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I purchased a bottle of leisure curl moisture balance and now my hair is growing and becoming much thicker. Sometimes referred to as jheri curl juice, curl activators today are very similar products to the old juice. I remember I was one of a few black girls that had the jheri curl in junior high in the San Fernando Valley in 1983 and it seemed that I was picked to be the jheri curl expert from all the questions I got from everyone but I don’t think it will be as traumatic as it was back then. I have been natural six times and never had a growing/splitting/breaking/dry issue using the “jcj”.Now I prefer all natural products (I really try)and well.….. Was. I went natural in the 90’s for 6 years and had long healthy hair. It was awful. Wow. Been following the hype with all the other products with no results to prove it! I swear by SCurl Activator.…my coils love it! 0:11. Making Jheri curls the classic way requires using chemicals that can cause permanent damage to your hair. It worked very well that way. It grows… Read more ». The hair was rinsed while still in the rollers, and a neutralizing solution was applied. I stan for Sta-Sof-fro. Men and women tend to use the same texturizer products. I didn’t think about using it again until I talked to someone in a beauty supply about what products they use in their natural hair. When I was relaxed I used it for unbelievable twist outs. This is my third time natural, but the first two times I was natural I used Curl Activator and my hair grew like weeds. Good work. I read the Cathy Howse book and she raves about the effect of Jheri curl products to grow hair. I have tried “activator” as it has been called back in the day..it made my hair super greasy,lots of shrinkage, and it looked just like a jherri curl because I have a coily pattern in my type 4 hair. My hair is very porous, so if I were using those products now, I’d be… Read more ». I was using… Read more ». If you had one of the most popular and most taunted African American hairstyles, it can take a while to own up to the fact that it’s back. The Jheri curl was made a household name in African American homes by Comer Cottrell, a black Texas Republican who brought expensive beauty-salon styles to … The ony issue I have with it, an all glycerin type products is that when I want to straighten my hair.…it refuses to stay straight. Jheri curl crochet. Vlogger Laddie Symone used the Botanicals texturizer on a man in the video below. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Advertising I totally co-sign the care free curl gold! I as a child myself wore a jerri curl!! If you want it (I can rock your world) If you want it (I'm bigger juice than jheri curl Now tell me do you really think You can walk around. I paired it with regular Shea Butter & my strands couldn’t be happier. Breaking News: I Know Nothing About My Hair, A Head Full of Wool: The History of Black Hair in North America. My hair loved these products as it stayed moisturized for days!!! It’s a good thing that none of the curly perms in use today use heat on top of chemical processing. I asked him why he had Care Free Curl in the house he replied he liked how it made his hair soft (yeah I thought he was cheating too) Anyway I went back to the relaxer for a long time… Read more », this is not a reply but a question,i was thinking about the time when my hair was down my back,at that time i had a CareFree Curl,does anyone know where i can find a salon that will give you a curl? Having a nice expensive menus, the banner rotator, and RSS information Ticker, your website ought to improve it’s picture as well as functionality. If I use the jheri curl juice, will my hair be an oil slick? Become a member by entering your email below to learn first about breaking news, latest articles and products we create LOL. Be Featured I still keep Elasta on hand, but I like Curlz Creme Brulee–it’s cheap and available at target. Later on i started use Wave Neuveau. I shall not walk around smelling like Soul Glo ever again! Sounds mean but the funny looks are rude. However, the biggest distinguishing factor of the Gina Curl is how she uses the perm rods. What is Weave Hair, and Will it look Nice on me? I did the big chop 6 mo ago and was using everything under the sun for products, working in television as a makeup artist and hairstylist, I have access to the supposedly best products, and lets not forget au natural! When ppl ask me what I use to keep my hair from drying out and I tell them — I get a funny look. As curlies, we experiment with different products and hairstyles to compliment our journey. Different wash and go regimens have been developed to help define all textures, including the Curly Girl Method and the Maximum Hydration Method. He is aged but has nice long hair. - YouTube. SEE, I HAD PUT SOME JHERI CURL JUICE ON MY FINE NATURAL HAIR & I LEGIT CAN'T BELIEVE THIS HAPPENED. I have been natural now for 15 months now and I have been looking for products to keep my hair moisturized. I have natural 4C hair, and this product used in conjunction with hair gel defined my curls great! omg thank you sooo much for your post and all of this info! I will give this a whirl. That kinda looks like a Jheri curl…”. Most of my hair products are expensive so I decided to spend 3 bucks on some leisure curl spray hoping it would moisturize for the short period I was out of town. This helps relieve tension on the point where the relaxed hair and natural hair meet, and can lessen breakage for that reason. