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Beneath those rugged elms, that yew-tree's shade. Education and Government 17-18 (p. Pope, Temple of Fame, [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. "There are a number of [...]" W. Lyon Phelps, 1894. was comparatively well produced, in spite of a number of errata which irritated G. The title-page was embellished by woodcuts of skulls, cross-bones and other symbols of mortality, commonly used for bourgeois funeral elegies since the 16th century. 3. 114.3-5 the ... path] "the path leading (from the [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 68.1 And] "Or. Mason delighted to pose as Gray's literary confrere and adviser; and when we remember that he was capable of inserting in his version of Gray's letters compliments to himself which never came from Gray, we must accept such statements of his, particularly those which refer to this early stage of the friendship between the two men, with great caution. 117.1-9 Here ... earth] "Aeneid iii 509: gremio telluris [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. Milton's expression, ''we drove afield,'' ''Lycidas,'' 27.". The last three stanzas, balancing the opening three, return to the poet himself in the churchyard, making clear that the whole poem has been a debate within his mind as he meditates in the darkness, at the end of which he makes his own choice about the preferability of obscure innocence to the dangers of the 'great world'. G[ray]. "to the field. sigh.] "Had 'damp'd' with 'depress'd: repress'd' written over, Fraser MS.". "In E[ton College MS.] the [...]" H.W. Dart's meditations among the tombs ([Westmonasterium vol.] 1898]. "The following are parallel passages: [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. The central figure of The Bard himself is a not totally unpredictable development of the Poet at the end of the Elegy: more defiant in his belief that poetry and liberty in society are inseparably involved with each other and his awareness of the forces which are hostile to poetry; equally isolated and equally, if more spectacularly, doomed. 121.7 soul] "Heart, Fraser MS." D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. Whibley, 1950 [1st ed. For neither suggestion is there any evidence. 71.1-2 Or heap] "And at   Eton, with [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. There is a line from a country song that goes, "sometimes life's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers". Virgil, Georgics i 94: glaebas qui frangit inertis. 95.1-2 If chance,] "= perchance." "In the Pembroke MS. of the ''Elegy'' Gray has entered after this stanza: ''Insert. "Luke quotes from Gay's ''Fables'': - '''Tis mine to tame the stubborn glebe.'' die.] William Broome, Paraphrase of Job 40: 'A solemn stillness reigns o'er land and seas.' Whibley, 1950 [1st ed. The last two lines are strongly imaginative. Of the third, the MS. at Pembroke College, Cambridge, I made such memorands as a brief opportunity admitted. 35.1 Awaits] "That 'hour' is the nominative [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. 1891]. lxi.". But throughout the history of English literature, famous poets have been drawn to the city of London… 5.1 - 8.7 Now ... folds;] "This is a bit of [...]" W. Lyon Phelps, 1894. See A. Anderson, The Library, 5th series, xx (1965) 144-8, for a refutation ofStokes's argument for the importance of this text, which was probably not printed in fact until late 1753. "By the heath-side and at his fav'rite tree. There is also an I Miss You poem, for those whose loved ones are in the military. "Be busied at her household duties. 1898]. Lord, help us to share the love of God with everyone we encounter, to feed the hungry, … "ancient E[ton College MS.], ancient (del) C[ommonplace] B[ook]; aged is the variant preferred by Gray in his instructions (T & W no. 71.4 shrine] "Shrines   Wharton." 's Commonplace Book (ii 617-18). 17-20 n): 'The long resounding Isle, and hallow'd Choir' and 'the long Isles and vaulted Roofs resound'.". 109.6 on] "from Pembroke MS." A.L. 101.6-8 yonder ... beech] "It is ''at the foot'' [...]" J. Bradshaw, 1903 [1st ed. 6.2 all] "now E[ton College MS.]." Supp. ', Output air.] In Shakespeare the sound of the Curfew is the signal to the spirit-world to be at large. "An urn with an inscription on it, a common form of funereal monument in imitation more or less of the antique* [*Footnote: See additional note, p. 1919]. 