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Remember the armoire you couldn't open earlier? At the end of this hall, go right again and enter the first doors on the right. Kill the guard inside the security office. Grab the medical kit from the corner of the room. Climb up it (working quickly to avoid the skeleton guard) and jump from platform to platform (standing jumps work well--just walk to the edge using the walk button). On this platform, jump straight up and hold onto the plank. Continue to the far corner for ammo. Shoot it until the wall explodes. Terminate the lower guard and grab the pass. The story of The Angel of Darkness unfolds gradually and in different ways, such as when Lara happens upon important documents, during dialogue between Lara and other characters, and in stylish cinematic cutscenes using the game's 3D engine. Recovering the aqualung helps Lara survive the long swims in the Vault of Trophies. Navigate the platforms to the far side of the chamber to locate the crystal. When you're done, pick up the cane. Run and jump where the scaffolding fell and land on the far catwalk. Descend the ladder in the back of the control room and grab the chocolate bar on the floor. Climb the stairs and push the table away from the diagrams to the left of the valves. Enter the code 31597 in the keypad to the right of the artwork. Take the first right and open the second cell on the left. Keep going up as Lara shifts position. Return to the control room. Turn right and perform a standing jump to the pipes on the wall. Leap to the closest platform in the center with a small hop. After terminating the guard, grab the security pass he drops. Swim to the wall opposite of the pipes, and Lara will note she can climb it. Effective at ranges up to 21 feet. Time to go back down! Go forward through the misty hallway. Take a right at the next intersection and swim up. Drop down and continue toward an upper control room, which you'll spot ahead and just above your position. Go through a couple of doors to reach the next area. Perform a running jump to the next platform (it's tough, so use the action button to grab hold of the edge as Lara jumps). It's surprising that the game scraped by with a T rating, as the story features some decidedly grisly and violent imagery, the likes of which would land any other game these days an M rating. Run quickly over the path as it begins to crumble. This is a good spot for the second aqualung if you have it. The puzzle is to position the broken light into the correct position--that empty box you saw earlier. As Lara desperately searches for answers to why her mentor might have been killed, she becomes increasingly aware that a notorious serial killer is apparently shadowing her wherever she goes, leaving you to wonder whether she is indeed to blame for the crime in some way. You'll spot a narrow ledge to the left. Go to the wall opposite the tapestry and pull the lever. Grab the ammo and health nearby. You'll often have just enough grip to make it across a chasm of some sort, and the camera will often cause you to become disoriented and die during these timed sequences. The diagrams to Lara's left reveal which valves to turn. Use it. Instead, be sure not to fall off the platforms, because swimming in the lava is instant death. Some of the jumping and climbing puzzles are actually thrilling, especially since Lara moves as fluidly and realistically as ever, and often just barely manages to get her grip on a faraway, seemingly out-of-reach ledge. Continue forward and turn left. Climb up onto the box. Kill the guard patrolling this hall. With the police tape all around it. Wait until the blades retract, and then swim through the next grate. Enter the room where the guard patrolled and use the lever. You must work quickly because Lara's strength can't hold her in this position for very long (watch her strength meter dwindle as you hang on). Use the large pipe and she'll place an explosive. Just before the fan switch, look left and notice the narrow bridge. Lara Croft returns in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness, which has been in development for years, and it's her most challenging adventure yet. Use the following dialogue choices to get the notebook: You can rummage through Carvier's things to find some valuable items. Note the pattern on the ceiling where Lara can climb. Open it using the key provided by the bartender. Pull the crate toward the bottom flight as far as it will go. You must work fast, as the field returns after a short period of time. Turn around and go into the open cell on the left. The police are on their way so you can either scurry quickly to the front door and leave or quickly search Carvier's apartment for some goodies. Climb the ladders. Can be purchased from the reporter at the Monstrum Ccrime sscene. Try to overlook some of the flaws here and enjoy this game for its engaging storyline, death-defying action sequences, and impressive locations. After the conversation, search the planters for ammunition, though be careful around the plants--they bite! Crawl through the fireplace and open the door. You must hold off the apparition long enough to grab the painting--it's in the statue indicated by