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MCPMkEnIiOQ The Jheri curl style of today. The jheri curl and jheri curl juice: Another hair related “black thing” is the jheri curl. I figured this out… Read more ». How does it smell? But with our hair in its natural state, the effect of… Read more », I admit I had a jheri curl back in the day and I hated the greasy residue, the extreme “wet” look, and wearing the plastic bag on my head at night. https://giphy.com/explore/jheri-curl The Jheri curl style of yesteryear. A great product that promotes growth, sheen and manageable bility. In addition, you mentioned using castor oil on your blog, at which stage does this come in? I always wanted one and my mother finally caved in. There’s no heat used during processing and the aftercare ingredients have changed slightly. That’s my thought. There’s very little difference between these products. I love care free curl gold hair and scalp spray. How to use the leave-in conditioner and curl activator and how often to apply them. The product makeup has changed slightly and other ingredients have been added. And plan to seal it with Evco or Shea…what took me so long to find this! I work out most days, so it saves me time in fixing my hair each day. BuzzFeed Staff 1. Okay, I admit it. Even now, I limit the products in my hair because I hate using products that leave a residue. Always looking for tried and true ways to lock in moisture. CURBSIDE PICKUP ONLY Monday through Friday: http://thenaturalhaven.blogspot.com/2010/03/moisture-issue-glycerin-is-your-friend.html. Hi again! only dropped it when i decided to go for more natural products. A family spokeswoman tells us that Mr. Cottrell, who was 82 years old, died in his home in Plano Texas. But this that is next on my list, I totally admit embarrassment keeps me from trying them but I think I will get some and put it in another bottle. LOL. I have to admit that the stigma of using curl activator kept me away, but I want soft, moisturized hair and more length retention. Please weigh in and tell me what you think. SOURCES: But you can’t beat it for moisturization, which is why, as much as I disliked it, I often found myself returning to it before I discovered the wonders of vegetable glycerin, which I have paired in generous quantities with nearly everything else I’ve used in my hair in the last two years. Power to JC-Juice!! Would love your thoughts, please comment. Jheri Curl Juice is about sharing that wisdom and hilarity with the JCJ Podcast audience, but also about offering a platform for that audience to share some of the Wisdom passed along to them... so feel free to email us any questions or comments and we will see what we can do about getting them on air. With theses products and wearing a bag at night, it can cause over moisturizing. I know the guy that is the Jheri Curl pioneer in San Diego. Recently an older co-worker of mine begaan to wear her natural hair out. 27 Of The Most Important Jheri Curls In History. This could be just my hair but it sure as hecked worked on my 3 daughters and 2 sisters who are all natural. Rachel Lindsay: All’s Fair in Love & Fashion, Fall​ ​2017: 10​ ​Of​ ​The​ ​Best​ ​Black​ ​Hair​ ​Products​ ​for​ ​YOUR​ ​Hair​ ​, Natural Hair Movement – All You Need to Know, What Is Natural Hair Breakage? I’ve never used it, but I’ll definitely check it out. 14 in 1 as a leave in. Back in the Day. I kinda forgot about it til this post! She said her son had hooked her on a product called Liquid Love. I hate how most drugstore black hair care products smell so I’m a little apprehensive about this. The main ingredient in curl activators is glycerine (usually water first, then glycerine). and still felt like my hair was thirsty,dry, and brittle. I have been a user of leisure curl products for many years. The difference is that the name “curl activator” isn’t used much anymore. My hair looks better than when I was using kinky curly and most of all, it stays moisturized for days at a time with one application. The Carefree Curl line and processing has changed a bit. I had to think back about when my hair was long and healthy, and it was when I had a leisure curl in the late 80’s and early 90’s. I mocked him at first, but it really makes his curls clump and look so perfect. Here is a picture if it helps; I do it in a twist out w/shea & that’s it.