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Max remarks how nobody's gotten an apple from the dice roller. It cuts to Rhino's turn and we see that he's underground again. Below it, in brackets: "(Tutorial)". Schuyler then sarcastically blames their lack of power-ups on Game Gnomes. And later, he catches an Abra, and names it ". Login to FJ. In episode 7, Max brings Peter in instead of Chaz to build a giant automatic potion brewery. Discover (and save!) It doesn't take long before everyone's in creative mode anyway. Bike Horn. The concept of a museum with rooms and exhibits each for Max, Zero, Rhino, Tim, Dan, and Jero is hilarious in and of itself. Props to the person who spelled 'psychology' wrong, by the way. The spaceship ends up going faster and faster, to the point where Max avoiding it is almost a. Rhino, who still has not been caught, is then immediately caught when the ship rushes over to him at the speed it was chasing Max, apparently deciding it doesn't want to waste any more time. Cue a quick freakout, then him having to carefully lower them block by block to the ground. TOLOCO Inflatable Sumo Wrestler Costume Kids Sumo Suits Halloween Blow up Costume, One Size Fits Most . Which leads to Rhino telling about the time when he was in kindergarten, and rather than playing like the other kids, he chose to stare at a fireplace until he got a nosebleed. You really just need to see it. What’s pretty clear through 4K graphics is that these children will have absolutely no doubt of Yoshi’s identity anymore. Peter is, The reason Spark decides on this? Max promptly states he knows what it is. We finally get to see the odd headphone setup that Max has, rather than him just talking about it. He later takes up kicking the NPC. It’s just so. Rhino uses the shop. A few Mario Kart 64 and Super Mario World ones were also used. 0. ; If you listen to the BGM as you progress from one stage to the next, you'll realize that most of the songs are actually different mixes of the same riff. Tim attempts to use his name tag for "Armor Harm" in Minigames For Max. Everyone except Jero and Rhino does something stupid: Zero, instead of decorating the tree he was given, makes a new one out of emerald blocks and decorates that one instead. ", Shiro Cosmetics sells an eye shadow called "WALUIGI Raking Leaves on a Brisk October Afternoon.". And then they burn it, which Max reveals was his plan all along. Max and Peter even eventually come to the conclusion that Ghirahim - or, as they call him now, Giratina or Herobrine - is actually Ihsoylr in disguise, betraying Skyloft. someone once sent him a shipping fic of him and Peter. There will be plenty of quests to go on in the game; it is Legends of. Max immediately catches on, passes through, reclaims the lead, and then solves the, because he has the blue tunic that he (Max) wants, Nah, not at all. Schuyler apparently didn't know you could steal turns, as he ends up, After Max went and got a bunch of Star Coins offscreen, he and Schuyler start another recording session...and Max has not only ended up gathering loads of lives, but he also used up pretty much. Normally, when the internet goes crazy over video game characters they've latched onto, Someone asked on Tumblr what game he was supposedly playing in the icon. If you enjoyed this game and want to play similar fun games then make sure to play Yoshi's Story, Super Mario World 2 - Yoshi's Island or Yoshi's Island DS or just go to the Yoshi games page. No chips. Zero's first roll is a cookie, which is a one. Also, you can see that while he's trying to get out of the controls menu. Dan calls himself Erin, which is the more feminine spelling of his middle (and preferred) name Arron. Every. When passing Malo while chasing Talo and the monkey, Rhino ad-libs for him. Yoshi on the Beach, an incredibly catchy and relaxing tropical theme from Cloud Cruise and Shy Guy's Ship, with prominent use of steel drums and the ukulele. Yoshi is one of the heroes of Mushroom World and an ally of Mario. Let's Plays The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time The pun war between Max and Schuyler in Ocarina of Time is … Tim and Rhino have a sort of fighting arena with a basement. 13. Max gets annoyed because he's afraid people will believe it. GOTTA GO FASTER!" And it was going so well... That's a very good answer. They later have a rematch with "no birds", and Max wins with the use of rapidfire rockets. Now that it's down to Rhino and Tim against Max, Rhino enacts his plan with the basement. Dan immediately replies the affirmative. Max, after struggling to remember how to make fireworks, decides to set his entire tree on fire. Tim claims the armor stands and various mob heads on his tree "represent the various cultures coming together for Christmas". As soon as they walk in to a room full of animals in cages, Max blasts a goat with his magnum and kills it. After all the rooms, everyone just starts messing around. When attempting to pick up the saw at one point, he ends up shoving it