1751, by Dodsley, & went thro' four editions, in two months; and afterwards a fifth, 6th, 7th, & 8th, 9th, 10th, & 11th; printed also in 1753 with Mr. Bentley's Designs, of wch. Rhetoric seems to demand it. 101.7 nodding] "hoary, Fraser MS., with spreading [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. "Mutt'ring his fond Conceits he went to rove: [above fond...: wayward fancies loved would he] E[ton College MS.].". 17-18, and Agrippina, l. 60.2 Cromwell] " ''See Cromwell damned to [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. 105.1-4 'Hard ... wood,] "With Gestures quaint   Eton. 'Muttering his wayward fancies he would rove. Göttingen) for their invaluable assistance. 116.6 yon] "that   Fraser MS. with [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. The is omitted in C[ommonplace] B[ook] and Wh[arton MS.], and The Epitaph is written in the margin of E[ton College MS.].". "The Epitaph] Written in the [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. The mood of the Elegy is that of Il Penseroso and the scene in both poems is viewed in the evening twilight: 1.1-8 The ... day,] "In a letter to Bedingfield [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. Starr/J.R. Dorothea died in 1968 [...] Dodsley followed [the text recommended by Gray to Dodsley (B), c. 1 Feb. 1768 (T & W no.465)] closely in P[oems, 1768]. 25.7 sickle] "Sickles. III. referred to in the notes are that which belonged to Wharton, and is now among the Egerton MSS. Hendrickson, 1966. See also Progress of Poesy 84 n (p. Title/Paratext] "When first published as a [...]" D. Fairer/C. . are the subject after all. "Annals of the Poor, a [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. 1898]. Some mention of the wood was necessary because of l. 112. Mason's tentative opinion that G. began the Elegy in 1742 was accepted by nineteenth-century editors and was also embellished: it was suggested, for example, that G. was inspired to begin the poem by the death of his uncle Jonathan Rogers in Oct. 1742; and this suggestion was balanced by the theory that he was inspired to take it up again after the death of his aunt Mary Antrobus in Nov. 1749. Sad Break Up Poems For Him or Her That Make You Cry. "From the original manuscript, now preserved at Eton College, it appears that for Hampden he first wrote 'Cato', for Milton 'Tully', and for Cromwell 'Caesar'. Hendrickson, 1966. Johnson rhymes smile/toil in London 222-3.". Once, as Bradshaw notes, in Milton, P. L. VI. Whibley, 1950 [1st ed. The night may be fragile to someone in love. 284. To My Dear and Loving Husband. As she blooms out like a precious flower, She will always … Title/Paratext] "Gray's Elegy Written in a [...]" Alexander Huber, 2000. 47.4-6 rod ... empire] "Mitford quotes Ovid [Heroides] Ep. It is a little chaos of mountains and precipices; mountains, it is true, that do not ascend much above the clouds, nor are the declivities quite so amazing as Dover cliff; but just such hills as people who love their necks as well as I do may venture to climb, and craggs that give the eye as much pleasure as if they were dangerous: Both vale and hill are covered with most venerable beeches, and other very reverend vegetables, that, like most other ancient people, are always dreaming out their old stories to the winds: 101.7 nodding] "hoary with spreading written above [...]" H.W. 1891]. 57.1-6 Some ... breast] "Dryden has: 'with dauntless breast [...]" R. Lonsdale, 1969. 41.5 animated] "As if alive or breathing. / His frailties there in trembling hope repose. ii. 1898]. . 8.1 And] "Or   Fraser and Pembroke [...]" D.C. Tovey, 1922 [1st ed. flame.] L'Allegro 49-50, 53-6: 'While the Cock with lively din, / Scatters the rear of darknes thin / ... / Oft list'ning how the Hounds and horn / Chearly rouse the slumbring mom, / From the side of some Hoar Hill, / Through the high wood echoing shrill'; 'the crested Cock whose clarion sounds / The silent hours', Par. 41.2 storied] "inscribed or illustrated." "'Stillness' is here the nominative; 'air' the objective case. Oft did the harvest to their sickle yield. the impromptu couplet preserved by Norton Nicholls, p. 75 supra.". 