… first off I am happy to see that so many people agree with me and that im not crazy ive been using the carefree products for a couple of weeks and love love love it! The following is the salon procedure of Design Essentials Wave By Design: Sometimes referred to as jheri curl juice, curl activators today are very similar products to the old juice. I have been natural for over 2 years now. How did it work out? In addition, the Gina Curl supplements with very conditioning products. I like to keep my hair in twists, so I spray my crown and other parts of my hair lightly. @ MissD, girl you are taking me back w/the grease spot…lol! Ladies, what do you think? On your ends? I was using the S curl moisturizer spray and it worked but it didn’t last a full day. i do this for a living i thought,… Read more », i had a CareFree curl back in the day…and my hair grew back.when it got to the center of my back, i had to constantly keep cutting.i have been natural for five years now, and suffered the same problems (dry,thirsty hair)then i remembered, how my hair stayed moisterized back in the day, i went to the beauty supply and bought CareFree products, including the activator and my hair is loving it. I only ever applied two relaxer treatments to my hair in all my chemical life, which was pretty long. My hubby kept telling me back in the day he knew alot of people who had gheri curls also had real long hair. The first day I saw her hair and how moisturized and pretty her curls lookedm I had to ask her what she was using and what made her wear her natural hair out! I’ve used them for more than 20 years with or without a curly perm. Redding probably thought to himself that since we were already chemically straightening our hair, a curly perm would give us more variety and less breakage. In the 1980’s, when people were soaking their heads with jheri curl juice, the moisture in the air hardly mattered. The product makeup has changed slightly and other ingredients have been added. And as mentioned above, the damage would eventually manifest. 2008. I used Lustrasilk Right On and couldn’t find it called company, changed to Lustrasilk Curl Max bought it at Dollar General. I own a bottle of it now but don’t dare touch because I watch what I put in/on my body. I know it has all those chemicals in it, but my hair is doing much, much better. Long lives the JCJ…, I had a girl back in the early 80’s. i’ve been there girl! My favorite product is Carefree Curl activator and moisturizer. However, the name “wash and go” is misleading, because you can hardly just wash your hair and head out the door with this styling method. Free Shipping on Orders $60 and Up. Now, as. When my hair dries it is very moisturized and soft to the touch. It last really good on braids. im natural,but i go to the shop and want to start learning my hair,and i had a curl when i was young. I was just talking about this to my daughter the other day. I was also very pleased with customer service. Dry Shampoo – Our Product picks for Black Hair. A curl activator was used back in the day for people with jheri curls. It moisturizes well but it takes my curls away and makes it more of a fro and it doesn’t mix well with certain products. I used wave nouveau and S curl for a while during the beginning of my hair journey, and I never had the breakage and split ends that I did using all natural products. Have you tried using curl activator? I had a carefree curl when I was a kid too. The style is defined by various people and cultures over the years. When I switched to relaxers it stayed at neck length! The drippiness of Jheri curl moisturizers/activators is due to the user being heavy-handed with the product. The shine stays in without the greasy look. I cannot believe I found a group of naturals on the Jheri curl product tip. Yup I got the idea of using S‑curl from the girls over at LHCF. I see, though, that quite a few others have commented here, and I’d love to hear from a lot more :-). used to use sof n free curl activator, to great results. This aided the process of rearranging the bonds inside the hair to make the original curl pattern like the pattern of  the perm rod. Whether you had hair that was one inch long or down the middle of your back, you could get curls, curls and more curls. She explains about piggybacking in this video: The original Gina Curl used a two step process that only used a thioglycolate-based setting lotion and a neutralizer. I think i’m going to have to back to using these products and stop experimenting with new ones.…my mop is suffering.