the blue light, which is constantly switching from statue to statue. Go to the opposite side of the roof and note the barrel. Pull the left lever down. Climb the ladder. The other good news is you will eventually get used to the controls if you stick with the game. Perform a running jump to the next scaffolding, now on Lara's right. Once you reach the top, shimmy to the right until you're over the platform. Look up and see the pathway just above Kurtis' head. Powerful weapon. Turn right and climb the piping up to the air conditioner. Watch for the notebook icon in the bottom right corner of the screen; when it appears, it means the notebook has been updated. Follow the walkway to the small catwalk on the left. Continue through the long tunnel toward the flowing water in the distance. Jump straight up and pull Lara onto the platform. Walk forward and around the hole in the floor. There's a guard to your right, and he's probably firing at you. Pull up and crawl into the vent. When Boaz fires from the spots on her back, move Kurtis around and target them with the square button. Turn around and face the control mechanism. The majority of Lara's basic moves are carried over from the previous instalment, such as walking, jumping, climbing, swimming, crawling, swinging on ropes and standard gunplay. Go to the right edge and leap to the floating platform. Go up to the second level on the left side of the room. Leap up to the pipe and traverse it over the fence. Turn left and climb the vertical scaffolding. Use the switch to the left of the jeep. This increases Lara's strength. and return to the Café Metro to deliver Pierre's goods. To make things easier, save your game after Lara hits Eckhardt for the first and second time. Climb up and grab the health pack. As soon as you grab the last item, a bomb triggers inside the pawnshop. Continue down an alley on the left side to find another medical kit. And camera problems. Hang onto the ledge and drop down. Lara's journey through Angel of Darkness is tough. Grab the medical kit on the other side. Save your game if you decide to risk it. Climb the ladder on the left and use the lever at the top. If you go to its top, you'll realize that it's blocked and you can't get past. Shimmy across the wall back to the pathway and return to the start position. Instead, just open the door near the chocolate bar to exit back into the Parisian Ghettos. Jump up so Lara grabs hold of the ledge. Return down to the bottom of the chamber and locate the lever. Return to the room's center and press the floor switch with the water symbol on it (the wavelike lines). Go down the stairs all the way to the bottom. There's a ladder. Pull the lever, which opens a passageway in this floor's start position. Walk around to the front of the monuments and use the action key to insert the phial. Zigzag around these spikes. He's slow, however, and Lara can easily outmaneuver him, so simply stay away and you won't incur any damage. From Janice, go up the stairs across from Janice then go forward and around to the left to find Café Metro. Go to that ledge and drop down on it. Go to the right door. When you're over the platform, drop down. Snag the ammunition inside the tight crawl space. A flashing red light indicates the item is ammunition; a flashing green light indicates the item is a health power-up. The floor drops out on the next level. Short range. Hop up and turn the valve to disable the steam. Leap over to it. There are some glitches in the game that can cause serious problems and frustration if you lack a backup. As Janice mentioned, there are two people with information, a janitor in the park named Bernard and the bartender at the Café Metro named Pierre. Descend the ladder into the dig. They just tend to stick out, because you might find yourself having a good time making progress in the game, only to hit a huge snag of this sort. Walk to the wall on the left-hand side and follow it to the ledge in front of you. At the bottom, turn right and go down the first hall on your left. Grab the alchemic phial (purified hydrogen) inside the cage. Enter stealth mode. You're in the final stretch. Kill the guard inside. Turn this last valve to activate the machinery. Jump to the platform ahead near the corner of the chamber. Turn right and jump to the first platform along the right wall. Now that you have the food in place, you need only deposit the food into the water. Locate the passage to the right of one of the staircases. Ascend the staircase. Save your game before attempting the climb. Now you can simply cross the bridge and leap through the fence to end this portion of the level, or you can go after a couple of secrets. Turn the other valve. You must cross this chamber and use the lever on the far side. Grab the health power-up from off this platform. Terminate the guard at the top of the stairs. Search the room for a chocolate bar. Flip the switch up here to disable the fan. Descend the staircase. Press forward against the window and Lara will crawl inside. You must avoid the apparition (if it goes through Lara, she'll suffer extreme damage) while seeking the statue with the blue light, which rotates from statue to statue. Perform a second standing jump to reach the other scaffolding across the mechanism. Look for the phials and where to insert them to open the way. Ascend the next staircase on the right. Short range. Make sure you choose nice responses or Bouchard will get nasty! Perform a running jump and grab hold of the scaffolding. Ready your weapon. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness also sometimes lets you choose different dialogue options as Lara when dealing with other characters. If you walk to the edge, Lara notes she can't make that jump. However, two skeleton guards have entered with their flaming swords. The short hop is easier to gauge. Return to the area where you shot the guard in the control room and look for a ladder on the right. Turn left toward the lockers and snag ammo. Move forward to the pipe. Keep going past Janice until you find an alley on the right. Turn the valve in here. You must simply avoid all of the obstacles you already bypassed, beginning with the wall spikes. Two down, two to go. There you'll find a chocolate bar and some money. Use the switch here to start the music and the wild spotlight mechanism that hovers above the room. Thoroughly search Von Croy's apartment, but do not pick up the cane by the broken glass until you're finished. Use the reader to open the door. Lara's new moves include a back-flip, a small hop, stealth, army-crawling, rolling out of the crouch position, hand-to-hand combat and the super-jump that can be performed whilst sprinting. Walk into the fountain in the center. This key opens the locked door that was in the hallway before the hole in the floor. Don't forget to grab the money by the park bench (again!) She can also flatten her back against a wall and take a peek around a corner, just like Snake from Metal Gear Solid. Head to Kurtis' left and go down two ladders. Grab the ammunition from off the ground. Kill the crazy guy in the orange straightjacket if you wish. Much like the Tomb Raider games before it, The Angel of Darkness is a 3rd-person action-adventure-puzzle game that stars Lara Croft. Exit the control room and go right to the door with the keypad. Drop down. It's that simple--just do something to the flashing light. In this new hallway, go left, then take the next left. Time your swim carefully to avoid getting punctured. Lara, Kurtis Trent, the main villain of the game, and the other key characters all play their parts very well during the cutscenes, and the music heard throughout the game effectively sets the often-ominous tone of each gameplay sequence. Leap to the stone platform along the right wall. Jump up to it and pull up. Turn left and perform a standing jump to the next ledge. There's ammo in the first alcove on the left. Sometimes you just won't make the climb. Get the garage keys from Bernard. Grab the health power-up. You must leap on that pipe, go forward, and turn the valve. Return to the cafeteria and enter the opened door. Don't forget to use all of Lara's moves in your arsenal. Speak with him and enter. You can keep going back and forth for as much money as you want. Have your gun ready, because all the commotion alerted another psycho. Go around to the left and enter the second tunnel on your left. Lara must get onto that moving light-show mechanism. Descend the ladder or just fall down. That's the best time to go to the blue light. Grab the medical kit from off the table and the ammunition from under the staircase. Pull yourself inside and continue crawling until you're at the end of the lab. Go right and up the staircase. Turn right and perform a standing jump to the floating platform. Lara may interrupt your movements and offer an explanation on how to perform a particular action. More skeleton warriors wander around. Drop down into the storeroom. Pull this chain three times until the cutscene plays. Enter the room. Use them to aid in your survival through this challenging game. You enter the bottom level of the graveyard. He has an access code for Lara. Once there, walk around to the catwalk that lies toward the sleeper. Go to the center of the hall and press the last floor switch--the symbol you haven't pressed yet. Go to the entrance and place your newly gathered crystal into the appropriate slot. Pull the lever to open the blue door in Bouchard's chamber. In the next room, go into the left chamber and press the button to end the level. With food in the water (the bloody ooze in the water), the sea creature won't hurt Lara. Walk to the edge and press forward and the jump button to make the leap. Grab the ammunition from off the ground and the security pass from next to the lab worker. Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness NLNM Intro The Angel of Darkness includes no official 'secrets' but it's still a worthy challenge for the no-loads, no-meds runner. You'll need to use the action button to grab hold of the ledge's side. Once again, be nice, and get as much information from her as you possibly can. Listen carefully. Use the security pass to open the door. Use the crowbar on the shed and search the cabinet for a gun. As you do, watch the cutscene with the guy on the motorcycle. Walk forward and eliminate the guard sliding down the rope. Go left down the catwalk and up some stairs. The blades extend from the sides of the pipe. Hop onto the single canister and then onto the adjacent double canister. You must ascend this pipe and eventually shimmy across a ledge to a high walkway on the left. Eliminate him. Turn left and perform a running leap toward the exit. This first level acts much like a tutorial to get you accustomed to controlling Lara--running, jumping, climbing, ducking, picking up objects, and more. There are walkway spokes that extend from the platform. You must traverse these ledges to descend into the graveyard. Pull the lever to open the entrance into the next sublevel. In our experience, if you deposited the food then explored the side area to the right, the food dissipated and you had to gather the food again. Lara can make the jump. Blades block the passage. It's a long way. Climb it up to the second level. Walk through it and into Neptune's Hall. Walk forward and go right. Terminate him. Don't go on the right ledge; that distortion you see will kill Lara. Leap onto the box and finally up onto the ladder. There are additional guards patrolling the room, so it's wise to explore the area and take them out before solving puzzles. Do it again for the next and final tomb. You're looking through a security camera into a locked office. You can explore in the large cafeteria on the left for some ammunition, but there's nothing you can do inside just yet. When the spotlight mechanism is at its lowest point, perform a standing jump to land on the narrow scaffolding. If you're spotted, Lara instantly puts her hands over her head and surrenders to the authorities. Cross the wire until the bridge is under you. It's near one of the beams protruding from the wall. Search the far back right corner of the room for a medical kit. In Renne’s Pawnshop after it's ransacked. Grab the ledge above you (facing the wall to the left of the statue) and you can shimmy left. In terms of gameplay, The Angel of Darkness follows the tried-and-true Tomb Raider formula: action-adventure with a lot of puzzles to solve. This area should look familiar. Climb onto the tomb where you opened the metal door. Upon entering the torture area again, go right. You will drop down into the torture zone. Found in the closet room at the bottom of the Tomb of the Ancients. There's an upper platform. You can blast them with one of your weapons, but they don't stay incapacitated forever. Walk along the path and take the first left. Ensure you are always moving. The walk button is also your friend. Walk forward and to the right when the platform appears next to you. Kill the sanitarium creep on the other side. You're now in the garage of the Serpent Rouge to find the item for Bernard. Open the next door and search the room for a chocolate bar on the left side and ammunition on the right. You must figure out a way to distract the sea creature as you pull some levers in the tank below. At the end of the ledge, ascend the pipe. Face the balcony above you (to the right of the bin). Once inside, enter the room on the right. Exit the offices. Navigate up to this platform and approach the sleeper to win the game. Enter the code 14639 to open the door. Go to the ladder on the end of the platform. You don't have long. If you still have a third of your health bar left, don't use the large health pack--you're wasting it! Otherwise, you should do standing jumps and try to gauge her jump distance, which is difficult. This game is optimised for Microsoft's DirectX 9.0. Exit the café (and return to grab the money on the park bench, again, if you wish) and continue straight across the intersection. Return to the left-hand ledge and jump down onto the box in the room below. This section has information that is vital to successfully running Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness on your system. Lara has a new stealth mode that comes in handy. 9mm semi-automatic with. Use the console and enter the code 38471 to open the door. Descend the ladder next to you. Once on the platform, use the switch to call the moving bridge. There's a hatch in the floor. Thankfully, you can instantly save your progress at any point, and the loading times between deaths aren't quite as lengthy as on the PS2. Leap to the display case along the left wall. Jump to the pillar while she slides. Walk forward. Don't hesitate or Lara will fall. When you shoot this area enough times, Boaz turns sideways and launches ooze from spots on her back. When you reach the edge, use the action button to hang on, and shimmy right until you're over the platform and wire. Walk out into the chamber and look left. Bouchard's body is inside. Go left and around the corner. Locate the lever marked #2 in this same room. Ascend the ladder into the control room. Go left from the entrance and all the way to the end of the hall. If you come in contact with the skeleton guards, you may catch on fire. You can use it to open the manhole covers in this area. Note the blue "breath" meter under your health. Continue leaping toward the right wall. More guards lurk in the next lobby area. Spot the ladder against the wall--that's where you're jumping. Look along to the right near the fence and spot the ladder. You used it if you happened to fall down here during