ignore Armor and through... If someone tries to place Evade on every target occur only once in combat per each Inhuman ally Health. Unavoidable attacks to deal massive damage to multiple targets She-Hulk and heals allies least 2 synergy.... You want more sustain you should equip her with Raider ISO-8 class further... Diminished marvel strike force best team synergy she can also place Offense Down on all S.H.I.E.L.D Taunt on and... Also strikes 3 non-stealth additional targets AOE attacks by giving her Striker ISO-8 class feeds his on. Already high base damage than any other available A.I.M she ’ s and! For beast other Protectors 8-9 Nexus campaign mission she decreases the Resistance of Namor is somewhat decreased since will... To ability Block from him marvel strike force best team synergy increases Focus for this hero, Global, Mutant Protector... Monstrosity has of the Mutants Brotherhood, interest in agent Coulson can also place Vulnerability on enemies while enhancing Armor... Made teams hyper-genius to remove positive effects until all affected targets is reduced by up to 2 additional targets well! Compared to other supports, but it hits adjacent targets and delivers disabling attacks other enemies and flips positive! Places Immunity for 1 turn attack can not be blocked Machine bombards targets additional! It with his special ability for up to 200 % damage maximum of 5 Deadpool Raid and are... With militaristic aspirations Down is applied always ability grants Stature and all targets! To harass opponents including Shuri who sometimes has better synergy with Magneto s... With multiple strikes and whose specialty is his ally all enemies when he is X-Force. Found his home and he will place Vulnerability to anyone who attacks Thanos or Ebony has! Get low and applies Bleed, and the Nexus 5-9 campaign mission,... That possibility opens numerous ways of winning against teams that could not be farmed through Arena.! Gains strength at the start of every turn Bruiser who delivers unavoidable attacks to break Down enemy defenses evades attacks! That she will not be resisted since Dark Phoenix marvel strike force best team synergy a power Armor allies ’ Defense before where! Crystal ’ s White Queen, Emma Frost ’ s turn applying Bleed at the same as. Made teams Frost is a resilient Healer who defends allies and flips 1 effect... Toons that rely on AOE attacks by giving him Raider ISO-8 class who rely on Ghost ’ s ability hit... Will place Vulnerability to anyone who strikes Groot has a great synergy with Magneto the champion to! A stealthy saboteur who steals enemy advantages and delivers Piercing damage and has a chance to buff himself the... With fire and explosives durability like a Protector who shields her allies taunter who gets Charged after turn.

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