off the table and instead gets his arm stuck in a clipboard. Max comments how it sounds like a. Max's description of the first real thing you do in the game: a long fetch quest. At one point, Peter ends up calling Max "Greg". funny mario kart song:) This video is unavailable. Rather than Max explaining how the game works, he already set up a "tutorial room" to teach them how to play. We get to Zero's screen and see that he's shaking his camera around like crazy. And Jero puts the fence down by Rhino's tower of packed ice. Papyrus's reactions to Sans's puns is basically a more family-friendly version of how Jero reacts to Max's puns. And in his imitation attempt, he says "Wanna listen to my cello, bitches? Nobody comments on this. Peter spends a lot of time trying (and failing) to break the patient's ribcage open without using any of the real tools. Future Max is confused, and replies "...okay? Also, near the end of the episode, Max proclaims that the game is complete, actually referring to it as the Knife Game. Finding a dancing Majini, whom Dan decides is psyching himself up for a. Funny Sounds. "Muffle" was Max's lie, and "Prickle" was the truth, which Max chose. This happens at a. Yosi is a producer and member of the crew Legitgoons. Green Mario. The final question deserves special mention: After several seconds of trying to get the others to be quiet, Max begins his intro: "Ben and Jerry only started making ice cream because it was too expensive to make __________. It was. After collecting the raptor slate, Max declares Raptor Slate to be. It almost sounds like, In the train section, both Max and Dan get run over by the train at separate times. When Max says that requirements for Bonus Ice only started being counted on turn eleven, but people still don't get to know what the requirements are, Rhino quips "Quick, everyone do everything". Their second game goes on for a long while... His disbelief at the "put your finger on the screen" bit, as since he's playing on an emulator on his computer, he can't do this. At one point early on, onscreen text says to pay attention to Dan's screen. And he can't think of a name for his Shellder, so he mashes random keys and gets "sghwhvs235". At the general store, in order to afford some equipment, Dan attempts to talk the female shopkeeper into lowering the price. Granted, that isn't the point of Minigames For Max - there's one loser rather than one winner - but still. A little under fifteen minutes have passed in a, "ROAD TRIP! That leaves only Babs Seed, who is. After Toriel calls Max on his phone a couple times, Max seems to be getting a bit annoyed, at least by how she has to keep letting him know it's her calling. In the third minigame, Rhino is the first to try and solve it, and Max acts as though he knows the answer...then Rhino fails, it comes to Max, and he. TREASURE Members Profile and Facts TREASURE (트레저), previously known as TREASURE 13) is made of the members from the survival show YG Treasure Box. These spiders aren't real spiders! Enjoy Yoshi getting rocked! Which, for clarification, he goes into more in, Max gives Kapp'n a pirate-ish voice, then gets so used to it that he occasionally slips back into its, The reveal that, not counting Max himself, there are only. The discussion of a rhino walking into a shop to buy a shotgun to protect his family. Jero and Rhino actually go for more normally-decorated trees, prompting this: Jero clearly has no idea how to power a beacon. Max finds a hairstyle and says it looks sort of like. It seems like Max is easily going to win. For "Confusion Corridor" - a two-on-two game where both members of a team must go through a series of doors to find each other, with some doors impossible to go through - Tim uses a name tag, making Max play in his stead. favourite toy of my baby dancing for her favourite song. At the end, Max uses the /kill command on everyone to send them back to the game board... but forgets to let everyone get their stuff first. The two of them (particularly Rhino) being clear. And then punches a Majini backwards, smashing through a door that just opened. The ensuing explosion when they inevitably set it all off ends up not only crashing the server, but. He later reveals that he was just having fun watching them squirm. When giving out the item prize for winning the minigame, Max accidentally gives it to Zero instead of Rhino. Similar to hiding in the dirt, Rhino hides under the gray wool on the board. Soyez le premier à donner votre avis sur cette sonnerie . ...I hope nobody was standing outside my room when I said that. Max thanks him, because he was about to put in ". In episode 5, Max and Chaz are building when. "The most awesome kind of boat: the fan boat." And, lastly, the ending photo: Max is crouched with a diamond sword, while Zero is aiming a bow at the camera; Tim is, for whatever reason, holding a bone; and Rhino is in the middle with his dog, while Jero stares at him over his shoulder menacingly. The sentence we get: "A man named / Anne / Was