your search for the crystals. Pull the chain again to return to the Hall of Seasons. There's the sixth valve. GameSpot may get a commission from retail offers. Swim to the top of the flooded Tomb of the Ancients to recover your breath. Another set of platforms appears just ahead of you. Do a running jump over the next fire. Search the far right corner for a health power-up. Shimmy to the lever and drop down to recharge Lara's strength. Jump straight up and pull yourself up onto the overhead platform. Walk forward until the door closes behind Lara. Two down, four to go. And as mentioned, Lara looks great in motion, particularly when she's rock-climbing. The crowbar is the perfect tool for busting open doors that are padlocked. Open the grate. There's a guard in here. Use the switch on the wall to power the dig site. Go forward and drop down. Return to the ladder. Eventually Boaz returns to face Kurtis, and you must shoot her vulnerable area near the mouth again until Boaz turns sideways again. Continue forward. It's the proto--as if Kurtis didn't have enough to contend with already. Terminate another guard at the top of the stairs. Swim the only way possible and grab the health power-up as you move. Go to door on the far right and pull the lever to open the entrance into the next sublevel. You enter a room with many tubes--one has something nasty inside, which breaks out as you enter the room. You'll face the first as you ascend the stairs; the guard emerges from a side room. This will align your weapon onto the target. Snag the printout on the printer and search the room for more information. As you are gathering the ammo, another guard breaks through the wall. Turn right. Email news@gamespot.com. Go up to the clock and use it. You'll see the cops bust through the door and drop some gas into the building. From the health power-up, return to the left bend and leap onto the high tomb with the red door (there is a tomb with a cross on it to its left). You can go upstairs and search the bedroom and bathrooms. Swim back down and follow the passage through another broken gate. Return back the way you came and into the room with the flowing water. Grab hold if necessary. Go right into the next level. Interestingly, if Lara selects the Boran X pistol (normally only … But can he be trusted. Lara can't breathe in the gas. Walk toward the control room and bust down the door. Go up onto the ledge to the statue's left. Shimmy again until you're under the wire. So, if you kill a guard, make sure you eventually search around where his corpse fell. Turn left immediately. Turn right and go all the way to the edge of this platform. Unfortunately, money isn't very important in the game. Climb the ladder to the window's left. You're now in a larger, still-flooded chamber. This releases gas in the room that will confuse the turrets. Grabbing the cane triggers an event. This triggers the arrival of the cleaners. Return toward the subway car on its left side and spot the pipe resting against the car. Instead, perform a standing jump as far as you can onto the slanting roof and against the right wall. Otherwise, go left at the intersection. Walk around the control room and to the opposite gate. When it concludes, you're in battle. Jump up to the wire. Now here comes the hard part. Climb up onto the box. Lara is stronger now and can shimmy left all the way to the adjacent platform. If you shoot the higher guard, remember to search for the pass near where he died. Follow the road to the left and you'll note you're back near Janice. Go forward and through the next gate. Each door contains a lever. Open the door on the left side of the room. Four down, two to go. Push the button on the post. Swim to the surface. The creature can't get you here. Run toward the room's center, and the scaffolding will begin to break and eventually crash down. Move the machine to the upper left corner to discover the symbol. Swim straight across from where you got air and go down into the next chamber. Poor reporter. Press it; this disables the laser field in front of the Mona Lisa. Cross the chamber to the opposite side and jump in. Swim through the broken grate and up. Crouch and crawl to the end of the vent. Lara performs a shorter standing jump. Avoid him and maneuver around him into the next chamber. Perform a standing jump to traverse the moving pillars. It's been a couple of years since the last Tomb Raider game, and apparently Lara's fallen out of shape in the downtime. Turn right and climb the wall and go out onto the walkway. Follow the cavern path. In the early part of the game, you hear about the grisly way the serial killer dispatches his victims. Return across the scaffolding. Fall inside. Don't worry about the wind too much. Use the lever to move the high platforms. Press the walk button and move to the edge of the balcony; you'll receive instructions on how to successfully make this jump. Face the wall and leap up onto the ledge. Climb it. Carefully grab the key off the sawhorse. Perform a running jump to the wall and hold onto the machinery unit (the one with the pipes coming off to its right). Run to the cabinet to the right of the door and pull it in front of the door. If you go by foot, be careful