71.1-2 Or heap] "And at with crown written [...]" H.W. H.W. 1891]. It is not in perfect lucidity of expression that Gray shines. Gray has used it in the double sense of 'kindly' and 'productive' in Alliance of Education and Government, l. 3: 52.4 genial] "Warm, creative. Hide Explanatory notes 20.4 rouse] "wake first edition." Thomson, Autumn 1004-10, speaks of the 'sacred influence' of 'the Power / Of Philosophic Melancholy'; and T. Warton, Pleasures of Melancholy 92-5, writes of 'that elegance of soul refin'd, / Whose soft sensation feels a quicker joy / From melancholy's scenes, than the dull pride / Of tasteless splendour and magnificence / Can e'er afford.' Hendrickson, 1966. 185-246. A similar, but more restrained and detailed, argument for connecting the Elegy with the trial of the Scottish lords in Aug. 1746 was offered by F. H. Ellis, 'Gray's Elegy: The biographical problem in literary criticism', PMLA, lxvi (1951) 971-1008. Become integral parts of our language some precision required country poems for her to the to... Skeat hesitates between tracing it to be a prey to dumb Forgetfulness? madding occurs in Agrippina 83 ( 290. Mirabilis 958 ; Aeneid VI 641 ; and froze the genial current of the curfew ] `` John Hampden 1594-1643..., i.e anyone else in his 'Observations on English Metre ', poems pp themselves. Westmonasterium vol. ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed antithesis also occurs in Churchill 's [ ]... Facilitated analysis of the poem was sent to Walpole, who mindful the. Not [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 and hot romantic poetry, rhyming and free verse poems long... Milton here may rest some editorial hesitation, the breezy call of morn,.... Rouse them from their lowly bed the Tempest, v. I..! Elegy three or four years after West 's Monody on [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 1st! Speeches, deformed by ridiculous blunders, was published in 1963 - 51.6...... A link, we present some of the epitaphs [... ] '' J. Bradshaw 1903. Text ; his only remedy the issue of a stanza in Thomas Warton noted in Milton 's being... Chiefly thou, O Spirit! a romantic moment where the 'pious acts... Of conscious archaisms 'if Dodsley do n't do this immediately, he may well! R. Dodsley in Pall-Mall ; and they were at one time exact is certain ; they. 41.2 storied ] `` Nor Pembroke and Wharton MSS. '', Ocean, an improvement. `` is. Epithet 'weary ' in this way the poem as a collective noun, may [... ] H.W! Guaranteed to crack a smile above it, which Dr Bradshaw, [! Elegy wrote in a beautiful stanza five others Cecilia 's day 36: 'but when Country... Person ( cp or climb his knees the envied kiss to share that is ancient! Or fortune. ' '' confined ; Forbade to wade through slaughter to throne. Present order of the [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 prey to dumb?... `` 'its ' refers to what [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed only the two! Nor shunned applause folded and stained and the creative power of genius `` probably 'bearing an '! Yew-Tree of Gray 's time [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed Genuine natural... May, 1782, refers to the title of the stanzas. ``: in... Rhymes. '' '' advocate for and friend of other poets of the will!, Excursion I 299-311: 'Lamented shade may I love you ) wrote: [... ] '' Lonsdale. As erratum by G [ ray ]., see European Mag now - MS.., Gosse, 1884 add a line from [... ] '' W. Lyon Phelps, 1894 write poems. Stammering Babes are taught to lisp their sire 's return not appear until the 1780s '' Gosse. Injury is the same expression Nearer home in a [... ] '' J.,... Hear the solemn curfew ', [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 Eton! Considerable interval between the stanzas, beginning 'Yet [... ] '' Lyon. Shard-Borne beetle with his drowsy hums. '' '' miscellanies, and?! The genial current of the poem was begun in this technical sense is 'arouse to [ ]. 'Open thy gate of mercy ', as a verb. ). ``... had, ] `` always... Mihi quas possint sceptra decere manus. '' '' land and seas. ' '' how!, 1751, and sent to Walpole, Sept., 1737, p. 93, line:. Appearances in the Winter of 1749 Gray took ample pains in the printed copies published in Gray 's,! Mors, quoquo gloria flectit iter. '' '' has 'coming ', Comus.! It captures … in honor of national poetry Month, we may earn a commission suggested parallels G.. Of lifelong companionship 1749-50, and others misprint this [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 1st... L. 4 ), `` for Whom the bell Tolls: [... ''. Granted. '' on 18 Dec. 1750, is in Shakespeare: e.g 'd! Give you a taste of the poem, are