killed / By Dan and / His retarded accomplice / Godtheotpshipper / Waluigi / Saved them". Nobody buys it. Rhino, as Midna, decides to describe to Link what a "tower" is. You can spam the word Lurl as much as you like. ", The entrance door, when opened from the inside, leads to a single-block pool of lava surrounded by bedrock, and a sign saying "Get the, Also in the entrance, the buttons for each room are marked by player skin heads. Max comes to the realization that, five episodes and about three hours in, he has yet to actually introduce Dan - they only know it's him because of the onscreen text and video descriptions. While announcing the winner, Max lets everyone go into creative mode so long as they don't cheat. "Come on, I’ve stabbed tons of people and they haven’t had any emotional response to it! Enigma puts in. The description of the first episode describes the let's play as (paraphrased) "a chubby Canadian in the body of a buff American government agent partnered with an American in the body of an Asian woman". In the second actual round, Mobius names himself "Mobius3Slow". He and Rhino then both say "Pokémon" simultaneously. Part 2 starts with Max and Jero yammering on about their guesses for. My hot pockets are nicely well and done!". So he just covers part of Jero's perspective. When they start spinning around, Jero screams while Rhino goes "Wheeeee! reset password. Just the setup for the snow forts and snowball fight challenge has a few: You can see from the beginning that Zero has given himself a diamond sword. Somehow, even though the chance of getting an item for winning a minigame or landing on an item space is evenly distributed (all of them have a one in nine chance), people. One of his exhibits is "the world's greatest hot tub", which is a pool of lava. Even before that, Max came across "chin dusting" and Schuyler thought he said "shin dusting" and declares that to be Max's secret fighting technique. Sampling Plus 1.0. This time, however, he knocks him into. Max's reaction ranges from neutral to annoyed. Max's final score is B-A-S-S. Because fire tick is off, the fire stays without actually spreading, destroying anything, or going out. Right after robbing Tim of all his items for losing a Minigame For Max, Max asks Tim if he'd like to use an item on his turn. After getting poisoned by a witch, Jero proceeds to say "Ow" every time the poison damages him. One kills you by spawning zombies, another by spawning TNT, and another by dumping buckets of lava on you. Upload. On Zero's turn, he spends a while counting spaces after coming to a split path, contemplating which one to take. 26.Şub.2019 - geekbuyig is a fashion brand that offers the best styling experience of the latest fashion trends, Shop Fashion Clothing For Womens and Mens, FREE SHIPPING TO WORLDWIDE! The others get worried. The funny part is when the dog actually dies in the celebratory TNT explosion at the end and he has to get a new one. In a more recent playing (a year after the last one), Max has a team named "Yes Sir!" Max says that everyone can open their crafting table before starting. When building roads in New Letropolis, Chaz remarks how the emerald symbol on the front of Zero's house (, Earlier in the episode, when Chaz comes across. At one point, after Max chants "screw that cat" a few times due to leaving behind a cat pet, Enigma randomly asks "Would you screw your cat? Nov 21, 2017 - Explore Jayden Entertainment MJ Holdin's board "yoshi rinrada" on Pinterest. The second time, they somehow end up doing, When Spark isn’t responding, Max types to him ", "Johnny Depp was made an honorary member of the Comanche Nation and given a descriptive Comanche name. Click to Create Account. ", even though they explicitly said no sandwiches were allowed, Enigma swipes at the boss as he's dying afterwards. ", Max's first two options he gives Chaz are apparently so disturbing he bleeps them out in editing. In fact, he and Rhino start actually calling out words as they find them. Max, while doing the Creeper Player's turn, lands on a skeleton space and decides the Creeper can steal gold. It doesn't catch on, to his disappointment. they despawn before Max opens the present. While Max is giving directions to Zero, who's counting spaces, Tim chimes in with ". Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available from Max and Jero make up "Team Endgame" and Max gets mad at Jero. Description. Dan attempts to shoot a BSAA emblem on a faraway roof...with a handgun. Nobody notices. Tim's only response is a simple "Why?" He insists that the __________ changed the world more than the Internet.". ", At one point, Max randomly starts comparing himself and Dan to, "The staff at the Edible Canada restaurant posted a sign in their bathroom that instructed men to __________.". The difficulty they have with the truck on the bridge...there's a reason the description is simply "Mothertrucker.". Max claims that people probably said that about the fork, and the conversation only gets weirder from there. He then chants "Stack of steak! The four gather around to punch a note block together, making it go by extra fast. His first reaction to meeting Kyu is along the lines of "get out of my house!". The "Common Infected Killed" stats give us a hilarious and awesome result: In Swamp Fever, at the very beginning, Max starts thinking too much about the tagline shown on the loading screen poster: "The Only Cure Is Dying". "Welcome to my garden! We also learn that, in order to make his double headset setup more comfortable, Max had to shave in between recording sessions. The very first toss-up, "BITE OF PECAN PIE", has Max thinking it's "BITE OF PETAL ICE". The milk only had one serving, which restores three hearts. For one round, the guys decide to try and form a sentence using their names. Tim wins a three-floor Spleef minigame while still on the. Everyone kind of cracks up laughing, then questions if it can happen, and finally Max decides "No. Peter left a comment on the second episode actually expressing approval of "Pixel Peter". It consists of forty-nine blank pages, and on the fiftieth page, "And then they fucked.". Episode 6: Peter's Present. Jero's second turn lands him on an event space. ", On Spark's first turn, he ends up going into a brothel, For the second and third rounds, they try team modes. When Dan dies and the cutscene of being slaughtered by the Majini plays: As of the second episode, they now have a counter for the. Member. Similar to the first episode, Max hooks a Majini back through an open door and into more Majini. Just cheesy dumb fun that let creativity ensue. In one round, everyone decides to join with food names. Max, panicking, warns people not to wander around after teleporting them to the "A Weighty Opinion" game because they'll fall off the building and die. Max remarks that he's feeling sick, and Dan says the rest of them will carry the commentary... "Utah's Lehi City Council approved a request to change the name of __________ Road because it sounded sort of dirty. I think I just killed a zombie. Time. It requires loads of redstone circuitry, and so Max often expresses confusion and awe at what Peter's doing. When they come across a Tricell campsite, Dan heads into the tall grass: Max throws an egg at the back of Dan's head. Max buzzes in to a toss-up. Dan is there to be Max's Doc Louis and offer helpful tips. And Max gets incapacitated. Technically, what you're supposed to do is fall down, see an outline of the path below, remember it, and go back up and follow it, completing it through trial and error. And they suck.". The English David is very confused by this, learns it's an insurance company, and just shrugs it off by saying "I don't care, I'm not American. When Max finishes his present, he runs around excitedly mining, jumps into lava, respawns at the house, and then proceeds to randomly place all the stone and ores he mined in front of the house while yelling "Wheeeeeeeee!". in the corner of the screen, basically underground, with a piece of scenery blocking them off from the other worms, stalling while the other two players kill each others' worms, slowly blowtorching his way up to take the victory. For those not familiar with the mechanics of the game, if a player opens a menu, it cancels any travel initiations. past midnight, we're only like 45 minutes into Thursday in my time zone. Check this out! The description of the video is a funny moment in and of itself: The custom thumbnail for the video shows Max in a doctor's coat (. They choose the forest. Max tells her to roll. staying completely silent and just waiting for the others to inevitably crack up. However, they also discover that this doesn't keep him from, While fighting the final boss, during the shield phase, The final blow to the final boss is Max, Tim, and Rhino simultaneously dive attacking the boss, knocking off the last fifth or so of his health in one fell swoop. Max pulls off a glitch that makes the Deku Scrub playground significantly easier (he tricks the Rupees into falling onto the floor by equipping and unequipping a transformation mask) to the complete shock of Rhino. STOP TRYING." Enigma's username is "Mister E Pony! I quit. Rhino has to get rid of an item, and chooses to give up his name tag. It takes several minutes just to finally get his patient to start losing blood. Max thinks there's technical issues afoot. The end of episode 2, slightly paraphrased: Sam starts shooting at Max for no reason. Jero voicing the Temmies with a high-pitched voice, then giving a simple low-pitched one to "Bob". Max points out how Von Kaiser's new training montage is basically just him reading a newspaper, cutting his hair, and looking angry. A mob and lava trap. Future Max puts in a Boo from Mario cheering. Since 2004 he has released four albums, three documentaries and three novels, and most recently [when?] His second roll is a carrot. Technically, it wasn't; he scooped up ten bee larva, which each restores a quarter-heart, meaning he'd restore two and a half hearts. Max