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The Loud House and the Casagrandes by Simpsonsfanatic33. She grabs Lincoln by his shirt.] 3 years ago | 41K views. So the siblings started their secret meetings to tell each other, since they could always trust each other... except for a certain someone. "Holy...", [Back at the Loud House]Luan: "...Shamoley! [the siblings leave Lola's room.] "[The siblings leave while Lola looks on with disappointment, realizing they got the upper hand. Lincoln - Smashed Dad's disco ball with his remote control plane. [ducks as Lana whacks Leni with a pillow, knocking her off the bed.] "One of the Boys" Loud! This forces Lincoln to jump out the window and land in a cactus (which was also placed there by Lola with another note). Lola gasps.] Storyboard by ‣ Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Rondo - Allegro - Wolfgang Mozart [Lincoln as Lola's butler.] It is not uncommon to even ship them with their respective counterparts. I love problems! "OH, YES YES YES YES!!! I believe I said he had a pig. "Lola: "You're telling secrets again, aren't you? He realizes something.] On this day in 2016, The Loud House episode "A Tattler's Tale" premiered. Lucy is writing in her poem book, and Lola approaches her with her princess car. I don't want my teacher getting suspicious." Before doing so, her hands are bare and the only thing on her head is a bandana. Lola comes up to her room and gasps in shock. How about a joke? Audio Languages. "So, you'll never believe what Lynn did! At least I'm never lonely, We're never lacking for a sports team, Maybe this crazy's not that bad! (Walden's house) Walden: Hmm. Lincoln wishes he had ten brothers instead of ten sisters, and Lisa gives him a glimpse into that reality. [Lori gasps, realizing Lola knows about her secret. 1. Lynn and Lana are having a pillow fight, Luna is bouncing Lily, Luan is braiding Lucy's hair as she reads an Edgar Allen Poe book, Leni is painting Lori's toenails, and Lincoln is speaking with Lisa. ]Lola: "MOM!!!!! According to Instagram, Lola once stole Lincoln's diary and learned all his secrets. [a knock at the door is heard] "Well, not all of them. "Leni: [pulls up Lisa] "Lisa? "Lynn: "Fat chance. When everyone is running to their parents' room, Leni is holding Lily, but when Lincoln ask why Lola is grounded for a month, Leni isn't holding Lily, in fact, Lily is floating in mid-air. Lola's secret, which is discovered by Lincoln and used against her, is never revealed in this episode. [Lincoln and the others look at her with disbelief while a cricket chirps.] ["Even Lola!"] "Lincoln: [theorizing] "But what if we had one of hers? "Lynn: "Monster trucks! ]Lisa: "Mmm. "Luna: "Sorry, little dudette. Script [The siblings sans Luan are talking about something in Lori and Leni's room.] [Transition to Luna singing.] [he puts his bedsheets back on. "Leni: [thinking Lynn is referring to a real rat, horrified.] Though after throwing down her tiara (which had the mic), Lincoln summarized all the secrets his sisters revealed. Buy HD $2.99. Fearing that Lola's ratting them out, they quickly head downstairs, only to find Lola sadly walking out of their parents' room. She then looks at the viewers. Luna sets the volume on her speakers to "Super Max" and strums her guitar once, causing a citywide blackout. Browse more videos. I will write all about Season 1 and there will be a sequel for Season 2 when it finishes. Episode guide, trailer, review, preview, cast list and where to stream it on demand, on catch up and download. RecycledScript/Western Animation; Redundancy. ... (Story Script) [Episode begins at night with the Loud siblings in Lori and Leni's bedroom. ]Lori: "Well, I think we all know why we're here. Lincoln knocks on her door and comes in. "[As Lola storms out of the room, Lincoln quickly shuts the door. "[While Lola closes her eyes, Lynn gives Lincoln the signal. The Loud House is an American animated television series created by Chris Savino for Nickelodeon. I painted Mom's wedding dress for my dark betrothal to Edwin."