…. Anyhow I remember in the 90s I had such long care free curl hair so did my sister! I just started using Curl Max moisturizing curl activator..love it, my hair was so dry and I spent so much money on products. What is Central Centrifugal Cicatricial Alopecia (CCCA)? This thread is reinforcing what I know. @hehe: the bottles have screw tops so you can open one up and take a whiff. No greasiness that way. I used it back in my JC days & for a period while natural. Texturizers are not as harsh as curly perms and full-strength relaxers. One of the greatestproduct ever invented. I’m willing to do anything to get… Read more ». I switched to natural products assuming they would be better, but I am honestly considering that this may not be the case. The difference is that the name “curl activator” isn’t used much anymore. But I’m speaking for myself when I say that I don’t regularly see that many responses from long-term Jheri curlies or texturizers, and I was both of those. the only thing i hated was the build up. Write for Us, https://blackhairspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/01/7c4f7dbf20328c9860548eb446309aa1-perm-rod-sizes-perm-rods.jpg, https://blackhairspot.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/logo-1.png, May 31, 2020 - 9:00 am by Shea Moisture Leave in Conditioner - Natural Afro Hair Care, May 23, 2020 - 10:35 pm by Get the Benefits of Castor Oil through Black Owned Brands - Shop With Leslie, December 15, 2017 - 11:48 am by Sherry Williams, December 14, 2017 - 9:41 am by Misha Sharma, ‘Sis, colouring your natural hair won’t kill you’, supplements with very conditioning products, New Hair Crush Alert: Empire’s Grace Gealey, Fashion Take-Over: Serayah Ranee Mcneill from Empire, Your all-you-need-guide on How to do Box Braids. Love them all. Must admit that Curl Activator did the job.. It is growing really well! mY hAIR IS NOT GREASY , it’s soft contrary to others so called “natural moisturizers”. I think I will have to give the S‑Curl or Long Aid activator a try again to see if that will work for me. I actually started moisturizing my Natural hair w/ S‑Curl & sealing my ends w/ Vitika Coconut Oil & I must say.…my natural tresses have never felt more soft, full of moisture, & less shedding. In memory of Comer Cottrell, creator of the juiciest hairstyle in history. Do you simply rub/spray in the SCurl (I believe it comes in moisturiser form as well as spray form) and then after, rub in the shea butter? I was apprehensive as well, however once I accidentally omitted it from my reggie, my hair choked & was DRY, DRY, DRY! By having a smaller perm rod cover the “line of demarcation” between chemically treated hair and natural hair while doing a touch up the curly perm process, Gina greatly reduces the possibility of hair breakage. I use it in a pinch to moisturize my hair. Jheri curls are synonymous with the ‘70s but they were also pretty popular into the next decade as well, and if some of us ‘80s babies are being honest, we High Top Fade Jheri Curl Hanging Hats Hip Hop Fashion 80s Fashion Bleach Blonde Bowl Cut Comb Over Mullets 27 Of The Most Important Jheri Curls In History I apply care free gold when my hair is soaking wet or damp and I never get greasy hair. I’m going to try this. These are the same two that I used in the last 2 years. The perm processing ingredients and treatment all use the same standard. Here is Gina showing a before and after of her curly perm method: There are other curly perms designed for black hair like Ferm, Design Essentials Wave By Design, Wave Nouveau and Carefree Curl. I’d use the Fantasia gel on top of that for hold. Sofn’Free Moisturizer & Curl Activator for Natural Hair, Soft Curls, and Waves 33.8 fl oz / 1000ml 4.4 out of 5 stars 288 Luster's S Curl Lite Wave Jel Activator, 10.5 Ounce 3.5 out of 5 stars 16 The Carefree Curl was readily accessible to all who could afford it, and is still available for salon purchasing and application today. what was the problem im a hairstylist? Jheri Redding - Jheri Redding (born Robert William Redding March 2, 1907 – March 15, 1998) was an I have tried so many products since going natural 10 months ago and this is the only thing that truly moisturizes my hair besides glycerin and water. Today, the New and Improved Gina Curl uses the full three-step curly perm process of the thioglycolate cream and setting lotion, and lastly the neutralizer. Spray with S‑Curl and then seal with shea butter and twist? Here’s how to choose a great curl definer. While transitioning I use to use it a whole lot and it help in that phase. Michael Jackson had a jheri curl in his Thriller video, and it was very popular with that generation. I like care free curl gold instant activator for my wash and gos. I used wave neauvu (sp) and while it is moisturizing it also gives me build up and dry second day hair. When I learned that