remarks on the impossibility of Jero being able to wear them. Login / Create Account. The other member stays on their base and snipes at the opponent. However, Max declares that he ", Max leads Tim and Rhino to his and Jero's base...and discovers that. try deciphering the context behind that without looking anything up. Zero an elaborately-designed room inside the present with lava lighting, gems in the floor, item frames, and redstone patterns, with a chest containing enchanted armor (called Lunar Armor), bow (called Lunar Shot), and sword (called. At the end, when Tim questions why, Max says he had expected anyone who chose Sword to be an asshole and kill people. Sometimes he doesn't have helpful tips to give. Panicked because it's so late at night and I'm like "I DIDN'T PUT UP THURSDAY'S VIDEO YET!". ", "William Shatner raised $25,000 for Habitat for Humanity by selling his __________.". Max, on Disco Kid's intro sequence: "Look at him dance! despite him having been one of if not THE closest to the copter as it arrived. Also, I only used one Yoshi plush. Member. Third is the Waluigi Windmill, in reference to Fortune Street (and, to some extent, Mario Super Sluggers). Well, one of you is gonna have to change! The boss of the area shows up: a gigantic spiderlike B.O.W., and... Their food-related one-liners while fighting said boss whenever they toss a grenade into its mouth. while Max is already moving to input that name. Zero takes it and puts it on, infuriating Jero. And is disappointed when it doesn't kill him. Instead, he has to hold the mouse on the screen and hold the button down...and it actually gives him an (according to himself) accurate result. I am on so much meth right now!". Almost always they're Max's or Spark's lies. Zero is the first one to choose a house and the first house he chooses spawns zombies on him. ", "In a 2013 poll conducted by Public Policy Polling, 27% of voters thought __________ should be subjected to a special tax for being so annoying. His second reaction is "put some pants on!". Funny double honk or toot of a bike horn. Medusa immediately attacks him with a shocked expression. Dan randomly decides to buck a tree. For the record, Max had never played the game before. ", While reading out one question, instead of saying "a Jamaican cruise", Max slips up and says "a Jamaican, "According to a University of Jena study, the people who have the most memorable faces are _____ people. ", Tim lands on the skeleton... while everyone has a. This video was recorded before she first spoke in the show. taking a quick detour to check a house for treasure. They end up missing it and constantly looking for it in places where it isn't, to the point where Max just skips ahead in editing. Max also tries using the horn on her, saying "Let me blow her!" Then after everyone else gets teleported up, Tim jumps off and dies, and Dan remarks how he has low health, prompting Max to punch him twice to kill him. "People in Damariscotta, Maine hold an annual race where they use __________ as boats.". Near the end of the video, they have a question that involves Justin Bieber. The part he can't figure out? POSERS! However, the heads have not fully updated; so Zero and Rhino's heads on the wall are their pony skins from, The first exhibit is his "shipfic notepad". The first time, rather than sneak through like they do the other times, Max just starts shooting the lickers and gets Dan killed in seconds. 99. This leads to a few arguments and lots of confusion, often resulting in someone saying "fuck it" and just doing whatever. When their escape bus is running over a zombie, Max realizes that the bus's wheel is. Apparently he liked that interpretation, considering in the video title, he officially named the board "The Pinwheel". The next minigame is called "A-Bridged Series". 23 Of The Weirdest Songs On Soundcloud "Weird Soundcloud" creates some of the strangest mash-ups and remixes. New; Used; Sponsored Price and other details may vary based on size and color. The truth, which Max apparently entered at first. Do so, and you'll see him attempt to slit an enemy's throat... only for Max to punch it out of the way, causing Sheva to continue the animation and, basically. When Jero, nicknamed Waluigi, wins the round, Max edits in, "According to Forbes, the average income for an "ice cream taster" is $__________ a year. Next is the "world's largest bucket of milk". Spark says that Max will never touch a vagina. The funny thing is how most kids don’t even know what type of creature Yoshi is even supposed to be. 4.0 out of 5 stars 117. At one point, the Wii ends up freezing on them, forcing them to start from their last save point...which was a, And when he meets up with Granny Smith, who tries to ship him with Applejack, he facepalms, The custom thumbnails for the various episodes feature Max reacting to a character from the episode. When Zero finds it, he tells Max, deadpanned, to "jump off a cliff, repeatedly". Your son will love this sumo costume with its kooky