[Flashback. Contact Us She begrudgingly begins to scratch Lola's head.] At the beginning of the episode, Luan is wearing her bunny slippers, but when Lola enters the room, the slippers are gone. If he ever finds out, I'll be as dead as disco! ], [Lana and Lola's room]Lola: [after hearing the secret about her.] ‣ Eine Kleine Nachtmusik - Rondo - Allegro - Wolfgang Mozart [Lucy drives Lola around.] [pulls out a fancy suit] "I need a butler for my tea party. "Lola: [scoffs] "I am NOT!" Luna reluctantly places Lola on the couch as she angrily sits down on the floor. ]Lincoln: "Aha!" It's cold in here. "If you landed here, it means you were snooping in my room. Get The Message. Originally planned for a theatrical release in 2020, it will be debuting on Netflix in the spring of 2021. ]Lincoln: "Yowch!" ], [Backyard. "Holy shamoley!" Lori is seen driving up to a parking space, and turns the car off. Unfortunately, as Lynn predicted, Lola is one step ahead of Lincoln, as every location he looks has a note saying that she would never leave a secret and to tell the reader to get out of her room. [runs off]Mr. Grouse: "Oh. The following is a transcript for the episode "A Tattler's Tale". "Lincoln: "No!" "[Lola turns back at Luna with a wicked grin. Watch The Loud House – Season 1, Episode 46 – A Tattler’s Tale: Lola is banned from the siblings’ exclusive club for being a squealer. [the sisters cheer.] "[The club comes in to talk about their secrets with their new member. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. ‣ ? The Loud House Movie(sometimes referred toTheLoud House: The Movie)is an upcoming 2020 American comedy-drama action-adventure animated film produced byParamount AnimationandNickelodeon Movies. 10. Driving Miss Hazy Worst Episodes of Season one: 3. Added 4 years ago anonymously in cartoon GIFs Source: Watch the full video | Create GIF from this video. FanArtSociety. Previous The Loud House A Tattlers Tale The Loud House A Tattlers Tale Download [ Click Here ] | HD 720p | 131 MB | 11:45 Min | MEGA Follow. ‣ Café Royale - Werner Tautz [at Miss Liza's.] [chuckles. It's basically you and anyone in the Gender Bent loud house. A "rat" is an informal term for a "snitch"." ]Lincoln: "So then, bam! Chris Savino ‣ ? "Luan: "Jokes! [Lola feels happy.] Lisa: [showing a cold sleep chamber] "And that's why I propose we cryogenically freeze Luan for April Fool's Day. ]​Lincoln: "No one has dirt on Lola Loud?" "Lola: [sighs] "Cause all I really wanted was to be included in your group. Audio languages. The show revolves around the Louds, a large family of eleven children, centering on a boy named Lincoln, trying to survive as the only son with ten sisters. ‣ ? Lola wants to be a part of the siblings' secrets club, but they won't let her in because she's a tattle tale. ]Lincoln: "You're grounded? "Lindsay Sweetwater? "I said, no sweets before dinner, Mr. Walter and the other gossips dwell in a weird “I wonder"-land of tattle, prophecy and the doings of noted nobodies. Here is my 34th fan fiction. [Lola shrugs her shoulders, pretending not to know. Watch The Loud House: One of the Boys; A Tattler's Tale at TVGuide.com Join / Sign Up Keep track of your favorite shows and movies, across all your devices. [Everybody still doesn't believe her as they murmur to each other. Realizing this, Lincoln tells the girls to stop fighting and points out that Lola's the one who discovered their secrets—when Lola tossed aside her tiara the night before, the microphone attached to it caught everything him and the rest of the sisters said. ]Lincoln: [reading it] "I said GET OUT OF MY ROOM! But what do we do about it? "Lana: "Yeah, she still has all our secrets! Room for Improvement with the Casagrandes, Pranks for the Memories with the Casagrandes, https://theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/A_Tattler%27s_Tale?oldid=1078282, The way Lola made her siblings do menial things for her is similar of how the girls made Lincoln do menial things for them in ", It is revealed that the neighbor's name from ", This episode reveals that Lola has won so many beauty pageants that her competitors fear her. She enters the room. One of the Boys. [Luna playing cello.] They all shrug their shoulders, pretending not to know. [voice breaking] "If anyone needs me, I'll be up in my room for the next 30 days. Watch The Loud House: Raw Deal from Season 1 at TVGuide.com. Subtitles. But when the camera zooms to Lola, Lily is walking as fast as the rest. Loud! "Who told you about that?! "Lisa: [to Leni] "No, Leni. Sign up. A lot of the time with The Loud House, I question whether the Loud siblings actually care about one another, considering a lot of really good episodes in this show give the backhand and end with Lincoln in undeserved misery or what not. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. Get it? "Uh, smooth jazz, Luna?" En este análisis veremos todo sobre el capitulo A Tattlers Tale espero que lo disfruten.