on the jump; if you miss the jump over the hole in the floor, you risk being spotted by the police. Crouch and crawl under the bars. Exit the café and go back onto the streets. A tougher sanitarium beastie enters while you're gathering items. There are other lockers on the left containing health and an antique flintlock to pawn. Remember its location for a small secret. Go forward and use the button. Drop down through the hole and descend the staircase. When used, the chocolate bar replenishes 10 percent of Lara's health. Return to the hall and take the first door on the right. Here. Swim back up and go through the opened door. Walk through the next room and into the long hallway. Go all the way until the pathway ends. Ignore the walkway to your left. Perform a running jump from the top of the mechanism to this ledge. Just run out onto the catwalk to complete the game. This is a tough climb because Lara has just enough strength to complete it. One aspect of the controls that thankfully works well is the ability to toggle a walk mode, which prevents Lara from running off ledges by accident. You're back in the alley, and the reporter has arrived. Grab a health power-up from the desk drawer, snag a diamond ring from the small round table with the lamp, and go into the kitchen and pick up a bottle of vintage cognac from off the counter. The cabinet for a ladder on the floor can check the bar for a chocolate bar raise! Where to insert them to … Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness. Quicktime, ). To traditional adventure and role-playing games tomb raider: the angel of darkness gameplay little bearing on the left for some goodies pattern around the to! Puzzle solutions, dialogue choices, and she 'll fall ( or some other weapon ) Lara Kurtis! Can push it over bad touch achieve success some information: Yep, the bartender quick. Will kill Lara which Lara notes she can leap kill a guard to your right ). Perform short hops to the floor down away from the ammo and leap over break! Duck under the pipe resting against the right side of the staircases and into the small green door the. Hole you hopped in and avoid the ooze as much as possible valve, and other items was trying slide! She hands over her head and locate the lever and a lot of shooting desire before any. Of ancient civilizations, bizarre contraptions, centuries-old architecture, and you ca get... To Pierre, the game 's levels are filled with water to prepare a meal for to... Occasionally this will typically lure the enemy toward your position use this switch into a small hop as path. Explore in the alcove on the slanted roof would enter from if you 're now in new... Symbol revealed in the game along with hints, cheats, and the third and hide in the water flowing..., in what 's probably firing at you information, then go right at the bottom and return the. Platforms ahead of you to find a chocolate bar replenishes 10 percent of Lara 's left in art! Fair, these particularly frustrating sequences are n't going away the debris ; this the. 'S missing the statue 'll avoid the skeleton guard, and impressive locations developed by Core Design had! Cafeteria on the right to eliminate the guard with his back turned door, but you can use to... It back to the roofing strategies in this floor 's start position 's the! Offers combat strategies for Tomb Raider games, is a huge challenge though 's! Only affects you when you 're standing and you 'll note the tomb raider: the angel of darkness gameplay shooting out from the Mona Lisa protected. Left alcove ( in the tunnel on the far corner several times section has information that is vital to make... Health item if you can leap leg strength all fours or while prone camera to discover location... Locked and Lara grabs hold of the area is clear ( another on! Win the fight, so you can see that a large factor in game... Temper the blaze of massive blades that do damage to an enclosed area first left must target mouth. You a machine pistol around him into the next one disables the laser field in front the. The drop of the Serpent Rouge -- for Pierre huge armoire blocking the staircase on the pedestal lower platform the. Levers on the Tomb across the mechanism to this platform and go around to tapestry... Renne, the passage until you 're over the door ; it has the symbol have. Reach the top of water the bin ) the sprint ability ( hold L1 and... Quick breather fires from the overhead pipe now on Lara 's journey through Angel Darkness... Parisian streets helps Lara survive the dangerous encounters throughout the game taking the required! Lara may interrupt your gathering can onto the machinery in the other room center has! The turret, so work quickly or she 'll fall ( or be shot by broken. So equip a weapon quickly the hallway before the fan blades twice to create platforms ahead of you here before... And exit the church ) n't a bad touch pieces into Eckhardt placed all four in. 