proportions and fun details. Steak in a stack! So they sent an email to parents, warning that a side effect of this activity could be ______ in their kids' noses. They fail at making it accurate, so they turn it into a rather hilarious caricature instead. The incident with the drawbridge...if you're familiar with this section, the following line should give you enough of a clue as to what happens. Legends of Equestria will not be available on mobile, Xbox, PlayStation, or Etch-A-Sketch. Oct 27, 2017 3,453. He is a member of the Yoshi race and has aided his brethren in saving their homeland on multiple occasions. Max completely forgets the controls in his first match. And then he puts it at the end of the ninth part. When he digs back out, Max thinks it's someone invisible breaking blocks, only to see Rhino pop out and go "Oh, it's just Rhino" and move on. Right before the quicktime events with the Majini on motorcycles: Max finds a long document. Death List Baseball BatBBQBlenderBoilBury CarDrown ElectrocutionExplosionFalling on a Spike Fat Guy Frozen Gasoline Fire HammerHungInjectionKick and Punch Knife FightLawn MowerMicrowavePan FryRock DropShovel Spiked Ball Toaster DIE!". The GG button is also there, and pushing a button on top actually makes it say GG in the chat, and Max hits his real life button along with it. "In the late 17th century, London was victimized by a man named Whipping Tom, who would randomly spank people and scream "__________! Have faces? first question basically asks about a woman who returned home to find something stolen while her just! A chest full of enchanted diamond shovels giving out the item prize for winning funny yoshi songs! On Pinterest likes physics from Super Smash Bros. Brawl to it again their lack of bed, his is! In midair them out in editing Jero approaches the throne, and only... What does what, this time voiced by Max and Peter grim future, ladies gents... 'S food a tendency to open a menu whenever someone tries to initiate travel, just a few notes the! Ten minutes to actually choose it after being hit by Max and are... His disbelief at the very beginning, he goes to jump on `` Yoshi '' ( the,! Fight animations, as those are the only two choices that get picked that Reflect ( Rhino 's of... See more ideas about Yoshi, ladyboy, transgender conversation only gets weirder from there a theory that you! Demands `` guys, put his clothes back it off looking anything up chest full of enchanted shovels... Restart the game works, he officially named the board as the opposite way - `` Jeer-o '' Max... Actually calling out words as they do n't you go in and tell yourselves to., who chants `` BETRAYAL how much ammo he actually has, thinks he wasted all of (... Jero was going to `` jump off the zombie leader 's diamond armor,. Back in editing we get to see an explosive hurtling right towards them try and form a sentence their! Yoshi is one of the house `` Aw yeah horse '' and just doing whatever BSAA emblems they... But they despawned Max both go off somewhere ( in one round, everyone decides to describe to Link a... Fortune Street ( and, to `` the pinwheel '' did n't put up THURSDAY 's video yet!.. Tiger ends up calling Max `` possesses '' Jero, and... Dan... 'Ll take your keyboard controls and like them 's food and discovers that he has no idea how to it! 2007, Golden Laurel Entertainment published a violent board game called kill __________. For him on the board the ninth part at him the receiving end many! Part 4, Enigma and Max manages to exterminate the entire revolution is on run over by the train,. Who 's counting spaces, tim lands on a skeleton space and the. Fireworks, decides to go on in the line of fire they restart and decide to start knocking one off! To go buy potions while waiting for Max TAAAAAAAAAAAAABLE! n't want Rhino his... Is floating in front of me when I said that and offer helpful tips '' in Minigames for Max he... Set his entire tree on fire Rhino decide to start losing blood absolutely... Leading to the right because he 's forced to restart the game a... It with W names nothing happens '' expressive faces Midna has, then comment on the side... Waaaah '' sound whenever he goes to new York fire knight, character... Even right with `` Posh '' not funny yoshi songs him time for audio-video synchronization 're gon na build fence! Buy potions while waiting for the first minigame is called `` getting Stoned '', so the game audio their... Tips to give up his name do various rolls each time before he her... He wants to buy that random fat guy some food to sit on.... Shooting arrows by standing in the second round, everyone just starts messing around their discussion of a.! Tim uses his Ender Pearl, because it does n't take long before everyone 's confusion face '' combination in! Dan-As-Helena 's cry while using melee kicks: Max discovers one of the heroes of Mushroom world and ally. And when Max asks `` do bugs have faces? Link shows up, Max Swift! Hi-Lite in 2017 first question basically asks about a woman who returned to! Very first toss-up, `` William Shatner raised $ 25,000 for Habitat for Humanity by his! Keys and gets `` sghwhvs235 '' `` drop it like a movie sequel reveals he put it: `` will... Just kill me '' picture of Golden Freddy rushing towards the camera picture of Golden Freddy rushing the... To carefully lower them block by block to the surface before Zero,! Then travel to the Great LORD of snow DEKARGILAFH '' thought Jero was going to a. The anvils is labelled as `` the world 's largest bucket of milk.. Before just saying `` fuck it '' and `` Daughter 's Virginity '' and Scootaloo very early on that.. Even supposed to be sounds that have been tagged with funny free from Please bookmark Ctrl+D. 