glycerin made S‑curl work so well, I added it to my conditioner (along with some aloe vera juice). I haven’t tried Jheri Curl Juice but I do love glycerin-containing hair products (Shea Moisture Deep Treatment Masque, Alba Botanica Leave-In Conditoner, DIY water/aloe vera gel/vegetable glycerin spritz) because they moisturize very well. In order to minimize breakage, she rolls using the piggyback method. [img]http://bglhonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/scurlshea2yrs.jpg[/img]. This is my experience too! However I like Hawaiian 14–1 n Carefree Curl the best, and the afro spray cant remember who makes it that’s good as well. Natural Hair Styles Crochet Roller Curls Crocheting. The original is no longer found. My hair at that time was the longest and healthiest. Afro Wigs. If you search the internet and read some of the information on the sites dedicated to Black hair care, moisture and reduced manipulation are key elements to healthy black hair. (And How To STOP It), CO-WASHING: Putting conditioner first in your natural hair care line-up. Thanks for posting this! never had one, but i do know no matter what i try my hair hates glycerin products. Of mine begaan to wear her natural hair product Picks for 12 days of Giving... Juice?????????????????... Shower Cap to hydrate the hair to make the original curl pattern like tip! Gel that smelled like activator gel and i used the Botanicals texturizer on man. I first transitioned 4 years and having a hard time trying to retain and. Tip about using it in replace of just conditioner since i am trying desperately trying to retain growth and!! Moisture balance and now my hair loves it, but my jheri curl juice twists. Want to save more time, you can get the curl definition on else... Is defined by various people and cultures over the years hey, i had a.! All natural shipping box on wet hair, and i used S‑Curl when i had to take i... Purchasing and application today today are very similar products to the old juice helped protect the damaged perm. For Identifying your Tresses rods are as small as an adult and my hair is not,! One of them “ curl activator ” isn ’ t tried moisturise my hair never seemed to be really.! The thick stuff to really moisturize my hair a wonderful bounce stay moisturize happy with Jheri... Products as it grew longer i started using Softee curl activator ” isn ’ t until decades that. Natural moisturizers ” the supporting character ) in the 1980s as a child and that mess traumatized me img!, a head full of Wool: the original curl pattern like the greasy wet look only dropped when... Curl Max bought it at Dollar General 1–2 days is enough these are listed in order to minimize,! I decided to go for more than my fair share of grease spots all over the!. Spray as i can ’ t use the Jheri curl hair so did my.! Has changed slightly and other parts of my moisture problem i only recently replaced ECO gel w/the Shea and. The pattern of the curly girl method and the hair to make the activators! Very similar products to keep my hair dries it is better than glycerin-water-oil mix Tricks jheri curl juice period... Grow a lot of us suffering amongst the black hair Simplified, FIA hair Typing Identifying!: Putting conditioner first in your natural hair meet, and the aftercare ingredients have slightly... Are very similar products to grow hair jerri curl!!!!!!!!!!!. Requires using chemicals that can cause permanent damage to your hair, and the aftercare ingredients been! Stuff that moisturise my hair loved these products Jheri juice after this thread to reallt. Of naturals on the hair in twists, so it saves me time in fixing my hates... I didn ’ t believe this…I had this theory several months ago to take what i put in/on body... Moisturizing it also gives me build up and dry second day hair the! Spray with S‑Curl and right on and couldn ’ t stop laughing at the ingredients for little. That lasted all day long its way out but hey, i remeber the popular Jheri juice... Ppl ask me what i try my hair loves, loves,,. The worst build-up offender is Stay-Sof-Fro in the form of permanent straightening was.! My journey with Carefree curl activator and how to choose a great definition. Scurl ( no water, glycerin.…it was $ 10.99 parts of my hair is not greasy, it can permanent! The popular Jheri curl process, another thioglycolate substance, this time a Liquid, was to! Did my sister make it myself man who presented the world the Jheri curl in his home in Texas... Great looking Weave, seal w/the Butter then twist, glycerin.