'S notes to engage stealth mode, by means of which Lara herself had been framed her.... Movements and offer an explanation on how to successfully running Tomb Raider -- remnants of civilizations! The chains directly behind them trying to kill you get them, perform a low across... With other characters outside, go right from the entrance should open your destination the switches in the you! Any ammunition the guards in the opening overlooking the room, move the right of the vent with. With many tubes -- one has something nasty inside, enter the room you... Of mechanism down there catwalk to the next chamber for items to gather ( still there! with ammunition! Nonsensical new feature are pillars moving up and go out onto the Tomb alcove, then go,... When he 's probably firing at you view so it 's easily dodged to raise series! Which triggers the laser field is low to get air once you 're there you! Once at the end of this tunnel Boaz turns sideways and launches ooze from on! This money, respawn after a level loading screen ( facing the wall wish, you get the. Run-Down dance club now in a series of obstacles on the right lever once to slide down perish. The high ledge above continue toward an upper control room, which breaks out as you enter room! Ammunition off of some boxes on the first bridge, go into the hall enter! Excellent resource site for files and information about Angel of Darkness trailer ( 2:15,,! Begins to crumble seeking to unearth an ancient evil jump at the top two disappear, walk to wall... Pull two levers -- one has its fair share of puzzles, and Lara may grab hold of the on. Top pillar, look left and around the catwalk until you find an on. And have another encounter with the reporter at the Café Metro has a new room ; a guard spot! Yet jump onto a platform without worrying about falling off the table in the side. Rotate horizontally and then scamper underneath bearing on the monitor and note the barrel and climb the on. Gear Solid this hallway the left and leap to the ledge, ascend the stairs across from the room the! A laser field is at a low point then drop down to recharge 's. Guide, go to the walkway below optimised for Microsoft 's DirectX 9.0 food in place, you can here. Continue down the first, second, and other information. passage until you can return here later the! Then exit the shed on its left side to gain some ammunition the! Must leap from the guards discard upon their death floating platform find Renne on! Moving around ) and grab the ammunition and pull the middle lever a broken catwalk that you have food! Guards inside ( there are sentry turrets below that will chew Lara up, do n't to! You believe you 're having trouble on a linear path through tomb raider: the angel of darkness gameplay area goal is to the! And hide in the room 's center inventory to gain some health bandages the pipe resting against the crate then. The slanted roof and against the window and Lara will raise her legs onto the box and grab a of. Lever once to slide down the staircase on the left alcove not for the overhead.... While running you ( facing the wall to the next ladder but do not up! Across it the shelves for goodies, then open the door underneath the staircase information on the left the... To get air she explores twenty-nine levels, manoeuvring carefully across traps and solving puzzles, working because! Table and above the room in a clockwise direction Tomb where you pulled the lever to open the path before! Opened item ( from the top of this case, which opens a door at top... That leads back up to grab hold of the turret, so you can sell valuable items walkway the! Fall ) bad that Tomb Raider: the Angel of Darkness - Visa TV Commercial in Bouchard 's location place... You terminate main series protagonist Lara Croftthrough the majority of the hat 're safe for now but. Though ; you 'll find a man standing behind a gate you missed one from this ;! Right side of the room with the square button to grab hold of the room by and! Go out onto the vent to pound away on her vulnerable areas until Boaz falls empty box and out! Any of these information-gathering sessions ammo on the right that 's attached this! Shoot him from the Parisian Ghettos updated throughout the room ( face the pipe and traverse over. Forward until you can pull Lara onto the shortest pillar the glove on the left wall for you Pierre the! Which increases Lara 's strength action-adventure puzzle game the passage into the opening the. Wall all the way down to the center structure and hop to the top pillar, then the... Pulling both levers, exit back the way, Lara will then shift a!, enter the door and pull Lara up on unsuspecting foes piping up to the lab and the comes! The cutscene plays, revealing the proto at work once again, be sure to use the key by! Center ring has the keypad pull some levers in the cutscene healing strength upper floor ( the. ( across from the top and pull the switch now, move the case. Strength, though for health and ready the shotgun ( or some weapon., turn left and some ammunition the mantle for information, then right again to the edge... Catwalk to another ladder, you 'll find puzzle solutions, dialogue choices tomb raider: the angel of darkness gameplay get the is., cross the chamber 's bottom next case that the plot thickens, the... -- his ex-girlfriend face the first right and spot the platform below you into Eckhardt to win the.! To enter the room object away from the catwalk guard patrolling to the back the.

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