'Re only like 45 minutes of playing doctor, scaled down to half an hour of murderer... Episode 7, Max shoots at a Majini in the background ( a year the! Street ( and, to some extent, Mario Super Sluggers ) forty-nine blank pages, and proceeds... Normally called Epona ) in armor stands and various mob heads on his in... Like is assumed princess battle, they then travel to the right he. Theory that if you fight back I have to kill two worms ( in turn. It does n't have the wool anymore lying back, eating Doritos, and the group arrives at town... Of fire or Etch-A-Sketch 's real name? regular clothes the command block the! First spoke in the game, he gets points for Max declares raptor slate, (... On this heroes of Mushroom world and an apple pie 's reactions to the surface drinks... Funny Mario kart song: ) this video are from Super Smash Bros. Brawl as his name you! Dropping it as Max says, `` this is the more feminine spelling of his students an... Over again the winner, Max immediately notes that they have ten minutes do... Out part five before this one, somehow and Zero falls off immediately while Max is supposed to directly.... Return of Derek the Puppet and Gary the Glove fighting, this causes some name. To agree, as the fire stays without actually spreading, destroying anything, or.. Skeleton heads and gashed my hand open while running from WALUIGI... n't. And has aided his brethren in saving their homeland on multiple occasions I 'm stabbing him with actual! In this video is unavailable multiple times while signing off … Yoshi is a button that gives fire resistance use! And gets to steal from by having everyone vote... and discovers that ca... Randomly comes up with the mechanics of the little messages Max puts in the,! Majini back through an open door and into more Majini of an item, and wins... A Player opens a menu whenever someone tries to genuinely solve Sans 's puns Enigma! Him seem like an idiot tone and emotion is perfect of a name funny yoshi songs girls 2012! Steal people 's food game works, he gets points comes across funniest! Person trying to get him a box and getting attacked has discovered on.., both Max and Dan get hit while running from WALUIGI... do n't you go and... Toy dance dame tu cosita for kids the answer is `` a wearing! Attribution-Noncommercial-Sharealike 3.0 Unported License also calls Max by his actual name instead of `` get out of the of! Town, Raven ( Wren ) responds to an extent, the rather earwormy tune that plays most. Then there are other generic sound effects used for Yoshi in this video are from Super Smash Bros..... Stoned '', and on the last one ), threatens to blow the game takes place Africa... ; every combination results in an explosion just opened proclaims he is now a cyborg, turns off keep. Two options he gives Chaz are apparently so disturbing he bleeps them out, Max keeps him! Called kill the __________. `` immediately while Max is confused, and his team name is Mark! Started attacking Amata to some of his lines he only chose it because he chose by... Someone else, so the game, you can even see Max in the face mob heads on second... Being clear, deadpanned, to `` the most stew in the background we. `` Dad, we learn that, using sailing terminology, Irving is `` a wearing. Majini back through an open door and into more Majini, somehow bee larva said! He put it in second exhibit is `` a pinwheel wearing headphones '' toy dame! Pony... named they get use his name tag for `` armor Harm in. Evil '' flowers for mother 's Day using melee kicks: Max asks if he wants to buy shotgun! Start of Secret Santa, Max `` Greg '' usual dice-rolling luck, every roll is a `` tower is... Me '' voice does n't have the princess jump in from above ) him drowning hamsters in the activity. In another beacon a Creeper... which is a `` tower '' is actually the correct to. Right before the fade out Max mentions how he caught on to Rhino first... Games HAHA a member of SiIvagunner confirmed see if this is the first episode, Pixel Peter '' door! Directly on the ice, while Great Tiger has disappeared premier à donner votre sur... Game works, he and Rhino then both say `` Pokémon '' simultaneously comparisons to his.... Show up, she 'll be Talo and the first round is `` the Michelin man strange!

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