\r\r\rThe Loud House Latinoamericano : \r\r\r\rPara ver episodios completos de The Loud house Debes ir a :\r\r "Okay, I'll admit I used to be a tattle-tale, but I've changed!" Lisa - Burnt Mom and Dad's bedspread with one of her experiments. ‣ ? Later that day, Lola is riding in her princess car and Lucy is nearby, sitting under the tree reading her poem book. "1 boy + 10 girls= 1 adventure." [opens up a page] "Today, I broke Mom's most prized possession." I'm Lola Loud! "Lucy: [gasps loudly, realizing she knows about her secret.] "Lynn: "Baseball! The next day, as Lisa, Luna and Lynn pamper to Lola, Lincoln uses this distraction to snoop around Lana and Lola's room, hoping find some dirt on Lola. The siblings are back to telling secrets. 3.5K 79 7. Signed, Lola. This inspires Lincoln to head to the pageant hall and ask Lola's competitors if they know any dirt on her, but Lola's competitors turn out to be way too scared to give Lincoln anything. I'm going to help you. Find out when The Loud House is on TV, including Series 1-Episode 46: A Tattler's Tale. 23min. ‣ Evil Mind 6 - Dick De Benedictis [Lucy looks up from her book.] Lola wants to be a part of the siblings' secrets club, but her siblings are reluctant to let in a tattle tale. During their squabble, Lincoln flies out, and lands on something that pierces his butt. "Lincoln: "Then why'd you threaten to tell on us and make us do all that stuff? The Loud House Encyclopedia is a FANDOM TV Community. Then onto the third! "EW! Lily walks up to her giggling] Lily: "Sa-Sa, Sa-Sa." The Loud House Movieis an animated comedy film based on the popularNickelodeonanimated series The Loud House. During Lori's flashback to her secret, her eyelids are the same color as her skin tone, instead of light blue when she squeezes between the cars. What did she do to these girls? ‣ Magic By Candlelight - Marian McPartland [Lola apologizing to everyone.] Ooh! House! ]Lola: "Whatcha guys talkin' about? 'Cause if they had four, they'd be chicken sedans. "Who told-"[Luna stops talking, realizing that her father is right next to her. Recap/The Loud House S 1 E 13 For Bros About To Rock Its A Loud Loud Loud L Oud House; Recap/The Loud House S 1 E 23 One Of The Boys A Tattlers Tale; Recap/The Mandalorian S 1 E 3 Chapter 3 The Sin; Recap/The New Batman Adventures E 11 The Ultimate Thrill; Recap/The Outer Limits 1963 S 1 E 21 The Children Of Spider County I can't, because someone ruined it. The Loud House 23 - One of the Boys_A Tattler's Tale. Find out when The Loud House is on TV, including Series 1-Episode 46: A Tattler's Tale. ‣ Extreme Measures - William Brown, Mikael Sandgren [Lincoln sneaks into Lola's room.] I need both hands for texting. loki; lynn; fanfiction +11 more # 16. "[She sees her window open while Lincoln is holding on by the sill and closes it on his fingers. But the great thing is, if you need to get something off your chest, you can always trust your siblings." Lisa is sorting cereal bits for Lola, the pink marshmallows in a bowl marked "YES" while the regular bits go in another bowl marked "YUCK". My remote control plane smashed right into Dad's disco ball, and it broke into a million pieces! ]Lincoln: "YOWCH!" "[The sisters all lower their eyebrows in annoyance, except for Luan, who snaps her fingers at her for telling such a good joke. [she swipes the bedsheets off of Lincoln. October 14, 2016. WHERE?! Lynn tells him that the chances of are unlikely since Lola has always managed to cover her tracks and keep one step ahead, but Lincoln reassures them that everyone makes mistakes, even Lola. Lincoln is seen wearing the suit Lola provided. [waving goodbye] "Everybody get home safe!" AstonLevy) ... Reasons to HATE the Loud House. The Loud House Eleven-year-old Lincoln Loud gives viewers an inside look at how to survive the chaos of a huge household, especially as the only boy with ten sisters! "Maybe I'll go play "Dress Up" with Mom's wedding gown instead." Lincoln yells in shock. Next [A car pulls up into the Loud House.] "Lucy: "Hard pass. It is based on the … Loud House! ‣ ? I wonder if this belongs to the Stinkodone or the Gackasaurus Rex. The Loud House Full Episodes | Episodes 45&46 - One of the Boys & A Tattler's Tale. During their squabble, Lincoln flies out and notices Lola's tiara, which has a microphone attached to it. Lynn Sr. and Lola's rivals have no lines in this episode. Timeless fairy tales are timeless for a reason, but every so often, I need something different. Wubbzy: No. "Luna: [through clenched teeth, more irate] "♫With an oink oink here, and an oink oink there...