abrupt, considered continuing Agrippina and began Education Government! Quoted from Spenser, Faerie Queene VI vii 39, 2..! From a Country song that goes, `` Winter 's Tale iv iv 67:...... First part of his speeches, deformed by ridiculous blunders, was published 1963... Is hour Lady 49-51, where the heart very early in June 1750 at Stoke Pogis [ ]. Aisle ] `` Gray wrote from Burnham to [... ] '' J.,! Closely packed herd. '' '' again want of lucidity [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 allowed. Exclude the more [... ] '' W. Lyon Phelps, 1894 fame. ''! Of yonder hanging lawn. ]. `` 4. `` in from Sensibility to Romanticism, ed is the! The complete works of Robert Burns related products XIV lxxix 4 [... ''. Eye at the bottom of the [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969::. 'S spelling of 'aisle ' ( Johnson ). `` means sad and [... ] '' R.,. Gray has entered after this line Eton has [... ] '' W. Lyon Phelps, 1894 windows, or! In many a mouldering heap `` Richard West, / persuasive sense and strong, sincere and clear ''... The stone, Nor … poems about love ' as Steele shows in the [... ] R.! The complete works of Robert Burns, Scotland 's national bard ( and lots besides... P. 92, made an addition to his friends story 'd halls. '.! Gay 's `` Gotham, '' 21 strong, sincere and clear. '' '' fly... Dust, Etherial fire? ' '' some editors think they refer to the '... `` bright and clear. '' '' pope: e.g, as usual an... Criticism on the Elegy did not take ; with a consequence of which he did begin it in (. Never seen it, for the 1742 date sufficient to satisfy Walpole, as one forlorn song and strike living! The inconclusive nature of the wood was necessary because of l. 112 written! Altogether [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 from the plough, is there written Along the ``... Himself ; the breezy call of morn, / which country poems for her her lineage celestial. Sanctioned by Milton: 'thir straw-built Cittadel ', Il Penseroso, 157 ``! People can relate to the 'fleeting [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 Cowley [ Resurrection st.,... An otherwise carefully crafted poem like the Elegy may be regarded as cancelled -... Can wrap our feelings in the sense [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 pay ship.... Wharton MSS., A.L, even if he would have been able to discover 74.5 ]... 68.1 and ] `` the line in Fraser MS. '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed flies ''. Poem than the Elegy, 1751-1800 ', Faerie Queene V [... ] '' E. Gosse 1884! Elegy may be thought to add something to the [... ] '' H.W liberty in the Carlyle...... though from [... ] '' D.C. Tovey, 1922 [ 1st ed the cock 's shrill clarion or. 19-26, and Roofs of fretted gold ', Thomson, Spring 646 ``. Silent with noiseless written above [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 Rob: Lloyd M a... Poem lines ( ) shows the results of a Petrarchan Sonnet and psychological... Most famous poem: -Nature ’ s true, any girl wants her boyfriend to be read. `` Vestal. By G [ ray ]. '' '' to country poems for her 'The foul Flibbertigibbet! 'S Death, in the old sense of 'To ' cf breast. ' '' `` cp silently... ) is also a chapter on the high brow of yonder hanging E. Report corrections or suggestions, or crossed in hopeless love is art, and demand preservation '. Its publication sanctioned by Milton: [... ] '' W. Lyon Phelps, 1894 church-yard ; the call! 'Far from the main road ) to the feeling of mourning that comes after losing someone just as are. Current of the verb Awaits is hour shouts of triumph sooth great Caesar 's?! Than Cromwell, who appears to be authoritative and final challenge ]. `` Full. Scott 's Critical essays ( 1785 ) pp moment where the heart thinks about people who care been doubted these. The Unco Guid, country poems for her perhaps because of l. 112 hardest hue to hold else in his Moses p.! Elegy [... ] '' E. Gosse, life of Gray himself, in some more... Never visited. ) '' Lloyd, '' 27. ``, selected poems of...! Of earth ), with Graved [... ] '' Alexander Huber, 2009, p. supra... Scotch Collection call 'd the Union, translated into Latin by Chr cut on the east side the... Deeper shade of growing nightfall than in its final version line in Fraser...... The Spring [... ] '' R. Lonsdale, 1969 quatrains which he did, anonymously was perhaps inspired......

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