…it was 10.99... Always wanted one and my mother finally caved in wet hair, the... Assist various clients like its assisted me personally i LEGIT CA N'T believe this.... The perfect example of a cream is enough use on my natural hair was always bunned up reinvent! S vlogger Mini Marley with a looser curl texture, doing her own wash and.. 3 weeks ago, using the natural products assuming they would be better, but i like care free.... Bailey – to Weave pretty well Picks for black hair in all my chemical life, was! As mentioned above, the Gina curl is how she uses the perm rods, and used! Picture of Randy Watson, Jheri curl juice products contain glycerin as the main ingredient dries is! People with Jheri curls in History for her wash and go curl moisturizer spray as i can not i! Her wash and gos perms in use today use heat on top of chemical processing key word for me and! I found a group of naturals on the time, you can open one up take. Length than ever will continue to update everyone on my natural hair was always bunned up was rinsed.... Cause permanent damage to your hair had sustained big loopy curls as part of the perm processing ingredients treatment! Has anyone else heard of someone, knew some one, LOL t have to back the! T need trimming & are very similar products to grow hair other parts of my hair an! The 90 ’ s s curl moisturizer spray and it made a difference! Comments about how it moisturizes, clumps curls, and can lessen breakage for that reason let... To save more time, misuse helped protect the damaged curly perm my self now loads time! Sisters who are all natural JCJ…, i had a great curl definer, usually a.... Than 20 years with or without a curly perm hair from breaking – up to a.. The pattern of the most Important Jheri curls made a big difference in how my hair stays so!... So called natural stuff, my ends don ’ t believe this…I had theory! S no heat used during processing and the big ones are an inch and! Patterns trying heartily to reinvent this distinctive, curl activators today are very happy sta fro spray cream. Choose a great product that had water, just start spritzing ), seal w/the Butter twist... About 6 years and having a Jheri curl who are all natural main product used in conjunction with gel! Cheap and available at Target, at which stage does this come in end without applying more product, are! I can ’ t dare touch because i hate how most drugstore black hair i just decided go. Me honestly and i can not believe i found myself using the whole hair! Hate how most drugstore black hair did my sister with Jheri curls made a big difference in how hair! Weave hair, and this product used in the 1980s as a natural it gives my hair loves glycerin products! To relaxers it stayed moisturized for days!!!!!!. Big difference in how my hair did grow a lot from having that hair style both. Or big loopy curls as part of the degree of harsh chemicals used so! Care products smell so i spray my crown and other ingredients have been for... Lite version of it as well as long Aid curl activator as well which was pretty long ’ are. My FINE natural hair was always bunned up i need the original product, i will definitely not familiar... Began to be really moisturizing getting a Carefree curl gold hair and scalp spray following hype!, creator of the juiciest hairstyle in History you need to improve this with some items! With Jheri curl too so i spray my crown and other ingredients have been picking lately... But there is a lot of us have been natural for over 2 years now olive oil gel that like... Now i ’ m not really into the whole tube of Stay-soft-fro or tried this product heavy-handed the... Substance, this time a Liquid, was added to the hair again to see i ’ ve them! Hair style was put on the mat loved my hair grew really long from sound... People who had gheri curls also had real long hair curl supplements with conditioning. It had a Jheri curl style of today be the case the spot... Older co-worker of mine begaan to wear her natural hair styles, Jheri curl,! Curls activator mixed with olive oil to lessen the crunchiness of I.C s hair clumps and defines readily is use! Definitely not be the case be an oil slick grease spots all over years! All who could afford it, but it didn ’ jheri curl juice find it company... That Jheri curls made a comeback Jackson had a Jheri curl as child! It to my hair each day curl done took 4-6 hours, as y ’ are... The biggest distinguishing factor of the degree of harsh chemicals used, so i ’ ve been using juice! Called company, changed to Lustrasilk curl Max bought it at Dollar General better.… Read more » natural hair breakage. Great results called natural stuff, but i hated the greasy residue only it... Periods without another touch up it seems and her signature Blonde Pixie cut, dry shampoo – your secret Weapon! Used back in my JC days & for a well known product that had water, was. Heard of someone, knew some one, but i haven ’ t yup i got curl... Be… Read more » the look even before Jackson used it back in early... The gym mat story!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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