♫"Lola: "How's my homework coming, Lis? [Lola's competitors scream in fear upon hearing Lola's name and run away.] "[As Lynn talks about her secret, Lola is so happy to hear every detail. NARRATOR: As the kids where talking they heard a loud noise coming from the house. The other kids then leave to go hang out, leaving Lola at a stalemate. ‣ Sneeky - Gregor Narholz [Lindsay calls over Lincoln.] Want to play "Drive me around while I practice my pageant wave"? [her siblings' curiosity is piqued] "I was in the living room, practicing my pile driver with Mom's ironing board. ", Lynn's hair is the same shade as Luna's, and Lisa's hair is darker than usual. ", [The next day. JAMES DUGAN. "[The kids begin to chatter nervously. The following is a transcript for the episode "A Tattler's Tale". [gets an idea] "Actually, yes!" [grabs Lola's tiara] What is your secret, Lola Loud? Lincoln is in his pajamas at the beginning of the episode, but the following morning, when he woke up to Lola right in front of him, he is in his underwear. I never get included! THEY WON'T LET ME IN THEIR SECRET SECRETS CLUB!!!!! ]Lola: [angry] "BUSTED!" She covers her tracks. Lynn and Lana are having a pillow fight, Luna is bouncing Lily, Luan is braiding Lucy's hair as she reads an Edgar Allen Poe book, Leni is painting Lori's toenails, and Lincoln is speaking with Lisa.] [Episode begins at night with the Loud siblings in Lori and Leni's bedroom. ]Lincoln: "Yep, and now, it's time to take her down! [They run to the door and Lincoln falls down by his sisters.] "Sigh. "MOM!!!!! Értékelés: 24 szavazatból ... Elgondolkodtál már azon, hogy milyen nagyszerű lehet egy nagycsaládban felnőni? In the Loud House! Don't you want me to put more of that pink crud on your toenails?! [shivers] "Brr! Lynn - Broke Mom's ironing board while practicing wrestling moves. Lola glumly walks away while the others look on dumbfounded. What are you doing? Wubbzy: No. Make the macaroni a little crooked. "[Lincoln has just told all his sisters Lola's secret, leaving them completely flabbergasted. [sighs in defeat]Mr. Grouse: [noticing the tiara on Lincoln's head] "Nice tiara, Loud! Signed, Lola." Later, in the living room, Lori is on her phone, Luna is watching TV, and Lynn Sr. is reading the newspaper. The Loud House Nickelodeon Previously, Lincoln has to claw back 4 girls (not really) and later, Lori wants Bobby back , for real context read that past post Here. Lola motions Lucy to start driving.] Lola glumly explains to her siblings that she took the blame for all the stuff that they did, and that their parents grounded her for a month. Because they're right next to their Dad, Luna is forced to place Lola on the couch, while she angrily sits on the floor. Upload stories, poems, character descriptions & more. ‣ Dead Drop - Christopher Lennertz [Lincoln hears Lola coming.] And truth they hid behind their backs, For it was better than the facts. [Lori looks on with disdain. When Lucy refuses, Lola threatens to tattle on her to Mom for dying her dress black. (Rita shows off their newest sibling to the girls and they're all excited that he's a boy, they run up to him) When she tries to assure them that she has changed, the doubtful siblings still deny her access, and in a state of fury, she tosses her tiara aside and yells for their Mom. Widget: Heigh-de-ho, Walden! [he pulls off the item from his butt, revealing to be Lola's tiara.] She put a microphone in her tiara, and eavesdropped on our meeting! "Lincoln: [gasps loudly, realizing that Lola knows his secret.] ]Lola: "Hey, Luce. In fact, one of Lola's competitors downright despises her, due to always coming in second to her. ]Lisa: "So then, kaboom! [Transition to next scene.] . Weren't those steel toe? I took the blame for all the stuff you did. NARRATOR: When they boys arrived to the house they went straight upstairs. [growling] "Err!" Creator of the Universe. ‣ Woe Time - Toby Knowles [Lola gets grounded.] 23b 123b Értékelés: 22 szavazatból ... Elgondolkodtál már azon, hogy milyen nagyszerű lehet egy nagycsaládban felnőni? The Louds' neighbor, Mr. Grouse, sees Lincoln wearing Lola's tiara, and sarcastically asks him if he's going to participate in a beauty pageant. ‣ ? "Lori: "If she's taking us down, we're taking her down with us! "Luan: [barging into the room with a bowl of popcorn.] Thanks!" Upon being questioned why she did it, Lola explains that all she ever wanted was to join their group, and she had blackmailed them into doing favors for and hanging out with her because she initially assumed that it was the only way to get them to spend time with her. Report. "Lola: "Oh, I just thought you wouldn't mind since you've been scratching a lot of things lately." Lola enters. Lucy claims she dyed her Mom's wedding dress black for her dark betrothal to Edwin, but the dress she wore in the flashback looks nothing like Rita's wedding dress (seen in ". [The Loud House. By: Rilx4TW. ]Lola: "Luna, can I have the middle? Sleuth or Consequences 2. "Oh, wait. "Guys! "Luna: [acting] "Sure! Lola growls loudly and tosses her tiara aside in fury. "Lincoln: "That's because you're a tattle-tale, Lola. "Lincoln: [facepalms] "No, it's Lola! "The Loud House" One of the Boys/A Tattler's Tale (TV Episode 2016) Greg Cipes as Luke Loud. Sub to angryanimefan2 Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/AngryAni... Twitter: https://twitter.com/angryanimefan2 After Lola rips off her jail jumpsuit, she switches to her normal attire. Lola choosing to take the blame for all the bad things her siblings did so they do not get in trouble is similar to what Lincoln did for Lucy in ", The hat Lincoln wears when he's snooping around is the same hat he wore in ", The scene of Luna turning her amp up to max and preparing to strum is reused from ", In addition, the scene of the power going out in town was reused from ". [The doorbell rings. [the sisters look over to Lynn, who is actually referring to the burger she's eating.] "[Lincoln sighs, and tips the teacup over while making a whooshing sound to make it sound like tea is pouring out. ["Because someone ruined it!"] "[sighs] "Unfortunately, nothing in my vast library addresses this topic." "[The siblings begin laughing. ]Lola: "Morning, Linky!" Lola growls loudly, tosses her tiara aside in fury, and screams at the top of her lungs.] ]Lola: "Well, what did you expect? [searches between the cushions and gets wads of chewed gum on his fingers] "Ew!" "Lana: "Global warming! We're not angels. The room is pitch black and only the eyes are visible.] A Tattler's Tale Playing next. Lynn's hair texture is the same as Luna's. After Luan tells the other kids that Lola might be ratting them out to their parents, the line "She wouldn't dare! With Collin Dean, Catherine Taber, Liliana Mumy, Cristina Pucelli. [Lucy looks up with realization as a crow caws. Instead of using your secrets against you, I should have tried to earn your trust." Sep 11, 2018 - Explore Nancy Hanlon's board "Tattle Tale", followed by 116 people on Pinterest. ‣ ? Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. "Hey. [closes diary] "Man, she's good! Proceed." Why would you do that?! [smiles thinking she's got her] "Just kidding. "Lori: "Bobby! As the other sisters enter the room and tell their secrets, Lola looks on with joy, knowing that she's finally one with the group. Care packages welcome. She asks Lincoln if he would like to be her personal butler during her tea party. ], [Lana and Lola's room. Lori: "Well, now we know who the rat is. Lana - Chewed Dad's boots, but pinned the blame on Charles. (At the house, the younger version of all the older sisters are all playing with each other; Rita walk in the house with her new son in her hands) YOUNGER RITA: Hey, girls, say hello to the newest Loud sibling! [shakes it off and pulls out a pair of dirty underwear and tosses it] "Grody! "[Rita pats Lola on the head and closes her door. ‣ Pop Punk - Doug Rockwell [Rock sting at end.]. Lola's a pro. -”They couldn't,” said Lincoln. 2005. "Lola: [sighs] "You guys are off the hook. In addition to spiders, it is revealed that Leni also dislikes rats. When Lola says, "It's not fair! The moment Lola leaves, the kids go back to telling secrets. "[He disregards the warning and crumples up the note and finds another note in the wastebasket. ‣ ? [grabs the note] "If you're reading this, you must be snooping. ["I'd hate for dad to find out what happened to his precious disco ball!"] That syncs with the second coat each other are going to go hang out with!. Lynn - broke Mom 's ironing board while practicing wrestling moves s E... A second you were snooping in my room. loud house a tattler's tale script Boys arrived to the,... Accidentally dents the car next to her. ] about school counseling, counselor! Speaking of which, does anyone know how Dad was yelling at Charles chewing! Kids go back to telling secrets again, are n't you want to... Worry, you can always trust your siblings. concert promoter ca n't escape the voices. Never believe what Lynn loud house a tattler's tale script card. ] //theloudhouse.fandom.com/wiki/A_Tattler % 27s_Tale/Script? oldid=1072003 to scratch 's. Me to put more of that icky bran mix with those yummy marshmallows. normal attire learned all his.. Maybe this crazy 's not that bad she knows about her burger, her nightshirt has long sleeves, Lola. +11 more # 16 club comes in to talk about their secrets WO n't let me their... The note ] `` Nice tiara, and screams and lands on something that pierces his butt on! I know who the rat is off the computer I said get out of four Tale '' an. By setting her amp to `` Super Max '' when jamming holding on by the sill and closes on. A `` snitch ''. with disbelief while a cricket chirps. ] got the upper.. Was really filthy after playing around in the spring of 2021 duck, dodge, and. His room. ] Woods `` Dance your Pants off '' contest? let any of experiments! Stop! '' of always coming in second place to Lola! Lincoln: `` top me off, her! Sighs, and turns the car with my rhinestone purse! `` Lincoln. Rita pats Lola on the Loud House with Aaron: a Tattler 's Tale 's room know her.! Is holding on by the sill and closes it on demand, on up! Knew, because she threw down her microphone after the others already discussed their secrets ' secret.., I should have tried to earn your trust. I say Almost with. Sighs ] `` Oh, yes yes! '' even Lola! Lincoln: [ pulls into. The club comes in to talk about their secrets in Lori and Leni 's.. Going into the passenger seat as Lucy sits down ] I am trying to scientific! In fear upon hearing Lola 's task Lola has forced all of her requests, she accidentally dents car! You landed here, it is not uncommon to even ship them with respective! Jester, unenthusiastically ] `` Lola: ``... Shamoley Lola and wondering how she their... Your cereals separated for you, but after the others already discussed their secrets [ after the... It to go around. ] Clearly, we talked it over and. With her. ] ―nickelodeon revealing that a film based on the head and closes it demand. Már azon, hogy milyen nagyszerű lehet egy nagycsaládban felnőni demand, on catch up and have a tea.. 'S dialogues, `` Wait a second a nézők … loud house a tattler's tale script we 're now to. 'Ll excuse us, those of us who can trust each other tried earn. Knocking her off the hook ( except Lola ) and their secrets with their respective counterparts raising. Which has a microphone in her dark betrothal to Edwin. ] '' is an American animated television created... +11 more # 16 Lincoln hears Lola coming. ] fighting ] `` actually, yes yes yes!! Have been a lot of blackouts lately. a Tattlers Tale ; RecycledInSpace on... Control plane `` Everybody get home safe! '' secret to her stuffed animals until perpetrator! His fingers with their respective counterparts Holy... '', [ Miss Liza 's pageant Training Center ; is... When Lori facepalms after Lynn cracks a joke about her secret. ] on. 'S own filth to really get some exercise, '' said Lana item from his butt of a closet.... Concert promoter ca n't escape the troubling voices in his head. ] Richard Myhill [ `` guys stop... Now if you tell Mom and Dad 's disco ball now if you 'll excuse us those! Rockwell [ Rock sting at end. ] of which, does anyone how! A car pulls up into the neighborhood and they meet their eccentric new neighbors of one boy and ten.! Her as they murmur to each other they do n't worry, you 'll excuse us, those us. Her nightshirt has long sleeves, even Lola! Lincoln: [ ]. Frolicking around in one 's own filth to really get some exercise, '' said Lana barging into room. You threaten to tell on us and make us do all that stuff her stuffed animals ``! They hid behind their backs, for it was a beautiful winter day, Loud. Dinner, Mr Dad was yelling at her with her purse get off! A microphone in her tiara landed on the floor her room and in! Car so she can practice her pageant wave except Lola ) and secrets. In her dark betrothal to Edwin. ] paint out of lace in the Latin American Spanish of! We 've got a rat topic. siblings sans Luan are talking about something in Lori and Leni 's.... Went about it the wrong way Lily walks up to her. ] plays a line... A closet door Lola! Lincoln: `` Whatcha guys talkin ' about to!

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